King Arthur’s Barbados: The Divine Right to Rule

Political Hypocrisy

by “nobody”

Week-after-week, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party appears to be ending up with egg on its face.  It is as if, having reviewed its leadership, you would now be well advised to talk what that party is saying with a pinch of salt.

Let’s start with the By-election.  For almost 21 days, the BLP went across the length and breadth of St. John, trying to pull down Mara Thompson while telling the people to find her “unacceptable” because, in the BLP’s view, she is an “affront” to Barbadians.

It therefore came as a real shock to Barbadians when on the morning she was being seated in Parliament, the very person who told the people of St. John that they must find her “unacceptable” and an “affront,” told the Parliament of Barbados that he wanted to extend his most sincere welcome to her, as a new member of the House of Assembly.  It is this level of political hypocrisy why people are joining the cause for a new politics in Barbados.

“You ain’t have no shame at all…”

It was also at that point that it occurred to me that whenever a Barbadian has cause to look in your direction and say: “you ain’t have no shame at all,” you know that you have a very serious problem.  Is the leadership of the BLP now in the practice of trying to grab headlines?  Could it be that the new BLP leadership is slowly realising that it is not resonating with the people and is therefore attempting to jump onto ‘the Mara Thompson bandwagon’ in a desperate attempt to save face and regain, unrecoverable, lost ground?

Is the BLP only now changing its tune because it again finds itself on the wrong side of public opinion?  Tapes of the nightly meetings would show that even after being spoken to by two regional Prime Ministers, the leader of the BLP was adamant that he was not going to change his stance, that she was “unacceptable.”

Here is something else that is causing right thinking Barbadians to hold their heads in shame.  The new Leadership of the BLP is saying that it will not support any attempt to change the laws of Barbados to accommodate anyone person becoming Chief Justice.  No one was prepared for the shock they were about to receive, when a few days later, the person, whose name is being mentioned, was reported as having said that he was approached by the BLP member for St. Joseph (the new BLP leader’s deputy) while that member was serving as Attorney General of Barbados.  This is what I mean by “egg on its face.”

The Barbados Labour Party does not seem to recognise that even its members are turned off by this type of political hypocrisy and are calling for a new politics that is more humane.  But another day goes by and under its reviewed leadership – the BLP makes yet another mistake, while being too consumed with its own relevance and self importance to even realise that it is turning off too many people to fast (including its own base) with each passing day.

What Barbadians continue to find reprehensible, is the fact that the people now ruling the BLP are behaving as though they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to apologise to Barbadians for or be sorry about.  In some societies, that is called arrogance: the thin line between seeking consideration to serve or a person or group making the bold statement that he or they have a divine right to rule.



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16 responses to “King Arthur’s Barbados: The Divine Right to Rule

  1. Lewis

    It was a bad move to ask Owen Arthur to return in this manner to lead this party. Yes we realise the man has economic skills but he would have appeared to be humble and forthright if he has turned down the offer and supported Mia Mottley.

    I am fed up with the managment of the economy by the DLP but now I am doubting if I can cast my vote for a former leader who refused to give the then leader his support. I may just not vote and take the continued assault on my monthly pay cheque by the DLP.

    Note to BLP get your act together, stop the personal attacks, deal with the issues, remove the rift raft from your ranks and act professional. I am tired of the tear down politics. You have a female on your St. John platform that conducted herself in the most degrading manner in an assualt on Mara Thompson and come next election she may be asking for our vote. All I can say is “Cheese Doon Bread!”

    I want you to spend your time telling me what you will do with this economy after I have seen every one of my bills increase in a two and a half year period and my salary reduced. I have been “Economically Raped” by this government. It feels like more than an 8% cut. Report s of business after business struggling to pay rent.

    Meanwhile you standby and fight among yourselves. Now one Marshall is vowing to dispose the other. So BLP let us see how you will respond Bajans are tired and waiting.

  2. Truthman Burton

    Hello “Mr. Nobody”, The following is a quote from “Fair And Balance” posted on Barbados Underground
    “Fair and Balance | January 25, 2011 at 10:45 PM |
    Political hypocrisy is promising the sun the moon and stars and not able to deliver on anything. Remember cost of living was #1 2 & 3 job. Remember the high cost of living was due to some unholy alliance between the BLP and big business. I wonder what it is now.
    Political hypocrisy is promising freedom of information, integrity legislation but not delivering on it.
    Political hypocrisy is accusing the BLP of thieving and corruption but after 3 years and plenty files and forensic audits and nobody isn’t lock up.
    Political hypocrisy is castigating the BLP government for its favourable policy on foreigner but promoting a foreigner as our queen.
    Political hypocrisy is telling Barbadians that CLICO was stable and well manage when we all now know that it was a big lie.
    Do you want me to go on and on and on?”

  3. Jenny M

    Lewis, you must be paid to do all this propaganda.You should look for decent work. This is all I can say. Your remarks about the lady on the BLP platform is ridiculous. Just because she made a comment about Mara! Looks like you want to make Mara more than a queen. She would soon be a goddess. Or are you here to promote the other queen, the royal bajan queen who openly said in Parliament that she got lineage and David Thompson did not have.

  4. Liberal

    All in the name of graciousness.The battle is over whomever had won it is to be expected that the vanquished would do the decent thing and offer congratulations and so on.Stop being so simplistic and open your mind to bigger things.That is not to say that come next election she will escape the scrutiny any other candidate can expect,or that opinions have changed.

  5. Beefcake

    I’m surprised that Barbados Free Press hasn’t created a discussion on the DLP’s willingness to change the laws of Barbados so the DLP can appoint their “unqualified” yet qualified candidate for Chief Justice.

  6. Liberal

    Beefcake what do you expect from BFP.No surprises here.If you remember the lead up to the last election nothing but innuendo and scandal for which no proof was required .They serve only one purpose.At least the rest of Barbados is not like St John,so justice will prevail,and those who went for the pie in the sky promises will have an opportunity to redress the situation.

  7. Rohan Frederick

    If the DLP has a Queen, then the Bees has a KING. Long live the king, he is the only person that can take this country out of the doldrums that it is in.

  8. Micah

    @ Liberal

    I agree with you 100%. It was appropriate for the Leader of the Opposition to be gracious to the new Member of Parliament. I’m sure he didn’t mean it, but it was the correct thing to do. There is behaviour on a political platform, and there is behaviour which we expect our elected representatives to exhibit in Parliament where decorum should be the norm, even where there is expected to be passionate disagreements between opposing parties.

  9. Lewis

    Jenny M
    Paid Jenny M? Not a chance I am not one to hang around political parties and wait for the scraps to fall when they are in power. One thing I do know if the BLP don’t get their act together, we all will be in deep shhhh….crap after the next election. So keep fighting for power among yourselves Barbados is watching and some of us that you need to vote might just sit the next one out.

  10. Beefcake

    If you don’t vote, then you get the government that you deserve.

    Unfortunately, there is no viable alternative or way to properly protest; and Bajans are too passive to demonstrate in the streets against government policies.

  11. treatment

    There is medication for denial and delusion. Thats how the psychiatric ward keeps people compliant.

  12. Lewis

    That is true Beef cake. It is almost like choosing the better of two evils. But picture the opposition in Govt and fighting. I really hope they get their act together. We have had price increases in every single sector,

    land tax
    road tax
    water bill
    cooking gas
    they even looking to increase the price of stamps.
    Soon from now, there will be a tax to breathe!!

    I have to pay more NIS and on top of that the travel allowances AXED not taxed! And The little savings in the Credit union I can’t claim. Now if that aint two years of “Economic Rape” I dont know what is.

    Yet the most noise coming from the alternative govt the BLP is who will lead and power fighting; ask the second Marshall who now wants to be in St. Joseph. Wastage of valuable platform time on an issue of a queen and the worst behaviour from a female screaming about a queen. I have no time for it. Get it together BLP

  13. David G. Brooks

    @Treatment … physician heal thyself! Oh, you forgot another ‘D’ word … ‘deception’, but I do not think there is known prescription medication for that.

    All of T-Shirts and other advertising material for Mara Thonpson to run the by-election was done by or before mid-November. Yet they waited and strung the Bajan people out, like they had done for all the months before … yet, knowing that the BLP would have to maintain a ‘decent’ distance or else they would be perceived as being insensitive.

    This is what makes me sick … the DLP has used the life, sickness and death of David Thompson for its highest political value – granted, he (David) may well have condoned it, but that does not make it right. Yet the DLP has the nerve to get up and say at various junctures that the BLP does not have the moral authority to do or say, such and such. Call you, before you call me, I guess.

    As to King Arthur, I do not think this was ever a BLP slogan, even in St. Peter. Besides, he has had the track record to prove it.

    Now what I would really like to hear more about is our new PM – Freundel Stuart – nothing much is known about him. He’s supposed to be divorced but on nearly every photo – most recent being at Mara Thompson’s swearing in by the GG – he is playing with a ring on the wedding finger.

    There have been a few shots of him without a ring a couple months back but now he always has one on that finger and is constantly seen turning it around and around … yet he says the Arthur is the most unloved man around, hmm.

    He also must be the most unpressured PM that we’ve had around here in years, since he has retained only the Defence & Security Ministries that the then ailing (now late) PM shedded down too. Maybe that’s the only way he can maintain the cool ‘they cannot get under my skin’ attitude, or else under serious pressure like what St. John did after Adams death, Sandiford after Barrow’s death, and massive ministerial portfolios that our PM’s have undertaken, including Arthur, he may break and say something derogatory that would lose him some brownie points.

    Well, I guess to use his own words in a recent interview about himself … poor Freudel Stuart, everyone wants to get at him … huh, pardon me, you ain’t see a PM star pitch yet … he’s probably making sure that he too does not die in office due to stress.

  14. David G. Brooks

    I probably know more about several other world leaders and past PM’s of Barbados, than I do about Freundel Stuart and, except for his personal friends or associates, I dare say the same goes for the rest of Barbadians.

    While I respect the privacy of political figures and other high profile people, and have also thought dimly on the world’s press digging up issues that are not relavant to the person ability to run a country, etc., I however do feel that to be a politician and in particular a Prime Minister – the buck stops here (and not as in our case the Head of State – i.e. GG) – should be somewhat an open book or expect some invasion of privacy, which comes with the territory, be it right or not. In others words, no one forced you into running for public office.

    As I consider myself a open-book person and having dealt with closed-booked persons, who think, by their standards, that I cannot possible be so open and therefore should not be trusted, I likewise have learnt not to trust said closed-booked persons because they are so good at concealing their own privacy that such talent sooner or later lends itself to being untruthful, or at the very least evasive to the point that the truth cannot gleaned.

    Note the difference is that I had to ‘learn’ this of them, in reverse, mostly I found that they simply applied their standards (of secrecy, etc.) in judging me upfront without real evidence, and even after time they mostly felt the same way, while I continued to judge them in my (naive) standards of being OPEN.

    Okay, moral of this last bit is …

    – Habitual Liars think that everyone else tells lies too.

    – Secretive people think that everyone else are (or should be) secretive too and maybe if not, think they are liars.

    – People who ask you questions (and you answer them in good faith), but if you happen to ask them the same question – like, well how about you … quite simple – and they are evasive. Only looking for information and/or using you.

    – People (like me) who being an open book and knowing that the truth will always come out, sooner or later, so why try to hide it, and after years of experience tend be the best detectives around, as they can live with themselves and know what to be suspicious about and what not to be.

  15. Greve

    We still grieving, wulooss ! loss is a terrible thing and it seems this process ain’t over yet. Better get Maxine to bring things to a soon close.

  16. Grabbler

    Is it true what some of the DEMS say that P.M Stuart is the most unwanted Head and they just Not pleased with whom the lot fell to. Look to the seale or better check the fades from above whose birthright it is for high office and the spotlight. But Stuartie is as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove. He can read plans too and since he so well read palms too.