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King Arthur’s Barbados: The Divine Right to Rule

Political Hypocrisy

by “nobody”

Week-after-week, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party appears to be ending up with egg on its face.  It is as if, having reviewed its leadership, you would now be well advised to talk what that party is saying with a pinch of salt.

Let’s start with the By-election.  For almost 21 days, the BLP went across the length and breadth of St. John, trying to pull down Mara Thompson while telling the people to find her “unacceptable” because, in the BLP’s view, she is an “affront” to Barbadians.

It therefore came as a real shock to Barbadians when on the morning she was being seated in Parliament, the very person who told the people of St. John that they must find her “unacceptable” and an “affront,” told the Parliament of Barbados that he wanted to extend his most sincere welcome to her, as a new member of the House of Assembly.  It is this level of political hypocrisy why people are joining the cause for a new politics in Barbados.

“You ain’t have no shame at all…” Continue reading


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Spark of the Day! A different sort of Flying Fish

“Just happened to pick up the camera…”

Okay, we know it’s not a fish, but we couldn’t resist the play on words considering this is a Bajan blog and all that. Click on the photo and you’ll be taken to the Daily Telegraph to see the large photo and read how Matt Deans took this one in a million shot.

Spark of the Day! is our occasional reminder of how beautiful this little planet really is – and should be.

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What differentiates Barbados from other travel destinations?

Tourism MATTERS – Which type of person finds Barbados particularly appealing?

by Adrian Loveridge - Small hotel owner

One or two people have questioned my recent shortlist of potential new gateways for additional airlift, so it may help to better articulate the reasons behind the suggestions.

Let’s start with Ottawa. Yes! Of course it has a smaller population (metro area around 1.4 million) than Toronto, but its boasts the highest median family income of Canada’s six largest cities. You also have to look at its employment structure. 18.9 percent of the workforce is currently employed in high tech, closely followed by 18.2 per cent by Federal Government, 10.4 per cent in finance, insurance and real estate with the next highest percentage, 9.4 in trade.

So the demographics fit our product.

Hopefully our tourism policymakers carefully track exactly where our visitors originate from, behind the current gateways and if for any reason they do not, I am sure the airlines could provide this information. This would give at least some indication of potential demand for a non-stop service. Continue reading


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