Donville Mayers reads the news at Bajan TV

“It is expected that scores of people will line the streets of St. John to get a glimpse of their Queen…”

Man decides to start reading his own Bajan TV News on the internet. And why not? Another voice in the mix and I rather enjoy watching Donville throw in the odd little aside as he covers the stories of the day as he sees them.

We’d like to see him try some on the spot outside reporting and perhaps get into some editing of photos or videos into the presentation but mainly we hope he keeps at it! Barbados needs more citizen journalists because we can’t count on the professionals who are prevented from covering many important news stories.

(Two technical observations for Donville: You need a little more lighting to the front and you need your microphone placed closer or some other solution to get rid of a little echo or hollow sound in the background.)

Click on the photo or the link to watch Donville’s latest news report.

Bajan TV News


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7 responses to “Donville Mayers reads the news at Bajan TV

  1. ME

    Donville you need to provide contact info

  2. Responder

    Interesting. Keep doing your thing.

  3. The echo is because it’s a surround sound mic and it should really be a direction mic, but those are expensive – a cheap one is like $200 USD

    Next thing, try to read a line ahead while you’re speaking the line before, sounds crazy but it works after a while allows for better eye contact with the viewers as you have no teleprompter.

    Breath at the end of every paragraph, otherwise you cool – your delivery would piss off most of the folks at CBC so you must be okay, LOL! Put your content directly on Youtube and use FB & Twitter to promote – hope that helps?

  4. anastasia beaverhausen

    Hey Barbados Free Press, what are you waiting for to do your own online news reporting with visual; give us a FOX news vibe! No holds bar!

  5. They did – once… British automated voice

  6. Roger Rabbitt

    Refreshing to see someone doing net news. Keep it and I would like to think that not too far from now you could be giving CBC something to chew on.

  7. Me

    I am still waiting for contact info. Email or phone #.