CL Financial – CLICO scandal: Trinidad and Tobago ignores own Freedom of Information law, hides the truth

“…Of course that was a transparent ploy to frustrate my application”

Lessons for Barbados FOI

Afra Raymond

Afra Raymond’s Freedom of Information requests for the January 13, 2009 “Duprey” letter and the December 31, 2008 accounts for the CL Financial Group are being ignored by the Trinidad and Tobago government. The Duprey letter shows that CL Financial somehow misplaced almost $80 billion dollars in two months. Oh, well… what’s a few lost pennies to the taxpayers’ pockets?

Current Minister of Finance, Winston Dookeran, won’t even acknowledge Afra’s three FOI applications despite several reminders and requests. (Two requests under Dookeran and one under his predecessor, Karen Nunez-Tesheira.)

Under the T&T FOI laws, Dookeran is required to respond in 30 days, but guess what? There’s no penalty provision in the FOI law for failing to respond so the elected official is telling a voter doan humbug me because he can.

There is the lesson for Barbados. If we ever get our promised Freedom of Information law, it’s not worth a damn unless the provisions are there to hold officials accountable when they stonewall.

For more on why the Duprey letter is being suppressed, head over to Afra Raymond’s blog and read Freedom of Information Request for Duprey Letter of 13 January 2009.


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5 responses to “CL Financial – CLICO scandal: Trinidad and Tobago ignores own Freedom of Information law, hides the truth

  1. watcher

    “There is the lesson for Barbados”….going to be reminder lessons for a long time. Money not going to be around for retirement for lots of folks….unless the Government pay the debts and make everyone in the island make a contribution with higher vat, import duties, and income taxes. Has the VAT gone up recently?

  2. Trinidad's Bernie Madoffs

    Royalty is strong and alive in the caribbean.
    No one is in jail or close to being in jail and the Ministers don’t have to and cant repsond to letters they are morally and thically.obligated to answer.

    At least the Queen has audited atatements to review.

    The Royal Island of Trinidad doesn’t dare to provide such information as a long list of people would be sitting in the pokey for a very long time.

  3. Rohan Frederick

    i have been hearing a story about

    Clico in guyana. A person was asked to come to guyana and help them in accessing what to do about this company in giving the people their investment. The person went to guyana gave what advice was needed. One day driving through georgetown was shot in the head, fortunately the person did not die, but went back to original place of abode. This person was a descendant of a very prominent politician in guyana. This is probably why no one in Barbados want to say or do anything, to afraid of being
    put in jail or killed.

  4. Just want to know

    How come Madoff is in jail? Sanford is sitting in a US jail to be tried, won’t even let him out on bail. And our Clico people are here walking around and escorting our politicians all over the place, and the people of Barbados who have put their monies into Clico can’t get a penny back?

  5. Green Monkey

    Sanford is sitting in a US jail to be tried, won’t even let him out on bail.

    Late breaking development: Recently a US judge postponed Stanford’s trial indefinitely, because he supposedly has a significant drug addiction problem and is therefore incapable of participating with his lawyers in preparing his own defense.

    Don’t be too surprised if you hear on the news someday that Stanford had an “accident in the shower” and unfortunately passed away after slipping on a piece of soap and banging his head. He apparently could have a lot of beans to spill on how he was able to us his connections to certain US govt agencies to gain protection from the US regulators in order to continue his alleged criminal, money laundering enterprise unimpeded by such trivialities as rules and regulations.

    See this, for example: