Big plates and smiles at Marcia’s Place, Oistins, Barbados

A few weeks ago we waited in vain for Simon Cowell to show for our invitation to buy him dinner and a beer at Marcia’s Place. Simon’s loss because it was a great time that night at Marcia’s. Always is! See you there this Friday night, and yup, we mean it. 🙂

Website: Marcia’s Place


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5 responses to “Big plates and smiles at Marcia’s Place, Oistins, Barbados

  1. Marcia

    How lovely — as we share a name and I will be in Barbados shortly, I will definitely makie it a point to go to Marcia’s!

  2. Jack Bowman

    Couldn’t agree with you more about Marcia’s. Friendliest place in Oistins.

    So … see you there on Friday, then. I’ll be the one in the tricorn hat, eye-patch, one leg, parrot on my shoulder.

    Yo ho ho (and a bottle of rum).

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