Three Trans-Atlantic rowing teams racing for Barbados

Sara G, Big Blue and Hallin Marine: Who will win?

Trans-Ocean rowboat Sara G is on her way back to Barbados for her second visit and this time she’s wanting to break the world record for the crossing. Only trouble is that two other teams have the same idea.

As I write this Sara G is the lead boat but just a cat hair in front of Hallin Marine. Sara G is a traditional single hull boat while Hallin Marine is a trimaran.

Big Blue (above) is a strange looking vessel that is the world’s first catamaran competition rowing boat. BB has a huge crew of 16, but they look like they are falling behind the other two boats. All of them are still ahead of the 2007 track of the record-holder La Mondiale. La Mondiale’s record stands at 33 days 7 hours 30 minutes to Barbados and that’s what the current three boats are trying to beat.

Santa Maria sinks

We are reminded that even in this age of technical advancements, GPS navigation and composites that make for lighter and thus faster vessels, the sea remains unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect. There was a fourth boat out there on the way to Barbados, but she’s at the bottom of the ocean now. Fortunately the crew was rescued thanks to their rescue beacon and a nearby freighter, but their Santa Maria went down with all their equipment.

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