Trouble on Sir David Simmons’ Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission?

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Silence from Turks and Caicos Governor and Sir David Simmons as TCI Post says two Integrity Commission members have resigned…

“I was surprised to hear that a progressive and mature country like Barbados has no integrity legislation to hold its politicians and public servants to account…”

“David Simmons was Attorney General for years, then Chief Justice. He did nothing to deal with the problem…

Yet the British Comatose Governor of the Turks and Caicos appointed David Simmons as the Chairman of the newly formed Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission. In his new role he is to enforce integrity in public life. Why was David Simmons appointed to enforce something that he could not do or never did for himself or his own country in spite of his many High profile positions, which go to the very heart of the rule of law, justice and integrity?

The people of the Turks and Caicos were lied to, as they were told that the draconian and invasive integrity laws were modelled after Barbados, Trinidad and the rest of the Caribbean…”

“This editor was told that two members of the integrity commission have resigned. What is the big secret, why the Governor and his chief whip Mark Capes remain silent on this?”

Read John Glasgow’s entire article at the TCI Post: Chairman of the Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission services may be more needed in his native Barbados


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9 responses to “Trouble on Sir David Simmons’ Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission?

  1. Anonymous

    No comments???
    Wow this must be a hot one! LOL!

  2. Z46

    Could be that no one cares about David Simmons anymore. He’s a has-been who was exposed. Look at the legacy he left at the courts. Chaos and corruption. New building like a whitewashed tomb with justice dead inside.

  3. Political Hypocrisy

    Week-after-week, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party appears to be ending up with egg on its face. It is as if, having reviewed its leadership, you would now be well advised to talk what that party is saying with a pinch of salt.
    Let’s start with the By-election. For almost 21 days, the BLP went across the length and breadth of St. John, trying to pull down Mara Thompson while telling the people to find her “unacceptable” because, in the BLP’s view, she is an “affront” to Barbadians.
    It therefore came as a real shock to Barbadians when on the morning she was being seated in Parliament, the very person who told the people of St. John that they must find her “unacceptable” and an “affront,” told the Parliament of Barbados that he wanted to extend his most sincere welcome to her, as a new member of the House of Assembly. It is this level of political hypocrisy why people are joining the cause for a new politics in Barbados.
    It was also at that point that it occurred to me that whenever a Barbadian has cause to look in your direction and say: “you ain’t have no shame at all,” you know that you have a very serious problem. Is the leadership of the BLP now in the practice of trying to grab headlines? Could it be that the new BLP leadership is slowly realising that it is not resonating with the people and is therefore attempting to jump onto ‘the Mara Thompson bandwagon’ in a desperate attempt to save face and regain, unrecoverable, lost ground?
    Is the BLP only now changing its tune because it again finds itself on the wrong side of public opinion? Tapes of the nightly meetings would show that even after being spoken to by two regional Prime Ministers, the leader of the BLP was adamant that he was not going to change his stance, that she was “unacceptable.”
    Here is something else that is causing right thinking Barbadians to hold their heads in shame. The new Leadership of the BLP is saying that it will not support any attempt to change the laws of Barbados to accommodate anyone person becoming Chief Justice. No one was prepared for the shock they were about to receive, when a few days later, the person, whose name is being mentioned, was reported as having said that he was approached by the BLP member for St. Joseph (the new BLP leader’s deputy) while that member was serving as Attorney General of Barbados. This is what I mean by “egg on its face.”
    The Barbados Labour Party does not seem to recognise that even its members are turned off by this type of political hypocrisy and are calling for a new politics that is more humane. But another day goes by and under its reviewed leadership – the BLP makes yet another mistake, while being too consumed with its own relevance and self importance to even realise that it is turning off too many people to fast (including its own base) with each passing day.
    What Barbadians continue to find reprehensible, is the fact that the people now ruling the BLP are behaving as though they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to apologise to Barbadians for or be sorry about. In some societies, that is called arrogance: the thin line between seeking consideration to serve or a person or group making the bold statement that he or they have a divine right to rule.

  4. RLL

    Was Arthur sober when he made the original “affront” comment? I think not.

    He sobered up enough to welcome Mara so leave it at that.

  5. Truthman Burton

    @Political Hypocrisy
    January 25, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    You persist in posting this nasty propaganda all over the place. I am repeating this note from Barbados Underground’s site by “Fair And Balance”. It does bring some balance to your lies and foolishness.
    Fair and Balance | January 25, 2011 at 10:45 PM | Political hypocrisy is promising the sun the moon and stars and not able to deliver on anything. Remember cost of living was #1 2 & 3 job. Remember the high cost of living was due to some unholy alliance between the BLP and big business. I wonder what it is now.
    Political hypocrisy is promising freedom of information, integrity legislation but not delivering on it.
    Political hypocrisy is accusing the BLP of thieving and corruption but after 3 years and plenty files and forensic audits and nobody isn’t lock up.
    Political hypocrisy is castigating the BLP government for its favourable policy on foreigner but promoting a foreigner as our queen.
    Political hypocrisy is telling Barbadians that CLICO was stable and well manage when we all now know that it was a big lie.
    Do you want me to go on and on and on?

  6. Truthman Burton

    And “Mr. Political Hypocrisy, here are a few thoughts of mine, also originally posted over at Barbados Underground.

    Truthman Burton | January 26, 2011 at 12:22 PM | @David | January 26, 2011 at 6:44 AM |
    “Attacking Mara Thompson given the St. John scenario was a strategic blunder which resonated nationally.”


    Dear David of BU, I have an issue with those of you who continue to trumpet that Owen Arthur “unleashed a vitriolic attack on Mara Thompson”

    This view is completely erroneous, and an examinaion of what Mr.Arthur actually said, would show that the so-called “vitriolic attack” was really a BIG LIE devised by the spin doctors at DLP headquarters in George Street. This matter has become a nice avenue for the Government to distract Barbadians from the serious and pressing issues facing our country, and for which they appear to be employing trial and error, and struggling hard to find solutions!

    The DEMS so deeply believe THEIR OWN LIE, that they now expect Owen Arthur to apologise ON THE FLOOR OF PARLIAMENT to Mara Thompson!

    In the true spirit of our democratic traditions in Barbados, Owen Arthur IS NOT expected to civilly welcome Ms. Thompson to the House and congratulate her on her victory! …… NO …. they want him to apologise to her for a lie that they themselves perpetrated!

    Don’t they recognise anyhow, that Ms.Thompson got the ball rolling, when she sat in the visitor’s gallery last year, on the occasion of the tributes being paid to her late husband, and in what I think was a misuse of our hallowed chamber, discreetly passed to the clerk of Parliament, a note censuring MR. Arthur and suggesting that he disrespected her late husband!

    Before I go on, are visitors in the public gallery normally allowed to take any active part in the proceedings of The House? And I note here that the main point of Mrs. Thompson’s maiden speech (two sentences [again]read directly from a prepared script) was that she would abide by the rules of The House.

    Now let’s examine Mr.Arthur’s alleged “disrespect”, which was in fact MACHINATED by THE DLP SPIN DOCTORS, in similar fashion to the so-called “vitriolic attack on Mara Thompson”

    During Mr.Arthur’s tribute, and to the GREAT ENJOYMENT of the DLP GUESTS in the Public Gallery of Parliament, he recounted a vignette when LIZ THOMPSON innocuously waved a cutlass on the political platform in order to make a point of her own. The DLP guests in the Public Gallery Of Parliament, INCLUDING MRS. THOMPSON, and that heavily-lettered SENATOR, PASTOR, APOSTLE, BISHOP, DOCTOR,…… ALL thoroughly ENJOYED it with unrestrained laughter when Arthur explained how David Thompson creatively and brilliantly used that incident to his political advantage with telling effect!!!

    Yet their faces instantly BECAME soured, and Mrs.Thompson passed that cheeky little note to the “waiting” Clerk Of Parliament, when Arthur TRUTHFULLY balanced out the thing by ALSO recounting that deceptive and deliberate lying episode of “THE IMF SECRET AGREEMENT.”

    But that IMF comment was meant to be FUNNY AS WELL! It certainly was to Mr.Arthur, because he announced it with a great big smile on his face … no bitterness! Seems to me that all Mr.Arthur was trying to do was to demonstrate in a complimentary way, the TRUE NATURE of David Thompson, as an outstandingly smart, creative political strategist and “animal.”

    Somebody who can, Please check the video tapes of Parliament to bear out what I am saying here ….. But this is the disrespect that Mara Thompson complained of. My advice to Mrs. Thompson …. toughen up quickly. As P.M Stuart SUGGESTED, you are now inside Parliament, and you are fair game, to be subjected to the hurley burley and cut and thrust of Parliamentary debate. You will receive respect I am sure, but don’t expect to be “babied” . PARLIAMENT IS NOT YOUR “ROYAL COURT!” And what I have said here indicates that YOU fired the FIRST SALVO!! Mr. Arthur has NOTHING to apologise to you for!

  7. Truthman Burton

    Another thing BFP. It seems to me that for some time, you have been carrying on a relentless vendetta trying to harm Sir David Simmon’s reputation.

    It is clear that your efforts at demeaning Sir David (even to the extreme of designing some of the most disgraceful graphic caricatures) have failed miserably to gain traction or any reasonance at all with the general public.

    Hardly anybody comments on such threads as you have produced.

  8. Say What?

    Prime Minister Thompson stated that it was wrong for David Simmons to become Chief Justice as it brought politics to the judiciary. The appearance of justice is as important as justice itself and David Simmons made the courts suspect. How could he rule against the government that he had so recently been part of?

    Simmons was wrong to take the position. Arthur was wrong to give it to him, and they were both wrong to engineer it as they did. Shame on them!

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