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How a small Barbados hotel thrived with hard work and the right attitude

When reading the online customer reviews of Peach and Quiet Hotel at TripAdvisor and other like sites, the first thing that strikes you is the number of former guests who mention how the hotel owners and staff made them feel welcome and went the extra distance to ensure a good stay.

Peach and Quiet’s high occupancy rate and lengthy list of repeat visitors is the envy of the hotel business in Barbados but their success hasn’t happened by accident or overnight. In his latest installment of Tourism Matters, Adrian Loveridge tells how he and Margaret once had to stay up all night licking trading stamps because there was no money to fund the next day’s BBQ and the stamps were buying the food.

Adrian also reports that in our current 11% plus unemployment, the hotel could use a few more employees, but he’s having trouble finding anyone with the attitude to help grow the business. That is an interesting observation in a country where tourism is foundational to the economy, and frankly, is exactly what business owners in other sectors regularly say.

Adrian’s article is well worth your time – and if you know anyone who would be a good fit at Peach and Quiet, well… Adrian says he’s looking for a couple of people. Continue reading


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