Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss changes position on prostitution, morality – or does he?

Equates gay/lesbian people with prostitutes

Are you confused by the Health Minister’s words? Me too. Have a read…

“What we may want to debate is the issue of not discriminating against people based on their perceived sexual orientation or perceived sexual practice as a profession.

I think we need to be a lot more all-embracing.

“That does not mean that we have to drop our moral guards and say that all of these things are to be accepted. I am not promoting homosexuality or prostitution. I am simply saying that we have to have a more open mind and accept that not all of us are the same,”

Friends, I don’t know what to think upon reading The Nation article Not here!

Health Minister Donville Inniss seems to be lumping gay and lesbian people in with people who choose to sell their bodies for money: prostitutes. Here at BFP we fail to see the equivalency. Matter of fact, I (Cliverton) don’t like the linkage at all. The statements remind me of the position of that admitted pimp and self-proclaimed “sex industry expert” Charles Lewis – who believes that gay and lesbian people will naturally back his profession as a slave master of prostitutes.

Even Auntie Moses and George who are “uncomfortable” with homosexual and lesbian people (and I am being conservative especially as to George’s views) realize that being born gay, lesbian or heterosexual or somewheres in between doesn’t have anything to do with choosing to selling your body to strangers.

The other confusing topic for Health Minister Inniss is the bit about “dropping our moral guards…”

Beg your pardon? Say wat? !

I must have been on another planet for a while or something. Isn’t this the same Donville Inniss who actively engaged in the business of sex for sale? Didn’t he receive money for running companies and websites that traded images of people’s daughters and sons having sex for money?

Ya. That’s it. I must have been on another planet for a while. That’s what happened.


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20 responses to “Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss changes position on prostitution, morality – or does he?

  1. West Side Davie

    BFP you done put the cat and pigeons together on this one. Last time you did this to Inniss somebody say there is a freight train comin down the track but nobody see it yet. You sly devils you! You have something, don’t you? Why else would you take every oportunity to mention Inniss like this. He can’t do a thing about it, can he? Can’t sue. Can’t contact WordPress and demand it be taken down because you got de stuff, right? Whoooo! Whoooo! Hear de train comin’ down de track? Whooooo! Whoooo!



    The reasons/ causes of ‘homesexuality’ “in the early days” were not understood, hence the misguided responses and’laws’ through the years.

    Bajans live in a little goldfish bowl, wake up on mornings with the same thoughts, travel the same roads, see the same people, talk the same talk … 24/7 x 365. Nothing much changes from one moth to the next….

    Progressive countries all over the world adjust to the changing scene, but here in BDS we remain anchored in the past with little hope of swimming in a pond….

  3. Bajan Abroad

    Upon reading his comments I think that he was not equating prostitutes with homosexuals. He was trying to say that one should tolerate these groups, without fully accepting their actions/practices.

    Mind you, if that were the case, they would still be ostracized and marginalized – but a least he is proposing some dialogue to garner more understanding and respect for them.

    Would this course of action work in Barbados? I highly doubt it. Try using your legislative powers instead (at lease to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination).

  4. Johnny Postle

    BFP you know this Johnny have very little regard for politicians but what exactly are you alluding to concerning the minister’s remarks?

  5. The DLP’s candidate for St. John communicated her priority will be the youth, seniors and family values. Never mind that crime is on the increase, taps remain dry despite a 60% rate increase or roof tops were blown off last October but have not been replaced, despite this DLP Government having $37 million in its hand.

    But what has me is the glaring contradiction between what is her stated priority and that of the Prime Minister of Barbados and this is really very odd. His is the fact that women have to go to the Magistrates Court, line up in the hot sun but leave disappointed because the fathers have not put-down any money for child support.

    To address this, it would seem that the DLP (which has caused some 10,300 to be on the bread-line since its reign of terror commenced) will established a fund (yet another entitlement programme) so that even if those father do not put down a cent, mothers will still get money.

    You may argue that it would be advisable if the government would instead – so manage this country’s’ economic affairs as to inspire confidence which would lead to job creation. Alas! That would be asking too much of the DLP so it takes the route of yet another entitlement programme without the matching creation of enterprise.

    But of course, none of this, not even the plight of such women – seem of any concern to the DLP’s candidate in St. John who has made it crystal clear that despite what the PM says, despite what the needs of the communities or the people living there are – her focus is youth, seniors and family values. Really!!?? Is it about her or the people?

    Apparently not the people! Certainly not persons with disabilities, children or even women who cannot get child maintenance.

    Now tell me! Doesn’t the DLP compare notes or even agree on public policy, or is this matter of child support not important to the speech writer, hence would not be of interest to the nightly speech reader?

  6. Bajans are SO funny

    Oh the Bees are so full of shirt,
    so desperate for their perceived return to

    NOTHING the Dems do, can be right, but then that is the job of the Opposition to pick pick pick like some jealous housewife.


    SMALL FROG done got it right. Bang on, big man!
    Another Bajan storm in a small-island teacup

    Barbados is STUCK with its leftover Victorian “mores and morals”
    its chronic Churchiness that so handily allows Us to be above Them.
    So nice to be able to point a finger at An Enemy, any enemy, as did Hitler.
    “You see Them? THEY are the problem, not Us.”

    You should get out more. as in Travel,
    off this rock, this Center of The Universe,
    This “Most Blessed Place on Earth to Live”

    Seriously…go get yourself some REAL World out there.

  7. Mr Coco

    I would be carefull with this. unless you want to become Toronto.

  8. rasta man

    Oh what a tangled web we weave!!!

  9. Duppy Lizard

    Mr. Coco:
    Pray tell, how does a person become a city?

  10. chicken little

    Mia Mottley criticized Inniss years ago for his Naked News website that was relatively tame fodder for overstressed 13 year old boys. There were rumours of more revealing websites run by Inniss but these rumours never turned into anything and the BLP would have done so if there were any. Is BFP saying they know of hardcore websites owned by Inniss? That would be a big story depending on when he owned them.

  11. Mr Coco

    Duppy: who’s talking about an individual?

  12. Q.E.H. Dispensary

    1. QEH Dispensary doesn’t do refills on a Sunday:
    -you’ve been warned.
    You have to sit thru the heaving melee of humanity Mon. to Sat.
    to get refills.

    2. It’s Sun. morning.
    One dispensary window out of five is working.
    I interpret that as 20% efficiency/INefficiency.
    Not many people waiting, but OMG efficiency is just dreadful.
    The lone dispenser is taking 15 timed mins. per person to facilitate the needy.
    I’m sure he’s being very thorough, but still…

    One assumes there should have been a second window open?
    (dare I hope?)


    Ever-analytical, my assessment of the situation in the dispensary
    is that pharmaceutical stock is scattered far and wide,
    half of it yet to be unpacked and placed on the correct shelves for easy availability when the dispenser goes hunting for this or that drug.
    Seems that much time is spent “in de back” rummaging around
    simply locating the meds. needed…

    Someone in charge (is someone in charge?) needs to go thru the whole dispensary (and system) and see that things are made logical, in the physical sense
    with everything in its proper place, for easy access.
    That would boost efficiency considerably!


    By way of crazy contrast, the last time I was there (a Saturday?)
    I got thru in ten minutes!!! Unbelievable!

    Ah yes but there were multiple windows serving…


    Given that VAT has been increased,
    it would be nice to see Conditions Generally also increased, at Q.E.H
    but that is a dream for another time, another life?

  13. BLP Fan

    At least Inniss is not afraid to express his views and stir up national debates in this country. I am a Bee but I admire Minister Inniss for not being afraid to lead from in front and to mchallenge the status quo. these issues need to be brought to the fore.

    All he is simply saying is that we should not despise or ill treat persons because of a perceived sexual preference. Also, health care folks should ensure that their services are available to all regardless of profession or sexual preference.
    I respect and admire his gusto. We need more politicians like Minister Inniss.

  14. joyjoy

    Open message to Mr. Inniss:
    This is a sinful and dirty practice. A person would have to be a dog to think this would be a progressive move for Barbados or that we need to do this to help the AIDS fight.
    Anyone thinking so would have to admit that they would not mind this dirty practice for their own children or mother. That ‘s right. Would you be happy seeing them up Bush Hill in a bra and thong cocking up on a bench offering complete strangers “somma dis?” Those women are not animals they are just women who make bad choices and we need to help then not facilitate them. This must not be for our daughters.
    Look, this is how to avoid AIDS: keep your pants up and your skirt down. If you keep your pants down and your skirt up you will catch AIDS. Look at all the dumb broken relationships, children from many men , unwed mothers gine up the courts for child$, teen mothers, dirty music, vulgar shows etc. IT IS THIS IMMORALITY THAT KEEPS AIDS SPREADING!!! stop fooling yourself.

  15. Anonymous

    joyjoy just coz u ent in de business…why you doan leff de wurkin girls alone doah?
    if prostitution nasty and disgusting, then sex wid uman is de selfsame ting
    so try en hush yuh mout

  16. joyjoy

    They are not working girls they are whores. it is not a business it is whoredom. Notice that many defenders of whoredom are not the ones out renting their ting ting on the streets. Sex wid uman is a good thing but wuflessness is what it is ….wuflessness. I cannot hush my mout if this country is going to say to our school girls that whoredom is an acceptable option for them to make money, so much for millions spent on education. Stop confusing good, warm wholesome, satisfying sex with shameful dirtyness.

  17. 179

    you sound like queen victoria a voice from the past.
    is your ting ting to do wid as u please. an is she ting ting to do wid as SHE please. who are you, GOD? to be pontificating at the working girls.
    stop thumping your bible.
    “dirt” under the carpet accomplishes nothing but crime
    but i forget how sweet it is to be able to “hold the high moral ground” clutching Book to chest, as u look down on Them, those lowly inferior rats-for-humans.
    its called the hitler stance as he pointed an accusing finger at das juden but
    you still stuck in post-war times, yuh.
    de calender saying 2011, not 1951

    yuh too churchy. free up de ting, nuh?

  18. Chicken Little

    Looks like 179 likes to get genital warts on a daily basis!

    Doan sleep with this one!

    Free up de ting too much, and you would have to PAY…and the ultimate price, too!

    179, you like AIDS & herpes! Not me! I staying far from that! And that ain’t a religious thing…this is a HEALTH thing. Real talk!

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