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Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss changes position on prostitution, morality – or does he?

Equates gay/lesbian people with prostitutes

Are you confused by the Health Minister’s words? Me too. Have a read…

“What we may want to debate is the issue of not discriminating against people based on their perceived sexual orientation or perceived sexual practice as a profession.

I think we need to be a lot more all-embracing.

“That does not mean that we have to drop our moral guards and say that all of these things are to be accepted. I am not promoting homosexuality or prostitution. I am simply saying that we have to have a more open mind and accept that not all of us are the same,”

Friends, I don’t know what to think upon reading The Nation article Not here!

Health Minister Donville Inniss seems to be lumping gay and lesbian people in with people who choose to sell their bodies for money: prostitutes. Here at BFP we fail to see the equivalency. Matter of fact, I (Cliverton) don’t like the linkage at all. The statements remind me of the position of that admitted pimp and self-proclaimed “sex industry expert” Charles Lewis – who believes that gay and lesbian people will naturally back his profession as a slave master of prostitutes.

Even Auntie Moses and George who are “uncomfortable” with homosexual and lesbian people (and I am being conservative especially as to George’s views) realize that being born gay, lesbian or heterosexual or somewheres in between doesn’t have anything to do with choosing to selling your body to strangers.

The other confusing topic for Health Minister Inniss is the bit about “dropping our moral guards…” Continue reading


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