Owen Arthur drives nail into Caricom’s coffin: If Barbadians elect a St. Lucian woman they are “without pride”

Updated: June 11, 2012

With Owen Arthur and the BLP getting into election mode like sharks circling a wounded fish, we thought it would be appropriate to remind folks about what Owen Arthur thinks about candidates who were born off the island…

“No greater affront…” than electing Mara Thompson

“I do not believe that there has been a greater affront, and affront means insult, to the Barbadian Democracy and to Barbadian womanhood than the affront that the Democratic Labour Party has (mumbling a bit) put in before the people of this parish. I also say the people of this country.

Than bring somebody here to be elected on the grounds that you’re electing a queen. And I am not going to mince my words!

There is no Barbadian woman who could be wife of a solution-politician who could run in Saint Lucia on the grounds that she is runnin to be the queen of St. Lucia!

Can’t happen!

And if it can’t happen in St. Lucia, why must it happen here?

There is no Barbadian woman married to a Trinidadian man who could dare run in Trinidad at all! (transcript continues here)>>>>

But believe that she could run and tell Trinidadians that she is running to be the queen! It is an insult and an affront to the democracy.

There is no Barbadian woman who could go to Jamaica and tell the Jamaicans that she is the wife of a Barbadian, of a, of a, Jamaican husband and she is running for the Jamaican Parliament because she is a queen.

And it couldn’t happen in Guyana! And I ask you, what is wrong with us? What is wrong with us? Where is that that is totally unacceptable to everybody else in the Caribbean must know they forced it upon us and we must accept it as if we are people without pride!”

YouTube video of Owen Arthur speaking to BLP supporters at a campaign rally for Hudson Griffith.


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100 responses to “Owen Arthur drives nail into Caricom’s coffin: If Barbadians elect a St. Lucian woman they are “without pride”

  1. But they was a Jaimacan woman ,who was able to win the heart of this statesman , since there were no barbadian women who qualified . Can anyone remember the chastisement bajans got not so long ago ? Can anyone please tell me if there is a difference between xenophobia and stupidity ?

  2. Responder

    Has Owen lost his mind?.

  3. vancet

    I would have to agree with Owen on this one ! KEEP IT LOCAL !!

  4. Bajan Abroad

    These words do not sound like they came from a patriot and a nation builder – but rather a regressive xenophobe. And being politically savvy, he should have put the point across more delicately. Still, he must be commended for his honesty.

    Truth be told, many “Bajans” only like “foreigners” visiting their shores when they are paying customers (such as the English, Americans, Canadians, Returning Nationals, etc.) and not staying cousins like the St. Lucians, Guyanese, Jamaicans and Trinidadians.

    Consider yourself lucky if you are one of “Them.” It is always nice to know what people really think of you. That is why I suspect there are so few comments rebutting his point.

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  6. Owen said he has been in politics for twenty six years . I followed politics for thirty four so far . At cricket between innings the heavy roller is used . At political meetings the better speakers , those blessed with oratorical skill ,are reserved for the ending and were always refered to as “de heavy rollers”. No one took it literally . Yet the two words “We Queen ” are deliberately misconstrued . Arthur’s unbridled disdain and contemptuous regard for anyone ever associated with the late David Thompson, bring into sharp focus the need for the imminent reversal of the actions of that group of men who met on the north coast and sought to change a process that was steeped in the very same BARBADIAN DEMOCRACY he has just remembered . For the sake of this country Owen , its time to “park de bus”.

  7. Bajan Abroad

    Good point about Rawdi BFP.

    I did not even want to touch on racism, classism, sexism, and shadism after that xenophobic comment. But “He” might have just raised those issues all by himself.

  8. watcher

    I guess if you were American it would be ok…..

    “Janet Jagan 2009-03-30 The Guardian American-born first female president of Guyana who stuck to her Marxist views The death of Janet Jagan, who has died aged 88, closes a remarkable and controversial career in Guyanese and postwar anti-imperialist politics, within which she was a central figure from 1946 until her death. She became president in succession to her husband Cheddi Jagan in 1997…”

  9. Politically Tired

    Owen should be ashamed of himself with the ‘Queen’ & derisory comments he’s been making about Mara, isn’t the BLP candidate from St Vincent?
    I was at a ‘do’ on Wednesday where there were a lot of ‘big ups’ lot of business people & the talk was Owen shot himself in the foot.

  10. David G. Brooks

    … and everything the Dems are saying is sweet honey and cream-pie. When you out for somebody it does not matter what they say or do.

    I know one thing, the Dems are not happy he’s back otherwise they would not be attacking him the way they have been – you think Bajans stupid? They can see this for themselves and Owen most of all.

    Tell me now, if they thought he was a really washed up old man, why would they be bashing him instead of dealing with the real issues. Propaganda-Deception & Lies.

    Hartley Henry got work again … for now.


    LMAO………I guess we have another case of Miss Barbados 1985 Elizabeth (Liz) Dana Wadman…..She was a white Canadian woman with residency in Barbados! They was such a blow-up about her representing Barbados at Miss Universe 1985 after beating out other 100% bajan women (most of them black; I think she was the only white contestant), that gabby even wrote a calypso about her!

  12. Have you no shame?

    Is the desperation for power so strong that someone would sink so low to attack not only a woman but a woman from a neighboring caribbean island who would dare to run for political office.?

    Back to issues and forget the despicable old cranky hypocrite.

  13. Sentinel

    Taken from, “Bajans Against The Return Of Owen Arthur”.
    Wasn’t David Thompson called the “Boss” or “Chief”? Wasn’t Grantley Adams (Barbados) and Ebenezer Joshua (St. Vincent) called “Moses”? Wasn’t it sacrilege for a mere politician to use the name of a highly acclaimed Biblical figure? Wasn’t …Irene Sandiford-Garner called the “Queen” just after the last election? Didn’t the BLP supporters refer to Mia … using the song…”She’s a queen” as their “Queen” when she took over as the short-lived Opposition Leader? So, what is wrong with the people of St. John referring to Mara as their “Queen”? What if they referred to Griffith, the candidate, as a “Queen” or “Princess”? Would that be in order?

    When one of my former students, now a rasta, refers to her partner as her “King” or he to her as his “Queen”, should I question that?

    Why didn’t we bajans question Ebenezer and Ivy Joshua (wife) in politics in St. Vincent? Why didn’t we question Cheddi and his wife Janet (an American) in politics in Guyana? Why not Patrick Manning and his wife (Education Minister) in T &T? Why not former P.M. John Compton’s daughter, presently an MP in St. Lucia? Why was tolerance and silence shown … and still is… for the Bird’s in Antigua? What of Norman and Michael Manley in Jamaica? And is it true that Alexander Bustamante was cousin to the Manley’s?

    When Haynesley Benn takes over from Owen his first cousin, will the dynasty talk also continue? Wasn’t Clyde Mascoll’s wife a DLP Senator at one time? Didn’t David Estwick’s brother hold a seat for the BLP?

    Why is it wrong in politics …… and not in other aspects of life? Should we not question Sir Charles Williams, his sons and Bizzy his brother? Why have we shut our eyes and lips to the Wards with Mount Gay Rum, the Goddards and others with wealth and property? Haven’t they established, for ages, dynasties in the business world? What of the husband and wife partnerships in different churches here in Barbados? SO ..ooooo ???????? Why do we call them “partnerships” in religious circles and “family controlled businesses” in the commercial sphere, but “dynasties” in politics? If Hudson takes over from his father as a Minister of the Gospel, wouldn’t the “dynasty” talk be just as relevant?

    Let the people of St. John make their decision; they are not fools. Democracy gives them that freedom of choice to do so and no man or woman should deny them that right? As the late DT would say, “Ever so welcomed; but wait for the call!” If Mara was called by the people of St. John, but Griffith by a party, let justice prevail.

    My pray is that St. John, the so-called “poorest Parish”, be used as the launching pad or the centre of the long-awaited Community-based Heritage Tourism thrust in Barbados.”
    If OSA’s brother had won the St. Lucy seat from Min. Dennis Kellman, would that have been the beginning of a dynasty as well?
    As I had stated sometime last year, a new wind of morality is blowing. How strong will it be? How long will it last? Only God knows. Some voters …. among the young ……..are, indeed, comparing Mara’s family oriented approach and lifestyle to Owen’s adulterous behaviour.

  14. This last piece from SENTINEL needs to be reproduced at BU where thoughts random and wrong live.

  15. Sentinel

    Sorry Hammie, the bus doesn’t need to be parked, it “breck down”.

  16. Bajan John

    Hi Guys,

    It’s not just Owen. Lynette Eastmond has a major chip on her shoulder. See this clip.

    Meanwhile Hudson Griffith does not seem to think too highly of the people of St. John.

  17. John

    Wasn’t it the Queen herself who appointed a GG of Canada who originally came to Canada from Haiti, another french/patois speaking island in the Caribbean?

    … and Canada is reckoned to be a first world …..

    Once Mrs. Thompson is comfortable running a family and running for Parliament what exactly is Owen’s problem?

    Isn’t he the “father of first world Barbados”?

    Perhaps he is frightened for her because she may very well have been the force behind her husband and he realises it.

    The people of St. John will no doubt have the last say, …. despite what the politicians on either side have to say.

  18. Blues

    Owen is a embarassment the BLP should be in opposition for twenty years more. He reminds of a black Hitler. He right though on Bajans not standing chance to be elected in neighbouring islands. St. Vincentians and St. Lucians hate Bajans like most Caribbean islanders do. Travel to the islands and you realise it from the time you reach immigration. They angrily envy Barbadians pride and progress. We must raise the bar and not be like them, that’s why Owen needs to shut up. Speak on economic issues Owing.. Speak on magic wand Governor Of Central bank say you and Clyde Mascoll dont have . Owen nd Mascoll say they got answers to get we out of recession. We waiting to hear them. The St. John people chose Thompson wife to represent them where she born irrelevant.

  19. Caribman

    No surprsie here. Remember: “Negrocrat” ” Indentured Servant”
    This is the vocabulary of Owen Arthur. His love for denigrating others is a direct result of a very poor self image.
    Those whom the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad.
    Look at the video. What are we REALLY seeing. This is a man who thought that all like now , he will still be Prime Minister.
    He once said that he was broke. Now it is worse: He is BROKEN.

  20. Just want to know

    I thought with this one { CSME ) Jamaica & Trinidad has already vandalised it, with their comments on the Caribbean Court of Justice?

  21. “…the people attending are more BLP from other Parishes rather than St Johnians being convinced to switch from DEM to vote for Bee! For once the Nation had it right, there were 700 people that night at Sergeant Street if so much and about half were Out of Towners, it was more like preaching to the Choir than converting any recalcitrants!” http://bit.ly/gSkOCS

  22. watcher

    John, re the GG of Canada….the Primeminster is the one that makes the appointment…the consitituion was reconsituted from Britain a bunch of years ago.

  23. David G. Brooks

    You know, if I was start talking about the things I know about David Thompson or Barrow, I would be castigated for talking bad about the dead.

    Someone said on this blog a few months ago, when you’re living you’re the devil and when you dead you are an angel. True, true, true.

    Sad, sad, sad set of people we are and how many of us here does go and sit down in a church when the Sunday (or their Sabbath) come and make like butter don’t melt in the mouth?

  24. David G. Brooks

    Harley Henry kept stoking the issue about Mia and Owen near all through 2009 and into 2010 … he shut up just around the time David got sick. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Tactics HAD to change … the future of the DLP leadership was in limbo … continuing on that line was a political hazard, but the damage had already had been done, and with the PM sudden illness, it actually BACK-FIRED.

    Fact: Mia’s popularity, with Bajans in general not just BLP supporters, was going nowhere after two and a half years … not Owen’s fault, he kept away/low profile.

    Forget what you hear about in-party politics – its the general public I’m talking about. Mia was not handling the situation well, alienating support from within and/or she just could not shake off the popularity Owen still maintained, unless he up and dead, like Tom or Barrow, or poor Sandi’s political suicide. (Another in escapable Fact) .

    Now take all or the above and other things, mix it up with what was happening last year … PM terminally ill and so … the BLP had to do something in case …

    Well, Hartley Henry got what he was digging at but not the way he expected. Owen came back but no David to deal with him, and no manoeuvring space/time for damage control.. So now they are cornered and have to rely on character assassination, with all kinds of insulting remarks at Owen, but when he gets up and decides to hit back, they want to cry foul. Elementary, dear Watson … simply elementary.

    All I hope, is that the people in St. John taking note of all of this and how they have been taking for granted as the DLP’s back-pocket seat.

  25. John

    January 15, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    John, re the GG of Canada….the Primeminster is the one that makes the appointment…the consitituion was reconsituted from Britain a bunch of years ago.

    It sounds like things haappen ther just like here, the PM recommends, ………

    ………….the Queen appoints.


  26. David G. Brooks

    Amazing how many people don’t understand how their own system works and that basically all British Commonwealth countries are similar. Watching too much American TV.

  27. Bajans are SO insular

    Talk about scraping the dregs of the Nationalistic barrel…well done Owen
    No-one else would have thought of anything THAT low.
    You Beez guys are truly desperate.

    What happened to all the ‘WE ARE ALL ONE CARICOM’ talk?
    How come the insular divisions?

    The woman is either legally eligible to stand for election -OR NOT.

    Maybe there’s still time to change the law, so she can be excluded!
    U better hurry Owen: not much time left.
    Act quickly! or she will win..

  28. David G. Brooks

    Actually it was the DLP back in 1974 that changed their original (1966) constitution from ‘Commonwealth Citizen’ to ‘Citizen of Barbados’ to be eligible to run, so if it wasn’t for the Dems this debate would be moot before it started, of course it is moot anyway as Mara would have to be a citizen in order to run, so its only talk. What I would find interesting is whether she only got her citizenship recently but had residency status all this time.

  29. John

    I was about to to see for myself “Citizen of Barbados” was the only requirement ….. or if you weren’t allowed to run if you were the spouse of a former MP as Owen seems to be claiming.

    I actually started to look up the Constitution on the Internet.

    Then I hesitated …… I realised it might be a waste of time.

    I wonder if the situation has changed since a few years ago when there were three possible constitutions of Barbados posted on the internet?

    Goverment had up one version, Barbados.org had a second and a third could be found at caricom law …. if my memory serves me right!!

    When I get time I will check and see if things have changed or if it is business as usual.

  30. John

    Curiosity go the better of me. I googled Constitution of Barbados and the one at Barbados.org came up #1.

    Here is what Barbados.org version has to say.

    Qualifications for membership of the Assembly

    43. Subject to the provisions of section 44, any person who –

    a. is a Commonwealth citizen of the age of twenty one years or upwards; and

    b. has such connection with Barbados by residence therein as may be prescribed by Parliament,

    shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Assembly.

    So … on the face of it, David Brooks is at variance with this version of the Constitution!!

    Now let me see what the other two versions say.

  31. John

    Here is the GOB’s version.

    This consists of Her Majesty, a Senate and a House of Assembly.

    The Senate is the Upper nominated House. The Constitution provides for 21 persons. Twelve of these are government senators, appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister, two are the Opposition’s choice and seven are appointed to represent various interest groups. The House of Assembly is the Lower House. There are now 30 members elected for a maximum of five years.

    Any citizen of Barbados who is 21 years of age or older and resident in Barbados is eligible for election to the House of Assembly.

    So, the GOB’s version agrees with what David Brooks is telling us. It goes further. It says that not only must you be a citizen to run but you must also be resident in Barbados.

    Let me see if I can find the Caricom version now.

  32. John

    Caricom law has the amendment to the Constitution and section 43 has indeed been amended.

    Section 43 of the Constitution is amended by deleting the words “Commonwealth citizen ” appearing in paragraph (a) thereof and substituting the words “citizen of Barbados “.

    Bang on David Brooks.

    The date of this amendment is 1st Feb 1975 … definitely DEMS.

  33. David G. Brooks

    Thanks, John. The references I saw were 1974 which is probably when the amending resolution was brought to the house, but wasn’t sign by the GG until early 1975 or whatever legal techicality.

    I think thay had to have Commonwealth citizen in 1966, or else possibly people like Peter Morgan, being English, may not have been able to hold his seat after November 30th, 1966 and there were others too. So once they got ‘things’ regularised then it was changed 8 years later.

    And this is were I get a bit suspicious or interested to say the least … there is now talk that our laws being changed simply to allow a Barbadian (no problem there) but who has not praticed law for the required time in a Commonwealth country … and my other question, “Was Mara Thompson a citizen of Barbados prior to November 2010?” She may have had legal residency but citizenship requires another step, although in her case it would have been automatically ‘available’ via the constition once requested, but not the other away around, as in Bajan women and St. Lucian man, it ain’t automatic.

  34. John

    How would Owen view Rawdon Adams, a former deceased PM’s son were he to run for Parliament …. presumably on a BLP ticket?.. !!

    Would he feel threatened by “dynasty building” … the King is dead long live the King!!

    What is his opinion of Sir Grantley’s son Tom becoming PM?

    Was this also dynasty building?

  35. theWatcher

    Tisk, Tisk, Tisk
    Anyone with a functioning brain can extrapolate the truth from political fluff!
    St. John will be won by Mayra, not Hudson. We, Barbadians are without pride when we let mediocrity and political “foul-cock-ism” dominate us. Hence the reason why we are in this depressed economic state coupled with the cyclic finger-pointing exercises which we seem to be locked into with no end in sight.
    If the COUNTRY is to get any better, GREED has to be abated for the National good to be realized. The aging CEO has to accept the he/she is no longer at the helm, has had their chance, and must now let new, radical and novel ideas come to the fore in order to just survive in this radically changed world let alone be a success in it.
    Barbadians, awake. Stop playing the fool and start to get YOUR interest served by whomever leads your island, B or D!

  36. Lady Anon

    The late David Thompson was born in England. Mara Thompson was born in St. Lucia and Hudson Griffith was born in St. Vincent.

    What is Owen’s argument again?

  37. John

    January 16, 2011 at 11:40 am

    If the COUNTRY is to get any better, GREED has to be abated for the National good to be realized. The aging CEO has to accept the he/she is no longer at the helm, has had their chance, and must now let new, radical and novel ideas come to the fore in order to just survive in this radically changed world let alone be a success in it.

    It is the basics from which we have departed.

    What is radical about returning to basics is that the basics are at the root of success and stability.

    Punish the corruption, enforce the law, strengthen it where necessary to ensure we do not depart from those basics again.

    The greed of which you speak results from the corruption.

    Remove the aging CEO whose vision has become blurred and no longer can see that transparent is different from see through.

  38. David G. Brooks

    The Dems got to be really desperate … when have we ever had a big campaign billboard showing the Candidate AND Family members – in this case Mara and her 3 daughters – and they say they are not working it as a dynasty.

    I agree that we had Tom coming after Grantley, and so on, and I initially thought the dynasty argument was unnecessary, but after seeing this I can understand why. Its uncalled for, a big able billboard showing the 4 of them (and the obvious missing 5th member of the family, now deceased). What next?

    Furthermore this shows that they up to their usual tricks in working the young people, who will identify with the daughters. Well really.

  39. Kim

    I am a bajan living in Canada and I agreed with Blues regarding that most of the other Caribbean islands hate bajans but mind you they also hate each other. They are honestly and truly very envious and jealous of Barbados(Bajans) continued prosperity and success and if it wasn’t for the same bajans, St.Vincent and St.Lucia would never have what they have now. They don’t want anyone to know the truth that is, mostly because of the bajans that help build up their countries. Bajans are building the roads, schools, hotels, villas etc. for them, especially St.Lucia, if they need anything it is Barbados they have to call and they are all dying to be like Barbados(Bajans). So for the criminal P.M.’s that those two countries have, should look honestly at themselves and start thanking God and Bajans for the little that they have and be grateful and thankful and stop being so mean and nasty to others because of their jealousies. And for bajans they should never elect anyone who is not born in Barbados, regardless of if you like it or not or if you can or can’t handle the truth or not, there is no-way ever would any other caricom country elect a bajan, the way this stupid bajans want to elect Thompson. Since of the death of the late P.M., I wonder why the DLP raised the VAT tax, that is a very stupid and wrong thing that they did, Bajans are struggling for a proper life and things are hard enough and expensive already and they went and rasied taxes. I will keep praying for my bajan brothers and sisters everyday and all we can do is keep hoping and praying for the best for everyone.

  40. David G. Brooks

    Removal of the Tax Free Allowances – Travel & Entertainment – is even worse than the VAT on most of the middle class, having to pay more monthly P.A.Y.E. tax … up to $400+ more … setting back ‘take home’ pay by 5-7 years – i.e. like my take home from this month onward will be the same as what I was bring home back in 2003/2004, and I took out a mortgage in 2006 and built my house/home, now I’m not sure how my family can live.

    The VAT increase is only $25 on the $1000 spent in goods and services, $400 is a much harder hit. Mind you the VAT increase will have a snowball effect and will cause VAT Exempt operations like private schools, insurance companies, doctors, etc. to increase their rates as time goes by. So it could probably mean an over $500 -$600, maybe more, out of my pocket before the middle of the year comes around.

  41. David G. Brooks

    Are the people of St. John taking note of this?

    Does everyone realise that crime will probably go up? Internal theft – shrinkage – will increase causing companies to increase markups to compensate …

  42. Expat

    Typical Bajan bigotry! Haven’t Bajans been expressing great joy and pride each time a countryman/woman “rises” to prominence in North America and the UK? Uncle Toms all!

  43. John

    I am neither B nor D … I reached the conclusion a while ago that both do more harm than good.

    If however I see and hear the leader of the B’s spouting the kind of rhetoric he spouted which seems to be completely at variance with positions he has espoused in the past (CSME/CARICOM) and actual deeds of politicians past in his own party I would completely ignore his candidate …. and him …..

    … even although my stated position is that I would vote against D in a general election to keep the two parties cycling.

    Oh for the days of Evan Webster in St. John!!

    He would get my vote if I were in St. John and he still ran as an independent.

  44. Liberal

    What caricom? Fact is bajans hold certain things reserved for bajans and I believe parliament is one and they feel and rightly so that bajans should represent bajans.Can you imagine what would have happened if the BLP had brought a non national to contest an election in one of the constituencies.Pure hypocracy.The Dems did it befor with Peter Morgan,so they would not see anything wrong with doing it again.Could a Bajan woman married to a St Lucian man seek to be elected to their parliament.Don’t believe Lucians would stand for that.

  45. Sentinel

    Caribbean News Now!

    Commentary: Caribbean integration is a mockery – CSME at a standstill
    Published on January 15, 2011 Email To Friend Print Version

    …by Oscar Ramjeet
    Oscar Ramjeet is an attorney at law who practices extensively throughout the wider Caribbean

    It seems as if Caribbean leaders are not serious about regional integration. The talk about freedom of movement is only lip service and there is no genuine effort for this to become a reality.

    It is since 1989, more than 21 years since the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) agreement was signed and, although there has been a series of meetings throughout the region, very limited progress has been achieved to date, especially in the area of free movement of capital, skilled labour and the freedom to establish business enterprises anywhere in the Community.

    It is rather surprising that former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who had been travelling from island to island “preaching” regional unity and for governments to adhere to CSME, has criticised St Lucian-born Mara Thompson, for contesting the vacant seat in St John created after the death of the late prime minister.

    The action by Arthur is very surprising and, in my view, very ridiculous because it defeats CSME and the regional integration process, but two friends of mine who are very familiar with regional affairs reminded me that Thompson, when he was prime minister, completely disregarded CSME when he took stringent, harsh and unconscionable action against non-Barbadians, especially Guyanese. He chased them out of the country and many of them did not get the opportunity to take their assets with them.

    My friends said that you reap what you sow and said that the sins pass on to the third and fourth generation.

    However, two wrongs cannot make a right and Arthur, who served three terms as prime minister, should know better because Mara is a citizen of Barbados and under the Constitution she can hold office as a lawmaker. The Constitution does not state that you have to be a Barbadian by birth. It states a citizen of Barbados and she has been a citizen for the past 21 years by marriage and residency.

    Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has expressed surprise at Arthur’s comments.

    It seems to me that there is a dim future for the regional integration movement and recently distinguished commentators have been questioning if the CSME has a future. One is David Jessop, Director of the Caribbean Council. He spoke of the criticism meted out against CARICOM Governments and institutions for not ensuring the capacity and economic strength to create a sound regional economic base for investment and trade.

    He also touched on the failure to implement regional and external agreements which, he suggests, indicates at best the absence of any coherent long term strategy and, at worse, irreconcilable divisions.

    Sir Ronald Sanders, former Caribbean diplomat and well known commentator, suggested that the time had come to stop playing with the aspirations of the Caribbean people and argued that CARICOM needed to devise urgently a comprehensive regional plan utilising the best Caribbean brains that can be assembled from inside and outside the region.

    Jessop agrees with Sir Ron’s comments and said there is desperate need for a commission with popular support to be empowered to make recommendations on how to move forwards and modernise CARICOM.

    The delay by most of the regional governments to abolish appeals to the Privy Council and accept the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is another glaring example of the lapse by the various administrations. So far only three jurisdictions, Guyana, Barbados and Belize have accepted the CCJ as the final appellate court.

    Reads: 432


    Winston Strachan:
    This is an excellent piece by Oscar which has hit home very hard to those hypocrites in the Caribbean that are referred to as politicians. It is time they stop fooling the Caribbean people. We need a few decent politicains to fill the gap created by the late Grantley Adams and Dr. Eric William.

  46. Anonymous

    Removal of the Tax Free Allowances – Travel & Entertainment – is even worse than the VAT on most of the middle class, having to pay more monthly P.A.Y.E. tax … up to $400+ more … setting back ‘take home’ pay by 5-7 years – i.e. like my take home from this month onward will be the same as what I was bring home back in 2003/2004, and I took out a mortgage in 2006 and built my house/home, now I’m not sure how my family can live.

    The VAT increase is only $25 on the $1000 spent in goods and services, $400 is a much harder hit. Mind you the VAT increase will have a snowball effect and will cause VAT Exempt operations like private schools, insurance companies, doctors, etc. to increase their rates as time goes by. So it could probably mean an over $500 -$600, maybe more, out of my pocket before the middle of the year comes around.
    @D G Brooks,
    Although I sympathise with the loss of your non-productive perk, you must admit that, from your own submission, you regarded it as part of your salary, and not, as it was intended a necessary business expense to be borne by other bajan taxpayers.
    To which I say tough titty David, if you need to wine and dine to promote business let it be subsidised by the beneficiary, i.e. your company, and not the treasury, i.e. US.

  47. David G. Brooks

    @Anonymous: So ‘tough titty’ (not many people use that team around here) to me and thousands of others in that middle order bracket – like salary levels in the $4K-6K area where I am, where that $400+ will represent nearly 10% of our ‘take-home’ salary, some will be less depending on their salary level, note $400+ to someone making $10-15K per month is 4% or less, and I dare say the ones earning that level get their travel and entertainment paid directly as they have the executive power to do with the company, so the their us of this non-productive perk and yes, they used it TOO you know, but its not going to hurt them that much.

    It was was a legal tax allowances just like any other and was used for years as a way to boost ones take home pay, and everyone knows it.

    As to paying taxes, I have always been in a tax refund position, so as you infer I wasn’t taking away money from the treasury and in fact inland revenue owns me money now and I cannot get my refund.

    Personally I would have preferred that the VAT was raised to 20% and abolish income tax. To mitigate the effect of the poorer among us they could widen the basic basket of goods that are zero-rated and maybe a couple things.

    Could they have increased corporation tax by a couple of percentage points, if not temporarily, oh no.

    Could they have introduced another tax bracket to get this money from the high income bracket, like say 40% at over $10K per month ($120K/year), if not temporarily, but oh no. That would be taxing the rich, we don’t do that, do we?

    Increase the VAT to 25% on things like pleasure boat purchases, cars over a certain value, swimming pool building supplies for private uses and things of that nature (and I mean REAL luxury things, not like Sandi and his luxury tax on fridges back in the early 90’s) that really won’t hit the rich that much, but oh no, we can’t do that.

    Yes, kick the middle class back down and keep them there, let them know their place, damn it – how dare they try to get up any higher or just be comfortable.

  48. David G. Brooks

    What happen got everyone stumped now?

  49. Sentinel

    There’s really nothing more that I can add to this discussion/issue, however, I will make the following my final comment on the matter:-

    Biographical Information

    “Educate, agitate, but do not violate!”

    For most of his life Clement Osbourne Payne conveyed the powerful message of this slogan as he tirelessly advocated the economic wants and political needs of working people in the West Indies. Whether in Trinidad, the land of his birth, or Barbados, his parents’ homeland,

  50. David G. Brooks

    You know its all very well to say that after paying your P.A.Y.E, you can file your Income Tax Return with a refund status, but cannot go to the Bank Manager or Supermarket and say look, I’m supposed to get this money back … sometime … but guaranteed by the Gov’t.

    No different to bosses telling you how good you are, how important you are to the company and thanks for the extra work you put in, etc. and still after years no raise or hardly any, no bonus even after promises (note: not talking about myself, I have a reasonable boss and am thankful for that, but speaking generally or from past experiences or from people close to me) – can’t bank it nor buy groceries with it.

  51. David G. Brooks

    Oh, on the note of or rather more ‘on topic’ here of Owen driving a nail in the Caricom coffin … seriously who gives a dawn anymore, least of all him I would expect after spending lots of his personal energy on it and being the main force behind it the last decade, only to have Thompson do nothing since, Stuart got other things to worry about, Golding on the other side driving another nail, the Trinis … well, they making good ground in a privatised Caricom or a TriniBar or BarTrin or better Trinbaj, and they still got a nail in hand ready too … and the rest (OECS) just flapping in the wind. So why at this time should he care? Barbados first!

    I would be the first to say that Caricom/CSME/CCJ is good and necessary for us but unless someone can take all the power brokers (may not include Government personel) AND/OR the PM’s, etc. and put then in one room, with just a water-cooler and some corn-beef and sodabix and tell them they cannot get out until they are in mutual agreement one way or the other, we are getting nowhere, so leave it out.

  52. Didn’t know that Trinidad still had all those nails left . Thought they were all driven into B N B ,opps T N B .

  53. Ping Pong

    When Mr Hartley Henry introduced Mrs Mara Thompson at the official start of the DLP campaign, he went to great lengths to relate the achievements and status of Mrs Thompson’s father, the late Mr Henry Giraudy Q.C. He made comparisons between Mr Giraudy and the late PM David Thompson even to the fact that both died from pancreatic cancer. He invoked the image and the sense of royal prerogative in presenting Mrs Thompson to the voters – “Here is the Queen!” . Mr Owen Arthur has taken exception to this characterisation and the promotion of Mrs Thompson’s parentage and marriage as the necessary and sufficient basis for her election to the House of Assembly. Mr Arthur has been rebuked for his stance. I would like his critics to consider this:

    Had Mrs Thompson been the daughter of say Ms Albertina Felix, unmarried banana worker of Dennery, St.Lucia and furthermore, had Mrs Thompson been the widow of say Mr Bill Thompson, cabinet maker of Poole, St. John, Barbados would she be the candidate of the DLP? Would the word queen be applied to the candidacy of such a person? To make things even more interesting, instead of this imaginary Mara Thompson being St.Lucian let’s say she was the daughter of Mr Basdeo Mahabir of Georgetown, Guyana!

  54. Blues Buster

    Having read a few of Oscar Ramjeet’s articles it is clear this man is an extreme racist. Black Bajans in particular are the ones who attract his hate. This bigoted jackass says Thompson ran Guyanese out of Barbados. The regularisation Thompson sought to legislate applied to all not Guyanese ,he provided an amnesty for all as well.

    Thousasnds of Guyanese continue to live peacefully in Barbados the safest and least corrupt place in the Caribbean. They work in jobs and send home thousands of Bajan dollars which support corrupt Jagdeo regime. If Thompson was anti Guyanese jobs here for Guyanse would cease. The only Bajans in Guyana are a few criminals on the run. Barbados is doing Guyana a big economic favour.

    Ramjeet it is assumed is Guyanese he should be telling his fellow racist Jagdeo to create jobs and indstry in Guyana to keep Guyanese at home. Trinidad treats Guyanese thousand times worst than Barbados but you wont hear Ramjeet, Ricky Singh even Ramphal say so. Why? Because Trinidad is Indian country.

    Who do these f####ing clowns think they fooling not this educated Bajan. No siree Ramjeet can write as much racist rubbish as he wants the facts prove him to be nothing more than a common liar and vile racist.

  55. John

    Ping Pong

    What you would need to show is that she was chosen by the DLP St. John Constiuency Branch in some kind of undemocratic manner.

    How may persons were present at the Branch meeting who supported her candidacy? ….. looks like 60 out of 69 according to the Nation.

    Who were her opponents? ….. looks like at least 4.

    If four or more opponents can get 9 votes among them and she can get 60 it is probably safe to say that she attracted the major support among the DLP Branch members who were present.

    Once that process is above board and their constitution has been followed the DLP can have her as their candidate if they choose and present her to the voters of St. John as that candidate.

    Do the same exercise for the BLP candidate and answer the same questions, ie

    How many members of the BLP constituency Branch voted for him to be their candidate?

    Did he have any opponents?

    I reckon it is in these meetings where the parties usually fall down … they are usually stage managed and only a handful of persons actually take part in the selection of a candidate.

    Sixty votes is described in the paper as overwhelming support but it seems small when the number of voters in St. John is considered.

    It is only overwhelming when compared with the votes her opponents received.

  56. John

    While we are on the subject of family dynasties there was of course Owen’s brother!!!


    Fifty one people attended his Branch meeting and he lost the nomination by one vote.

  57. Ping Pong

    Oh dear John,
    You and so many others really don’t get it. The issue is NOT Mrs Thompson’s place of birth, her gender or how many members of the St John DLP branch chose her. The particular concern that Mr Arthur is expressing is that Mr Hartley Henry presented Mrs Thompson as worthy of being elected MAINLY on the basis of her parentage and marital association. The reference to being a queen suggests a return to the days of unearned privilege of birth and class. Why wasn’t Mrs Sandiford-Garner, or Dr Suckoo or any of the former DLP female candidates so described? Why not King Patrick Todd or King James Paul or Lord Kenny Best or Prince Ronald Jones ? Mr Arthur is making the point that the little girl, daughter of an agricultural worker who may be now attending Society Primary school must never feel that but for the circumstances of her birth that she can never be a worthy representative of her community.

    Nearly every candidate for election to the House of Assembly usually detail their past work with youth, church, charitable, community and sporting organisations or their work promoting some public cause (environmental protection, poverty alleviation, human rights etc) or their professional accomplishments. Even if they embellish these accomplishments the attempt is to convince the electorate of their fitness to be elected. Show me the candidate that says “while I may not have done much for the community in the past or distinguished myself professionally, elect me because I am the decent, well mannered daughter of Mr Big Shot and wife of Mr Just-as-Big-a-Shot and trust me I care for you” !

  58. Crusoe

    ‘Owen drives nail into CARICOM coffin’??

    Are you Joking???? Caricom never really existed in spirit, in spite of Grantley’s, Owen’s subsequent hard work to TRY and make it work.

    Six years or more after establishment of CCJ and still Jamaica and Trinidad are not members and you want to say ‘Owen mashup Caricom?

    Jamaica talk about its own Court of Appeal and you want to say that Owen mashup Caricom?

    Trinidad even talk about going its own way in cricket teams and you want to say Owen mashup Caricom?

    Trinidad sign ‘ship rider’ agreement with USA but not a fishing agreement with Barbados and yet..you want to say that Owen mashup Caricom?

    No, since Grantly days, all the islands had the idea, of self determination without ANY hinges, it remains to this day.

    So, Owen aint mashup nothing. Owen was just talking plain and simple, sometimes the truth upsets, but it is best said.

    He is right too that elected officials and civil service positions should be based on merit.

  59. John

    Ping Pong

    Show me the candidate that says “while I may not have done much for the community in the past or distinguished myself professionally, elect me because I am the decent, well mannered daughter of Mr Big Shot and wife of Mr Just-as-Big-a-Shot and trust me I care for you” !

    Did Mrs. Thompson really say that?

    The Nation report I saw has her as saying words to the effect that she would speak for St. John in Parliament if the voters would have her.

    So it seems to be Mr. Henry who Owen has the issue with.

    Mr. Henry however is not running in St. John.

    …. but , listen to and watch the clip again and see if Mr. Henry’s name even gets a mention.

  60. John

    KINGSTON, Jamaica, Friday January 14, 2011 – Prime Minister Bruce Golding, has reiterated calls for serious debate and possible amendment to Section 39 of the Constitution, which bars Jamaicans who are citizens of countries outside the Commonwealth to sit in Parliament.

    Labeling the practice as an “absurdity”, Golding said it was high time that the matter be brought up for discussion, as there was a level of irrationality in the current law.

    He was speaking at the swearing in of the Shahine Robinson, who was reinstated as a Member of Parliament and Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister this week. She recently won a by-election in the North East St. Ann constituency that was ordered by the court because she had dual citizenship at the time she ran for the seat in general elections.

    “There is an absurdity that has to be corrected,” Golding said. “That someone who is Jamaican, born and bred, who has lived virtually all his life or her life in Jamaica, but who becomes a citizen of the United States, is not eligible to serve. But, someone who was not born in Jamaica, has resided in Jamaica for only 12 months, is a citizen of any Commonwealth country is not only eligible to be elected a Member of Parliament, but can become the Prime Minister of Jamaica.”

    “It’s an issue that we need to place on the table for debate, because with all of the debate that has surrounded this issue of the eligibility of persons with dual citizenship to sit in Parliament, that discussion has been so adversarial, so polarised, that we have not really focused on the issue as to whether or not what Jamaica wants going into the future is a situation where, for you to be a Member of Parliament, you must be a citizen of Jamaica and a citizen of Jamaica only.”

    “Or whether we want to recognise what is now a reality, that there are citizens of Jamaica who are citizens of other countries who manage their loyalties between the two and who consider themselves not to be 50 per cent Jamaican and 50 per cent American, but certainly 100 per cent Jamaican,” the Prime Minister added.

    He said while the courts have an obligation to interpret the law, Parliamentarians and, ultimately, the electors, have a duty to address the absurdity.

    Golding pointed out that Jamaica has shared a particular relationship with countries like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and there has been strong migration to these countries and many Jamaicans have dual citizenship through birth or through the process of naturalisation.

    “I make bold to say that the vast majority of Jamaicans who obtain citizenship of these countries, consider themselves no less Jamaican than when they left home. They take an abiding interest in their country; many of them invest significantly in their country. When we triumph, they share our joy; when we feel pain, they share that pain with us,” the Jamaican leader said.

    “We have to make a determination as to whether we are saying to those Jamaicans who live in New York, those Jamaicans who come home every year; you cannot be elected to Parliament unless you renounce your citizenship,” he said.

    Prime Minister Golding said these issues must be looked at as the nation has grown and has taken dual citizenship for granted.

  61. John

    … so not only is Owen being unmannerly towards Mrs. Thompson when it is Mr. Henry who has him riled, he also has his facts wrong.

    Hear the Jamaican PM

    “someone who was not born in Jamaica, has resided in Jamaica for only 12 months, is a citizen of any Commonwealth country is not only eligible to be elected a Member of Parliament, but can become the Prime Minister of Jamaica”

    So, a Barbadian woman can go to Jamaica, not even as a wife of a Jamaican, and once she has been resident for 12 months, she can become the PM of Jamaica!!

  62. David G. Brooks

    John: “What you would need to show is that she was chosen by the DLP St. John Constiuency Branch in some kind of undemocratic manner.”

    So they had about a dozen people looking to run for the DLP, and as soon as Mara Thompson declared her hand they all fall away (or were told/ordered to), except for a couple, so you call that democracy? It has at least to to be seen to be in action, maybe that’s why they left the other two on the cards, but in my eye that was not good enough.

  63. JustSayinBajan

    Blues Buster,

    You are correct. Mr. Ramjeet is an Indo Guyanese racist who reserves much of his venom for Bajans. A few years ago, a Guyanese man living in Barbados was murdered in a bar owned by a Guyanese woman. The owner was shot but survived. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever been arrested for the crime. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Shortly after the crime, when there was no evidence whatsoever about who committed the crime, Mr. Ramjeet wrote an article for Caribbean Net News in which he states the Guyanese man’s murder was a hate crime. He was angry because Bajans were starting to take a stand against illegal immigration and wanted to taint Bajans’ image among other Caricom nationals. I read online that he has made negative statements about Afro Guyanese. Bajans shouldn’t pay much attention to what he says.

    I noticed today on Caribbean News Now!, which I think is related to the now defunct Caribbean Net News, that they are really pushing the Bajans are anti regionalists card. They are carrying a story about the Prime Ministers of St. Lucia and St. Vincent rebuking Owen Arthur for his comments about Mara Thompson as well as a story about Bajan police chief Darwin Dottin stating he would have to talk to Bajans about bringing in police officers from other islands to solve the police shortage problem in Barbados. The article starts with the words, “More anti-regionalism sentiment has surfaced in Barbados.”

    There is nothing wrong with Darwin Dottin being cautious about bringing in foreign police officers or allowing Bajans to have a say in the matter. Other Caricom nationals often mistake good governance in Barbados for anti-regionalism.

  64. just want to know

    The piece written by Sentinel on the 16th is the only one that has explained anything about the CSME, and the lack of politicians to advance into any togetherness in these islands. All the representatives in these islands are all self indulgent and self serving hypocrites.

  65. JustSayinBajan

    Regarding Mara being called a queen

    If people from a country in Africa where the population is largely illiterate and where the average person earns $1 per day look up to someone as a queen, I would understand. If people from Haiti, where the population is largely illiterate and unemployed, look up to someone as a queen, I would understand. However, to see Bajans who are supposed to be educated, modern people looking at a plain, simple, ordinary, unaccomplished St. Lucian woman and calling her a queen is embarrassing.

    I watched a YouTube video about Mara a few days ago. What I saw was a very simple woman reading a script to the audience. She apparently doesn’t have any oratorical skills. While she was reading her script, a woman in the audience shouted, “Our queen.” What is wrong with Bajans?

    I don’t have a problem with Mara holding a political post in Barbados if she is qualified. The Constitution states she can. What I have a problem with is Bajans treating her as if she is superior to them. Based on what I have seen so far, Mara has not accomplished anything on her own. Her status stems from the fact that her father was a political figure in St. Lucia and her husband was a political figure in Barbados. What has she accomplished on her own? Does anyone even know if she is capable of doing the job?

    Following is some of what Richard Hoad wrote in his “Lowdown” column last week:

    “Next, we turn to pushover parishes. I travelled St John daily when my children went to school there and it was undoubtedly a neglected “pushover”: a parish that supports the same party no matter what. St Thomas is similar.

    Political parties have limited budgets. Why spend money on a parish whose votes are sure? On the other hand, the opposing party won’t waste money on a parish where it can’t win. So pushover parishes get left behind.

    Contrast St Andrew. We change parties straight and regular. And we have barber-greene coming out the wazoo, Government jobs for the yutes, more street lights than the airport.

    So let’s make some easy predictions. Mara will win with a massive majority. She will have a victory motorcade. She will be given a ministry.

    She will then discover the facts of political life. “Collective responsibility” of Cabinet means she may often have to support what she doesn’t believe in. Roughly half of Barbados will now be against her.

    But the food is good.”

    Like Richard Hoad, I don’t think it is good for a parish to support the same party for decades and it certainly isn’t a good idea to hold what some call a “safe seat” for members of one family (Mara’s daughters may want to serve as well). I personally haven’t seen much of St. John, but I have heard people say it is the poorest parish. It is the poorest parish after one man and one party have represented it for many years. The people of St. John had better consider a change.

  66. JustSayinBajan

    Owen Arthur is getting a taste of his own medicine. If he had spoken out against free movement of Caricom nationals from the beginning, I would support him now. However, he spent a decade berating Bajans for being less than welcoming to the barage of immigrants he allowed in through his open door policy. He said those of us who don’t want free movement of people into Barbados are xenophobes. He publicly chastised Bajan immigration officers for doing their jobs. He said Bajans had lost their work ethic and praised Guyanese, Vincentians, and St. Lucians for working hard and doing jobs he claimed Bajans don’t want to do. In fact, he hired illegal Guyanese immigrants to work in his home.

    While championing the cause of Caricom nationals, he could often be seen smiling widely next to White foreign developers who he seemed hell bent on selling all of Barbados to, to build golf courses, resorts, and housing developments for wealthy foreigners. He knew most of the developments would come with walls, trees, and gates to keep out Black Bajans, but he didn’t care. Now he wants to talk about Bajan pride?

    This is a case that should let people know they need to be careful what they wish for. Owen wished (at least pretended to wish) for Bajans to be lovey dovey with Caricom nationals and to welcome them into warm embraces. Well, that is what the people of St. John have done with Mara Thompson. He got what he wished for. Now he needs to shut up, because he is giving Caricom nationals ammunition to say that we are xenophobes at a time when the people of St. John are proving to be otherwise by supporting Mara Thompson.

  67. Iainttrich

    David Brooks wrote >>Could they have introduced another tax bracket to get this money from the high income bracket, like say 40% at over $10K per month ($120K/year), if not temporarily, but oh no. That would be taxing the rich, we don’t do that, do we?>>

    So, David Brooks would like Government to take almost half of evfery dollar that people in that tax bracket earn?

    I am one. I bussed my xss to study and work hard for years to earn such. No Government loaned me money, no bajan loaned me money.

    I did it myself. So, why should I pay more for every dollar I earn than anyone else, to support others?

    As it is, I pay a helluva lot more tax than many. Full stop, by merely earning more.

    Yet, yuh want MORE? And this is the same for all those who work for a business and report PAYE.

    But, those who dont, do not have to declare all their income, whether speedboat guys, plumbers etc.

    So while I bussin my xss and paying taxes up the wazoo, them others are not paying their share.

    THAT is why VAT is the best tax, you get to pay it when you spend it, so how your lifestyle is, which reflects your income, is how you pay.

    But, people like David want to put a tax on success. Yes, tell people to study hard and work hard and them burse them with taxes.

    No, the Government did right in raising VAT.

    And for the record, I aint rich, when I bought my house I took a 90% loan, that I still paying off. When I bought my car, I got a loan, that I still paying off.

    So go ahead and tax success, maybe then I will decide to go lime on the block too, let Guvment pay fuh muh.

  68. St Lucian

    This is indeed an unfortunate statement, since our longest serving Prime Minister, the 1st, 5th and 8th Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, the late Sir John Compton was not born in Saint Lucia, but … Canouan, St Vincent & the Grenadines

  69. David G. Brooks

    Actually I questioned Lowdown’s … “Contrast St Andrew. We change parties straight and regular.” Not sure what he means by regular when the DLP only one it once (1986) in over 25+ years – note, I cannot find data for 1991, but I think the BLP got it back then, but even if not you can’t call that ‘regular’ Lowdown, sorry … maybe you are mixing it up with some other ‘regular’ activity that tends to sometimes get irregular as we get older.

  70. David G. Brooks

    “But, people like David want to put a tax on success. Yes, tell people to study hard and work hard and them burse them with taxes.”

    I never said that and for the record my story sounds very much like yours, study, work, etc. Have you forgotten the the upper tax bracket was at 40% just a few short years ago, and who lowered it but the BLP.

    Let me refresh your memory, as I think you have jumped off the deep end and not understand what I mean by another tax bracket …

    Until 2002 chargeable income (after all allowances) was taxed at 25% on the first $24,200 and at 40% thereafter. The personal allowance (or tax free) was $15,000, so once your annual salary was under $40,000, you only got taxed at 25% on the any excess over the 15K. (40% thereafter).

    By 2007, the personal allowance was at $25,000, with the next $24,200 at 20%, and 35% thereafter. So likewise once your annual salary was under $50,000, you only got taxed at 20% on the any excess over the 25K. (35% thereafter).

    Now, what I was proposing was that that remained as is, but add in another tier at 40% for over $120,000, meaning …

    First 25,000 Tax Free
    Next 24,200 at 20%
    Next 70,800 at 35% (this puts you at $120,000)
    and 40% thereafter

    So if you happen to make $125,000 you would pay an additional $250 than you are paying now – 0.2% of that gross 125K. If $150,000 – where the Ministers of Government who fashion their salaries on top level management (Banks and so forth) earnings – an addition $1,250 – 0.833% of that gross 150K

    Now tell me, Iainttrich, where did you get your education from? Was it GREED Uni. , Ignoramus Uni. or Foot-In-Mouth Uni. Here I am loosing loosing 7% of my gross, which is less than 75K per annum, and you are bitching about paying a fraction of 1% of your earnings, IF you are earning more than 120K per annum. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Did you not see the VAT alternative, to direct Income Tax that I proposed in the same post, or were you just taking one thing I said and going off the deep end … and I’m the one over the years as being a loose cannon. Wow.

  71. David G. Brooks

    BTW, Iainttrich, I don’t expect you back here in any hurry so just in case you do take a peek back here, for the record I am a salaried person – I have ALWAYS worked for someone else like my Father did, like my Grandfather did, like my Great-Grandfather did … my Great-Great-Grandfather came out here with the Royal Artillery about 150 years ago but he was not an officer, just an enlisted soldier.

  72. David G. Brooks

    Furthermore, did you not see I said about the additional 40% bracket as TEMPORARY – you know people like ‘Iainttrich” really do NOT know the meaning of I-AIN’T-RICH and are the reason why there is so much disparity and greed in the society. Spoilt brats.

  73. JustSayinBajan

    OMG, Owen Arthur is really making a fool of himself and Bajans now. In an article on the back cover of today’s Barbadostoday.bb evening edition, he is whining about how he is tired of people on other islands laughing at and telling jokes about Bajans. Many Bajans told him to let us go our own way and not pay too much attention to the rest of Caricom, but he insisted on pursuing that CSME and free movement of Caricom nationals nonsense.

    We Bajans need to tend to our own affairs and stop worrying about the rest of Caricom. We obviously have discovered the secret to success. Others will pick on us out of jealousy, but we don’t need to worry about that.


  74. John

    Here is what I think the embracing of CSME and CARICOM was all about back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

    It was about politicians rationalising the brokered sale of Barbadian assets to foreigners, the brokers being the politicians themselves.

    The politicians called it intra regional flow of capital!!!

    The problem was it was out of Barbados.

    No new ventures came in.

    The policies of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s had rendered the businesses owned and operated by Bajans, in a few cases for generations, unprofitable.

    The politicians got their slice of the action easy in such a situation until the vultures outside with the business acumen, capital and clout arrived to really fleece the assets built up by generations of Bajans.

    One by one they went.

    Plantations, Cotton Factory, Todds, BNB etc.

    The politicians called it facilitating the intra regional flow of capital but none came in, only sufficient funds to own the existing capital structures in Barbados so they could be stripped and profits taken out.

    Money sometimes fools people.

    Now, the destruction is pretty well accomplished, the right people have made their killing and all is right with the world …. except it isn’t, the same thing was going on all over and the world economy has been destabilised.

    The politicians now have a total unplanned for mess on their hands.

    They are useless at planning and building anything anyway.

    They are the perfect example of the saying “fail to plan and you plan to fail”.

    Agriculture and manufacturing have been effectively destroyed and tourism hit hard by the world economy.

    … and still they won’t look to call anyone to account, becase they themselves are inextricably tied with the ones who need to give an account.

    It is no longer attractive for a Bajan politican to embrace CARICOM and CSME and regional integration.

    That game is up, … people know, … and the politicians know people know, …. hence the reversals in positioning and posturing.

    I found Owen’s performance in the clip to be strangely comedic, rather pathetic and extremely revealing.

    Sometimes it is good when politicains choose not to “mince words” and get all passionate and effusive over some strawman they build up because they often reveal alot more than they realise they are revealing.

    It is time to get back to basics!!

  75. Sentinel

    @David G. Brooks
    January 17, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    “Actually I questioned Lowdown’s … “Contrast St Andrew. We change parties straight and regular.” Not sure what he means by regular when the DLP only one it once (1986) in over 25+ years – note, I cannot find data for 1991, but I think the BLP got it back then,….”

    1976 – 1986:- L.B. Bratnwaite (BLP)
    1986 – 91:- Clifton Neblett (DLP) He actually “neglected” the parish.
    1991 – 2008:- George, Owen, Arthur, Walton, Pain
    2008 :- (Officially:- GOAWP) De facto Rep:- Irene Sandiford-Garner

  76. David G. Brooks

    Oh so St. Andrew got all those new roads/highways because of Cement Plant (initial rationale for Greenland hill as I call it) and in the last 15 years due to preparation for the ever coming Landfill project. Nice, well at least something good came of it.

  77. David G. Brooks

    So what happen with St. John now … I suppose that is Owen fault right? Fifty years of DLP representative, of which the first 15 the Dems were in power, Bees for the next 10, Dems for the next 8, Bees for the 14, and now Dems for the last 2 going into 3 years. That makes a total of, lets see … 25+ years of the Dems being in power while representing St. John, and what?

    Represented by a Prime Minister or senior member of Cabinet during that time, and what?

    I can go into St. Peter, where some of my family come from, and see a whole lot more done for Speightstown and other places, than I see done in St. John. I’m not saying that you have to produce a Speightstown in St. John. I think most Bajans would like to see St. John retain its rustic look, as old Barbados, but there are subtle things that can be done to enhance things for the people there.

    Look at Consett’s Bay, how can that compare to Oistins (again enhanced by another PM/Senior Cabinet member in the BLP Govt.) and the Bridgetown Fish Market and said said Speightstown Fishing area. Just one example.

  78. David G. Brooks

    You know seriously, if “Iainttrich” thinks he is in the middle class, as in not rich nor richly paid yet making 120+K/year, then I must be in upper ‘poor’ class for making just about 70K/year.

    Thanks, Iainttrich, you’ve really opened my eyes as to who is really taxed now, not the rich nor the middle class. Well how dare me think I was in the middle class now – beat me down some more.

  79. Blues Buster

    A few years ago, a Guyanese man living in Barbados was murdered in a bar owned by a Guyanese woman. Mr. Ramjeet wrote an article for Caribbean Net News in which he states the Guyanese man’s murder was a hate crime.
    JustSayinBajan irony is
    police and Guyanese community agree
    that it was a Guyanese who killed the woman. Culprit likely fled island for jungles of Berbice. You wont hear that from Bajan hater the stinking
    racist Oscar Ramjeet.

  80. John

    Watch the antics and actions of this guy from the past,…..

    …. how he uses his hands and the various postures he takes as he tries to het across his points.

  81. Rainman

    John there are similarities between Hitler and Owen speaking styles. Mark

    my words if Owen and the likes of George Payne and Muscle Mary Lynch
    regain power Barbados will cease to be the democracy we now know. The

    blood curdling visciousness coming from the mouths of these fellows tell
    me opponents going to jail or be neutralised under a new Owen Arthur

    regime. Dem fellows cruel like never seen before. The German Nazis in Hitler videos physically resemble white Bajans. Selah.;l

  82. John

    Hitler’s power was based on the Nazi party a political movement.

    Here in english are some of his comments on the paramount nature of the party, frightening stuff.

    Nazis were members of that party, the National Socialist Party, …. a political party …. like any other political party.

    We can watch in this video as the party supporters listen intently to their leader.

    It is terrifying to watch the hypnotic effect he had on supposedly educated men and women and understand that it was from them that he drew his power.

    All they had to do was to say … enough is enough ….. cut the crap buster …. but they didn’t and the rest is history.

  83. David G. Brooks

    If Owen’s speaking styles is like Hilter’s, I wonder whose would David Estwick’s be like?

  84. David G. Brooks

    But come, come, John, really. I am well known for my hand jesters and arm flapping, and that is just in normal conversation, what would you call me if you see me real passionate about something – believe me, I am very animated.

    The posturing ‘may’ be seen by those who are looking for a similarity, and the passion may be similar but no way is the ‘message’ the same.

    I’m not saying Owen was easy as a PM (Boss) but was Errol Barrow much different? Tom had a serious reputation too. And I dare say sweet-boy David had his times too.

    We’re side tracking here.

  85. David G. Brooks

    I understand ‘Iainttrich” has crawled in his shell and may not be seen or rather heard from for a while … counting his $ … now that he realises that he is actually in the lower-mid ‘upper’ class of income society. He obviously didn’t realise that he had arrived!

  86. David G. Brooks

    Rainman, you really should realise that we Bajans are not as gullible as we used to be and more so don’t panic in the face of these idle comments … the same things was said of Barrow back in the 1970’s … i.e. if he stayed in power for a 4th. term … oh, it was rampant and without freedom of information we have today it was indeed possible if the powers-that-be wanted to trash democracy.

    Now if you really want a good comparison check out Chavez … you really think Owen could come near to that. Mountains out of molehills.

  87. David G. Brooks

    I should be able to kill this thread – subject line – once and for all right and now, and not that what I going to say is anything new, but show that emotional headlines are in fact unnecessary and even though the BFP wants to allow open debate, or that’s what they say, they too should be steering the topics that are really meaningful to what is happening in Barbados.

    Errol Barrow was well known to leave a cocktail party at some big-up plantation, with nuff high-whites and so forth, go to a political meeting not far away – cuss, bad-talk and incite some racism to boot – then come back to said party and tell some of the fellas there, listen I had to castigate you guys tonight but you know its politics, I have to be seen to be ‘with’ the masses, so no had feelings, okay. Like all politicians he knew how to play the paling cock very well, but not in broad daylight so to speak.

    If Barrow or even Tom had to play the politics today with the internet and such, they would have had to change their approach drastically. I’m sure they would have been able to play it with their talents and intellects, but they could not have got away with it.

    On reflection, I still cannot get an answer from anyone as to why Owen is a washed up, has-been because of his age, but he is only a year or so older than our present PM Stuart – everyone seems to evade this.

    Is it because Stuart has been waiting in line so now its his turn? So you going to tell me that Bajans who are the worst at queuing in a line, now want to apply this to politics. Lord have mercy. I gone … it getting late.

  88. John

    David G. Brooks
    January 19, 2011 at 1:12 am
    If Owen’s speaking styles is like Hilter’s, I wonder whose would David Estwick’s be like?

    David G. Brooks
    January 19, 2011 at 1:41 am
    But come, come, John, really. I am well known for my hand jesters and arm flapping, and that is just in normal conversation, what would you call me if you see me real passionate about something – believe me, I am very animated.

    The posturing ‘may’ be seen by those who are looking for a similarity, and the passion may be similar but no way is the ‘message’ the same.

    I’m not saying Owen was easy as a PM (Boss) but was Errol Barrow much different? Tom had a serious reputation too. And I dare say sweet-boy David had his times too.



    Hitlers and Nazis are found in party political systems.

    Hear Rudolph Hess at the end …. “The Party is Hitler, Hitler is Germany as Germany is Hitler.”

    Party paramount, leaders telling followers junk and followers following with blind unquestioning obedience.

  89. David G. Brooks

    John: “Hitlers and Nazis are found in party political systems.” … and companies and families and …

    In that case, and they are a dime a dozen, we are all doomed … put me on the next flight to Mars.

  90. John


    Don’t go and do that.

    I can’t tell you what you will find on Mars.

    Stay here.

    It is our responsibility to nip the little aspiring Hitlers and Nazis in the bud.

  91. Rohan Frederick

    How can anyone in our country think that any of our politicians are like “Hitler”, this is so uncalled for. Hitler murdered six millions Jews, plus any who did not agree with his ideas. I know we have some very self serving politicians, but please don’t do this terrible thing to them. In our society we can vote them out every 4 to 5 years, and we in Barbados are a christian society.

  92. Instead of a Barbadian passport we have a Caricom. You said to open arms to the Guyanese. What happen to a St. Lucian lady? Her husband (True Gentleman) was an Englishman from Barbadian desent.

  93. Patois

    Well the division in the BLP party continued right through by-election day ( 20th Jan 2011) in St. John……..Tyrone Power BEAT Hudson Griffith in every box !

  94. J. Payne

    The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (yes, Republic meaning they dumped the Queen), now says they’re in no rush to further diminish ties with the UK, and thusly they will retain the British Privy Council. Perhaps Barbados should move the court to Barbados than?

    Article: COLONIAL TIES: Trinidad PM in no rush to ditch Privy Council
    Link: http://www.cananews.net/news/131/ARTICLE/58868/2011-03-23.html

  95. nal80lia

    @blues…st.lucians Do not in anyway envy bajans, if you find they hate you it simply because of the nast attituds they have encountered from bajan people. and me being so young have experienced it too.

  96. just want to know

    I would have to agree with OAS , keep it local. Ask yourself this question, Can a Barbadian go and run for local elections in St. Lucia? Will it be allowed by the people of that country? I know in SVG you can’t. So who ever instigated this just try it.

  97. Rant against all women

    One presumes Mara Thompson was running to represent The DLP in St John.
    To describe this simple woman as running as Queen, is not only a political opportunistic mischaracterization, it is a slander on all women running for political office in so called democracies.

    Barbadian women should remember this vitriol trash talk when going to the polls this or next year.

  98. Canadian Tourist

    If they could elect a black man as President of the United States……

  99. horrified

    Greetings from Europe.
    As a European, I’m shocked.
    This man must be fully drunken or just stupid! This kind opf people can become your future president? Disgusting.
    People of Barbados I feel so sorry for your country; oh my god! A very good reputation, you make the world funny. The world – yea some – laughs at you.