Charter flight to Barbados, sitting next to Typhoid Mary

Jdid’s Christmas flight home!

Our friend Jdid runs Doan Mind Me blog out of Toronto, Canada and like many folks he decided to come home for the holidays. What a story! I laughed so hard I came to tears.

Here’s a sample, but if you need a good laugh you must head over and read the whole thing.

Thanks, Jdid. I needed that!

“Now listen very carefully I will only say this once.

Ya see me? I aint neva travelling to Barbados by no cheap plane again ya hear. Who me? No boy I cant do dat no more. Not again! Ya might save a few coppers but this cheap plane ting will kill ya stone dead.”

“So I sitting down deyso in my seat on the end and a ol lady on the odda end and in walks this nice looking twenty something young girl all pretty up an ting to occupy the seat between we. So at first I look at she an say to myself is how come when I was single I couldnt get a seat next to nuhbody dat was under 300lbs or sweating like dem juss run a marathon but now I well and truly married dem wait to put pretty young girls next to me.

But I shoulda known ya cant judge a book by its cover”

Read the whole thing: Doan Mind Me: Travel Woes



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7 responses to “Charter flight to Barbados, sitting next to Typhoid Mary


    Ok I headed over to that blog! Got half way through the first paragraph! Now and again a few “bajan” slang words would have been “cute”; but to have the entire blog in that bajan slang turn me off! Would have loved to read it, if I could have understand it! Did not attend St. Angela’s, Presentation College, Grade 10-13 in Toronto, then onto higher education in Montreal to sit at my laptop and try and read this “ebonics”. Yes you might say “Oh he’s just trying to be entertaining” REALLY? Who does he think is going to understand his blog? A section of bajans that more than likely don’t own a PC, or laptop, or heck, never even heard of a blog! My opinion was in no way meant to offend the blogger.

  2. browngal

    What a laugh! even though some words ah could not understand, but still funny. Same thing happened to me, but ended up in the hospital. All like now, ah worried about the return trip.

  3. Wat? Say Wat!


    Are you from ‘hey?

    It’s okay to embrace proper ENGLISH.

    An sometimeboutdishere it’s okay to come ya ‘hey ’bout the Christman. Gin wat I say de da man, hey?

  4. um funny nuh but I did sick de whole Christmas day an couldnt enjoy mi jug jug n ham. chupse! 🙂

  5. communication

    There is something charming about an accent or culturlal difference that makes people smile. Barbadians are no different and you can usually tell the difference between a Trinidadian, Bajan, Guyanese or Jamaican accent immediately.

    The whole purpose of communication is whether the reader understands most or all of what is being said and its context, not whether it meeets someones view of the Queens English. For what it was, I thought it was very funny.

  6. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Jdid, it’s too bad the plane was full because otherwise I would have asked to be moved. All this high security looking for potential terrorists but they can’t make it mandatory that you can’t get on a plane if you have something contagious. The flight that I took to start my new life in Barbados, I had a Trini fella sitting beside me doing the same things as your seat companion and shortly after my arrival in Barbados, I was so sick with a raging fever and weakness I thought I would dead up.
    Doan worry yuh head bout dem da have a problem with Bajan dialect. There is nothing sweeter in the world than the way that Bajans retell a story.

  7. Politically Tired

    I thought it was great, gave me a laugh on an otherwise depressing day!
    ANASTASIA BEAVERNHOUSEN have you totally lost you sense of humour? I’m not originally from here, but I understood it & thought it was witty & clever.