Former US Ambassador Mary Kramer writes book about time in Barbados

How will Ambassador Kramer’s book stand up to WikiLeaks?

This should be fun. Former US Ambassador to Barbados, Mary Kramer, is doing a tour to publicize her new book  More Than a Walk on the Beach: Confessions of an Unlikely Diplomat.

Kramer served in Barbados from 2004 through 2006 and wrote her book before the WikiLeaks started to emerge. When the full set of Wikileaks hits the internet, it will be interesting to compare her book to the secret cables her Embassy sent.

One of the recent WikiLeaks revealed that Ambassador Kramer knew all about SIR Allen Stanford years before his arrest. A May 3, 2006 cable from Bridgetown Embassy said,

“Sir Allen Stanford’s companies are rumored to engage in bribery, money laundering, and political manipulation.”

Ambassador Kramer’s cable also reported a private conversation she had with then Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur – as we reported in our previous story Wikileaks Barbados: US Embassy Bridgetown sent alert on Sir Allen Stanford three years before arrest.

We wonder if future WikiLeaks will contain any detailed Bridgetown Embassy cables about corruption in the Barbados government. We visit Wikileaks every day in eager anticipation and you can too.


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6 responses to “Former US Ambassador Mary Kramer writes book about time in Barbados

  1. vancet

    Barbados has always been under the influences of Britain and USA and CANADA From the days of MR Bull’s HARP GUN !

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    I am curious that Ambassador Kramer and by extention the US Government knew about (Sir) Allen Stanford BUT did they not share this suspicion with Caribbean Governments and the financial regulatory authorities.
    This surely could have saved a lot of grief?

  3. Green Monkey

    Ah yes, the US ambassador, explaining the benefits of democracy and the great advantages of being an ally and friend of the world’s greatest democratically governed country, the US of A, to the world’s teeming masses struggling to be free. At times, of course, when the stubborn natives are too obstinate and obtuse to willingly accept these “benefits”, US ambassadors’ (eg the US Ambassador to France) also quite understand how to use the principle of the iron fist within the velvet glove in order to administer a persuasive slap to the back of the head of the benighted and reluctant natives, as wikileaks revealed.

    USA! USA! USA!

  4. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    BFP: I would love to obtain a copy of this book but have searched online and I am not able to find much info on it.

  5. Wat? Say Wat!

    Book is for sale on Amazon

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