Barbados school children dive for ground as man shot near playing field

Police spokesperson: “The children were not in danger”

On Tuesday morning, 10:40am, during school hours, 150 children and 3 teachers of the Springer Memorial School were at the Blenheim Playing Field when a 23 year old man was shot twice near the western end of the playing field. News reports don’t say how many shots were fired in total.

The teachers yelled at the children to lay flat on the ground as the gunshots rang out nearby.

Royal Barbados Police Force public relations officer Inspector David Welch has the idiocy to say “From the reports, the children were not in danger.”

That’s not a very intelligent statement from the Inspector for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that wild pistol fire has been responsible in the past for deaths at great distances. According to the law enforcement range charts on the internet, a 9mm pistol round can be lethal (not accurate, but still lethal) to 2,400 yards and still impact at 350 feet per second. Even a little .22 bullet can kill at one mile.

What really irks me as a parent is this senior police officer telling us no worries, the children were safe. That is nothing but spin and parents are not stupid enough to buy into that spin. Inspector David Welch lost all credibility with me.

(name withheld by request)

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14 responses to “Barbados school children dive for ground as man shot near playing field

  1. Whuh?

    Maaaaan…nuhbody en dead…

  2. Mac

    The typical response from a police force so laid back they are in a coma, desperately trying to play down the rise in crime that they refuse to acknowledge it so Mr & Mrs Tourist don’t get to hear about it & stop coming here. Regardless of the consequences.

  3. BGI

    @name withheld…
    You sound surprised at the Police response.

    You’re not from around these parts, are you?

  4. Capt. Nobody

    Seems that Bim is becoming a little Bagdad where time to time you have to hit the ground to avoid a bullet!! Few days ago I was by a friend at Rendezvous Gardens and during the conversation….bam bam bam from above the cliff. Normal…. isn’t it?

  5. Responder

    Comatose. I am shocked. Here i was trying to make a case for the police in another forum and to hear this. Well, well, well.

  6. bajandave

    Are they for real? Once shots are being fired there is always the possibility of a bullet missing its target and finding an innocent bystander far away. If I remember correctly, where this incident occurred is a Government-owned facility – don’t they have security guards on duty or other protective measures in place there?

  7. rasta man

    I also remember hearing that a bullet shot into the air can kill someone when it comes back down. Maybe the Police spokesman does not know that.

  8. David G. Brooks

    @BFP, et al … do you know the lay of the land – i.e. topography – I don’t honestly, so I am just speaking generally but even so I know I will get licks for this regardless.

    Have you investigated the scene to see if the bullets would have had to turn corners in mid-air in order to be able to threaten the children or whether there ‘may’ have been giant piece of Bimshire in between. Yes, the teachers did the right thing to tell the kids to lie flat as they AT THE TIME would not have known where the gunfire was coming from, but to question whether the Police after investigations were being idiotic in saying that the children were not danger is like hanging a man in the old wild west without a trial.

    Now come with some hard evidence before making such irresponsible remarks again.

    There are many Police Officers TRYING to do a good job in the face of political pressure and so on, they do not need your vote of no confidence.

  9. Responder

    Mr. Brooks, is not what you say but how you say it, for example , ” After our initial investigations we found ………, and we are grateful that none of our children was injured during the shooting incident. We will continue to investigate the matter to bring the perpetrators to justice”. Now that says thank God no child was hurt and we will catch this ignorant person who threatened our children.

  10. penalty for loaded gun

    I seem to recall that there was a minmum 8 year automatic prison sentence for a citizen carrying a loaded unlicensed gun, let alone shooting it around a school yard?

  11. Rosie

    A student informed me they were very scared and some were bruised from running for safety in slight panic possibly. The weren’t hurt by a bullet but surely they must have been traumatized to some extent. So maybe no immediate visible danger was noted but thinking you could have been shot and running for your life, I think that could be playing over in my head a few times before my nerves settle.

  12. 150

    Moral of the Story:
    Stop attending football events!

  13. HM

    What on earth is happening out there? Is everyone turning crazy or what? You all need to crack down HARD on crime otherwise Barbados will be wrecked. Not only were the children and teachers put in fear of their lives, but the REPUTATION of Barbados will be going down the pan if something is not done about this criminality.

  14. David G. Brooks

    Well … someone got to be holding the police back … hands tied or something … cause they are all Bajans like us, so what? Do we ask the Governor General to form a Militia? Which is what they had before the Police Force was formed some 150 years ago, which would have been populated from most of the Militia – my great-great-grandfather (John Durant Lashley) was one of those first ones back in the mid-1800’s.