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Barbados school children dive for ground as man shot near playing field

Police spokesperson: “The children were not in danger”

On Tuesday morning, 10:40am, during school hours, 150 children and 3 teachers of the Springer Memorial School were at the Blenheim Playing Field when a 23 year old man was shot twice near the western end of the playing field. News reports don’t say how many shots were fired in total.

The teachers yelled at the children to lay flat on the ground as the gunshots rang out nearby.

Royal Barbados Police Force public relations officer Inspector David Welch has the idiocy to say “From the reports, the children were not in danger.”

That’s not a very intelligent statement from the Inspector for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that wild pistol fire has been responsible in the past for deaths at great distances. According to the law enforcement range charts on the internet, a 9mm pistol round can be lethal (not accurate, but still lethal) to 2,400 yards and still impact at 350 feet per second. Even a little .22 bullet can kill at one mile.

What really irks me as a parent is this senior police officer telling us no worries, the children were safe. That is nothing but spin and parents are not stupid enough to buy into that spin. Inspector David Welch lost all credibility with me.

(name withheld by request)

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Former US Ambassador Mary Kramer writes book about time in Barbados

How will Ambassador Kramer’s book stand up to WikiLeaks?

This should be fun. Former US Ambassador to Barbados, Mary Kramer, is doing a tour to publicize her new book  More Than a Walk on the Beach: Confessions of an Unlikely Diplomat.

Kramer served in Barbados from 2004 through 2006 and wrote her book before the WikiLeaks started to emerge. When the full set of Wikileaks hits the internet, it will be interesting to compare her book to the secret cables her Embassy sent.

One of the recent WikiLeaks revealed that Ambassador Kramer knew all about SIR Allen Stanford years before his arrest. A May 3, 2006 cable from Bridgetown Embassy said, Continue reading


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Adrian Loveridge and Barbados Free Press on the Tourism White Paper Blog

Why doesn’t the Ministry of Tourism use a real blog for its White Paper discussion?

Adrian Loveridge submitted an article (published below) about the government’s White Paper on Tourism Development initiative where Adrian laments that – despite a fair amount of advertising, two town hall meetings and over 13,000 Bajans directly employed in the tourism industry – to date only seven people have posted comments on the Ministry of Tourism’s White Paper Blog since it was established last November.

Adrian’s article is generally positive about the government’s Tourism White Paper initiative (and we agree!), but he is perplexed at the lack of public input and interest on the Government’s White Paper Blog.

Fear not Adrian, (and fear not Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy), we at Barbados Free Press know exactly what went wrong with the White Paper Blog and how to fix it – quickly, easily and on the cheap. Heck, we or any real bloggers could fix it for free on Saturday night, given a bottle a Mount Gay, some coding music and pretty girls hanging about. Truly.

The Tourism Ministry’s “White Paper Blog” is not a real blog

Last November, Tourism Minister Richard Sealy announced the “White Paper for the Development of Tourism in Barbados” and the government’s “White Paper Blog” in an attempt to encourage and collect input about where we should be heading with our tourism product.

Good idea! Only problem is, apparently Minister Sealy and his staff have no idea of the differences between a true blog and a “static website with comments” – for they established an isolated “static website with comments” and not a true blog that would be connected to the over 100 million other true blogs currently on the internet. To explain the difference… Continue reading


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Barbados Chief Prosecutor: Woman “provoked” her killer by refusing sex, therefore not murder.

Attention Women’s Rights Advocates around the world.

Barbados women had better not withhold sex if they know what’s good for them

No, this outrage didn’t happen in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. It happened in the Caribbean island nation of Barbados where our Director of Public Prosecutions – DPP, Charles Leacock (above photo), dropped a charge of murder to manslaughter because the murdered woman had refused sex and therefore “provoked” her killer.

It’s even more sordid than that. The murdered woman couldn’t pay her rent and her killer had offered to pay the rent in return for sex. When she changed her mind to this extortion, she was beaten to death.

DPP Charles Leacock has a record for abusing women and the law

This is not the first time that DPP Charles Leacock has been caught excusing or participating in violence against women. When his tenant Ronja Juman fell behind on the rent, Leacock had his corrupt police officer friend raid Juman’s home in the middle of the night to terrorize Juman and her children. The police dragged her off half-naked to the police station where her vagina was searched for money and the lease agreement.

Yes, you read that correctly. The object of the raid and the search was, according to the faked search warrant, Juman’s copy of the rental agreement with Leacock. The police looked up her vagina for the evidence, but it was really all about teaching Leacock’s tenant a lesson. Now she and other single mothers know what happens when you don’t pay your rent to a landlord who is arguably the most powerful man on the island.

In another case when his corrupt police friend was charged with accepting bribes, DPP Charles Leacock secretly withdrew the charges as we and everyone else predicted.

Here is the full story of the latest outrage as printed in the Barbados Advocate. You should read the story at the newspaper’s website, but we print it in full because Barbados news media tends to modify or delete news stories to change history.

Women have a right to say no


I cannot believe what I am reading, in January 2011, the second decade of the 21st century.

That human rights can be so trampled and Barbados dragged back into the dark ages by a judicial officer so steeped in male macho culture that a woman desperate to pay her rent is lured to his house by a man who promises to help, then when she changes her mind about sex in return for the money, she is murdered and according to the newspaper report: “the Director of Public Prosecutions said he accepted a manslaughter plea based on provocation (my emphasis), because Griffith went to Pile’s home and when they were about to have sex she changed her mind and he got vex.” Continue reading


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