Spark of the Day! Join a prayer circle in Japan

Some seek truth one way, some in another…

We received this photo of a Japanese prayer circle from an anonymous reader and it makes me think about how little I know about how others seek God, or if you prefer, truth. I don’t know what religion this “prayer circle” represents if it does at all and I haven’t researched it yet. Perhaps our Robert knows because he’s been everywhere. Something about the photo attracts me even if I can’t quite describe its appeal because I’m off to bed and I might have had a few or more.

Spark of the Day! is our reminder that other folks are different, but the same as us.


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4 responses to “Spark of the Day! Join a prayer circle in Japan

  1. rasta man

    There is only one truth and that is through Jesus because “He is the Way the Truth and the Life”.

  2. Hello

    Jesus was a Jew!

    Isn’t Haile Selassie your God incarnate?

    Are there no universal themes in all religions?

  3. rasta man

    I love the assumptions but do not be fooled by the caption. And yes there are universal themes in several religions. However that does not make them right.

  4. Aw shux

    -and here I was believing that allah or jahweh was the one and only true god.

    Oh well…upset again!

    My next best bet,now
    is the Easter Bunny, and after THAT myth is dispelled,
    I guess I’ll have no other alternative ancestor-hero-figure than Peter Pan or the Tooth Fairy

    Sheesh.. what a choice!