Buble bulges in Barbados

2007 & 2011!

Oh Michael! How could you let yourself go like this?

Shona and Auntie Moses just read the Daily Mail and are horrified at the photos of Michael Buble walking on the beach. Or, we should say that’s all of Michael walking, waddling and wobbling at Sandy Lane with his fiancée Luisana Lopilato,

The girls are soooooo disappointed. Says Auntie Moses, “When ‘e due? Boy or girlchild?”

Gone is the excitement of February 2007.

Michael… ya really have to pay attention to Auntie Moses.


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6 responses to “Buble bulges in Barbados

  1. Kaya

    That’s a bit harsh. He’s just a man, and so what if he’s never been toned like Zac Efron or Matthew McConaughey? He’s still a good looking guy with more to love.


    I’m sure if Shona wasn’t married she wouldn’t turn down a date from Michael now, would she????? LOL You have to admit, body image is so double standard! If Beyonce, Celine, or in Bim’s case Rihanna looked like that on the beach the media would have a field day! Let it be a man; the media still considers him sexy; a real man! Not true!

  3. vancet

    So what it got to with his VOICE , He married so he en care ! Pavarotti and all dem singers FAT and Lots of them Luther Van-dross Aretha Franklin Roberta Flack ! Come on Wunna real dread doe!De man is a singer not a model …

  4. alex 1980me

    i personaly love his music, i think he is amazing and i don’t really care about looks….ppl now this days are so stupid and it really bothers me how ignorant they are..thank you!! 🙂