Sparman – Ishmael Affair: Queen Elizabeth Hospital cancels suspension, lawsuits fly

The Nation is reporting that Senior Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Richard Ishmael is fully back on the job after his suspension was lifted by the QEH Board. Doctor Ishmael (photo above) filed a lawsuit against the hospital and perhaps others, although information is sketchy right now.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss is doing his best to distance himself from the chaos, but we don’t think that’s possible. Minister Inniss punched the tar baby when he sued Dr. Ishmael and his hands aren’t going to come unstuck anytime soon.

And speaking of Minister Inniss: his scripted “soft questions only” radio appearance didn’t answer anything to do with government funding of the Sparman private clinic. It’s an important question because many voters believe that public money should go to public health care first – especially considering how badly the Queen Elizabeth Hospital needs repair and replacement.

Here are some of our background articles on a story that deserves your continuing attention…

December 30, 2010: The Sparman Clinic Affair – Questions about money, conflicts of interest

December 22, 2010: The Sparman Affair: We print Dr. Ishmael’s letter for which he was suspended and sued.

December 21, 2010: The strange case of Doctor Ishmael and Mister Sparman


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15 responses to “Sparman – Ishmael Affair: Queen Elizabeth Hospital cancels suspension, lawsuits fly

  1. Lionel Cave

    Hell Yes! I think we all saw this coming. The Consultant should never have been suspended in the first place. Dr Ishmael is a man of integrity.

  2. balanced news

    hood i heard rastaman2 say that we should get a board certified cardiologist to take care of the children in the QEH. If u check the link that defines whom is certified Dr ishmael is not neither is any of the other heart guys around here. If they studied in the US as they all say because there is no cardiology school in the caribbean why did they not get certified? you think maybe They couldn’t pass the board exam. I think we are getting sub-standard medicine here. Here is the link Punch in their names

  3. 246

    these blogs are arenas for ignorant people to air their biases. @ balanced news- the ABIM isthe american board of intenal medicine, and is not the american certifier of cardiologist. If u look at the post-nomials of our american trained cardiologist, u will see FACC (fellow of american college of cardiologist) FACCP (fellow of the american college of chest physicians), you will also see some boarded in canada and US. These are the north american cardiology board. Dr. Ishmael is also has his paediatric boards before the cardiology

  4. balanced news

    Not so my friend 246. For u to be certified as an adult or pediatric cardiologist you have to pass the american board of internal medicine first(abim) Now the abim governs all cardiologists adult and pediatric. Doctor ismael is not even listed on the abim Check Then he is not board certified in no specialty . Could you believe he is walking around pointing his fingers at other folks. On another note as rastaman2 said Facc ,Facp,Frsp and all these attachments are bodies that you join and pay dues like the lodge. you do not have to sit exams or train to be a member. Do not pay dues and they drop you. As i said before sparman and Dr moe board certification are inactive the rest of our cardiologist is just not on the list of american board certified cardiologist. maybe i should go and become a board certified cardiologist and take home the lions share. just a thought.

  5. rastaman2

    Should these guys go every ten years and get recertified in the USA if they are practicing in the Caribbean? Maybe we should have a recertification process in this country. Some of these cowboy docs are still using 1950 medication. A doc last year gave me hytren for my blood pressure last year and nearly killed me

  6. 174

    @ balanced news.. not only are u ignorant, you don’t know and don’t know you don’t know. to do cardiology in US one needs to do a residency in internal medicine, or paediatrics in the case of paediatric cardiologist. on completion of ur residency, you may do internal medicine boards (ABIM).. this certification lasts for 10 years.. if you choose to practise internal medicne, you recertify.
    For those who subspecialise.. they do a fellowship in cardiology.. after which you do your boards.. if you practice only cardiology.. you are not required to maintain your ABIM certification. ACC requires recertification after 10 years by exams. those who were certified before the rule change are required to attend CMEs to maintain certification. Dr ishmael’s primary degree is in paediatrics.. so you would never find him on ABIM

  7. Worst Caribbean

    Ah the medical extortion business! lol

  8. Lady Anon

    Can someone enlighten me on the “privileges” consultants enjoy at the QEH? My question concerns the fact that if you are awaiting care at the QEH, you cannot get prompt anything – everything is postponed. However, if you make an appointment with a doctor who is also a consultant at the QEH, you will be charged a fee, seen at the QEH, treated with the medicine and supplies of the QEH. Does the consultant then pay the QEH for using the facilities, the supplies, medicine? Or does the consultant pocket the whole shebang and “milk” the QEH?

  9. yatinkiteasy

    Almost 100 % of qualified Cardiologists in the UK are not US Board Certified.Since when are we affiliated to the US as far as medical certification goes?
    Arguments put out by Balanced News are stupid and irrelevant.
    Dr Ishmael is qualified, “Dr” Sparman is not.

  10. Donald Duck?

    Sparman would seem to be as much a con-man as a doctor.
    Those two qualities do not combine well
    unless it is to define ducks -as in Quack.

  11. Johnny Postle

    I know there are times that I could be a Johnny but I want ask some stupid questions:
    1. If Sparman is not qualified how the heck is he practicing cardiology in Barbados?
    2. Which school for medicine did you attend and what level of qualification did he obtained whilst being there.
    3. How did an unqualified self proclaimed cardiologist, as we are led to believe, build a 20 million dollars of clinic in Barbados.
    4. Prior to building the clinic was the clientelle of Mr. Sparman that large that he amass such wealth in such a short space of time.
    5. Why were the issues surrounding Mr. Sparman, exception being the court proceedings he went through and the immigration thingsiebobbsie, not thoroughly investigated by authorities.
    6. In cases were the crendentials of a professional are being challenged is there not an ethics board or certification board who looks into these doubtings to determine eligibility and legitamacy.
    7. Will Mr. Sparman under controversial observation be allowed to continue his practice unabated

  12. de hood

    @ Johnny P

    Why don’t you personally take the case up with the government and the medical council and maybe BAMP as well?

  13. balanced news

    Hi gents sparman wrote about ishmael in his new bood 1.58 seconds. There are some real serious stuff in there.. I hope ishmael bounces back

  14. balanced news

    By the way 174 . to get into pediatric cardiology you have to do internal medicine first. then three years in adult cardiology. then one year in pediatric cardiology. Dr ismael was trained in the USA. He is on none of these boards. So It is either he failed all the certification exams or he didnt take them .He is therefore not board certified in any specialty. He just paid some dues and join the FACC FRSC etc No exams needed. If you do not pay your dues you are dropped. Any doc can apply to these clubs. Dont let him fool you gents.I did my research. Sparman and moe are the only local cardiologist listed on the american board.

  15. balanced news

    ok fellas the book was good. I gave that to him. But he is still a wife beater