Barbados Labour Party website shows Mia Mottley and her supporters again

Leadership battle to resume after election?

Last November, the 72nd annual BLP Conference ended with walkouts and tears as Mottley supporters and other vexed members removed their support from the party over the return of Owen Arthur as ‘leader’.

From September through December, Bajans watched with amusement as the leadership battle showed up on the internet. Eight weeks after Owen Arthur led a coup against Mia Mottley, the BLP website still showed Mottley as leader – with Owen Arthur nowhere to be seen.

A source informed us that Mottley supporters refused to surrender the website passwords to the new leadership. Then, when the Arthur faction finally gained control of the websites in December, they did a tit for tat and the BLP website dumped all mention of Mia Mottley and the MPs who supported her.

What fun!

Now all is apparently forgiven as the BLP tries to present a unified appearance to voters and its own members. The Nation says

“Former Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley, will join Owen Arthur, George Payne, Dale Marshall and the rest of her Barbados Labour Party (BLP) colleagues on the election platform in St. John, during the coming week.”

Hmmmmmm. That’s a little ambiguous. Does this mean that Mottley and Arthur will appear together on a stage or merely that everybody will campaign for Hudson Griffith? One thing is for sure: whatever happy face the BLP puts on for the St. John by-election, the Mottley-Arthur punch-up will resume the day after the vote.

After the by-election the fight may be carried on in private with only occasional indications in public, but Mia is only 45 years old and Mr. Arthur is just plain old.

Remember folks, it’s not over until the uh, well… it’s not over until somebody sings!


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17 responses to “Barbados Labour Party website shows Mia Mottley and her supporters again

  1. Liberal

    It means what it said that they will be involved in the campaign.The juicy news that you are looking for is some where else.All those Mottley supporters you spoke of need to grow up and become matured.The party is bigger than all of them.In a democracy the majority rules and if you subscribe to the principles of democracy you should know that the wishes of the majority suppercides that of the minority .You may not like the results but thats how the system works.Move on!!


    Mia is only 45 years old and Mr. Arthur is just plain old.

    LMAOROF……..this is funny! Mia should distant herself from this party all together for now! I don’t care for either BLP or DLP, I vote independent! Sort of like how I do here in the USA; depending on the canidate and what “their bringing to the table” decides my vote! Mia at the helm actually had me saying that I would vote BLP next time around! Now that she’s not at the helm, I won’t be wasting a airline pass to cast my votes for the likes of Owen and Fundell(no offence Fundell, but you just lack major leadership qualities; watching you is like watching wallpaper dry)!

  3. “Prime Minister Freundel and the Art of Anti-Climax: When St John learned Brevity is the soul of Wit”

  4. pity

    While politics makes strange bedfellows, Mia has surely picked a ravenous, over the hill, mottley crowd to crawl back in bed with.

  5. ru4real

    She surely has ………
    Bunch of old has beens.
    However what is the betting that Barbados will see Mia Mottley first woman Prime Minister of Barbados in a couple of years time.

  6. ru4real

    “Prime Minister Freundel and the Art of Anti-Climax: When St John learned Brevity is the soul of Wit”



  7. Exactly, I fell asleep during the man’s exhortation 😀

  8. curious

    … de public should pay “chile money” for all the irresponsible women and lawless good for nothing men in dis society? If de court marshalls “can’t find” the men to pay when they should, tell how dey goin find them when de men know that de money dun pay? PM: First real decision is not impressive. Is this what we have to look forward to.

  9. 238

    Ian Bourne,
    Please keep up the good work of summarizing the speeches. Just what I need.

  10. I still remember the words of a moderator on a call-in programme . “Journalists in Barbados are too vulnerable to attack politicians in Barbados”. One begins to wonder if this is the reason why the main stream media has given kid-gloves treatment to the Roebuck Street Ruction for so long . Time was when the playing of hanky-panky with a party’s website ,would not have been left to lay persons’ interpretation, but insight and every possible journalistic angle would have been put forth as food for thought . Editor Emeritus or Negrocrat ——take your pick , nothing short of an indictment of the late David Thompson was penned by him in the Nation dated 10/21/07 ,under the rubric “Makeover Time” . There the afore`mentioned insight though inaccurate , was employed . Oh how we yearn for Harold’s ,or Albert’s take on the comparison of the moves of Mia , and those of good ole’ Mascoll . Nobody knows Mascoll better than Albert . Not even his kin . Perhaps this time the Editor Emeritus can get a correct read on an opposition leader . As much as” we all like a winner” , we crave honesty . Barbadians deserve it .

  11. Adrian Seemore

    As much as I too love to see Ms Mottley actively involved in a united public politics on behalf of the BLP.

    I can’t say she stands a chance of being PM in the near future. When its church going folk that wont vote for her.. Church going member after church going member I talked in the last years when she was opposition leader believes because of her questionable life style don’t want her leading our country.

    Remember she statement that ‘there might come a time in Barbados where prostitution and buggery may have to be decriminalized’ those words totally scared the church going right wing folk and they haven’t forgotten either.

    One staff member in my company, who is youth leader in his church said those words and some other biting issues haven’t left him…

    Plus some of the recent allegations about her personal life choices aren’t going down to well either. You really fell that Arthur could execute a coupe with big men who knows why they lost the general election including a George Payne for example, who was never a satellite of Arthur.

    If they were major issues with her personally and the choices she make.

    Its unfortunate that those men can’t say what those issues were but I know for a fact that they aren’t good for the party or Barbados and its not my place to say.

    But I’m glad to see her playing a public role again.

  12. David G. Brooks

    You know all of you out there think that you are not going grow old someday and you are insulting your parents or grandparents when you say that Owen is a has-been and so on. Would you have had the gumption to say that to Errol Barrow when he regained Prime Minister status in the 1986 election at the age of 67, older than Owen is now and in much worse health than Owen is, truth be told.

    I think most of you people need a lessen in history and empathy when it comes to the aging factor, because you will be there sooner or later.

  13. David G. Brooks

    Long and short of it is that the DLP are really worried about their election results in St. John, not that they won’t win, that is a given, but by how much … there will be a benchmark by which that will be judged.

    I wonder, especially in this somewhat unorthodoxed approach by the DLP in running Mara Thompson, why has anyone not thought to run a (Cadres or other) poll now to compare to the election results. I would have thought that any politcal ‘scientist’ worth their oats would be anxious about this.

    But no, it like forbidden territory or else they have NO way of gauging sympathy votes and never will, but as ‘scientist’ they should try as without such important data they would be remissive in their tenure.

    Silence of the Lambs …

  14. Bajan John

    See Owen Arthur at his best:

    CSME forever!!!!!

  15. David G. Brooks I know that you are not even fleetingly trying to make a comparison between E. W. B. and Owen Arthur . You do know that an aging donkey can do twice the work load of a young goat . This time around we are talking about an old goat , and it even ent got na more milk . Seriously though , please refrain from political blasphemy .

  16. Bajan John

    I always look to quality of character in leaders. You can judge from the below.

    Owen Arthur – A lesson in manners –

    Hudson Griffith Communicating With St. John People –

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