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Sparman – Ishmael Affair: Queen Elizabeth Hospital cancels suspension, lawsuits fly

The Nation is reporting that Senior Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Richard Ishmael is fully back on the job after his suspension was lifted by the QEH Board. Doctor Ishmael (photo above) filed a lawsuit against the hospital and perhaps others, although information is sketchy right now.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss is doing his best to distance himself from the chaos, but we don’t think that’s possible. Minister Inniss punched the tar baby when he sued Dr. Ishmael and his hands aren’t going to come unstuck anytime soon.

And speaking of Minister Inniss: his scripted “soft questions only” radio appearance didn’t answer anything to do with government funding of the Sparman private clinic. It’s an important question because many voters believe that public money should go to public health care first – especially considering how badly the Queen Elizabeth Hospital needs repair and replacement.

Here are some of our background articles on a story that deserves your continuing attention…

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Barbados Labour Party website shows Mia Mottley and her supporters again

Leadership battle to resume after election?

Last November, the 72nd annual BLP Conference ended with walkouts and tears as Mottley supporters and other vexed members removed their support from the party over the return of Owen Arthur as ‘leader’.

From September through December, Bajans watched with amusement as the leadership battle showed up on the internet. Eight weeks after Owen Arthur led a coup against Mia Mottley, the BLP website still showed Mottley as leader – with Owen Arthur nowhere to be seen.

A source informed us that Mottley supporters refused to surrender the website passwords to the new leadership. Then, when the Arthur faction finally gained control of the websites in December, they did a tit for tat and the BLP website dumped all mention of Mia Mottley and the MPs who supported her.

What fun!

Now all is apparently forgiven as the BLP tries to present a unified appearance to voters and its own members. The Nation says

“Former Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley, will join Owen Arthur, George Payne, Dale Marshall and the rest of her Barbados Labour Party (BLP) colleagues on the election platform in St. John, during the coming week.”

Hmmmmmm. That’s a little ambiguous. Does this mean that Mottley and Arthur will appear together on a stage or merely that everybody will campaign for Hudson Griffith? One thing is for sure: whatever happy face the BLP puts on for the St. John by-election, the Mottley-Arthur punch-up will resume the day after the vote.

After the by-election the fight may be carried on in private with only occasional indications in public, but Mia is only 45 years old and Mr. Arthur is just plain old.

Remember folks, it’s not over until the uh, well… it’s not over until somebody sings!


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