Barbados Police Commissioner reveals truth: There is no new plan.

Dottin earlier said he didn’t want to reveal too much. Now we know why.

“Steps are being taken to ensure that the legislative framework is there to facilitate…”

In the wake of two separate shooting murders last weekend, The Nation Newspaper called up Commissioner Dottin on January 2nd and politely asked what the Royal Barbados Police Force was doing to address escalating serious crime. As we reported on January 3rd, Dottin mouthed some buzz words and told the reporters he “didn’t want to reveal too much” and that “the full matter would be addressed at a Press Conference this week with media personnel.”

The Commissioner held his press conference on Thursday, January 6th, and unless every journalist there is conspiring to withhold details of the new police plan from the public, the simple truth is… there is no new plan, no new response and nothing really to report.

Oh… our Commissioner of Police did say that thieves target laptops, gold and diamonds. Imagine that. Thanks, Commissioner!

Dottin also said that drugs are bad for communities and one strategy would be to target the profits of crime. Imagine that. Thanks, Commissioner!

I guess the lessons of how the FBI put Al Capone in jail in 1931 are finally sinking in ’bout hey. The tax people seized Capone’s limousine and thereafter it was used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. That was a nice touch as a public message to the gang members that the government was coming after their assets.

But we need some new laws so the Commissioner’s plan is apparently to wait for the new laws. “Steps are being taken to ensure that the legislative framework is there to facilitate…”

That’s it, folks. That’s all the Barbados news media can report about the big plan that Dottin “didn’t want to reveal too much” about.

Commissioner Dottin, if we missed something or you think you’re being unfaired, please let us know.

Dottin held a Press conference at his Roebuck Street office during which he said that the legal apparatus would be in place to facilitate such seizures.

“With interdiction, you take the drugs from the crime bosses and they will regroup. What we have to do is to go after their assets. We have to deal with this matter of drug trafficking.

“This has the support of the ministry [Ministry of Home Affairs] and steps are being taken to ensure that the legislative framework is there to facilitate what will be a robust confiscation and forfeiture regime,” Dottin said.

… from The Nation story Crime battle


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3 responses to “Barbados Police Commissioner reveals truth: There is no new plan.

  1. vancet

    maybe take a look at who stands to gain and their SWISS bank accounts .. INTERPOL /INTERPOL /INTERPOL SCOTLAND YARD!SCOTLAND YARD!!

  2. Wily Coyote

    Police Commissioner, cheez…. I didn’t know we had a Police Commissioner !

  3. watcher

    I was reading the Advocate “Going after assets” and found refernces to

    “uprooting a number of crime bosses”

    “definte gun culture in Barbados”

    “breakdown in personal morality”

    Thought I was reading an article on Mexico or the problems going on in Brasil….but then I saw the words “Barbados” . Sad sad sad.

    Prople this country getting out of control.