Royal Barbados Police Force a house divided

Journalists’ leadership questions dog Commissioner Dottin at RBPF press conference

“…so emboldened, the deputy sought to make a complaint against the top cop – no one is sure if this is related to the connected matter or if there are other details in addition to the open fracas? Yet when the review of 2010 with Crime In Barbados unfolded today at Police Headquarters at Roebuck Street – Bertie Hinds was conspicuously absent!

This led Peter Thorne from CBC to query if there was still disagreement between the two officers and Commissioner Dottin declined to respond, then almost immediately afterwards, Mike King of the Nation asked if the top cop has any plans of announcing a retirement in the near future and again Dottin refused to answer! Usually such declinations are left to die on the vine, but in the interests of all Barbados it needs to be made clear…”

from the Bajan Reporter article Power Play between Police Commissioner of Barbados and Deputy remains simmering


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6 responses to “Royal Barbados Police Force a house divided

  1. what will they think of next

    .It is time for Dottin go long home and give someone else a chance. what is it with these old black men?
    Owen Arthur is the same way.

    Old tired men who refuse to step aside.

  2. Responder

    For the love of law abiding citizens in this country, please resolve the issues you have between yourselves, top cops. It looks bad when the people who represents law and order don’t behave, and then you want society to take everything you say seriously.

  3. ru4real

    Barbados Police force is so full of thugs and liars anyway its hard to tell who are the criminals.


    How is it that you guys have the gall to cal the COP a dog, you talk of mainstream stream journalism failing and here you get away with calling people all sorts of names.
    1. Start to do some real ass investigations BFP, how is it that the DCP Hinds is older than the COP by one year and still hanging his ass around?
    2. Who make up the composition of the Police Services Commission?
    3.When the COP is on leave and the DCP acts how many firearms licenses are sold?
    4.Investigate who constitutes the “Northern consortium” headed by the DCP.
    5.Investigate where they meet.
    6.Ask yourselves or investigate how it is that most of the consortium was part of a earlier CID clique.
    7. Go back to the Pele case and who on the Police Services Commission was involved along with the DCP in that famous cover-up.

    Go and do some digging and get back to us and show us who is the real dog?


    LOL @ the picture



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