BLP Candidate Hudson Griffith “Decent man in need of a new suit”

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Have you seen the front page of the Barbados Advocate today (January 6, 2010)? The St. John by-election BLP candidate Hudson Griffith is on the front with his wife and daughter. Hudson is a decent man in need of a new suit. He should return the sugar sack he’s wearing to whomever he borrowed it from. They say that politics is 90% image and 10% content. Griffith’s content might be good but I can’t get past the image.

Ever thine, Chicago


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  1. Truthman Burton

    This is so much foolishness. No wonder that most subjects raised here attract only about 4 or 5 comments.

    Listen up Mr./Ms. Chicago, you pouring scorn on Hudson in this battle against Mara, but the naked truth is that as a candidate, he has far better quality.

    Besides, if you want to talk about politicians’ attire, you remember Sandi? One time he took off his ill-fitting jacket, and underneath he was wearing a nippy short sleeved shirt with tie and suspenders! And he was the Prime Minister!

    If you think that what a politician wears is more important than what they have to contribute to the upliftment and development of their constituents and country, why don’t you say something about Mara’s little nippy arm-holed blouses and generally dull and unflattering attire?

    Having regard to the dried up CLICO gravy train, will Leroy and Hartley still be able to take along the “new Lucian Queen of Barbados” to Miami on one of those DLP/CLICO shopping jaunts to “smarten up” in case she makes it to parliament?

  2. Tejay

    I think we should focus on th issues that affect the people and stop worrying about who is wearing what. Clothes does not make you a good politician. If Mara makes it to Parliament, I don’t want to know how many dresses are in her wardrobe. I want to know when they will complete the polyclinic.

  3. It's time

    I started counting the wrinkles and gave up.

    Clothes do matter. Our politicians have to be accepted internationally.

    Griffith look like a hillbilly dressed up for the New Year’s party.

  4. Politically Tired

    Agree clothes matter, people do go first impressions & his tailor probably wants remain anonymous .

  5. Liberal

    With so many critical issues facing the people of Barbados this is all they can find to write about?And I wont even bother to comment about the appearence of the DLP candidate even when she was First Lady.

  6. Responder

    I guess they say ‘Image is everything’.

  7. iWatchya

    What a nonsensical article. Maybe we should be asking why Mrs. Thompy is now being pushed ahead… could it be a last ditch effort to save he husband’s legacy of involvement with CLICO? Or maybe she is keeping the seat warm for her daughter…?

  8. Responder

    IWatchya, you are naughty.

  9. Mary Quite Contrary

    This is absolute nonsense! If you can say that about him what is to be said of frumpy Mara? She has never dressed like she was the wife of the PM, it can be said she looked dowdy, lacking in style and personality.

    With so many issues facing our country, it saddens me that this is an actual topic for debate. A man’s worth is not measured by a business suit. Perhaps this is the kind of thinking that has our parliamentarian representatives throwing away money in Miami shopping sprees.

    When I looked at him, I saw someone who looks down to earth, perhaps not coming from a background of means, but nevertheless wanting to contribute to his community.

  10. John

    I like the fact that the candidate is unconcerned about his suit.

    It says a whole lot about him.

    Leave the Armani suits for the politicians trying to divert attention.

    A trini told me his PM was walking about in a $40,000 Armani suit but he never told me if it was TT, BDS or US!!

    Where would a politician get that kind of money?

  11. refreshing

    Barbados could sure use a lot more politicians who are 90% substance and 10% image rather than vice versa. The smile says everything. What he stands for and his follow through will be his test.

    W know you are pulling our leg BFP–right?

  12. therapist

    Image is nothing.Griffith is trying to win a seat that was held by a man who always wore nice suits. But he is now dead.

  13. Tealc

    On one hand you have articles asking for where the IDB money is? Then you have articles railing against a man for his suit. The IDB money went to pay for the suits of the politicians that you think “look good”.

  14. silly bouy

    i don’t care about clothes, if i remember correctly settling bills was not his first priority!

  15. BFP

    Hello Refreshing and everybody.

    Chicago sent in the opinion piece and we ran with it, largely to stir de pot that needs stirring once in a while.

    What do we personally think about Griffith’s suit? It is ill-fitting and so what?

    Better that than the DLP who packed everyone off to Miami and New York to purchase 10g’s worth of clothes each. That was how they celebrated their election win, you know!

  16. travler

    Both the candidates fit the image of St. John!!! Frumpy and bumpy like the roads. Folks, this no suppose to be a popularity contest, it is suppose to be a contest of content. With a minimum wage of $2.50US per hour, large fiscal deficits, declining tourism, rising crime, enrgy costs that are increasing, infastructure that can’t support the number of vehicles on the road, 17.5% VAT, food costs that that have increased in recent years by 60%, destruction of historic sites (Sam Lords), health care that is inadequate, youth umeployment approaching 20% and people want to talk about the quality of clothes worn by the canadidates.
    It is time for the people suffering all these problems to look in the mirror…and to resolve to make postive change. I suspect they won’t which is why growing business in Barbados will involve installing burglar bars and hiring security. Time to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. what will they think of next

    I really can’t understand this, Owen could give Legends US$150,000 and could not spare a few hundred for Hudson to buy a couple of new suits?

  18. Responder

    What if the impossible happens and Mr. Griffith won this seat. Do you think that like most politicians, if not all of them would go to Miami and buy his expensive suit?. We have seen that smooth talking, well dress politicians get the most respect, whether they are talking bare foolishness. Let’s wait and see what kind of substance this man is made of before we sing his praises. After all who is to say his manner of dress was not staged to give the impression that he is poor, humble and meek. Let’s wait and see.

  19. Seeker of the Truth

    Wait ,wait people so let me understand.. the level of politics my people are taken up with; not a reference to what issues he trying to address or what plans he may or may not for the people of St. John but its about if our politicians look good in suits.

    Wanna people went to bard pipe high? Is basic intelligence or a few not so common sense out off your reach?

    Has anybody who really believe that crap, researched he definition of representation or representative.. cause I miss de part bout de well tailored suits.

    We can all suck salt once our politicians look good around town … man I gine and find a new rock to live on cause my people have lost their frikken minds.

    And when politicians are believed to be corrupted cause this week they can’t buy a tin of milk but next week they driving our combined salaries .. you are the ones to blame since to represent, you must look like money right?

    Give Hudson a Chance… get past the suit .. because nobody can look as sharp as Minister Lashley after a shopping spree in Miami.. But then again thats good representation right their based on the criteria then.

  20. Crabbie

    If we are going in the direction of dressing for the part here in Barbados we have set our standards really low on how the people that are in the public eyes dress last week friday for instance on Morning Barbados I hear a caller name Angela take Colin Cunningham to task for his poor dress his shirt,as it looked like it was out the george bundle or he was late for work but when memory serves me correct the friday before that he was in another shirt that was not pressed so it seems that him being on CBC so early on the morning he cannot make himself look the part, and to top things off Stephanie Goodard was asked the question about
    (etiquette ) about dress and Mr. Cunningham and had the nerve to say on national tv that his dress was okay to her please don’t tell lies on tv so his appearance on state own tv is poor.He needs to get a few tips from somebody on how to look the part when in public eye. Then Mara Thompson cannot tell you when she ever look the part as a prime ministers wife she does look CHEAP and tacky in her dress. Mr. Griffith needs to get a new suit and learn to dress the part now but all these people don’t look the part at all look at most of the ministers that in now the suits to tight.

  21. Bajans sure are quick to criticize. Calling Mara frumpy is an insult to her and all women of character. Why anyone in this climate is required to wear a suit is beyond my undertanding. If you’re saying to be properly attired to mix and mingle with foreign governments, that would be an entirely different matter.

  22. St. John ah come from

    Frumpy or otherwise. He is going to get his ass cut real good.

  23. Skinning Cuffins

    This idiot Griffith is pure cannon fodder. I guest the BLP had to get some jackass to do the suicide mission. The suit is really horrible but not as horrible as that foolish look on his face and that huge mouth full of canine chompers.

    Is it true he was adopted from Australia by his parents and that he is Aboriginal? If yes, what part of Australia is he from, is he part of the stolen generation?

  24. jack spratt

    @Skinning Cuffins

    Mara ent no beauty either

  25. Capt. Nobody

    @ Skinning Cuffins
    Listen , you must be the king of ignorance: first why you call a man “idiot”? Just because is running against your candidate? So anyone that runs against Mr.s Mara is a idiot ?? You are the poor idiot and sick piece of ….. here!!
    Mr. Griffith is a very intelligent person … just with a bad taste for suits, he needs to be corrected on that for sure. :))

  26. Micah

    I expect if he wins the bye-election he will go and shop for better suits. He will at least have the additional income to buy them.

  27. ac

    wunna de ones dat always complaining about how de polticians al ays wearing expensive this and buying expensive dat. Now dat wunna have a poor like wunna self wunna find nuff fault wid he clothes! .


    People, people, take it easy. It is about the people of St John. Let them decide who they want as representative. Why worry about what they wear as long as they wear clean clothes without holes?

  29. Skinning Cuffins

    @ Micah

    Mr. Griffith does not have a snow ball in hell chance of winning the by-election. In fact, the DLP could run Micky Mouse or Donald Duck in St. John and still win by a mile.

    Griffith is cannon fodder, just watch how Owen deals with him… the body language. If you are going to get a good tail licking you could at lease look the part and dress properly.

    I recommend to the people of St. John NOT to vote for Griffith even if only because it is clear he does not have the fashion sense for Parliament. I suggest the fashion police put him under investigation.

  30. personal attacks

    personal attacks are disrespectful and unproductive to the process of democracy.

    The persons making these completely unnecssary negative, nasty and hurtful comments only denigrate themselves in the eyes of others.

    Lets deal with issues, actions or inactions rather than lowering ourselves to Suttle street alley cats.

    I am with the Pope on this.

  31. fun in de sun

    Personal attacks have no place in this election
    The result is clearly predictable, however the Bees have much to lose
    Why try to ridicule the DLP candidate with the Ads over the week end
    The Bees should stick to the issues
    I predict a landslide

  32. Skinning Cuffins

    Hutson Griffith is a vincentian, he born in SVG and the BLP got the audacity to talk about Mara being a St.Lucian? I want to hear more about these alleged criminal charges for assualt and credit card fraud. How come Hutson Phillips (as Owen does call him) has not denied them? I have a note for him tho:-

    Dear Hutson,

    Best wishes for 2011.

    I want you to understand that come the 20th January you going to get so much warm licks you will feel you sitting on a coal pot. Now what kind of idiot or brand of fool you could be to come up in St.John looking for votes for the BLP? You aint know the BLP ain’t pave a road in St.John for 14 consecutive years while in power, because every half idiot up here knows that the BLP candidate going to get beat by not less that 3,500 votes.

    I want you to know you aint getting more that 800 votes or in other words less than 10 percentum of the eligible voters registered in St. John. You are going to get beat BAD BAD BAD.

    Don’t worry to eat breadfruit on the corner with yogi bear and big head, you wasting your time. You should be down in town looking to buy some proper clothes so that on election day, you don’t look like Bozo the Clown.

  33. Truthman Burton

    @Skinning Cuffins
    January 12, 2011 at 11:43 am
    “You aint know the BLP ain’t pave a road in St.John for 14 consecutive years while in power”
    Skinning, muh boy/girl/whoever you are,
    Don’t tell such BARE-FACED LIES man. I don’t live in St.John and I am aware of magnificent road work done in St.John by the Barbados Labour Party during the last 14 years!

    The problem here is that the BLP were in office for such an extended time, PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE SHORT MEMORIES, AND YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN in the SECOND five years, the great work that was done in the FIRST five years, and so on. And the question I must ask is, “How long was too long if it was so outstandingly good?”

    Let’s talk about some of the roads, but approach from the magnificent stretch from Six Roads in St.Phillip past Sunbury, past St. Philip Church
    through the junction by District C …… through Thickets to the junction at Youth With A Mission …… turn left up that long road (can’t remember the name at this moment) ….. but turn right at the top …. make the Second Right (the First right well-paved too) but Second Right all the way Past Codrington College, through Sargeant Street, through Colleton etc. etc. …. ALL OF THAT ROAD IS SILKY SMOOTH BARBER GREENE SURFACE ….ALL DONE by the Barbados Labour Party.

    (Forgive me for including St.Phillip, but I merely wanted to indicate that these road works all over the island!!!)

    And there is so much more!!!! What about the approach from the other side coming through the practically REBUILT GUN HILL to FOUR ROADS, past THE AREAS IN POOLE, ALL the way up through GALL HILL to the junction by the Burial Ground. That should give you some idea about fixing the roads, and still so much more!!!


    I think you fellows should END the hood-winking of the wonderful St.John people, keep off these blogs, and concentrate on the things that are most important to you ….. I.E. (1) building DYNASTIES, (2) creating FALSE LEGACIES when all one can see that has been done in St.John after FIFTY TWO years of DLP representation, is the demonstration of Good Liming Strategies (hanging with the boys and firing one) and going forward (3) kneeling at the feet of a QUEEN.

  34. Truthman Burton

    And Skinning, the list of roads is not exhaustive, but may I mention the great work commenced on The Bath Rehabilitation Project, and certainly would have been continued if the BLP had retained office. What I see happening now is that the DLP is claiming credit for everything they DID NOT do.

    On a more national note, they even want to claim credit for the TOM ADAMS HIGHWAY, which out of jealousy and vision envy, they spitefully called The Adams, Barrow, Cummins Highway, although Barrow absurdly cussed the thing without end.

  35. Amendment

    @ Truthman Burton

    You talking non-sense ma boy. The BLP aint do nothing for the people in St.John in 14 years of power, thats why come the 20 Jan 2011, Hutson gonna get a washpan of licks. You see the state of the Lodge School, the state of the Police Station at Station Hill, state of the primary school by Gall Hill?

    The BLP record in St.John is one of pure utter and dismal failure. Mara Thompson is going to win by a landslide. The BLP is so dis-interested in the welfare of people in St.John that they nominate a nobody like Hutson, that fellow is the worst aspiring politician I have seen in 30 years.

  36. Truthman Burton

    Mr. Amendment, you have not AMENDED anything! My response was addressing the asertions of “Mr.Skinning Cuffins” that the BLP HAD NOT FIXED A SINGLE ROAD IN ST.JOHN IN FOURTEEN YEARS.

    All I did was to point out some for him, and you have provided the TYPICAL DLP RETORT! AVOID THE ISSUE AND LAUNCH A PERSONAL ATTACK!

    Don’t you have anything to say about those roads I pointed out? Don’t you know that the BLP either rebuilt or reapired those?
    Now as far as the Lodge School, the Police Station at Station Hill ,and the primary school by Gall Hill are concerned, were not two Prime MINISTERS AND MINISTERS OF FINANCE the representatives of that constituency for the last 52 YEARS?

    IF SO MANY matters have been left unattended, what is all this talk about LEGACY? Where and what is indeed the LEGACY that all the DLP propagandists are so hyper about??

  37. Capt. Nobody

    Guys let me mention one thing only to those DLP servant…just an observation: Hudson Griffith when he talks to the public he looks at the public, Mara Thompson has to read everything she has to say, EVERYTHING!! Without papers she would be LOST!!
    Uuuhh very natural and spontaneus politician ah! St. John and Bim needs something a bit more consistent than a …”reader”…:))

  38. Amendment

    I went to both meetings last night. First I went to Coach Hill and then Massiah Street to hear Owen. Here are some observations:

    1. Coach Hill was alive with atmosphere and topical content.
    2. Massiah Street was basically subdued with rantings, ravings and insulting conduct.
    3. Coach Hill had thousands of people, maybe as much as 3,000.
    4. Massiah Street was maybe 250 people.
    5. Coach Hill had a fair share of young people.
    6. Massiah Street was almost exclusively people over 50.
    7. Coach Hill had speakers who appeared confident and no afraid to defend themselves.
    8. Massiah Street had speakers who appears resigned to a fate of losing by a big margin. Content was basically insult after insult. Owen’s sleep walker jokes was funny however.
    9. Fruendel Stuart was commanding and precise but long winded.
    10. Owen was entertaining and informed but contemptous of the crown.

    And finally:-

    11. David Estwick pelt so much blows in Owen, Lynette, Wood and Payne that people was crying with laughter and rolling up on the ground. In this regard it was to go to see this part of bajan politics still alive and kicking.

  39. Truthman Burton

    January 13, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    “11. David Estwick pelt so much blows in Owen, Lynette, Wood and Payne that people was crying with laughter and rolling up on the ground. In this regard it was to go to see this part of bajan politics still alive and kicking.”
    Amendment, Estwick can keep screaming and shouting like a deranged person, and punching the air with that foolish shadow-boxing ………………. SO LONG AS HE DOES NOT PULL OUT THAT GUN, SO LONG AS HE DOES NOT PULL OUT THAT GUN!!!! You meeting followers, if you barely see Estwick get angry and bend down, and he reach out his hand anywhere near his ankle, hit the ground or run for cover!!!

    What Estwick should really do is answer the charge that they have borrowed more money in three years than the BLP borrowed in 14 years, and what do the DEMS have to show for it? They have been mismanaging our economy, and borrowing money to pay monthly bills.

  40. Scripted Speeches

    I have seen atleast two Owen speeches and a Lynette speech and guess what? They were following a script, constantly peeping down at something!!! But is that a crime? The last time I checked the Lord’s prayer was scripted in fact thank God the scriptures are documented in the Bible. I have seen many a David Thompson speech and as great as he was he always used a script. I think that if you respect people you will plan what you want to talk to them about and not just turn up like a wild fly spouting garbage. The extracts from this video were taken from a speech where Hudson Griffith said that he was not using a script and was speaking from the heart – see the results for yourself:

  41. Capt. Nobody

    @ Scripted Speeches

    I agree about the need of some paper work during a speech, different is when the orator literally read every single word like a school child reading a book. That means she/he has not a clue of what is doing!!
    A serious politician should have the main concepts clear in his mind and read the notes just to follow an order in the speech and recall files or documents or specific facts.
    I don’t need to say anything else, just watch the two candidates and see…

  42. David G. Brooks

    But wait … Mara been reading like a child too, so what’s the problem … the only worry she got is if find a spot where she can’t read Hartley’s hand-writing.

  43. David G. Brooks

    Get real here people … CLICO, CLICO, CLICO … we want to hear more.

    Oh, by the way, if the St. John Polyclinic does NOT get re-started by June – I give it an extra 3 months – can the St. John people riot or the Minister of Health resign, or both?

  44. If David Thompson had a so-called St. John Development Plan, and given that the DLP’s candidate wants to be elected simply to continue his legacy – then why is that candidate said to be bringing yet another ‘Thompson Development Plan?’ What happened to the first one!
    Secondly! Why new plans for the youth of St. John when there is already a ‘DLP Youth Manifesto?’

    And if this candidate now has a new ‘Thompson St. John Development Plan’ for the same St. John Constituency, when the first one is yet to be implement, does this new ‘Thompson St. John Development Plan’ mean that the old ‘Thompson St. John Development Plan’ was pure crap? How then can anyone justify the allegation that there could be a David Thompson legacy?

    Is that so-called legacy in St. John, which shows no signs of development or is it at the national level? And how could it be nationally when the manufacture economic crisis within the Barbados economy started under David Thompson’s watch with his 77% increase in the price of diesel and other inflationary fiscal polices, which were compounded by bad decision and poor judgment that have resulted in a $538 million deficit and over 10,300 being placed on the breadline by the DLP since 2007, which is far more than the 4,000 the DLP caused to lose their jobs between 1991-1994?

    Since the first ‘Thompson St. John Development Plan’ did not work, even after 23 years, what guarantees are there that this one could, especially given that David Thompson was Leader of the Opposition, Prime Minister of Barbados and Minister of Finance? Already the DLP is borrowing to pay bills (domestic consumption and not to build productive capacity) with things getting worse daily and will continue to do so because Barbados is saddled with this government it cannot afford?

  45. David G. Brooks

    You know.

  46. LAP

    BLP send a really ginnygog to contest St.John tho. That boy gonna git beat by near 4,000 votes yah. Owen could have git a better candidate tho, this fella weak weak, weak.

  47. Why do the folk of St.John always blame the BLP for the last 14 years? Did they not vote someone to represent them. Shame for 50 oddd years of inertia.