Health Minister Inniss: BLP lacks the “Moral Authority” to comment on St. John Polyclinic

BLP abandoned St. John Polyclinic for 14 years.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss makes a good point in today’s Barbados Advocate. BLP candidate Hudson Griffith is accusing the DLP of neglect because the current government hasn’t finished the St. John Polyclinic since they came to power 3 years ago. Mr. Griffith fails to mention that his Barbados Labour Party let the clinic rot for the 14 years they formed the government.

For the record, we agree with Minister Inniss: actions taken by people, parties and governments in the recent past can harm or remove their “moral authority” and credibility to speak on current concerns.

It’s the same as Owen Arthur or Mia Mottley now calling for freedom of the press and open access to the news media. Considering that Mottley called unregulated talk shows and blogs “a threat to democracy” and Owen Arthur used to call up newspaper editors and threaten them, the BLP don’t have much right to be preaching to us now about the news media. It’s the same with health concerns.

Health Minister Donville Inniss has a big point: a person’s actions in the not too distant past can destroy any moral authority and credibility they might have to provide leadership to Barbadians.

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8 responses to “Health Minister Inniss: BLP lacks the “Moral Authority” to comment on St. John Polyclinic

  1. WTF?

    Inniss? Talking about “Moral Authority”?????? With BFP supporting Inniss?


    Unless, wait. Do I hear something in the distance? Is that the sound of a freight train coming down the track?

    This article is a set-up, isn’t it BFP?

  2. St. John ah come from

    Anyone in Barbados that thinks the BLP has a chance in St. John needs a CAT scan. Griffith will be slaughtered by Mara Thompson.

  3. Mac

    Well, people of St.John. Do you want to vote for a party that has done nothing you for the last 3yrs or a party that did nothing for you for 14yrs? Don’t you just love Democracy?

  4. Hopeful

    I wish that the people of St.John would stop being foolishly partisan and place national value on their ‘X’. St John was represented by not 1 but 2 Primeministers. The head honcho, the big dawg so to speak and they both have failed to develop St. John. The dems belly-ached for 14 years about the polyclinic you would think that now that they have the power, it would have been built by now. Instead of giving Clico money in the millions, they should have used that money to build the polyclinic. I would like the dems to stop going on and on about the last 14 years and start doing something positive for this country. Just so you know, I got tired of hearing the bees talk about the 8% cut too.

  5. Liberal

    Check the facts about the history of this project.You will find that it was the very same representative the late David Thompson who stoped the policlinic construction.He had time between 1992 and 1994 and again between 2008 and 2010 to correct that but did not.Why spend $58m on a highrise car park at Sherebourn(Sandiford describes it as a waste of money) rather than finish the polyclinic if it was so critical to health care delivery to the constituents and since they felt that the BLP wronged the StJohn peoply by not completing it?The misinformation will be corrected in this bye election on this and a whole range of other things.

  6. Responder

    I don’t think i would put ‘moral authority’ and Minister Inniss in the same sentence. I would put the phrase and name perhaps about twenty paragraphs.


    Is the polyclinic needed ?
    just asking
    inform me please

  8. Greve

    You ask if the polyclinic needed, cant you deduce from this statement that Estwick ass was on fire for hinting about a new hospital by by former PM Thompson, so put on your thinking caps, how den can a polyclinic would be considered? Notice none of the ministers of health succeedind Estwick aint touching it wid a ten foot pole dat dem used to baton down de community shelters during hurricane season.