Australian woman makes mistake. Orders bacon at KFC Halal-friendly outlet.

Can’t we all just get along?

Manager tries to calm down worker, “Come on. Okay?  She didn’t know that. That’s alright.”

Then to the customer “We don’t serve bacon…”

Then. it. really. hits. the. fan.


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35 responses to “Australian woman makes mistake. Orders bacon at KFC Halal-friendly outlet.

  1. Nothing wrong here.

    Why blame him? The KFC outlet was Halal and a woman disrespected Islam. Look how she was (un)dressed. I don’t blame him.

  2. LOVE my religious dietary dogma!

    SOMEone’s got a problem!
    Someone has a real ‘need’ to get violent.

    Maybe a fight will ensue(his fondest wish?)
    and someone will kill him…that would make him a martyr, wouldn’t it?
    Then he’d get his just desserts. — 72 Virginians.

    LOL at emotional insecurities everywhere!

    Try PAXIL, dude! ….ZOLOFT. Valium! Hey ANYthing, OK?


    …so a naked(“UN-dressed”) woman comes up to the counter and orders bacon..
    THAT is a problem worthy of such an emotional outburst?
    Looks like an entirely rational response to me.

    LOL at the most peculiar customer service I’ve seen in quite some time.
    This beats even the Barbados levels of “service” !!
    Wonder if he’s still employed?
    Or is he is Bellevue by now?

  4. cq8

    If that time bomb waiting to explode is not an Australian citizen, he should be shipped back to wherever it was he came from. Pronto.

    He will never integrate into Australian society or accept civilized values. Get rid of him while you have the chance Australia!

  5. Capt. Nobody

    Nothing wrong here? Hey, have you watch the video??? The man is vicious!! Even in front a provocation he should just say “no we don’t serve bacon here because….” and not reacting like someone told him his mother is a slut. Well…put in this way, if that episode was happening here in Bim probably the man was answering : naaah we don’t sell any bacon here..but if you interested we EAT baaacon!! lol lol

  6. boss of bim

    @ I WANT MY GODDAM BACON,dammit!………..i glad u admit that customer service in barbados is shit….

  7. boss of bim

    @ cq8……………u fool…this is not australia….it is an australian customer in another country… hwo can they get rid of him…use ur head



  9. Happened in Sydney Australia

    boss of bim better read the story with the video and do a googlely search.

    The outburst happened in Sydney Australia on January 5, 2011.

  10. might he have been an aussie cricket fan and just realised they lost the ashes
    sorry but i had to rub it in lol

  11. passin thru

    Kevin Myers: Muslim girls are covertly prepared for forced marriage. Yet the feminists stay silent

    “And of course, if the immigrants then conform with local norms — as British Hindus and Sikhs have usually done — then there is usually no long-term problem. The result is a cultural enrichment and fusion in which everyone gains.

    This is simply not true of Muslim immigration. Not merely is there not a single stable, prosperous Muslim democracy in the world, free of terrorism and fundamentalism, there is no society that has received large numbers of Muslims that has not soon been confronted by an Islamic defiance of existing societal norms. This defiance can be cultural, in which dissident dress code is sought as a religious right; or educational, in which Muslims are raised within their own autonomous school system; or legal, with a demand for Sharia law; or insurrectionary, in which local Muslims opt for terrorist jihad against the state which admitted them.

    No European country — not one — that has admitted large numbers of Muslims has been spared any of these outcomes.

    No European country — not one — that has admitted Hindus has had to face any comparable problem.”

  12. vancet

    and gimme some HAm and JUG JUG tOO U IDIOT!!! LOL

  13. doggey

    how about some bajan doggy?

  14. hagar

    uh…the incident happened in AUSTRALIA….not Saudi Arabia. Why is there a HALAL KFC? If want to sell halal chicken…open up your restaurant.

  15. It's time

    The new public housing project in Leeds has all the toilets orientated away from Mecca so they will conform to Islamic standards.

    It will follow the traditional pattern when opened “It conforms to Muslim standards so we should give Muslims preference” and it will become a “muslim only” PUBLIC housing project.

    Slowing but surely the surrender happens.

  16. The man wiv no name!!

    Simple solution – kick all the ****ing Muslims out of Australia n all the rest of the non-Muslim world and allow peace to reign!

  17. Mick

    Nothing wrong here!?? Regardless of the request for Bacon the reaction was uncivilised and over the top. And how do you know how the woman (assumedly holding the camera) was dressed? And what has how she was dressed got to do with the circumstances anyway? Are you, like the KFC worker passing judgement on a person based on their preferences, as in what they eat and how they look. What use is their in trying to impose the same discrimination on others that Muslim people say they must confront??

  18. No bacon but it is okay to swear? He needs anger management!

  19. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    If this video is genuine and not a hoax, then I find myself questioning the business ethics of the KFC corporation. KFC outlets are franchises but the franchisees are still governed by KFC’s policies and procedures which are clearly spelled out in the contractual agreement signed by the franchisee.
    To me, this is just another symptom of corporate greed at it’s worst. KFC must be worth millions if not billions but they have stooped so low in their quest for ever more profits that they must pander to Muslims by allowing “halal” franchises with menus that restrict what every other KFC would serve?
    I have nothing against “halal” meats as, frankly, it is usually better quality meat but Muslims have more than enough of their own shops where they can purchase halal products.
    KFC and other large corporations need to give their head a shake. The more you pander to these people, the more they will encroach on and attempt to exert their beliefs and lifestyle on non-Muslims.

  20. Anonymous

    Send him to Bim,
    so he can copy our wonderful customer here on a tourism-oriented island.
    Laughing Out Loud!

  21. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    As an afterthought, I remembered that most cab drivers here in Canada are Muslims from all over the world and they have effectively dictated to the cab company owners what fares they will and will not service based on their religious beliefs. Think this is far fetched? Think again. I had it out with one of the largest cab companies in Canada and told them I would never use their service again, despite using them for decades.
    It goes beyond being subjected to getting into a cab that has all manner of Islamic religious symbols decorating the cab and having to listen to Arabic music and Imams religious rants, even though that is enough but it is a documented fact that Muslim fundamentalists despise dogs. Why? Because the Qur’an refers to dogs as Satan’s assistant. So, if you call a cab company and tell them you have an ill dog and need a cab to the Vet’s office, forget it! You will wait until hell freezes over. The cab company told me flat out that Muslim cab drivers will not transport a dog anywhere and that it is against their religious beliefs. This from a non-Muslim cab company who have surrendered their best business interests to a bunch of Muslim cabbies!

  22. HM

    NOW do you see what is under the surface? 20 years down the line and this will be Barbados if you’re not careful.

    As for the woman being ‘un-dressed’. Well from the attached video, she appears to be wearing a sleeveless white top, cream/white trousers and open toed sandals on her feet. Seems like anything but a tent with eye holes cut out is considered naked to some people.

    Re: attitude to dogs reported in Canada…the same thing has been reported here in the UK. Not just taxis either. Several bus drivers have refused to allow blind people to board their bus because of their guide dog. This is not only against the company rules, but it is also against the disability laws here in the UK.

  23. bacon eater

    So, is it normal for people to video themselves ordering at KFC? This was deliberate provocation, (pejorative term removed by BFP editor. 1st and last caution)

  24. OW

    Hmm, really, no bacon? Okay… how about some pork chops instead?

  25. HM

    No idea whether the group of people were deliberately provocative when they ordered the food or whether they were ignorant of what Halal means. Not enough surrounding information to tell.

    However, the attached film clearly begins after the shouting started not when the food was ordered.

    Either way, the guy should not have behaved like that.

    It is becoming more common for people to use their cell phones to record confrontations as ‘evidence’. e.g. the British police have experienced this. Members of the public have used their phones to film the police when they saw the police doing something that they were not happy with. Comes in quite useful when the CCTV mysteriously stops working……….

  26. fidalgoman

    I as well am suspicious of a setup, however the response was way over the top. Kind of reminds me of an SJS just waiting to happen. I doubt you’d get this if it were a “Kosher” establishment. It only highlights a certain religious intolerance and how volitile the situation really is. With that much rage perhaps next time somebody will be hurt. MHO at least.

  27. cell phone videos for truth!

    This is not the first or last time that people and corporations scream “set up” when they are caught doing something wrong. Cell phones with video capabilities are everywhere and are a powerful tool in exposing the truth. In this case the truth is that another young Muslim male is shown to have a hair trigger temper at the least slight, real or imagined.

    It’s a good thing that the customer wasn’t wearing an embroidered t-shirt with Piglet from the Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon. Who knows what the violent KFC worker would have done?

  28. Expat

    So I suppose that for all you bigoted, racist Bajans this short video proves that it’s right to stereotype, target and persecute all Muslims and get rid of the Guyanese.

  29. waiting to see

    As BFP pretends be the watch guard of extremist activities , ( are they still on watch at the Air Canada desk at Grantley Adams ?)we wait to see what cacaphony rational will be used for the attempted assination and slaying of 6 people by a non muslim in Arizona . Now imagine if it was a muslim who did this dirty deed, we would have the prompt report and updates galore with the usual crap and all the phobes from wide and beyond will descend bout hey

  30. Lefty

    All reports indicate that the shooter in Arizona is an aethiest leftist with his fave reading as Mein Kampt. He has a history of making threats. His primary target was Arizona’s first Jewish rep and a woman. That is the news so far.

  31. Rick in Ohio

    Hi all.
    As a kid in Cincinnat Ohio. I met one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.
    My mom told me he was the guy who made the chicken I loved. He was about
    serving good food; … No great food, in a cordial southern way for all to enjoy!
    He would fire this nut in a heartbeat!

    What happened to America, Australia, and to our ways of living?

  32. Benny

    To Lefty: all reports actually indicate that the shooter in Arizona is a tea party-supporting right wing nut. Mein Kampf is right-wing reading, not left wing. His primary target was a Democratic politician.

  33. David G. Brooks

    “The new public housing project in Leeds has all the toilets orientated away from Mecca so they will conform to Islamic standards.”

    LOL, little do they realise they are just facing Mecca from the other direction, dud, the earth is round or have they come to grips with that either.

  34. Wat? Say Wat!

    Now it is clear that Jared Loughner was stalking Gabrielle Giffords for years, long before Sarah Palin and her supposed “target” electoral map. Now it is clear that Loughner’s classmates were afraid of him months ago.

    One teacher wrote last summer: “Hopefully he will be out of class very soon, and not come back with an automatic weapon.” A student wrote: “He frightened the daylights out of me. I kept saying to people, ‘I’m afraid he’s going to come into the class with a gun.’ ”

    Not only was he dangerous, he was a Leftist. Loughner’s high school friend, Caitie Parker, remembers him as a “political radical” who was “Left-wing, quite liberal.” Loughner also has a creepy “music video” up on YouTube, in which he is dressed as a terrorist and burns an American flag.

    ow that we know it proves true what I said on Saturday at 4:16 p.m. (Atlas was first with the youtube channel): that Loughner was a Left-wing radical loon. Nonetheless, be warned. The Left is still trying to use this lunatic’s insane actions to try to shut us up.

    That’s what the Democrats do. Two proposals are floating. One is designed to tamp down the political rhetoric. What does that mean? It won’t apply to the left — that much is sure. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), said Sunday: “We are in a dark place in this country right now; the atmospheric condition is toxic. Much of it originates here in Washington D.C., and we export it around the country.”

    His solution? Muzzle the Right.

    This from the congressman who lied and said he heard a “chorus” of Tea Partiers use an ugly racial epithet. Yet no evidence — none — was ever found for this allegation. There were thousands of people there, with hundreds of video cameras rolling. Not one caught this “chorus.” So Cleaver eventually retracted his claim. But now he is proposing speech restrictions? You can’t make this stuff up.

    And Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) plans legislation to make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening to a federal official.

    First Amendment out the window. Free speech, as long as it is speech the fascists like.

    And why is a federal official’s life more valuable than say, mine? I get death threats all the time using jihadic language and Islamic symbols. Let’s outlaw those too, eh?

    The killer was a madman — Loughner stalked Giffords for three years. The killer’s eerie note: “I planned ahead.“

    Three years. That means that he started before Palin became a key national figure, before the Tea Party and before the 2010 Republican win. So all those charges are just hate propaganda designed to destroy our best people. Loughner was no conservative. He was nuts. Period.

    Exception makes bad law. The father of the 9-year-old angel who was shot in the chest does not want restrictions on free speech.

  35. wait to see

    I don’t gave a fa rt if he is on the left or the right. My question is : why is he not called a “terrorist” ? or is it that only a white American man is “disturbed” and anybody darker is a terrorist ? why the double standard ? why he had a “troubled past” and people who lived in shacks and dirt poverty for generations are enemies of the decent world when they lash out?