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Mullins Bay blog asks “Where is the money we borrowed from the IDB?”

$75 Million borrowed for West Coast Sewage Project – Now we have no money, no sewage project.

“Several years ago Government secured $75M from the same IDB for a West Coast Sewage Project, an urgent necessity if we are going to save our reefs – let alone have bath-able/swim-able beaches; but where has all that money gone?  No one seems to know.  We still have no sewage treatment on the west coast and we are building yet more multi-storey beachfront condos.  Where is the IDB’s oversight in all of this?  Do they give a damn beyond ensuring the collecting of  interest on these loans on the backs of poor Barbadians?”

From the Mullins Bay blog article ’round here real [bleep]-up yuh


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Australian woman makes mistake. Orders bacon at KFC Halal-friendly outlet.

Can’t we all just get along?

Manager tries to calm down worker, “Come on. Okay?  She didn’t know that. That’s alright.”

Then to the customer “We don’t serve bacon…”

Then. it. really. hits. the. fan.


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Health Minister Inniss: BLP lacks the “Moral Authority” to comment on St. John Polyclinic

BLP abandoned St. John Polyclinic for 14 years.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss makes a good point in today’s Barbados Advocate. BLP candidate Hudson Griffith is accusing the DLP of neglect because the current government hasn’t finished the St. John Polyclinic since they came to power 3 years ago. Mr. Griffith fails to mention that his Barbados Labour Party let the clinic rot for the 14 years they formed the government.

For the record, we agree with Minister Inniss: actions taken by people, parties and governments in the recent past can harm or remove their “moral authority” and credibility to speak on current concerns. Continue reading


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Spark of the Day! Can this homeless man with the Golden Voice work again?

Ted Williams from Brooklyn: The Man with the Golden Voice

Sometimes you have to see the bottom before you can start your climb back. Will Ted Williams be able to rescue himself? He seems grounded in his reality and so full of hope. I hope he finds the new life he’s searching for.

Remember Ted in your prayers today. And never think that it couldn’t have been you or someone you love.


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Autonomous11: Bajan farm workers in Canada given runaround by Barbados government

Updated: December 4, 2012

With the news that Canadian, Bajan and other Caribbean government officials are meeting in B’town this week to discuss the Canada-Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme, we thought this thought-provoking article should come to the top for a day or two.

Also check out another hard-hitting BFP article:

Abused Barbadian farm workers cheated by Canadian Government program

Original article published January 6, 2011…


Harsh treatment in Canada and Barbados

“It’s repulsive to see that after all these years the Barbadian hard-working Canadian Farm workers, who work laboriously in Canada year after year under the harshest of conditions, still continue to be treated with disregard by the Labour office. It seems like one great hassle after the other when it comes to receiving your home-savings after returning home from the programme.

Year after year these agricultural workers are given the run around when it comes time for repaying these remittances, as though they’re begging for handouts or alms, when it’s their hard-earned money and the only thing they have to go by while at home until the beginning of another work season in Canada. I think it’s high time the Barbados government take their hands off this 25% pay-deduction from the workers…”

Read the entire story at Lance’s Autonomous11 The Barbadian seasonal Canadian farm worker’s dilemma


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