Spark of the Day! “Congo” makes you think of…?

Fred thinks of Geneviève bringing him some strudel.

Not exactly the photo you had in mind when you hear about someone traveling to the Congo? Then maybe you should think about buying an airline ticket to someplace you’ve never dreamed of visiting. Travel: it will change your worldview… and change you too!

Spark of the Day! is our little reminder that most of the folks you meet anywhere are likely to return your smile and kindness – and they are as curious about you as you are about them.

Our thanks to Fred, and yes – Geneviève makes your little heart skip a beat, fuh sure!


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3 responses to “Spark of the Day! “Congo” makes you think of…?

  1. HM

    I would really like to know which part of the Congo Fred travelled to. I know it is a vast and beautiful country but if I am honest, when I think of the Congo, I think of a country that has been through one of the worst wars in a decade (though hardly reported) with mass killings, mass rapes and child soldiers.

    I would no more encourage people to go to the Congo on holiday than I would Iraq or Afghanistan. Sure, there are ‘safe’ places but I wouldn’t take a chance!

  2. Your loss. Your conclusion simply reflects the fact that you’re not a traveler, or that you’re one of those who stick to the West. Congo is a vast country, one of the largest in continental Africa. A tourist that visits Congo to find pleasure will find just that. You’re not any more in danger in Kinshasa than you’ll be in New York. There are restive regions in most countries of the world, and you’re right: Congo has ‘been through’ restiveness. Your paranoia and prejudiced mindset, against either Africa or the Middle East, will rob you of unimaginable world experiences. If you’ve never been to Congo, or spoken to an average Congolese or a tourist returning from Congo, you have no authority to discourage people from visiting the place with jaundiced comments. I know Congo; it’s one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world. I’ll certainly love to visit some of my friends there.

  3. HM

    Not my loss at all. I stated quite clearly that I know it is a vast country. However, I have the right to air my views as well as anyone else. Who are you to tell me otherwise?

    As for ‘restiveness’ – is that what you call it? Mass murder, mass kidnapping and mass rape affecting millions of people!