BLP candidate Santia Bradshaw’s message to Barbados’ young people?

Santia, is this YOUR Lil Rick, or not?

“If you don’t like how we talk, now fuck off”

(and that’s the best of the lyrics in the song “Fuck Off”)

Pyramid's Lil Rick

Santia Bradshaw is the hopeful BLP candidate for St. Michael South East, sometimes lawyer and all the time owner of Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc., an artist representation and booking agency. Her company currently represents some of the leading entertainers and deejays in Barbados and across the region – including “Lil Rick”.

An MP3 is going viral with young folks across Barbados. The email it comes with says it is the Pyramid artist “Lil Rick”.

It sure sounds like Lil Rick to us and a whole lot of people – but maybe it’s a clever imitator sent by a rival to do damage to Santia Bradshaw, the BLP and/or Lil Rick. Considering the song has probably been shared thousands of times already and glorifies violence, drugs and a kind of rape – if it isn’t refuted, explained or handled it will be damaging to Santia Bradshaw’s political and legal career. That is a for sure.

Matter ‘a fact, if Santia Bradshaw knowingly had anything to do with the song she’s lost the vote of anyone in our home and anyone we’ve spoken with. If it is Lil Rick and Santia didn’t know about it, that’s another thing. She’ll now be judged on how she handles the event.

This is one of those times where a politician has to step up immediately and either confirm or deny, and then tell us what they think and what they are going to do about it. Maybe Bradshaw and her company had nothing to do with the song. Maybe Lil Rick did it himself. Maybe it’s not Lil Rick – but it sure sounds like him to us.

We’re all reasonable people. If this is Lil Rick and it was done without Santia Bradshaw’s knowledge and she disagrees with it, she has many options and we’ll trust her to handle the situation.

The two things Santia Bradshaw can’t do: 1/ Stay silent. 2/ Say that she doesn’t know if it is Lil Rick or not. Of course she can ask him and get back to her public.

It’s as simple as that.

Thanks to about 30+ people who sent the email and the song to BFP.



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13 responses to “BLP candidate Santia Bradshaw’s message to Barbados’ young people?

  1. X

    So just because her company promotes the man, she is wholly responsible for the words that come out of his mouth?

    That’s like holding one of BP’s advertising firm responsible for the oil spill. Or (for a more regional context) like holding the newspapers and magazines that published advertisments for Clico or Stanford investment products responsible for those companies’ crimes.

    Seems like you’re stretching a point to paint this woman in an unflattering light.

    Why must she respond? Why not call on lil rick to address the allegations? Your post, for what is missing rather than for what it contains, seems to not suggest that he should be responsible for such reprehensible messages if in fact he made the tune.

  2. 99Bob

    Miss Bradshaw is not responsible for what Lil Rick said in the song unless she somehow produced it.

    Her problem is that she has to decide what she’s going to do now that she knows her artist’s song promotes or glorifies rape. She could have to choose between continuing her professional relationship with Lil Rick or being elected. It’s her choice, but now that she knows about the song if she does nothing that is a choice too.

  3. How de youths get so?

    I think she also manages Peter Ram too, the one that has the disgusting pat and crank video. I’m not accusing her of anything. But she really needs use her skills to try and uplift these talented but misguided young men, not encourage them in foolishness just so she and them can make money. It hurts my heart as a product of the because Lil ric is actually quite talented, but he obviously needs guidance and needs to act more responsibly because its so easy to destroy your future without realising it Don’t throw your success away carelessly Rick nuff people would love to see you destroy yurself including some who smile up in your face everyday. Guidance.

  4. pass the buck

    If one sells violence, hate, and foul mouthed negativity, then he or she is not only condoning it, but they are part of the problem.

    Are young people going to look up to these politicians as role models?

  5. I spy

    Birds of a feather

  6. iWatchya

    I ride the vans and minibuses and listen to Lil Rick’s “message” – it is one of hyping up himself to the masses – to make himself appear like the “getto yute”. (whatever that is…).

    I see no shanty towns, barrios or favelas here… and we all have access to food, water and education.

    What I can say is that this music is popular in the sub culture of the youth today and that is not going away easily. This has been a phenomena stretching back as far as the early 90’s with the boomerangs, rock-de-cradle and milkshake. It is listened to by little children going to and from school, by the elderly and middle aged… Few have the guts to get up and say something to the conductor /driver for fear of retribution.

    I remember the government (BLP at the time) made the PSV operators wear maroon uniforms with badges, confiscated their over sized speaker systems and made them “safer”. Could it be that this move was unpopular with the owners of these vehicles (public officials included) that pressure was brought to bear on this program to make it collapse?

    The only way to lessen the spread of such hateful music is to hit the profit centres where it thrives. Use the existing laws to crack down on places that play those lyrics, such as the clubs, fetes and PSVs. Especially the DJ’s that promote the violence, gangsta life and degradation of women.

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  8. Maybe

    my, my, my. i don’t support any of these guys lyrics but how it get to Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc and artist it represents and we have not seen this out cry of how the men and women in the house get on? my, my, my. Hypocrisy at it’s bajan best.

  9. Lost on me is why Ms.Bradshaw , just because her company promotes this person , is now a political liability . Even if she were scratched from the slate of candidates , how does this address the problem that we chose to ignore for so long ? Remember “Hard Wine “? In a letter to the editor back then I called on those with authority to recognize the fact that the art of subtlety had been replaced by vulgarity in our calypso , hence our acceptance of that distasteful and the unfermented wine . I said back then that we bordered on licentious behaviour . The envelope is being pushed every year by the same persons ,and just because there is money to be made we say and do nothing . As a supporter of the DEMS my satisfaction will come in beating Santia Bradshaw at the polls .This is not a political issue ,as no one has shown the level of her involvement ……. Is she the one we need to bash ?Ithink not.

  10. Dawn Rollins

    Lil Rick is an adult & is entitled to make career decisions, whether approved by his Manager or not. It would be better for his career if he took direction from people who have his interest at heart.
    I do not like the lyrics, but some how, I think this is a gimmick to stir it up a bit, just like Ram!
    Hollywood usually instigate circumstances to revamp a waining career or popularity.
    Most Barbadians, no doubt are glad to jump at the chance to attack Santia , slagging her off, trying to pull her down in the mud with them. Some people need to take a long hard look at themselves first, before they jump to judge others!

  11. Responder

    You need Santia to create distance from this situation. Make a statement regarding those lyrics sung by ‘Lil Rick’ and let us know whether you will continue to promote his music or censor him. A certain radio station had somewhat a similar situation and had to distance themselves from this artist.

  12. susan watson

    U go girl I wid u

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