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Vote results: Readers Choice Top Stories of 2010

What mattered to Bajans

The death of Prime Minister David Thompson was chosen by our readers as the #1 news story for 2010 with 24.29% of the votes. Understandably the deaths of six women in the Campus Trendz robbery and arson came in a strong #2 with a 19.64% share.

Those two were well ahead of the rest of the list, but the next three choices formed a strong second level group comprised of the CL Financial/Clico collapse, the BLP leadership fight and the Environment including the watershed and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

The remainder of the 14 choices on the survey gathered less than 5% of the votes each with “Still no breathalyser laws” last on the list showing a pitiful 1.81% of the votes. Let’s face it: Bajans love to drink and a drunk behind the wheel is still viewed with more humour than horror. (Except if the dead body on the road is your son or wife, of course.)

Each of the almost 500 readers participating was able to vote for up to 3 choices out of a selection of 14 stories on the list. You can view the full results here… Continue reading

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Spark of the Day! “Congo” makes you think of…?

Fred thinks of Geneviève bringing him some strudel.

Not exactly the photo you had in mind when you hear about someone traveling to the Congo? Then maybe you should think about buying an airline ticket to someplace you’ve never dreamed of visiting. Travel: it will change your worldview… and change you too!

Spark of the Day! is our little reminder that most of the folks you meet anywhere are likely to return your smile and kindness – and they are as curious about you as you are about them.

Our thanks to Fred, and yes – Geneviève makes your little heart skip a beat, fuh sure!


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Bajan Poetry Society – Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Another year is gone, another year you read or wrote
Unleashed your fervent opinions as BFP took note
Listed yourself with your creative, writers name
Did your best to explain theories and fairly dealt out blame

Literary skills were not asked but you kept your points clear
And others who read responded in zealous flair
Numerous comments came from diverse commentators because you
Gave us all the privilege of hearing your points of view

So BFP friends, thanks for this last year of 2010
You encouraged us all by speaking your mind friend
Now may the best of last year be the worst tomorrow to share
Enjoy the festivities to come and have a Prosperous New Year!

by Khaidji              http://bajanpoetry.com/

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BLP candidate Santia Bradshaw’s message to Barbados’ young people?

Santia, is this YOUR Lil Rick, or not?

“If you don’t like how we talk, now fuck off”

(and that’s the best of the lyrics in the song “Fuck Off”)

Pyramid's Lil Rick

Santia Bradshaw is the hopeful BLP candidate for St. Michael South East, sometimes lawyer and all the time owner of Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc., an artist representation and booking agency. Her company currently represents some of the leading entertainers and deejays in Barbados and across the region – including “Lil Rick”.

An MP3 is going viral with young folks across Barbados. The email it comes with says it is the Pyramid artist “Lil Rick”.

It sure sounds like Lil Rick to us and a whole lot of people – but maybe it’s a clever imitator sent by a rival to do damage to Santia Bradshaw, the BLP and/or Lil Rick. Considering the song has probably been shared thousands of times already and glorifies violence, drugs and a kind of rape – if it isn’t refuted, explained or handled it will be damaging to Santia Bradshaw’s political and legal career. That is a for sure. Continue reading


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