Barbados Police response for murderous start to 2011: “Meetings, concern, intense discussions, strategies, press conference”

How many robberies, shootings, murders in the last 6 months? We’ve lost count – but Cruise Critic is paying attention.

With so many shootings and murders in the last year and the incredible rise in robberies, drive-by shootings and murders in the last few months, we’d have thought that Police Commissioner Dottin and the Royal Barbados Police Force would already be in the middle of some concerted efforts to stop the bloodshed and make it safe for folks to attend local football matches again.

Apparently not.

In the wake of two more shot dead in separate incidents on the weekend,  The Nation called up Commissioner Dottin to politely ask “What the hell is happening to our country and are the police going to do about it?”

Dottin’s answer was stunning for its lack of content, urgency or real action.

Commissioner Dottin’s response was the same one he gave last year when asked the same questions. After saying all the usual buzz words “meetings, concern, intense discussions, strategies, medium term solutions”, the Commissioner said he “didn’t want to reveal too much” and that “the full matter would be addressed at a Press Conference this week with media personnel.”

Hmmmm… We guess Commissioner Dottin is still working up that plan and medium term solution. (Well, take your time, Commissioner Dottin. No urgency, everyting be just fine, fine, fine ’bout hey!)

Let us provide a short summary of the situation for our readers…

  • After months of increasing gun violence and deaths, the police do not currently have any new tactics or strategies in place.
  • After months of increasing gun violence and deaths, the DLP government has not increased the funding or capabilities of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

Major Cruise Ship travel forum concerned about Barbados

We’ve said time and time again that the Royal Barbados Police Force are the primary guardians of our tourism based economy. Even offshore banking is heavily dependent upon our now tarnished reputation as a safe destination for tourists.

The outside world is starting to notice the change in Barbados. The world’s largest travel discussion forum, TripAdvisor, has been discussing concerns with Barbados for several years. Now we see that a major Cruising website is discussing Barbados and asking about tourist safety.

CruiseCritic commenter OldStubbleJumper from Alberta, Canada currently says..

“I know that there is crime no matter where you go in the world but I was surprised to read about this sort of thing happening to this extent in Barbados. I thought after the murder of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld back in Feb of 2009, that the Bajan Police had tightened things up regarding tourist safety.”

…from the Cruise Critic travel forum Looking for thoughts regarding recent criminal events

Successive governments have starved our police to death

The RBPF organisation is over 100 officers short, under-trained, under-paid and rapidly becoming incapable of keeping a lid on the boiling criminal pot. To be fair to Commissioner Dottin, he (and his successor) have been placed in a “no-win” situation by the politicians who would rather borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to host failed cricket parties than to maintain the basic infrastructure of our society.

The lack of attention being paid to the Royal Barbados Police Force is starting to directly threaten our tourism-based economy. This is the legacy of the previous BLP government, but the DLP is entering into their fourth year in power and it’s their pitch now.

Prime Minister Stuart… all the fine politician words you can muster on tourist safety mean nothing. What are you going to do about it?


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9 responses to “Barbados Police response for murderous start to 2011: “Meetings, concern, intense discussions, strategies, press conference”

  1. Laughable in the extreme?!

    IF the Royal Barbados Police Force
    are “the primary guardians of our tourism based economy”
    then we’re in deep deep doodoo! LOL

  2. Responder

    Why are we putting all the blame on the Police. The real problem in my opinion is that Magistrates are not giving the harsh sentences that is required for such serious gun crimes. No wonder the criminals are making laughing sport at the Police and us law abiding citizens. There are making LAUGHING SPORT at us Magistrates. Police can do only so much. Can the Police do better? of course. Can the Magistrates do better? OF COURSE.

  3. travler

    Poverty, youth umeployment and crime are related. With a minimum wage of 2.50US$ pr hour, and youth unemployment likley in excess of 17%, crime will rise. The question of how does one get it under control.

    Increased policing and stiffer sentences are only part of the correction needed. Check out what is going on in Brasil these days regarding their areas of pverty. Economic activity and poverty statitics are related to crime. The lower the wages the more poverty. The more poverty, the greater the amount of crime. Barbados is in transition and it sure is not what it used to be. Better policing and stiffer sentencing are needed now., followed by a serious attempt to geneate enonomic opportunity for youth.

  4. Responder

    Good point Travler.

  5. Crabbbie

    Crime and Violence was the topic under the DLP of Mr. David Thompson and what happen nothing…… He came to office and did nothing in that regard to help the people of Barbados he place free bus fare of school children and take up the adults fare he place free camps but nothing in Barbados is free taxes went up and FOOD prices have sky rocketed and this is the man that Barbadians are saying was such a good man to the people u cannot take talk to a supermarket and get groceries or pay the high water bills that he sent up by 60% and don’t expect crime to go up what foolish people we got in parliament running this government wanna carry up these things before xmas and expect people to live so round here please like wanna everybody got to eat and want certain things in live too so this is just the start of things to happen it gine get worst bout here. And insult to injuries already he wife running for a seat now in St.John .what next nah St. John people to backward that is why wanna get forget so.

  6. L.O.L.

    Crabbbie keeping it real…

  7. Sayed

    latest statistics. 55% of burglaries are being committed by repeat offenders.

    I.E police find them. charge them. magistrates lock them up for one – two years and they back out again.

    A man charged fo 15 burglaries. Plead guilty to all. Gets two years on all of them to run concurrently. Something wrong. Don’t worry he’ll be back breaking in to your house again in short order.


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  9. ru4real

    IF the Royal Barbados Police Force
    are “the primary guardians of our tourism based economy”
    then we’re in deep deep doodoo! LOL
    This is the funniest post on BFP! 😉
    Of course its quite hard for them to arrest the bad guys seeing so many of them wear blue uniforms!