What happened to the DLP’s stories of BLP corruption?

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Corruption, the biggest hindrance to progress in Barbados!

What has happened to all the corruption the Democratic Labour Party alluded to during their 2007 political campaign? Have they since turned a blind eye to the said, while ultimately embracing it all? And what has happened to checks and balances and accountability in government, and the declaring of assets so one will understand how certain ministers can gets so rich after coming to office. Barbados is rapidly slipping to the edge of the abyss due to the subtle corruption which permeates the society, and while I’m well aware that these issues might not be very comfortable to discuss… we however, can’t bury our heads in the sand any longer and pretend they don’t exist here in Barbados, and therefore continue to naively believe we’re living in a paradise, where all’s well in the country.

What has happened to the monies stolen from certain government institutions, including the Psychiatric hospital and the post office. I haven’t heard if anyone has even been reprimanded in the least, let alone convicted for such thieveries. Is it because it wasn’t a hungry, poor person stealing a tin of corn beef and a pack of biscuits to eat, who no doubt would have been brought swiftly to justice for such acts once caught?

Why is it so difficult here in Barbados to go after and convict perpetrators of white collar crimes? Are they above the law?

It’s no wonder why many Barbadians are now of the view and rightfully so, that the rule of law is healthily designed to shield certain persons of elite status in our society. Is that the reason why it took police four days to finally gain access to a property in one of our gated communities some three years ago when they were called in relation to a domestic dispute? And what has every happened to the lawyer and son who’ve allegedly beaten the 15 year old boy black and blue in the upscale gated community of Highgate Gardens, while taking a short cut to his Britton’s Hill home four year ago?

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3 responses to “What happened to the DLP’s stories of BLP corruption?

  1. Anonymous

    why is the challenor school for handicapped kids
    being deliberately allowed to fall into disrepair? no money? no willpower?
    somebody wants it for other purposes? what’s going on? who’s the management? related to who?

  2. Responder

    There are three types of Justice in this Country. One for the rich. One for the poor, and one for the brotherhood. Do the maths.

  3. The answer is clear my friend, governments doesn’t really care about the poor in society and never had, they lookout primarily for their cronies and the big businesses that heavily supports their political campaigns financially, but the little guys they claim they care ever so much about is always left struggling for assistance.

    But I’m at a lost as to why would a government who’s political motto during the 2007 political campaign which was “Family first” neglect a school, especially one for handicapped children, this is a rabid shame.