Barbados National Union of Public Workers building mini-hospital

Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital guest toilet. Yes, that's long term gummy urine/feces splashing, then drying, then the next layer from the next A&E "guest".

The NUPW shouldn’t have a need for a health care facility, but they do.

“The NUPW members are welcome to do what they want with their money and I congratulate them. Just don’t ask me for my tax dollars if my family is not welcome at your new facility.”

When your organization has over 20,000 members and the public hospital and health system isn’t doing the job for your members and their families: you start to build your own health care facilities and system. Because you can.

That’s exactly what is happening with the National Union of Public Workers. The organisation announced that it is building a “three-storey, ultra modern diagnostic and treatment facility” at their Dalkeith, St. Michael complex.

NUPW is mum on the cost, number of beds and number of surgeries in the facility, but describes the project as “major” and says that financing is in place…

“The facility, which will be located on the union’s four-acre compound at Dalkeith, will offer at least three major surgical procedures, including hip and joint replacement; laparoscopic surgical services, provision for aqua-therapy, specialised medical fitness/therapy facilities, and a raft of ultra-modern medical diagnostic services such as MRI, CAT Scan, X-ray, ultra-sound and mammography, as well as a full suite of dental and optical services…

… the facility would be specifically designed to allow family members to overnight with patients receiving treatment.”

From the Barbados Today article A dream come true

Will there be any tax money investment or government guarantees for the NUPW facility?

At Barbados Free Press we have a fundamental problem with directing tax dollars to health care facilities that are not available to all. Thanks to the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted by the BLP on Cricket World Cup, the disaster that is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is unlikely to be replaced for another ten years, if then. So shouldn’t we be spending our precious few available tax dollars on health care for all?

Bajans who are not part of the NUPW or wealthy enough to fly to Miami or New York for treatment will have to rely on the QEH and the public health system until they die. That’s why we want our tax dollars directed to health facilities that serve all Bajans.

The NUPW members are welcome to do what they want with their money and I congratulate them. Just don’t ask me for my tax dollars if my family is not welcome at your new facility.

As we asked in the case of the Sparman Clinic (and Health Minister Inniss did not answer on the radio)… Other than tax concessions on equipment, etc., are there any government funds invested into the new NUPW mini-hospital?

Barbadian taxpayers deserve to know where their money is spent.

Photo: QEH Accident and Emergency guest toilet, courtesy of The Bajan Reporter


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6 responses to “Barbados National Union of Public Workers building mini-hospital

  1. what will they think of next

    They were also going to build a buying club for members and we all know how that turned out.

  2. silly bouy

    what a joke! the whole reason public workers are “sick” so often is because they don’t have any reason to show up at work. they can’t get fired so they do as they like! worst case scenario is they get transferred to a different location.

  3. silly bouy

    oh and are the public workers responsible for maintaining the QEH? maybe they should try turning up for work and actually working.


    wellness centres all over the world are placing burdens on governments what does the planned centre have that will not create the same problems
    I believe NUPW should try and respond to the members issues that it has competence or should have to deal with


    I also feel that the members should know how much the facility will cost Where the patients will come from, the cost of the services, where the medcal staff will come from and if the government is supporting this initiative and if it is in what way


    heard that all the executive members disassociate themselves from the President and will be contesting elections without him. He has not grabbed hold of a young upstart a wornout tryer and dead weight to forge a team. But the question that must be asked is why would Maloney fight so hard to stay on? What is it that has him traversing from Grantley Adams airport to Arawck Cement plant across to Greenland and then to the QEH in one day