Notorious Lyons crime family members vacationing in Barbados

Mob family needs vacation from Murder, Proceeds of Crime, Drugs, Brutal beatings

“NINE members of the notorious Lyons crime clan have jetted to Barbados – days before the first anniversary of enforcer Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll’s death.”

… from The Sun article Lyons crime gang clan feeling the heat.

I wonder if Commissioner Dottin already knows about the Lyons family mobsters. Nine members of the violent clan are vacationing in Barbados at this very minute.

Last week family boss Eddie Lyons ripped open a man’s face in a Glasgow pub – but that was only a little rest and relaxation for Eddie, not serious business. Son Eddie Junior survived a gangland shooting because he wore a bullet proof vest, and then he fled to Spain just after a rival gang’s enforcer was murdered in a hit. Glasgow detectives want to interview Eddie Junior over the gang-style hit on Kevin “Gerbil” Carroll, but Eddie Junior is in hiding so he probably won’t make it to Barbados this year.

Brother David Lyons (photo above) and eight others arrived in Barbados last Sunday. David says he’s an honest businessman, but that message loses some credibility when you read about his nephew and two others being gunned down at David’s auto lot – and his own son Mark has not being seen since.

Ha… I just had a thought. What will happen if the Boscobel Road Toll Gang stops the Lyons crime family? Will it end in bloodshed, or maybe the Boscobel gang will extend the Lyons some “professional courtesy” as one crime gang to another?

Hmmmmmm… Second thought: I wonder if any of the Lyons have offshore bank accounts in Barbados?


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15 responses to “Notorious Lyons crime family members vacationing in Barbados

  1. RRRicky

    BFP, I don’t know how you come up with this kind of stuff but I love you for it. Good wishes for the new year.

  2. Lady Anon

    Even mob families need to escape the brutal cold weather.

  3. jack spratt

    Have the ones on vacation been convicted of anything?

  4. Let’s hope they’re not inviting their “friends” to come to the island too.

  5. I-spy

    @ Jack Spratt. We never convicted a politrician yet….can I conclude that all of them are INNOCENT

  6. Harry

    @RRRicky re: “BFP, I don’t know how you come up with this kind of stuff”
    Go to the google homepage, type in Barbados, click link that says “News”.
    Copy UK Newspaper’s stories.

  7. jack spratt

    Are u innocent, I Spy?

  8. Costa Del Barbados

    This is no joke. I hope the RBPF rough them up a bit and make them feel unwelcome. We live off of a certain cache for our tourist product, known villians will not help that cache…look what happened in Spain’s Costa del Sol.
    And while we’re at it time to chase the Russian mafia out too…no matter how much money they have or how many condos they own on our sands!
    We have enough criminals here now in Bim without importing more.

  9. professional courtesy

    Normally these characters would be on an interpol list and barred from going to most countries.

    What with our Boscobel gang and some of our politicians they have been allowed in as a professional courtesy.

  10. Sentinel


    Published: 18 Jan 2010

    THE bloody battle between Scotland’s most notorious crime clans is set to explode in a terrifying wave of violence – as a decade-long feud between the warring families finally comes to a head.

    The Daniels and Lyons gangs – who fell out over a drug deal – have been locked in a bitter turf war that has sparked a string of shootings and brutal attacks.

    Read more:

    THE Daniel and Lyons crime clans have been at war since a row over drugs.

    2001: Feud between the two families kicks off. The Lyons refuse to hand back a kilo of cocaine which was stolen from the Daniel clan. A group of parents begin a campaign to oust Eddie Lyons from a council-funded community centre in Chirnsyde, Glasgow.

    Steven Lyons
    Target … Steven Lyons

    2004: Kevin Carroll is charged with the attempted murder of a friend of Eddie Lyons. Carroll shot John Madden with an AK47 gun but the case later collapses.

    2006: Eddie Lyons’ son Eddie Jnr is shot at his Cumbernauld home. Young members of the Daniel gang are accused of vandalising the grave of the crime chief’s eight-year-old son Garry Lyons. Eddie Jnr is shot again with pal Andrew ‘Dumbo’ Gallagher. Carroll and his mate Ross Sherlock are both blasted in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow. Daniel gunmen Raymond Anderson, 47, and James McDonald shoot Robert Pickett, Steven Lyons and kill Michael Lyons, 21. The Lyons are evicted from Chirnsyde.

    2008: Anderson and McDonald get 35 years.

    2009: Carroll shoots Eddie Jnr but he escapes unhurt.

    2010: Carroll is shot dead at Asda in Robroyston.

    Read more:

  11. Robert

    Is this from a Hollywood script?

  12. Sentinel

    January 2, 2011 at 2:03 am
    “Is this from a Hollywood script?”
    Sorry, Robert. Follow the link and see for yourself.

  13. No one seems to mention the evil deed carried out by John Lyons in Bellshill on 4th February 1995………………….

  14. moving on

    @ Robert, unfortunately not robert, this is life growing up in Glasgow, i knew these guys personally and spent some time with them before going to prison myself & then going straight. now work to help young people see the dark side of that life and try to steer them on a better path. There are some films set in glasgow, sweet sixteen, the wee man, they show you a bit of what it is like, there are also books you can read, but they portray the old glasgow life, the new life is just so terrifying and is so short lived that people often dont get to write their stories.

  15. Daywalker

    Let the idiots kill their selfs once and for all so i can read about real news in the paper