D No Spin Zone: “What is wrong with this breed of Caribbean leaders today…?”

Welcome to the Caribbean no spin zone…

“Every damn time someone criticise them they threaten to sue and run to the courts to shut people up and stiffle political discourse in the country. If someone accuse them of some wrongdoing, what happen to a good old fashion rebuttal? No, not our leaders today. The court is now their weapon and sue their main woman. Hope she vote for them to when election time comes around.”

… from D No Spin Zone article St Kitts Prime Minister threatens legal action against website

Photo: Denzil Douglas of St. Kitts decides to take on the blogs. 🙂

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One response to “D No Spin Zone: “What is wrong with this breed of Caribbean leaders today…?”

  1. Johnny Postle

    If you have something to hide it is quite obvious that you have to use the best tool to keep peoples mouth shut and that is litigation. You know how intimidated and tongue tied black Caribbean people get when face with authority or some figure head. If on the other hand you are a stand up cititizen with a clean slate and somewhat honest record, you can easily defend allegations with the truth and bring proof to show your innocence if requested to do so. Most of the Caribbean leaders are sleaze bags with hidden agendas. Stinkly rich by nefarious and double handed deals whose quest for power and money knows no bounds. But such is the nature of the politician.