Weather Radar Online thanks to Barbados Meteorological Services

YIPPIE!!! We have online RADAR!

Thanks to acting director Mr. Hampden Lovell and his team at Barbados Meteorological Services, Bajans at home and overseas now have online access to Barbados weather radar images. Ordinary citizens will be able to keep an eye on developing weather and start to make plans and provisions earlier based upon their own needs and assessments.

We expect that online weather radar will drive an increased interest in the weather, especially during the hurricane season. Online access will get everyone talking when there is even the potential of something developing into a storm. That has to be good.

Next Up: FaceBook, Twitter

A few days ago the USA’s National Hurricane Center issued an advisory on a low pressure system developing to the SouthEast of Barbados. BFP wrote a story Tropical Storm Alert Barbados: 30% chance tropical cyclone next 48 hours, and within the next 4 hours we had over 600 referrals from various FaceBook pages as Bajans discussed the potential storm and directed their friends to read the alert at Barbados Free Press.

That is a powerful example of the value of social media and the online community in action. Had the low turned into something more substantial, you can bet that thousands of Bajans would have been watching and waiting for an increased alert. Again, that has to be good.

Taking that one step further, if the Barbados Meteorological Services establishes a Twitter feed and corresponding FaceBook page that only carries weather alerts, you can bet that tens of thousands of online Bajans will “follow” that BMS Weather Alert Twitter feed. When Mr. Lovell and his team are keeping their eyes on some potential threat, they could use Twitter and Facebook to wake folks up without issuing a real alert. By sending out a “Look what we see here” story, thousands of Bajans would have a “pre-alert” directly from the source.

When and if the moment comes that Barbados Meteorological Services decides to issue a real alert, the organisation would have instant direct contact with thousands of Bajans through Twitter and FaceBook, in addition to the normal media outlets.

Our thanks to Mr. Lovell and the BMS staff

We realise that the website is in “beta” and there is still some work to be done with animations and in calibrating the weather radar – but even with these developments still to come, the citizens of Barbados have just entered a new age with direct access to weather radar data. In the future this capability will save much property damage as folks will start to think and prepare earlier. If a big blow heads our way it might save lives.

To show our appreciation to the Barbados Meteorological Services and to acknowledge the importance of their work, we’re going to include BMS in our rotating banners, and also feature a permanent “weather radar” link at the top of the website – just as soon as Old Year’s Night is over and Cliverton sobers up enough to do the necessary.

Further thanks to Bajan Best for donating the BMS website.


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10 responses to “Weather Radar Online thanks to Barbados Meteorological Services

  1. Hi i would to thank bajan best buys for making this possible , great job and keep the good work up .

  2. Green Monkey

    Uh oh, connections maxed out already? Just tried to connect a few minutes ago and got the “Connect error: too many connections” message.

  3. Excellent….
    Extremely well done to Mr. Hampden Lovell and his team at Barbados Meteorological Services, “” for donating the site, BFP for reporting the news and spreading the word both now and with the forthcoming changes to include links for readers both ‘on the rock’ and ‘worldwide’.
    This news ranks up with the annual NORAD Santa Tracking but this is everyday.

    Having travelled the island thoroughly I quickly came to learn that the actual weather does change where you are heading from place to place and rather quickly.

    Reading the sky does help but the start of something local-weather wise aids planning and preparation.

    Seeing this available during a storm will be grand for everyone.

  4. David G. Brooks

    I suppose they will improve but images are running a bit slow … recent check at about 8:25PM had some images at 8:00PM and one still at 7:45PM … at the same time Martinique Radar already had the 8:15PM up.

    So we are running between 30-45 minutes behind, Martinique within 5 minutes after the hour, the quarter pass, the half pass and the quarter to the hour.

    Puerto Rico and US sites are almost up to the minute.

  5. John


    Blessed are they who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed.

    You are 100% right to raise the bar on the level of expectation we should have for the service.

    That is the only way to get excellence.

    They may cuss you, but you know what, I bet they like the attention they are getting and will deliver the product with pride like Bajans know how.

    The better they understand what can be delivered the better the product we will get.

    They will be happy and we will be happy.

    Do not let go.

    If you see something wrong, stand up and put it right.

    Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  6. Kammie

    Well done BFP and those who would have in no small measure showed the Met office the absence of adequate access to info online was unacceptable

  7. David G. Brooks

    Thanks John. I like these words from Winston Churchill …

    Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.

    You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

    Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it.

    I hope the last one (as in the intended pun) is not lost here.

    Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  8. Politically Tired

    This service is a joke! they haven’t updated the 4 day forecast since the 8th February!

  9. David G. Brooks

    Barbados’ Doppler Radar has gone MIA (Missing-In-Action) again, the web site has not been updated since March 1st., 2011.

    Does anything on this island work any more, or is just jaw flapping?

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