It’s Christmas Time

Reason for the Season …by Khaidji

Recorded in the Bible from a long time ago
Emanuel the Savior was born and the world came to know
A King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Spreading cheer and peace to all men, the Bible records
Our Savior was a gift from God to mankind
Now all men can be saved from Satan’s harmful bind

Free to enjoy the benefits that our Savior revealed
Ours to inherit once our souls were healed
Righteous living and meek spirits was our guarantee

The Savior promised through Him sinners can go free
How beautiful was this gift which is as precious today
Everyone should celebrate His arrival and convey

Seasons Greetings of love, cheer, giving and merriment
Everyone should remember the times Jesus spent
Alerting us of our Father’s blessing from above
Saving us from sin and spreading His love
Our gift of Christ Jesus is the assurance that we
Never feel discounted when giving cheer, love and charity.


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8 responses to “It’s Christmas Time


    Jesus and Santa Claus … love them….

  2. John

    Each of us have that special something in us that tells us there is something higher than ourselves and makes us want to give back for what we received.

    Here is a story of a P-38 pilot shot down in the Pacific during WWII and his life of giving back for what he was given by uncomplicated people on the Pacific Island of New Britain.

    When all is said and done, he knew that he could not repay those simple people for the gift of life that was freely given to him by them.

    So, he spent his life giving thanks and praise for that gift of life which he freely received.

    Like him, we also received a free gift of life.

    May we always remember to give thanks and praise.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  3. To all at the BFP, Blessings and a Mery Christmas.

    May all your efforts to seek the truth be rewarded by a brighter future for Barbados.

  4. zapping

    Merry Christmas to all at BFP and to the Government Ministers who hang out here but would never admit it!

  5. Green Monkey

    And here’s a nice Christmas carol with words adapted for for Sam Walton’s heirs and Walmart execs, LOL:

  6. Konkieman

    All the best of the Christmas season to the Bajan family. I may not be home this year, but I have all my sons and their wives and wife around me which is all I need. Married to a Bajan girl means I get jug, sorrel, and all the goodies.

  7. Check-This-Out

    God Bless you all on this Christmas Day and in 2013.