The Sparman Affair: We print Dr. Ishmael’s letter for which he was suspended and sued.

Can Barbados handle the truth… whatever it is?

A copy of Dr. Richard Ishmael’s letter along with 16 other pages of information has been received by every newspaper and blog in Barbados and who knows where else. All anonymously sent, of course.

We’re going to start by printing Dr. Ishmael’s 3 page letter and then see where we go from there.

The letter contains allegations against Dr. Sparman, the Minister of Health and others – and also reveals a past complaint against Sparman that appears to have been covered up. We blacked out the name of a patient and the patient’s wife who both figure prominently in the story.

Remember that as a result of Dr. Ishmael sending the letter, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital suspended Dr. Ishmael and, according to many Barbados physicians, put many critically ill heart patients at serious risk. The letter raises many large and important questions, but our main concern is for the well being of the heart patients who are still at risk because their doctor is suspended.

See our previous article for some background: The strange case of Doctor Ishmael and Mister Sparman

Here is Dr. Ishmael’s letter. The downloads are about 200k each page…



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165 responses to “The Sparman Affair: We print Dr. Ishmael’s letter for which he was suspended and sued.

  1. integrity

    Oh Dear!

    From registered sex offender to ambulance chaser for those with money.

    Dr Ishmael needs to be given an award for taking a strong ethical and moral position. It was his duty as a doctor to do so.

    So why is he suspended?

    To answer the question, follow the money and you will find the mole(s).

  2. rasta man

    Night run till day catch it.!!!!

  3. Hi better still why is a man with a criminal record in such a position , it stinks of what went on in the past people being offerd jobs if the drink in the same rum shop as the people in power .

  4. Mongoose

    Kudos to Dr. Ishmael. He is the sort of Doctor that the world needs more of. This whole situation stinks to high heavens. Dr. Sparman should be run out of Barbados. He is unqualified and a fraud who is still perpetrating fraud on Bajans and non-Bajans alike. How does a man with his criminal record get to practice medicine atall atall anywhere? There is absolutely nothing wrong in Dr. Ishmael using Q.E.H. stationary to voice his concerns. How and why could they suspend this man for raising very valid concerns about Dr. Sparman and trying to protect the public from Dr. Sparman?
    On what basis do they intend to sue Dr. Ishmael for libel? Since when is telling the truth in order to protect innocent victims libelous?

  5. Adrian Hinds

    He is not a sex offender in Barbados. Of course we can make the relevant laws here, to arrest and make punishable the behaviour that led Sparman to be so characterized, in another jurisdiction. Uh wonder why we have not!

  6. Minister of Health's resignation

    The Minister of Health should tender his resignation immediately until a full investigation can be conducted. This rotten abuse is on his watch.

    The investigation and report should be conducted by the independent doctors or an international tribunal of medical doctors specializing in ethics.

  7. Georgie Porgie


    Great letter.

    Ishmael has done nothing at all wrong. He used QEH stationary in HIS OFFICIAL CAPACITY to inform a list of relevent persons in Barbados who ought to have been informed of the strange and most unethical behavior by Sparman.



    I LIKE HOW RICHARD ” THROW DOWN ” he letters at the bottom of the letter though. That must have been the lash that hurt the bastards the most to cause them to go after him. Richard is saying thereby I have the qualifications and right to thus opine!

    We dont need NO international tribunal of medical doctors specializing in ethics to judge this case. If Richard has told the truth, there are at least three men here who are in breach of ethics, and NONE OF THEM IS RICHARD ISHMAEL.


  8. Guy DePeiza

    My Goodness!!!

    The Minister of Health, The Board and Chairman and the goodly Dr Sparman.


    There appears to be nothing virtuous about this PRIEST.

  9. Georgie Porgie

    Off course the allegations made by Richard of Sparman’s infringements and infelicities in the US can easily be got from public records- not like here in Barbados.

    It now has to be ascertained who in the Medical Board reviewed this man’s credentials and at what price?

    Come on fellows the ball is in your court BAMP & the Medical Board then Immigration Dept.

    It is laughable that people that suspending one of our brightest and best and most loyal are themselves so currupt! Murdah!

  10. Georgie Porgie

    I just run into some big money friends. I coming home to set up a big clinic.
    WANTED a selection of A& E nurses and doctors and maids or orderlies to refer patients to me. This offer is not open to Ministers of Health or QEH Board Members or thier associates whether sacerdotal or simply scandalous. I will come to hospital to collect.

    I paying 20% of the fees I collect. Why I didnt think of that in the last 30 years? LOL

  11. X

    Bravo Dr. Ishmael – for exposing this disgusting behaviour.

  12. Question

    Let us see what metal PM stuart is made of. Can he do the right thing and boot Min Inniss out of his cabinet? I fully support Dr. Ishmael for his bold actions. We need to identify his moles in the A&E and have them struck off the register for it is illegal and unethical for one doctor to accept money from another as payment for patient referrals.

  13. Question

    Questions that need to be answered:
    1. How did Sparman become involved in the management of this visitor in the first place?
    2. Was he called by a mole in the A&E?
    3. How come the patient’s NOK seemed unaware of Sparman’s purported involvement in the management of her husband’s case?
    4. Did the Min of Health overstep his bounds by giving directives that the patient should be transferred from the QEH to the Sparman clinic?
    5. What is the MOH’s involvement in the Sparman clinic? Is he a shareholder?
    6. Is it true that the Sparman clinic was given duty free concessions and tax free exemptions?
    7. Why has the Barbados Medical Council allowed Sparman to practice here in Barbados even though he has such a checkered pass?
    8. By suspending Dr. Ishmael prior to the conclusion of the investigation, is the board not jumping to certain conclusions?

  14. Georgie Porgie

    Question Says:
    Questions that need to be answered:
    1. How did Sparman become involved in the management of this visitor in the first place?



    2. Was he called by a mole in the A&E?
    SEEMS IT WAS A GOOSE…………whose jackass will soon be cooked. Can our officials get bank records of A& # personel

    3. How come the patient’s NOK seemed unaware of Sparman’s purported involvement in the management of her husband’s case?


    4. Did the Min of Health overstep his bounds by giving directives that the patient should be transferred from the QEH to the Sparman clinic?
    SEEMS THAT THE MOH IS A REFEREE LOL He does not refer himself, but he can check that potential refers be referred lol

    5. What is the MOH’s involvement in the Sparman clinic? Is he a shareholder?
    WE SHOULD HAVE THIS “INVESTIGATED” THOROUGHLY! LOL blood tests cat scans and all

    6. Is it true that the Sparman clinic was given duty free concessions and tax free exemptions?


    7. Why has the Barbados Medical Council allowed Sparman to practice here in Barbados even though he has such a checkered pass?
    See above

    8. By suspending Dr. Ishmael prior to the conclusion of the investigation, is the board not jumping to certain conclusions?
    THE BOARD LEAPT BEFORE IT LOOKED FULLY DOWN THE ROAD but when “the priest with the balls” saw the list of OFFICIALS TO WHOM THAT LETTER WAS COPIED AND ALL THEM LETTERS RICHARD PUT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LETTER , he realized that Ishmael was officially “referring” this case BIG TIME to the relevant officials ! LOL


  15. Outraged

    Dr. Ishmael should be hailed as a hero for exposing all that is wrong in Barbados. Corrupt doctors corrupt politicians, where and when will it end?

  16. HM

    What on EARTH is going on in Barbados?

    Has there been any independent investigation to establish whether ANY of the allegations are true? Serious questions need to be asked.

  17. Jack Bowman

    So … what actually happened to the money that European taxpayers gave to Barbados “6 years ago” for a cardiovascular care centre? Where is that money? On what has European taxpayers’ money been spent in Barbados?

  18. yatinkiteasy

    Would you let your family member be treated by Dr Sparman, given his record, and lack of qualifications?I certainly would not.This guy is an “ambulance chaser” with some serious convictions against him, and he is NOT qualified to do what the Barbados Government is allowing him to do. This is simply incredible, and should be thoroughly exposed!Advocate…Nation News?
    I hope Barbados is above other Banana Republics, where Government officials get a piece of the action from every approved clinic or business.
    The circumstances surrounding this case make me believe that we are indeed a Banana Republic.

  19. nasty, vicious, cycle

    “So … what actually happened to the money that European taxpayers gave to Barbados “6 years ago” for a cardiovascular care centre?

    The EU, US and Canada don’t insist on accountability for taxpayers money nor do they really care about what goes on in Barbados because those that attend the cocktail circuits and dole out money ( peanuts ) don’t really want to expose how they abuse taxpayers dollars back home through so called reciprocal tax treaties that really do very little for Barbadians

    These countries and international agencies could and should do a lot more for Barbados. They could start with insisting on real and immediate reform
    of every level of government and abiding by OECD rules of transparency.
    No ministerial rules, no Ital, no tendered contracts as promised by the latest government equals no funding whatsoever. Tough love is required to break the cycle by countries that enable zero reform.

    Barbadians could start by nominating citizens with proven track records to political office. This would mean that Barbadians would have to get off their sofas and get involved in the process. Maybe Dr Ishmael would consider running for office?

    Dr Ishmael is just one of many individuals over the years who have stood up to abuse of power in Barbados without the public lifting one finger to throw their corrupt asses overboard.

  20. Georgie Porgie

    As Barbadians we must today be proud of both BFP & BU for exposing this political tyranny in Health in Barbados.

    These blogs have done what the so called main stream press in Bim will never do.


  21. Responder

    What happened to due process. Everybody is calling for heads to roll, and my question is this, could any of what Dr. Ishmael said in his letter be substantiated?. If these allegations of mis-conduct, impropriety are true, then the relevant parties accused should be censored, pending medical and judicial review.

  22. Guy DePeiza

    The plot thickens, Barbados should be aware that the BTA lead by Richard Sealy took Dr Sparman on a Marketing trip to LA. The Board paid for and Provided Dr Sparman with Floor space to advertise his clinic. ” HEALTH TOURISM”
    The potential damage done to Barbados by that most sophisticated of DUMB ACTS is not to be scoffed at( Google). We are being lead by pedigreed “FOOLS”. Wasted tax dollars again. Expense accounts at restaurants, expensive Xmas gifts. This is now a pattern. Great Scott will we be able to withstand the fallout from the findings of deeper analysis into these peoples’ behaviour. THUGS

  23. To big to discipline. Clearly!

    Why is everyone so quick to assume that we actually know the details of what has happened? No one is too big to be sorted out. If ill has been done it will come to light and we should support justice being done. However, it appears that we are taking sides with limited and possibly biased information. I hope all those involved are big enough to make/support the hard decisions that may be required.

  24. Johnny Postle

    Gosh I am appalled at these revelations of Dr Sparman or should that be Mr. Sparman. If the information presented by Dr. Ishmael is true, this self proclaimed cardiologist is not really a certified specialist. That is crazy stuff if not totally unethical on all accounts.

    Also by the involvement of the MOH and Minister with respect to the suspension issue against Ishmael, the action certainly does not justify the means in a case where a proclaimed cardiologist is seeking referrals to his clinic by any means necessary. I dear say that the matter at hand indeed warranted a break in so called protocol if indeed the claims laid are true. This issue, certainly, cannot be handled in the manner that ministries and their respective ministers would handled it (and we know how those stories go). I would ask that given the back ground information of Mr. Sparman, the government of Barbados and all those involved the medical regularization of certified doctors have exempted and overlook the past history of this self proclaimed Cardiologist for reasons known only to them (and they better be good reasons).

    There must be a thorough review of Mr. Sparman’s credentials to determine his ability to undertake the specialist task of cardiovascular medicine. I leaves me therefore to ask: ‘What makes Sparman so special that his past no longer has meaning to his future undertakings.’

    The outcome of this investigation looks like it can hurt quite a few people namely the minister and the MOH. I am glad that such a matter has been exposed because I certainly do not want to visit a heart specialist who is not a heart specialist just like I would not want to be anesthesize by a doctor who believes that because they have been admininstering anesthesia drugs for a long time qualifies them to practice the discipline of anesthesia.

    I really thought the uprising against Mr. Sparman was personnel jealousy and envy re his achieivements in establishing his own clinic and making a name for himself. It is easy in this case to defend Sparman on the grounds that he is trying to get his life and act together after a horrid time overseas. But I just cannot defend him when the facts state clearly that he is not recognized in the field to which he claims he is an expert. If his credentials were recognized by certified medical boards I certainly could forgive his misgivings and fleshly infirmities. But if you do not have the credentials how therefore can you proclamate expertise.

  25. here me now

    bajans are so easily swayed, no wonder the poiticians does do we so.

    has the claims been sbstantiated? or becuz ishmail seh so it is so?

    lemme see how the lawsuit will go

  26. your kidding?

    “lemme see how the lawsuit will go”


    The lawyers will milk this until the cows dry up, years pass by and Dr Ishmael is broke and crushed into submission.

    Why does the poop all rise to the top?

  27. Commander

    @ here me now

    The claims regarding Sparman’s professional qualifications or lack thereof and his criminal convictions are fact and a matter of public record in the US.

    BU has links to the medical board meetings when he was thrown out of practicing in the US. It also has links showing that he should not call himself a cardiologist.

    For the other issues we indeed can sit back and wait for the court case. But unlike what another poster thinks, Ishmael is no small fry that they can drive to the poorhouse easily with drawn out litigation.

  28. Laughing

    This is so interesting. Let me ask you group of loyal and ‘law abiding’ Barbadians something?

    Why are we becoming a society like this? While I agree that on the surface Dr. Ishmael’s letter may appear to be upstanding etc. Look deeper. Dr. Ishmael is a professional. He is making allegations about another professional’s conduct. I am sure there are better and proper channels for him to report that professional…to his peers. Secondly, Dr. Ishmael is making comments that state things like ‘if the facts above are correct’ that is incorrigible for a professional. You CHECK AND VERIFY the facts and then act on them.
    What is even more worrisome to me is that as a medical proffessional, Dr. Ishmael should be functioning in the realm of the emperical and therefore checking and verifying should be SECOND NATURE to him. The mere fact that several times during the letter Dr. Ishmael makes statements to suggest that he was functioning on heresay says to me that he had limited proof, which would not stand up in a law court and that he was merely acting emotively because his ego was bruised. I mean come on you are a consultant the QEH, dealing with a patient, you are the GREAT Dr. Ishmael, physician of KINGS and a lowly staff member dared to call this wretch to deal with your patient?

    What I find funnier is that according to the Doc, Doc Sparman has done this before, but it seems like he never did it to him. Now tell me using any law of probabilities, you are the sh#@ (as the young people would say) when it come to cardiology at the QEH and it has not happened to you before? Leads me to wonder? Are you really the sh#@? Or is it that you wanted this prized patient, this gem, this diamond, with sterling to burn! for your own.

    Think about it people!

    The hospital should place a permanent record on his file…incorrigible-using the institution’s letterhead to spout heresay. Kinda reminds u of another pompous a$$ who wrote a letter to a reporter; I think; it was on HIS ministry’s letterhead.

    But Oh dear that man in RED…he was fired!!!

  29. Commander

    @ Laughing

    So you get vex because some of Ishmael’s letter might be hearsay buy you are insinuating things about his character because he did not complain about Sparman before?

    Are you serious?

    So he is to complain about a guy when the guy interferes with someone else’s patient that he is not privy to (HEARSAY) but is being mercenary when the case directly involves him. Please go and reread your post.

    Furthermore, this IS THE CORRECT WAY to report a professional suspected of professional medical misconduct ……………… inform your superiors and the Medical Council!!!

    So maybe you need to check your facts and go a bit deeper before you post.

  30. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    @ Here me now:

    “lemme see how the lawsuit will go”

    I am really amused at the same people who used the most vile innuendo and in many cases outright lies when the BLP was in office now want to “see how the lawsuit goes”

    What I want to see is if the Director of Medical Services called on behalf of the Minister about transferring a patient from the QEH to a private facility as alleged by Dr. Ishmael.

  31. ComeHere

    And we wonder why QEH has operational and management issues. This FACTUAL letter of complaint from Dr. Ishmael is tantamount to the Integrity Legislation that our very gov’t is seeking to enact in self-congratulatory fashion! But, oh no, in disgustingly typical Bajan chip on their shoulder form, the messenger is shot. An apology is unnecessary to a man convicted of crimes of moral turpitude. That horse has left the barn, I’m afraid. Ambulance chasing and patient shopping by any medical care professional is as disgusting as the limp wrist , brain dead “management” team at QEH who have now put the public in harm’s way by their actions against Dr. Ishmael. What is next, have the night porter GOOGLE “heart care for dummies” and perform “telemedicine?” Morons, each and every one.

  32. what will they think of next

    Why is all of this only now coming up?

    This man has been here for eons it would seem!

  33. Junior Niles

    As it appears Dr. Ishmael was writing his concerns to his superior “The DMS”.

    Was that the wrong thing to do?

    It would appear that the Board (which the Minister has full confidence in) was too hasty in their decision to suspend Dr. Ishmael.

    It would also appear that the Board from their track record is very power hungry and like Hitler don’t listen to advice because they are all knowing. But we all know what happen to Hitler.

  34. Laughing

    @ Commander

    My response was successful based on your response. It was designed to show the reactions a letter like the one we are discussing can construe. My statements may be baseless, his may be baseless or conversely they may both be factual. The point is the language conveys a different view, which leads in Dr. Ishmael’s case to the response of the Minister etc and in my case yours.

    I didnt say he shouldnt use the letterhead, I said use it in this way. When you use a letterhead you are creating a legal document on behalf of the institution/entity and therefore unless your contract absolves you from litigation you have to ensure that your statements match the authority given by the allowance, given to you to use the letterhead.

    Finally there are better channels, the doctors regulate admission to their own ranks. If he has information on Sparman which indicates he is a charlatan, then he should go to that body to have a review. This method clearly cannot be the best since in a previous instance he and his peers went to the doctors’ professional body first.

  35. Junior Niles

    the questions that should be asked are:

    “do the management team and in particular the Board of the QEH really interested in patient care?”

    “what qualifications/experience do the Board members have with regards managing a health care institution?” (can anyone shed some light on this?)

  36. David G. Brooks


    First, this is NOT a Laughing matter.

    Second, Dr. Ishmael did not send the letter out for public consumption, he sent and copied it relevant authorities & professionals, there is nothing wrong with that nor the content – i.e. his discourse within the letter – so get SERIOUS and stop Laughing.

    Its obvious that this matter will get turned every which way with a by-election coming up, which by the way is being handled strangely, to say the least.

  37. Cool dude

    The fact is that the Minister of Health did not seek to have anyone transferred from QEH. Also, neither did Dr Sparman seek to have the said patient sent to him. Dr Ishmael heard rumors and proceeded to write a very erroneous letter. This is unprofessional. He did not even ask the Director of Medical Services anything about the matter prior to writing the letter. Also, dr Ishmael sat on the Medical Council when all the issues regarding Sparman were raised and the then Council did not see reason to remove Sparman from the roll. Some issues went to court on a domestic matter and court ruled in favor of Sparman.

    Clearly Ishmael has been after Sparman for years with no success as his clinical skills have never been questioned.

    Next, Sparman clinic received all duty free concessions prior to Inniss becoming Minister and may have even been before DLP regime. I am very familiar with the issues here and must say that my fellow healthcare. Worker Dr Ishmael is wrong here. Seems as though being PM doctor has gone to his head. The Minister is not wrong here, neither is the Board or management. Ishmael acted too hastily and should have sought advice before writing. It is easy to blame politicians for everything.

    Also, what were the risks to patients when Ishmeal was overseas getting treatmentbfor hs own illnesses and that of PM Thompson? Also what about when the single specialists are on leave for whatever reason? I commend the Board for finding solutions.

  38. Georgie Porgie

    Here is the spin that the NATION brings on the QEH ‘s attempt at damage control.

    Let me dissect it.
    BY CHRIS GOLLOP | THU, DECEMBER 23, 2010 – 12:10 AM


    Re WITH heart specialist Dr Richard Ishmael on suspension, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) has used telemedicine to deal with cases of young children with heart problems.

    2- YOU HAVE NOT TOLD THE PUBLIC WHY ISHMAEL IS ON SUSPENSION? HAS HE PRACTICED BAD MEDICINE? Or has he just squeezed the QEH official’s and the minister’s balls?
    3 You have not explained what telemedicine is, or told the people of BARBADOS why we think that telemedicine is SUPERIOR TO PATIENTS BEING SEEN BY A DOCTOR ON THE SPOT.

    Re Chairman of the QEH board, Reverend Guy Hewitt, described it as the dawning of a new age of patient-centred health care.

    Have you heard of the word research?


    6 The priest is always talking about patient-centred health care as if this is a new revelation from God. Will you kindly refer him to Hebrews 1:1?

    7 Did you ask the puerile priest how telemedicine is patient-centred health care? After all does the telemedicine doctor ever see the patient? Do you or he have any idea how medicine is practiced?

    Re He told staff and patients yesterday that faced with several challeges, including increasing cost and staff shortages, the hospital’s management would from now take advantage of improved technology to ensure that the best possible care would be provided to patients at all times – as had been done last Saturday when telemedicine was brought into play.

    Why does he not fire the whole staff and clean the place and do labb tests by telemedicine too?

    RE Hewitt said the board had engaged the services of Dr Peter Gaskin, a Barbadian paediatric cardiologist and associate professor of paediatric cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Centre, in the United States.Using telemedicine technology, Gaskin consulted with doctors in Barbados over the weekend in examining the cases of young patients with serious heart problems.
    Telemedicine involves situations where medical information is transferred through interactive audiovisual media for the purpose of consulting and sometimes, to perform remote medical procedures or examinations.

    re That was the way the QEH will be going in the future, Hewitt said, noting that he had had several discussions with doctors in the diaspora who had responded favourably to the idea of providing their expertise.


    These dunces really got the DLP looking bad MR PM. Do you know what is going on man.


    Ishmael, a paediatric cardiologist, is now on a month-long suspension pending an investigation into allegations of inappropiate behaviour.

    Isnt it assinine to suspend a highly paid Consultant on pay? Why were not the dummies DELORES DEXTER AND DONVILLE SUSPENDED TOO?

    RE Responding to calls by the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners to reinstate Ishmael, charging that his absence could compromise the welfare of patients under his charge, Hewitt said the board would not be drawn into a public debate on the issue, but had instead focused on filling the void.


    RE The use of improved technology, and the new focus on “patient-centred health care” should pave the way for better treatment for patients at the QEH, said Hewitt.

    17 DID YOU ASK THIS MEDICAL ILLITERATE HOW IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY CAN REPLACE DOCTORS duly qualified? Did you see the qualifications of the maligned doctor gullible gollop?.


    19 DID YOU THIS MEDICAL ILLITERATE HOW HIS EMPHASIS ON SO CALLED “patient-centred health care” should pave the way for better treatment for patients at the QEH BY REpLACING DOCTORS with the qualificaions of Richard Ishmael BY TELEMEDICINE? HAS HE EVER SEEN A PATIENT?
    RE “Traditional medicine was often illness-centred or cure-centred; the focus was on attacking and overcoming the disease. The patient – his comfort, mental status, wishes and desires – was secondary to defeating the medical enemy.“But that no longer needs to be the case. A patient-centred approach offers an add-on to the current care through a low-technology, systems-based approach to many of the problems and challenges that exist in the QEH.
    20 THIS DUMMY IS A REAL DUNCE. When you have cancer doctors will not hence forth be interested in illness-centred or cure-centred activities , they will no longer attack and overcome the disease, they will only concentrate on the patients comfort, mental status, wishes and desire to defeat the medical enemy.

    Did you ask him this question? In Genesis 3 when our foreparents stupidly ate the forbidden fruit, DID GOD (see Genesis 3: 15) not present an illness-centred and cure-centred solution for their sin? Was God interested in their comfort, mental status, wishes and desires when he sent them out of the garden?
    21 Did you gullible gollop examine the moronic mouthings of this betzpaenic fool ? A patient-centred approach offers an add-on to the current care through a low-technology, systems-based approach to many of the problems and challenges that exist in the QEH.

    Man cant you see a nonsequitur when you see it?
    How is getting a man who has not seen the patient offer a patient-centred approach to his care? THINK ABOUT IT.

    We will NOW replace doctors whose questions we can not answer by low-technology, systems-based approach? THE PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES AT QEH ARE ADMINITRATION BASED NOT TECHNOLOGICAL.

    The only technological problems at QEH is the lack of interest to procure the technology requested by the physicians.

    And this sacerdotal scum has fooled you into believing that teleconfering is the solution to our problems?

    Do you know where the Carenage is Sir. Please go thou and do the necessary do! And take the dummies Delores Donville and Dexter with you. The stupid sacerdote should be sent to the dump at Mangrove!

    Boy you must be careful when you put a little power in the hands of a an envious new nigger!

  39. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    Cool Dude…..

    once again in the best of DLP traditions I find your statement lacking on several points.

    “Next, Sparman clinic received all duty free concessions prior to Inniss becoming Minister and may have even been before DLP regime.”

    I would direct you to a GIS press release at the below address:

    in which Minister Inniss OPENED the clinic.

    “Turning to the new Clinic, Mr. Inniss noted that it was a boost to Government’s thrust in Health and Wellness Tourism…. “It…increases the marketability of Barbados as a location of choice as it certainly adds to the wide range of services offered here.”

    pity that they missed the part about the sex offender registry.

  40. Commander

    @ laughing

    Please again note that the method used by Dr. Ishamel is in fact the correct way to report such misconduct.

    It was reported to the Board who would need to investigate and discipline those involved that are employed there. Also because they are his employers and the matter involves his superior.

    It was reported to the Medical Council as ultimate responsibility for such cases lies with them.

    It was reported to BAMP as the professional association for physicians here and also as his union.

    It was reported to the DMS his superior and to heads of department.

    All appropriate and correct.

  41. Question

    @ Commander: While Dr. Ishmael was on Medical Council at the time that the Sparman s#$% first hit the fan, he was asked by the Chair of Medical Council, Mr. H. Thani and others on the Council to excuse himself.

    @ Laughing: It would be very interesting to see on what grounds Sparman’s lawyers are suing Ishmael for slander/ libel. May be this is the next document that needs to be leaked to the blogs and I think at that stage Sparman’s credibility would be sub zero (because it is zero at this moment). For all of the points that Ishmael listed are absolutely true, these are not allegations or hear-say.

  42. rasta man

    Oh what a tangled web we weave!!!

  43. Georgie Porgie

    Telemedicine is used to provide consulting opinions to remote medical facilities or to facilities without the relevant QUALIFIED doctors. Consequently this highly touted add on by the priest wiTh balls for a brain is really oxymoronic………and moronic.

    On one hand the minister is boasting that we have open heart surgery, and on the other hand the ignorant priest is saying lets have telemedicine to present a service for which we have had the services for 30 years of a highly qualified and respected doctor, BECAUSE WE CHOSE TO SUSPEND HIM ON FULL PAY FOR COMMITTING NO REAL OFFENSE. Hilarious! or so it would be if this was not such a serious matter.


    Prime minister Stuart must intervene These two idiots are contradicting each other and themselves and making our nation look extremely stupid in the eyes of the world .

    I am sure THAT if MIA was still the LOO she would have had much more to say than FREUNDEL OR OSA have said.
    what is wrong with the people’s elected representatives? aRE THEY ALL ASLEEP ?

    sEEMS TO ME WE SHOULD BE READING “its a few mights before Christmas and no politicians were stirring except the LOUSE!

  44. Commander

    @ Cool Dude

    Oh please where did you get that narrative of fiction. How can you state as fact that Sparman did not attempt to do what he did. I in fact know that he admitted to doing what he did !!!

    Where he differs is that he claims that he was solicited.

    Funny that you claim to be a healthcare professional ……… I doubt it. and I make no bones about calling you out. No right thinking healthcare professional could criticize what Dr. Ishmael did in such circumstances.

    You should be concerned with why it is that the QEH never ever ever saw fit to offer telemedicine and such alternatives to patients before. All now patients cannot get all sorts of things done. Only after the serious political fallout re BAMP, Dr. Cave and a woman with a sick child complaining about risks, did they seek to do this. See my comments on this page :

    Telemedicine is the option of last resort when you cannot have a specialist on the ground. Just look at what happens when experts in the field are asked about the legal ramifications of cross border systems :

    Do you think that the QEH management has those issues sorted out?

    Therefore the proof of the pudding is in the testimony of the patient and his relatives.

    So please be a yardfowl elsewhere.

  45. Commander

    @ Question

    It was not me that mentioned Ishmael being on council at the time or not. I think someone else did. Frankly I am not sure what the makeup of council was at that time. But if he was indeed asked to excuse himself he certainly cannot be blamed for Sparman’s registration.

    Even if he was still present, such things are done by vote. So he could vociferously oppose and be voted down. So because an individual was on council does not mean that they can automatically be blamed or pointed at for any specific decisions.

  46. dimwit

    Remember de saying “How long is too long if it too long”???? Well its business as usual for our old friends in power.Nuthing from nuthing is nuthing and we gine get a whole lot uh nuffing fuh de next few years.

  47. yatinkiteasy

    Flashback! Twenty years ago the two main elevators at the OEH were not working. I know this because my Dad was brought down three flights of stairs on a stretcher.
    Two MONTHS ago, those same two elevators were not working.I know this because I was there, and had to walk up three flights of stairs.
    So , in twenty years the QEH has been unable to replace/repair the two main elevators, but they are now “in a New Age” of Medicine…using Telemedicine.
    If I didn`t feel to throw up, I would laugh.

  48. Question

    Point well made yatinkiteasy

  49. Commander

    I guess they might have to telemedicine that too ………… ROFL.

  50. Johnny Postle

    @your kidding

    There are a number of factual records providing proof of Dr. Sparman’s indiscretions. What easily swayed are you talking about? There is something fishy about this whole matter that has serious implications for persons at the QEH as well as Dr. Sparman. If I am easily swayed it is because matters like these are usually dealt with in the surreptitious realm and not in the public’s domain. The mere fact that it has been made public and the fact that it is no secret that political figures and high ranking government officers will engage in activities not in the best interest of the public but for themselves, I am going to thread on the side of opposing the minister and the rank and file and give Dr. Ishmael the benefit of the doubt. However I have also said in a previous blog that if Dr. Ishmael’s affiliation to the same rank and file has caused him to have an inflated ego, then he should be subjected to disciplinary action for breach of protocol and rules governing specific conduct. I said that only because I thought that I sense a hint of jealousy and envy at the rapid rise of Dr. Sparman and the launching of his clinic.

  51. rasta man

    But the Minister can spend ,I think the report said, $15 million on a state of the art lab.Makes one smile at the priorities!!!!

  52. don smith

    Cleary when ther allegations are investigasted the court will decide against Dr. Ishmael. After practicing in Barbados, there is nothing Dr. Ishmael and cohorts can do to get Dr. Sparman expelled from Barbados, He is making a contribution to health care in Barbados and must be commended for invesrting so much money in that lovley facilty in Belleville. Dr. Ishmael it is time for you to stop trying to destroy a son of the Caribbean. Has your vendetta got anything to do with class. The court has ruled allready and why are you opening old wounds.

  53. Georgie Porgie

    This is part one of my debunk of the junk printed in Barbados Today this evening by the biggest fool that has been foisted on the people of Barbados in Medicine since the history of medicine in Barbados

    The man is wise in his own conceits, and while professing himself to be wise, he shows himself to be a fool of elephantic proportions. Would to God that he had the ears of an elephant to LISTEN TO THE CONSULTANTS THAT HE NEEDS TO RUN THE HOSPITAL.

    Friends let us dissect and debunk the junk that effluxed from the priest’s dysfunctional betzpaenic brain with the ectopic testicular cells.
    He apparently does not even understand his theology, so how can he understand medicine and the needs of a medical institution. Hear the fool ……

    The Christmas narrative is a journey of faith of hope and of love, theological virtues and character qualities which are associated with salvation. In a fundamental way these three virtues: faith – steadfastness in belief; hope — the capacity of not giving up; and love — selfless, unconditional love and charity are at the heart of what the board of management is hoping to achieve through the staff of the QEH.

    1 Not only does the issues at hand have nothing to do with the Christmas narrative, but the “Christmas narrative is NOT a journey of faith of hope and of love theological virtues and character qualities which are associated with salvation.” The Christmas story which begins with the prote evangelium in Genesis 3:15 has to do with God promising to send a Savior to pay the penalty for sin. The Christmas story is about God’s love being demonstrated by the sending of his son. The Christmas story is about God providing the means of salvation for a fallen race.

    2-The moron asserts that “ selfless, unconditional love and charity are at the heart of what the board of management is hoping to achieve through the staff of the QEH.” IS THIS WHAT WE HAVE WITNESSED BY THE STUPID SUSPENSION OF DR ISHMAEL?…….and ON FULL PAY! WHERE WAS THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND CHARITY EXHIBITED BY THE BOARD? Does this moron know the etymology of the word charity, and that the greek word for charity is translated most often as GRACE?

    He continues……….For Christmas, the board hopes that Barbadians will have faith in the transformation we seek to bring about in order to return this institution, this institution that we all need and love, to its pride of place.

    3- How can the QEH return to its pride of place, when a doctor who really exhibited his journey of faith of hope and of love by returning to practice medicine in Barbados for the last 30 years despite being Board certified in Paediatrics and Cardiology is treated like a dog by this power seeking dummy?

    With those qualifications, he could collect US 4000 a pop for having a technician do a thread mill test. He does not even have to be present. How do I know this? I witnessed it done……..on me as the patient.

    That the QEH should return to its pride of place suggests that it was once pride of place. Who ran the hospital then? A board led by a priest who does not even understand the message of the Christmas story?

    4- How can the QEH return to its pride of place, when such a duly well qualified doctor can not get the following issues addressed by the Board, the DMS and the Minister of Health?

    The people of Barbados agree with Ishmael that
    “It would seem more appropriate that the DMS and the Minister of Health concentrate on improving the delivery of cardiovascular care and critical care at the QEH. This can be done by facilitating the opening of the Cardiovascular Care Centre in the “empty shell” on the 2nd floor of the Lions Eye Care Centre which was conceptualized and articulated 14 years ago, was designed 10 years ago and was funded by the European Union 6 years ago, as well as by increasing the number of critical care beds at the QEH, (first requested 15 years ago) by refurbishing, expanding and reopening the medical ICU and creating a coronary care unit (CCU). This will allow better care for all QEH cardiac and critically ill patients rather than trying to send “private” cardiac patients to a private institution run by an individual with questionable credentials.
    Here the moron one more……….This Christmas I ask the people of Barbados not to lose faith in the journey that the board wants to make for all Barbadians in terms of care at the QEH.

    5 Why should the people of Barbados retain faith in a Board that suspends a faithful loyal well qualified doctor for asking relevant questions and pointing out relevant discrepancies of a Board woefully lacking in the necessary acumen, attitude and aptitude to the required job?

    The questions that the Board MUST answer to retain the faith in the Board with respect to the care of heart patients at QEH are

    a- Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on improving the delivery of cardiovascular care and critical care at the QEH?

    b. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on facilitating the opening of the Cardiovascular Care Centre in the “empty shell” on the 2nd floor of the Lions Eye Care Centre which was conceptualized and articulated 14 years ago, designed 10 years ago and was funded by the European Union 6 years ago?

    c. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on increasing the number of critical care beds at the QEH, (first requested 15 years ago) by refurbishing, expanding and reopening the medical ICU and creating a coronary care unit (CCU)?
    d. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on increasing the number of critical care beds at the QEH, (first requested 15 years ago) by refurbishing, expanding and reopening the medical ICU and creating a coronary care unit (CCU).

    e. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on allowing better care for all QEH cardiac and critically ill patients rather than trying to send “private” cardiac patients to a private institution run by an individual with questionable credentials.

    f. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board think that the necessary transformation they seek in moving from a consultant~centric model to a patient-centred model of care is the way to go? Has patient centered care not always been the way medicine is practiced? You don’t need consultants for primary care to happen YOU NEED PATIENTS.


    IF IT WAS NOT FOR BU & BFP, this fool would be sitting snug tonight But his arrogance ignorance and incompetence has been exposed!

    I say hurray to the the blogs! Jolly good show!

  54. don smith

    I can boldy say that the court will rule against Dr. Ishmael. I bet you that he has his facts all tangled and he will eventaully apoligize to all parties concerned. He might feel he has a case, but law is not about heresay. When God is for you no man stands against you. Dr. Ishmael, having served on the Medical Coucil and having been advised by a reputable lawyer that Dr. Sparman registation cannot be touched why are you pursuing that line? Has it got to do with envy? Do you think your friends on the Medical Council can save you from this hole u have dug for yourself? Justice in the end will prevail and you are going to be a broken man no pun intended. You are going to learn from this episode that emperical infromation is differnt to heresay.

    The Board was right in suspending Dr. Ishmwael. He needs to know admiministrative techniques and procedures. Is Dr. Ishmael the front man for the other Cardiologists in trying to destroy Dr. Sparman. Would the removal of Dr. Sparman from Barbados means more business for the cardiologist here and consequently less competition. Dr. Ismael et al. can you tell Barbados if Dr. Sparman had ever lost a patient under his care. I will ANSWER it you. Have any of your colleagues lost any patients in Guyana after following Dr. Sparman to emulate what he was doing there? Please inform Barbados.

  55. your kidding

    Slurs on Guyanese aside, Don Smith isn’t kidding with his bold assertion!

    He knows the decision has been made in the back rooms of judicial power brokering and that Dr Ishmael will be in an endless and expensive process that will take years to be heard, if ever.

  56. dimwit

    Don Smith????????

    Yahh JOHNNY yuh must be getting pay good,,,,EEhhhhh yuh Hipiny Dippiny twoo timing sleazeball,,,,GO CARRY YUH SLIMY BUTT FROM HERE!!!!!!

  57. Georgie Porgie

    This is part TWO of my debunk of the junk printed in Barbados Today this evening by the biggest fool that has been foisted on the people of Barbados in Medicine since the history of medicine in Barbados.

    Bird brain continues ……..Our current healthcare environment presents tremendous challenges to providing quality care to patients: before us are the challenges of increasing costs. declining budgets, staffing shortages, and access issues that the Board struggles with.

    6. Didnt we have these problems in the glory days too? Tell us about the funding given by the Euro folk. Tell us what does the tremendous challenges to providing quality care to patients have to do with your mistreatment of Ishmael. Tell us! Tell us whether the Minister, Sparman and the DMS did as Ishmael alleges. Tell us why you are not doing anything about it, if indeed Ishmael is telling the truth- and we do believe Ishmael, by the way. Tell us why you have tried to humiliate Ishmael if he is correct. You did not think that wicki would have leaked in Barbados too eh? LOL

    Now people here is the first attempt at a googly. This is the heart of this man’s desire. Here him I his own words.
    “At the heart of the transformation we seek, is the move from a consultant~centric model to a patient-centred model of care. Allow me to explain.”




    He continues………Although many people may receive sound medical care at the QEH,
    ……… many experience going to the hospital as institutional, impersonal, and alienating, with bare white walls, nightly disturbances, limitations on visitation and insufficient access to information about the condition and treatment.

    He goes on………This is not an indictment on health professionals


    but simply a recognition that traditional medicine was often illness-centred or cure-centred; the focus was on attacking and overcoming the disease.


    The patient — his comfort, mental status, wishes and desires — was secondary to defeating the medical enemy. Many have experienced the real sense that our comfort as a patient is a lesser priority to solving the medical mystery.


    15 WHY DON’T THE BOARD LOOK INTO THE comfort, mental status, wishes and desires of the doctor in providing the necessary tools so that they can have the patient out of their misery earlier. DO YOU THINK IT IS EASY FOR DOCTORS TO LOOK ON ILLNESS? DON’T YOU KNOW THAT DOCTORS HURT AT THE ILLNESS THEY LOOK AT? BEHIND THE FAÇADE THEY PRESENT IS SOMETHING CALLED COMPASSION!

    He goes on thus
    “But that no longer needs to be the case. A patient-centred approach offers an add-on to the current care through a low-technology, systems-based approach to many of the problems and challenges that exist in the QEH. It can be implemented in a low-cost manner to support the provision of safe, effective, timely, and efficient health are.”

    16 How does this abstract patient centered approach work? He says its an add-on to the current care through a low-technology, systems-based approach to many of the problems and challenges that exist in the QEH. But what is he adding on? His efflux of bovine excrement? This fool must have read this in a book. I am sure he does not understand it either! He is NOT saying a pang!

    “At the heart of patient-centred care is information-driven and quality-medical procedures can be systematically monitored by measuring outcomes, including infection, mortality and dislocation rates, pain levels, patient satisfaction and physical function levels, length of hospital stay and discharge destination. waiting lists and back logs. and operating room efficiencies.”

    17 Patient care begins with extraction of information from patients, processing of information by medical personnel and relaying of information to patients and relatives WHEN IT IS AVAILABLE. There is no mystery!

    18 Quality medical procedures cannot be systematically monitored by measuring outcomes at QEH when the medical staff can not get the tools to do quality procedures and when medical staff cant certain things to happen such as the answers to questions such as

    a- Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on improving the delivery of cardiovascular care and critical care at the QEH?

    b. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on facilitating the opening of the Cardiovascular Care Centre in the “empty shell” on the 2nd floor of the Lions Eye Care Centre which was conceptualized and articulated 14 years ago, designed 10 years ago and was funded by the European Union 6 years ago?

    c. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on increasing the number of critical care beds at the QEH, (first requested 15 years ago) by refurbishing, expanding and reopening the medical ICU and creating a coronary care unit (CCU)?.

    d. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on increasing the number of critical care beds at the QEH, (first requested 15 years ago) by refurbishing, expanding and reopening the medical ICU and creating a coronary care unit (CCU).

    e. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board NOT concentrate on allowing better care for all QEH cardiac and critically ill patients rather than trying to send “private” cardiac patients to a private institution run by an individual with questionable credentials.

    f. Why does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the QEH board think that the necessary does the DMS and the Minister of Health and the transformation they seek in moving from a consultant~centric model to a patient-centred model of care is the way to go?

    19- If the Board would do its job and fix or provide the above the comfort, mental status, wishes and desires of BOTH the doctor and patients would drastically increase. If the Board would do its job in providing the necessary tools they can have the patient out of their misery earlier, and waiting lists and back logs would decrease, and operating room efficiencies would improve…….especially if more anaesthetists could be employed . We would also see increased patient satisfaction, possible decreased length of hospital stay, if only the Board would do its job and fix or provide the necessary tools for the doctors to work.

    Guess what friends,

    The patient-centred model of healthcare delivery is not just another clinical pathway but a comprehensive systems approach through the full cycle of care that uses the perspective of placing patients and their families at the centre of our focus.

  58. don smith

    Has anbody stop to think that the doctors at the QEH believe that that instittuion belong to them and they can do what they please with inpunity, like instead of doing work for which they are being paid such as not treating public patients and concentration on their private patients. Do consultants like Mr. Ishmrel has a long waiting list of public patients? DR. Cave and ilk believe that they can use public pressure to force the Borad to reverse its decision. Gone are the days when doctors can dictate to the QEH. It is not their private clinic. Rules are made for eveyone. When Dr. Ismael was running around with the Prime Minister who was tending to the patients? When he was receiving mediical reatment overseas who was looking after his patients? if he dies today who would look after his patients. The Qeh should never allow a group of doctors to hold it to ransomsuch Messrs Cave and Ishmael or Bamp for that matter.

    Quite recently when BAMP when on strike did it have an interest in the public or one of it members?

  59. Question

    Don Smith you obviously have your head buried deep up $parman’s a$$. There are at least two cases where your buddy $parman charged patients 30K for placing a stent and this was proven to be NEVER carried out. This is not hearsay, I know one of the patients personally.

  60. toilet flush

    Over the years now, through a number of friends, I have heard of the professionalism and skill of Dr Ishmael.

    His reputation is now being flushed down the toilet by a kind of “Don King medical huckster” and his paid for cronies.

    I have to go take a shower!

  61. Guy DePeiza

    Don Smith is clearly part of the “Fecal Brigade”. best dealt with like this, “Bah Humbug”.
    Sparman no longer goes to Guyana, Buffoon!!
    He Clearly represents Our very DUMB and Intellectually challenged MIN of Health.
    It would serve the “FECAL BRIGADE” well, to recognize the lethality of an E Coli meningitis. Oh! They don’t know what this means.
    Is it possible that the Chairmans’ confusion stems from the fact that he is associated with LARCENY.
    To The People of Barbados when wunna get sick go to the QEH and ask to see not a DR but a member of the BOARD. When wunna get chest pain go to SPARMAN not QEH. James Wilson et al waiting in the slips!!!! Coral Ridge got space!!!
    Problem solved!!!!!

  62. Johnny Postle

    If Sparman is the real deal then he should produce evidence of his credentials online to prove that he is a medically certified cardiologist. Also it would be interesting to know where the heck he got all that money to build and furnish 20million dollars of clinic. Surely there are investors but the question is: who invested and what is at stake?

  63. de hood

    @ JP
    Man you very gypsy? What you u wanna know wey the Dr. get $20m from, as long as none is yours yuh ain’t got nuttin to worry bout. Why allyuh doe leff de man alone nah? De Dr. doing yeoman service at his clinic.
    Allyuh sound like allyuh real jealous. Sour grapes more likely! Effin yuh want some ah de blenzers that de Dr. got why yuh doe go an axe Bill Gates to help allyuh?

  64. Georgie Porgie

    dON sMITH

    be INFORMED!




  65. Alien

    You prople are really amazing.

  66. rasta man

    @ question .
    I can attest to that as well.Charged my friend $30 thousand for a stent.when he went to USA for a second opinion no stent was found

  67. Bonjour

    For over 7 years Ishmael has been trying to get Sparman out of Barbados to no avail. Sparman is indeed a Board certified interventionalist cardiologist. the issue was over his using the term fellow, which he should not have done. however, he is indeed as qualified as any other cardiologist here.

    i have been a patient of his and Ishmael/Massay over time. i have been satisfied with them all, however, Sparman has much better bedside manners and seems more patient friendly. I cannot say that any are better than the other clinically. As for cost, I saw no real difference.

    There are always complaints about doctors overcharging or doing procedures no needed. the medical council has never ruled on such as there are no scale of fees and the latter has never been proven.

    Two doctors have been charged for manslaughter and I do not hear BAMP calling for them to be removed from practicing medicine. Belle and Bailey are still practicing. Sparman has never been accused of causing death of anyone anywhere and yet Ishmael and others want to crucify him. It is all abot jealousy! he took money away from them.

    I do not trust the medical council either. Prof Mickey Walrond is Chairman and his wife Beverley Walrond is very anti-Sparman having worked for his ex in the last case. Since then she has been trying to get him deported too! Too mch conflict here.

    It gets worse. Maurice King is Ishmael lawyer in this current matter and he is also one of he leading attorneys for the QEH! So much for honesty and fair play. And |Prime Minister Freundel Stuart just rented a property at Paragon, Brittons Hill from Ishmael to use as his constituency office. Ishmael has the ear of the PM as he did with David Thompson.

    I find Minister Inniss to at least being honest and forthright wih the public on health matters. I do not always agree with his conclsions but I admire his sincerity. But he would never fit into the upper crust mould of some of his colleagues and bloggers so he will always be vilified in politics. I urge him to press on.

  68. Bonjour

    As for current issues at QEH, there has always been a lack of specialist a QEH and in Barbados. And when they go on leave, conferences, holiday or die, we then scamble to find replacement. people are right to query what happened when Ishmael was off on sick leave for months, or at conferences or vacation? I did not hear his friend Dr Cave raising hell about lives at risk. The truth is that in most cases the paediatricians and the other cardiologists can handle the cases. I have a friend who child was recommended by Ishmael and QEH to go to a US hospital for care. Even though Ishmael wrote a damning lie about the DMS and the Minister, the said Minister did no hesitate to approve the funds for that child to go to USA. Ishmael cannot save all ives. he is not God.

    A few years ago Cave was calling for the radiology services at QEH to be outsourced using tele-radiology. Why is he objecting now? All developed countries use some form of telemedicine to deliver care. it is not used in remote places alone. Large sophisticated hospitals in USA use them especially where there is a shortage of subspecialities. The QEH is right to embrace his technology as part of a solution to address existing or potential shortages or absence of skills. And it is even nicer to use Bajan doctors living abroad. Ishmael blocked Dr Peter Gaskin return to Barbados to work as a pediatric cardiologist. He has never wanted competition. Drs Moe and Tony Harris should let us know their views on Ishmael as welll. he is no saint.

    I find some of the comments so unfair and lacking in knowledge. it is time to shake up the handful of consultants who are controlling the QEH. The majority of doctors I tal to want to leave because of the disgusting attitude and treament by consultants. only a few of the consultants are self serving, egotistical doctors. most of them actually go beyond the call of duty. unfortunately they keep quiet and never publicly rock the boat

  69. Bonjour

    I feel that some of the doctors are wishin that a child dies in there so hat they can blame it on Ishmael’s absence and the BOard or Minister. hat is very sad indeed.

  70. bonne nuit

    After reading the letter and on the face of it , Mr Sparman sounds like he was way over the line.

    Whatever the merits and jealousies, Dr Ishmael should never have been suspended until the matter was fully heard.

  71. Question

    @ Bonjour: Sparman is indeed NOT a Board certified interventionalist cardiologist. I repeat NOT!!! If you have evidence to the contrary please share with us. In this day and age this is not too difficult to do.

  72. Mr. Intelligence

    To question:

    why people like you so opposed to Dr, sparman are you the leaker of the information to the press. Can you substasntiate what was witten the the letter to the Director of Medicine and what was the significanc of attaching information that is not relavanct to what you have written. You have been informed that Dr. Sparman can not be removed from Barbados, yet you are persistent. You raised the matter with the last Prime Minister and you got no way. You met with the current Minister and did you raise revoking Dr. Sparman’s license and what reply did you get? If he is not qualified to do what he is doing why is he having patients from all over the Caribbean?

    You know very well what was written about Dr. Sparman if not true, if you start with a false premis your conclusion must be false? Did anyone related/associated with the patient contact Dr. Sparman’s office, his computerised record can say yea or nea. There is no mole in the hospital working for Dr. Sparman, you should always think before you write.

    You believe that people like you can do and say what you feel. The competition is good for Barbados and it will auger well for heart care. Those of you who are getting emotianally involved look at this matter objectively and that is the letter Dr. ishmael wrote, the attacments have no relationship to the matter. Futher, specialist charge what the market will allow. Recently i paid almost 3500 hundred dollars for a procedures and i know someone paid much less, I was satisfied with the care I got and it was my health.

    Quite recently a friend had to get a procedure done and he was given the names of the heart men to choose from and Dr. Sparman’s name wsas not on the list, but i ecommended that he go there and when he return to the specialist he was met with consternation for so doing. This griend was cool and said it was his money and he could chose whom he wanted to visit. Some years ago a schoolhood friend was was misdaignosed and Dr. Sparman’s intervention saved him. He subsequently got his procedure done in Miami at the time. That was before the new Sparman Clinic was built else the procedure would have been done here. That friend continues to sing Dr, Sparman praises and so does Eddie Grant the singer who also testify to being saved by the rge goodly doctor.

    Heartful Christmas to all and a Hearful 2012.

  73. Georgie Porgie

    This note is to debunk the nonsense in today’s NATION NEWS PAPER

    It is certainly true that telemedicine is not good enough to ease the problem created with the month-long suspension of cardiologist Dr Richard Ishmael. Rather than the dawning of a new age, it actually represents a backward step in the delivery of health care in Barbados.

    It boggles the mind that the Minister of Health would appoint a Board with a chairman who does not know the history of the development of the services offered by the hospital, especially with the advent of the UWI in its hallowed halls and the conversion of the QEH to a being a teaching hospital that has for years attracted medical students from hither, thither and yon to do electives.

    Does this moron not know the regard and esteem in which the medical students trained at the QEH is held by the external examiners from all parts of the world.?

    With the coming of the UWI to QEH came specialist consultants to teach. Some of those first taught went abroad to learn to be them selves specialists. Some like Cave and Ishmael and others, returned because of love of country to serve and to teach others, by sharing what they learned abroad. Those doctors who return become geniuses because they must create, and improvise and make do with an abominable lack of necessary equipment, in their quest to serve at a high level Such men deserve to be respected. It is not easy to return home to receive
    1- lower pay
    2- longer hours
    3- poorer or no equipment
    5 and deal with priests with balls for brains, or

    While the haughty Whoit is behaving like a little boy who got a shiny little toy for Christmas even the students [far less the consultants’] realize that telemedicine is no improved technology and that the mythological “patient-centred health care” will not pave the way for better treatment for patients at the QEH.

    Acting Director of Medical Services Dr Clyde Cave, was in my opinion most polite and patient in pointing out that telemedicine “construes a misrepresentation of the situation and is in opposition to the expert medical opinion of consultant staff at the QEH

    It is ridiculous that he should have had to inform the blundering blockheads who are paid to run our hospital, that the current solution of using telemedicine to consult with Dr Peter Gaskin is not an acceptable replacement for the trained hands, ears and judgement of a paediatric cardiologist who can actually manage a patient in person.



    It would be amusing, if it was not so stupid to have this whoit? fellow trying to play doctor. But while he is playing doctor and nurse with his toy stethoscope and in his delusions of grandeur he dreams about being a doctor, the care of children with heart problems at the QEH has been in danger since the suspension of Ishmael on December 10, for the minor CAPITAL OFFENCE OF using a hospital letterhead IN HIS OFFICIAL CAPACITY AS HOSPITAL CONSULTANT to address an OFFICIAL MATTER AT THE QEH.

    While the little children with pea sized brains with ectopic testicular tissue are playing games such as doctor and nurse with their shiny toy stethoscopes, the cardiac health of the children of Barbados in the public service remains in jeopardy.

    As a trained physician myself, I would like to reiterate what Dr Cave has articulated quite clearly that “The limited scope of the present telemedicine arrangements, of which we are aware, are inadequate for:
    1) highest quality of emergency paediatric cardiac care; and
    2) ongoing management of the paediatric out-patient clinic.”

    The fact that ten days has passed and an adequate response has not been given to Senior doctor such as Dr Cave in response to his memo sent to the CEO dated December 14 in which he outlined his department’s concern about the fate of at least four critically ill children as well as the 97 other cardiac patients at the QEH who, in the absence of Ishmael’s services, had been deemed at “increased risk of adverse outcomes INDICATES THE DISRESPECT AND DISDAIN IN WHICH THE DOCTORS ARE TREATED AT QEH BY DELORES DEXTER DONVILLE AND THE DUMMY who is the DEVIL”S AMBASSADOR AT QEH!

    BAMP has stated in part in a release: “We hope and pray that the season of Christmas which is at the focal point of this season, and which is held dear by the Christian faith and championed by priests, would emanate throughout those at the helm of our premier institution, giving them good judgement for wise and just actions.”

    May I remind them concerning their remark in the paragraph above of two pertinent Scriptures

    In James 2:19 it is written …… Even the demons believe and tremble with fear.

    The demon that we are dealing with does not even have the brains to either believe the truth about himself and because he has a conscience that is seared he has not started to tremble. But don’t stoop to his level.

    You will find too that our dummy the Diotrophetic priest with balls that loves to have the preeminence is well described here in 2 Peter 2:2
    1. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
    2. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
    3. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

  74. Mr. Intelligence

    To the Minister of Heatlh and the Board of ther QEH

    Continue the process of reforming the delivery of healtcare in Barbados. You are on the right track. The poor Barbadians need a a reformed health care system.

  75. Mr. Intelligence

    Georgie Porgie

    Dr. Gaskin is quaified to do the Work that Dr. Ishmel does and was he given a hard time to get a position at the Hospital you seem to be obllivious of what is happening or are you an ostrich?

  76. Mr. Intelligence

    To Question:

    Have there been any compalints about Dr. Ismael’s performance at the QEH:

  77. Mr. Intelligence

    What was the motive of leaking the information to the press and who could have leaked it? Was it o open old wouds that have been ruled on and closed. Was the letter done deliberatly to forestall the launch of the Sparman’s Clinic ambulance service or the lauch of his book? Was it a coincidence that saturday of the opening of the Sparman Clinic there was Dr. Ishmael and some foreigner on the front page with some proceyre that the Sparman was doing bout here for years, was that done to steal Dr. Sparman’s thunder?

  78. Robert

    In your above post, it should read “skeletal staff”, not “skeleton staff”

  79. dimwit

    Who de cap fit let dem wear it ,,,Isay Oh poor ishmael ,,,,,Ohh poor ishmael,,,Yuh tell de trute but yuh went too far,,yuh went too far,,went too far,,,yuh tried wid trute,,,but yuh cross de line,,,cross de line,,,now yuh gine see,,yuh gine see,,now yuh gine to see,,,where de power lie ,,,where de power lie,,,Man to Doctor is so unjust,,,,so unjust,,,we all know just who to trust,,,just who to trust,,,but poor Ishmael,,,poor Ishmael,,,de writing on de wall,,,like J.C.,,,like J.C.,,dem gine pin yuh pun de cross,,pun de cross,,,all o what yuh say,,,,what yuh say,,,gine dun be loss,,,,,,Soooo who de cap fit let dem wear it,,,who de cap fit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  80. Mr. Intrlligence

    Dear Gorgie Porgie

    Consultants are the QEH are supposed to work only 20 hours a week eand some of them dont even put in those hours. They can be found in their private clinics most of the time and they are required to sttend to public patients but some of them just turn the public patients around until they decide to either borrow money or sell of some of their assets to pay for the required procedures. Most of these consultsants would have received their basis medical training at the taxpayer’s expense.

    Barbadian doctors and consultants are the best paid in the region if that was not the case why would we be attracting so many regioanal and international doctors working here. For you information, Dr. Dexter James is well quaiified and Dr Delores Lewis is very experienced. They are smarter then you and I doubt you are capable of operating s snowcone cart successfuly with your lack of knowledge of what goes on in healthcare..

  81. dimwit

    To “Bonjour” et all.

    I, a long time ago had the pleasure of a short 6 month stay at the then New Queen Elizabeth Hospital.I laid on a Guerney(stretcher) my left leg ripped open,bone showing,,fat and skin flapping,from knee to ankle,,blood dripping into a basin,,which was repeatedly caught and thrown away,,,Iwas fortunate that an aware samaritan had gathered me up from the gutter after being sideswiped by a bus,,and rushed me to the casualty,,,,I was totally aware of the situation squeezing my leg to try to stem the flow of blood and Screaming “Doctor,,Doctor,,Oh God get a Doctor,,,,,Time was at a stand still,,,pain was somewhere far removed as a result possibly of adrenalin,,,,I remember very little else but after a considerably long time a doctor appeared,,,,I awoke a day later,,,I had lost 4Pints of blood my leg was broken in three places and required over 100 stitches.My blood group was A- which required a call out from the then U.S.Naval Base stationed here through friends of my family.A week later after I was recovering I could smell something stink and rotten,,,I told my family and the Doctor decided to inspect (via another operation which required removing the cast},,,Apparently the wound had not been cleaned efficiently and Gangarine had set in,,, I must say that at this time the then doctor (A non national) personally made it his commitment to save my leg,,,After 13 operations of removal of dead tissue and skin grafting (which at that time 1966) was an unusual procedure my leg was secured and stabalized. After two years of Physiotherapy I regained considerably much use of my legs muscular efficientcy. Today my leg is ugly to look at Yes,but through the years I have been active in Sports and I am thankful for the the attention and care that the then Queen Elizabeth Hospital had undertaken to salvage something that could have been lost. So think Hard about removing a Doctor who I personally believe has his patients good will at heart at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the risks of those unfortunates who may suffer from his absence

  82. Mr. Intelligence

    To Mr. Dimwit:
    Doctors are not God and when your time is up no man can save you. If a police officer or a nurse infract rules, to investgate you must remove the person from the work environment so that he or she has no way of influencing the outcome by removing or tampering with evidence.

    Your time was not up as God was not ready for you nor was my time when I had a stay in the hospital and was cared for by a beautiful young nurse. I often wonder what has become of her. She was from a sister caribben island.

    Do you believe thast the hospital management would endanger the lives of the patients thrusted in their care. What I can say is that the Board of Mangement must ensure that no consultant can hold it to random and the Government of Barbados should offer Natioanl Development Scholorships to those critical areas and ensure that persons return or enforce forfeiture of the bond. Too often we provide opportunities for consultants to be trained who then think that they are God’s gift to us. Yes we must respect them, but we must not fear or worship them.

    Some Doctors and Consultants need to be taught bedside manners. Even though you are paying for a service they treat you like dirt if you are not from a particular class in this society. Within the last two years I was scheduled for an appointment with a consultant and i left there after almost half a day, yes i saw him but i was not impressed with him, that experience will not cause me to generalise.

  83. yatinkiteasy

    There has been so much rambling going on in these comments, that I feel we are losing sight of the most important element of the whole affair: Is Dr Sparman qualified to do what he is doing, or not? If he is, there must be documents to prove it. If he is not, how can he be allowed to practice by the Ministry of Health.
    It seems dead simple to me.

  84. Johnny Postle

    @ De Hood
    With the level of supposing corruption in Barbados; the underhanding deals that go down in dark places; the fact that corruptive activity goes unabated or unhindered amongst the rank and file and the obvious thirst for money and prestige by any means in this country, you think that I do not have a right to ask this question. Come clean is not accepted in Barbados because dirt and dirty are so common place it is almost normal.

  85. Commander

    @ Mr. Intelligence

    There was no problem with Dr. Gaskin fighting for a post. Please go where you came from and find some facts.

    When Dr. Gaskin (a pediatric cardiologist) first returned to QEH as a consultant he was give a post which was a ‘temporary’ one. It was temporary in that the consultant post he was allowed to fill did not belong to medicine or pediatrics?

    Therefore he could only hold such a post as long as the department that the post belonged to didn’t have someone for it. This is one of the many practices that QEH administration is famous for. Putting consultants in position with little to no staff and doing all manner of nonsense with the available posts rather than make new ones.

    So while we could do with more public cardiologists, QEH is full staffed in that department until the powers that be create more posts.

    Furthermore I have in this post and others shown more that enough areas and times that the QEH management did make decisions that made matters worse for patients. I could go on and on and on.

  86. Commander

    Mr.Intelligence Barbados does not have the best paid consultants…………………….. lol.

    The reason for the 21 hrs a week was to ensure that they could attract anyone at all. The fact is that this was an attempt by the British system that we use to avoid paying consultants full pay because they cannot afford to do so. The US has a system of full time consultants who are not allowed private work, they are called the attending physicians. They make in excess of $200,000 Barbados flat salary! The powers that be for obvious reasons cannot pay that hence the British system. The trick by authorities then is to try to get as many of the consultants to do more than the 21 hrs for free ………………. which MOST do.

    Consultants are not paid by Gov’t to teach either students or post grad. But many do.

    Consultants do not have on call as part of their 21 hrs but are on call quite often and for rates lower than that of some junior doctors.

    UWI consultants are paid by UWI and given a very small stipend by Gov’t. Gov’t then successfully gets them to put in the same hours as Gov’t consultants and do on call which they are not paid for at all! Wonder what would happen if public service doctors started acting like other unionized workers in Bim?

  87. Commander

    @ Mr. Intelligence

    You need to look at the facts regarding the leak. The documents were sent by Dr. Ishmael to several sources all of which could have leaked the article. This includes his board an d the management of QEH and the HR committee which should have been the ones deciding on the suspension. All of them could have leaked it. So the Chairman can only speak for himself. Furthermore I think the priest doth protest too much!

    Let us examine his hypocrisy:

    1/ Not so long ago someone within the QEH leaked internal QEH minutes in an attempt to get an upper hand against Rambarat et al. Where was his righteous indignation against that leak? Why was he not highlighting the group that stood to benefit the most from the leak?

    2/ All this hullabloo over concerns that Ishmael has defamed some people, but he remains employed after calling Barbadian doctors …………. pimps, drug dealers extortionists and organised crime!!

    3/ Why has the DMS not been suspended? The allegations against her are far far more serious than anything leveled against Ishmael.

    4/ When the Chairman thinks he even has a half decent case in any matter he is first to run to the press and talk a lot of nonsense. A good example was his People’s business appearance ……………………… what people do not know is that he and his crew then sought to prevent BAMP from having a response on CBC. How dare he talk about the press.

    5/ Is he even complaining about the anti-Ishmael QEH memo that got leaked?

    6/ What about the anti-Ishmael letter reputedly sent from a physician to QEH management ………………. who leaked that? The Chairman is merely throwing a hissy fit because he is not getting the traction in the press and public opinion that he would like.

    The 21 hr thing was a matter proposed as something to be strictly policed by the QEH has not accepted that proposal by BAMP just in case any of their sacred cows get in trouble. Rather they prefer to use falsehoods, innuendo, absent performance appraisals and the press to try to get rid of those that they do not like. If they are so bad, then performance appraisals and written rules would catch them out. But they refuse to implement them.

    Finally how dare you tell anyone in this thread that they do not know about QEH healthcare ……………… you have shown yourself to be utterly ignorant in the very areas that you claim to have knowledge and also that you are no better than the average yardfowl who cannot see the truth once there is a little scratch grain in front of them. It is people like you who refuse to deal with the facts but prefer to drink the politicians’ kool aid. Do us a favor and talk nonsense somewhere else.

  88. Plain Simple and Stupid

    To Commander

    You seem not to understand what the Region mean, it does not include North America and in any case barbados’ poulation is estimated at 280 000 and what is the size of the American population. Do your research. Do you expect to coampare salaries in Barbados with that of America. What are the GDP and GNP or America as compared to Barbados? With the salary and gratuity etc what is the annual salary of a Consultant. Please do your research and get back to this medium.

    If you stated that the practice of paying consultants for 21hours per week came down from the British system dont you think that the practice needs to be revisited. After so many years of providing the basic training for doctors and in some cases specialised training at extraordinary , dont you think that those who benfitted from our free secondary education should be prepared to give back something to society. By the way, consulatants sarlaries and 20% annaul gratuity is more than $150 000 a year after reaching the top of the scale for working 20 or 21 hours a week.

    You are forgetting something, the Board of Management is responsible for the managment of the Hospital.

    Why should Dr. Lewis be suspended, she was attacked by Dr. Ishmael in his correspondence have you read what is on this site or are you just wearing myopic blinkers. The point of the matter is the burdenear of proof is for Dr. Ishmael to prove what he has writen, no one else has to prove anything.

    By the way, the chairman has balls and must be commended for ensuring that the hospital is run efficiently, In the end the truth will prevaial

  89. Question

    @ Mr. Intelligence: I have always believed that Barbadians were the most literate on planet earth. This Sparman issue undermines such a long held belief. FACT: Sparman is dangerous to the health of Barbadians. He is driven by the almighty dollar ONLY!!! I am not for a moment pretending that all of the other cardiologist are without fault, however, Sparman makes these guys look like saints. He overinvestigates as a rule… this is in order to increase the patients charges… He often exaggerates in order to make the patient feel that it is a life and death issue… He over treats in order to extract more fronm the patient’s pocket… He tries to make himself seem as though he is God’s gift to cardiology here in BDS. Why would someone who is allegedly as qualified as Sparman seek out some sleepy little place like BDS to ply his trade? He is not Barbadian, he is not married to a Bajan yet he wants to practice in BDS… Interesting… Why would ALL the cardiologist in BDS including fellow Guyanese – Massay and half-Guyanese – Ishmael gang up against him if they had no reason? The issue here is not an issue of numbers for there is more than enough business/ patients to go around. Try booking an appointment with Ishmael/ Massay/ Moe and you will wait anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. So Sparman does not really affect these guys’ bottom line. Sparman is a con artist who has been able to come here and fool a few key persons into believing that he is the “real deal”. The man and his cohorts are a danger to the health of fellow Barbadians. Unlike you I refuse to be fooled by his sweet talk and BS… Sparman must be stopped before other Barbadiand are conned by this crook… Yes i said CROOK!!!

  90. Guy DePeiza

    THE DMS!!
    This lady does not have the credentials to be a consultant at the QEH. In this position she is ineligible to hold the the post as Head of the Pathology, and by extension she should not be the DMS. She never applied in the conventional sense to Medical School, she was sent there by the then Dean at UWI Cave Hill. Imagine the the shock when the then Dean of Admissions at UWI Mona was visited by this SENT woman. She was admitted simply because someone did not turn up or was not told of their acceptance. SHE WAS AS POOR A STUDENT AS SHE WAS A CANDIDATE. RUMOR HAS THAT THE “INTELLECTUAL HURDLE WAS SCALED BY LEGS BUT DEFINITELY NOT BRAINS. Long and short she exited UWI as she got in by SKULLDUGGERY. This was very evident as she muddled her way through the internship. THE DR WOMAN WAS DUMB(hence need for legs) a complete GINAL.
    No wonder she does the bidding of the Board.
    The Subversion of proper functioning at QEH started a long time ago. D perpetrators sorry to say were usually very political.
    You cannot start with Stool and end with Steak. Please do not expect Steak from this BOARD with an intellectually challenged DMS, a C(ROOK) E O., a Delusional(He thinks himself to be a player> WHY!!!!) jackass masquerading as a priest. Beware!! Even the Good Lord said that the DEVIL might present himself as a Lamb(in this case a priest). Ask the ARCHBISHOP what it was that Guy Hewitt did that demanded his reprimand??? NO NEED TO COMMENT ON THE MINISTER HIS FAILINGS ARE SELF EVIDENT.

  91. Mr. Intelligence

    To question:

    Deal with the facts and that is what Dr. Ishmel has written to the DM does he have emperical evidemce to reach his conclusion or he operated on heresay. I your premis is false the conslusion reached must be wrong that is one of the rules of logic.

    Provide the facts that he over investigates to overcharge. He is a Guyanese and is entitled to operate under the CARICOM skilled national arrangement. Do you have a problem with that. There is somethinssg call freedom of movement and he choses where he wants to ply his profession. Why do Drs. Ismael and Moe want to ply their trade here, it is a matter of choice.
    Have you heard of Dr. Sarman losing any patients in the 10 years he was operating here?

    It is pathetic that you can sink so low as to call the man a crook, but then again people whose selfesteem is low resort to such dastardy behaviour like you,and by the way if you have the evidence that he overcharges and overi nvestigate provide the evidence. By the way one man’s meat is another man’s poison. That is, based on initial investigation doctors or consultant determine what further invetigation is needed. You are not trained to determine whther or not further investiagion is warranted and neither am I.

  92. Mr. Intelligence

    TO Guy Depeiza

    What did you intend to say about the DM, it has not reached by brain and it never will. It is a pity you have sunk to such sordid behaviour, but then again this clearly demonstrates you warp thinking about how women reach the top of their field. Take a zero for your reasoning and go back to school and return when you have learnt to reason without resorting to character assassination.

  93. Question

    @ Mr. Intelligence: Ask Sir Richard “Jhonny” Cheltenham how many of Sparman’s patients he is representing regarding stents that Sparman charged for but were never in situ? Sparman via his side-kick Dr. Curtis Sonny does an ECHO ($600) on everyone that turns up at his office for chest pain. I know nurses that have left his practice – Catwell and Creary-Reid – that have left Sparman’s clinic because they could not deal with his skullduggeries. You are obviuosly a Sparman operative, you may actually be the crook himself, who is hell bent on defending this CROOK’S / SCAMP’S actions. Why did he relocate/ run fronm the USA? You must be a BLIND IDIOT if you are incapable of seeing the TRUTH. How come he did not set up full time practice in Guyana? Ask Dr. Tony Harris how many patient Sparman has lost over the last 10 years. Drs. Mike Fakory and Alan Smith may also be able to help you with this information. I will never let a BS artist look after my family or me and that would obviously exclude Sparman.

  94. Question

    @ Mr. Intelligence: Before you go shooting off your mouth please make sure you have your facts staight. Sparman = Little Substance + A Lot Of Hype. He can fool some of the people all of the time but he cannot fool all of the people all of the time. I have worked him out.

  95. hear me now

    to the ppl against the TEMPORARY solution of using telemedicine to offer some sort of care in mr ishmael’s absence this is my question.

    other than the obvious answer you will bring forth which is to with immediate effect to reinstate dr ishmael, what other alternatives are they?

    1. lets say mr ishmael is hit by a bus tomorrow and is unable to offer cardiac care to his patients (god forbid). what would you suggest the solution to be put into place until he can resume practicing?

    2. when dr ishmael is out to conferences or when he was travelling with the former pm back and forth, what are the temporary solutions put in to place to deal with the cardiac patients?

    and 3. what is the QEH doing to guarantee that 1 dr at the qeh does not have the power to cripple an entire aspect of patient care by being sick, reprimanded, vacation, dead etc etc?

    i await the answers.

  96. rasta man

    @question.Can Dr Sparman really be sued? My friend was charged $30,000 for a stent that was not put in?

  97. Question

    @ rasta man: This is downright fraud. You cannot charge someone. and collect the money, for something that you never did. Let your friend make an appointment to see Dr. Cheltenham. Very interesting you will have someone like Mr. Intelligence come here and insist that Sparman is a saint and operates totally above board. I have never come across a bigger crook in the medical profession.

  98. Commander

    To Plain Simple and Stupid

    The reason I showed the USA was to highlight the gulf in salaries when one pays full time. Furthermore for those who say Bajan doctors are the best paid in the region I can say nay, not so.

    Furthermore being tied to the Government salary scales means that a Consultant can never get more than S2. Their range is S5 to S2. Please investigate and tell me how many other civil servants make that $$ with less responsibility and training. So whatever big $$ gets bandied about rest assured that there are other civil servants making that $$. So let me know if there is a problem with them as well.

    At the height of the medical profession one can make S2. But at the height of the legal profession as a civil servant one is allowed to go beyond the S-scales. Please check and let us know what their $$ is. I hope you have a problem with their salaries as well and the perks …… cars etc.

    Other professions like lawyers are allowed to charge a %. What pray tell is the percentage of your net worth that you would be willing to pay for the saving of your life or your child’s life.

    So please let us not go down the road of what someone makes. If the QEH administration was not so worried about protecting sacred cows and allowing their friends and family no strings attached jobs there would be objective appraisals and all who fail to do their hours would be sorted out or reformed within a year. But they have refused to do so!

    Let me also add that several QEH administrations have refused to consider stepping away from the British consultant system. That sir is a fact! This is despite doctors proposing that some posts be full time.

    Next I find it smart that you run to add gratuities to the mix. Please note that the judiciary can make that $$$ before perks. Gratuity is in lieu of pension and it is actually unjust (in my opinion)for it to be taxed in the manner that it is. Pension has a level that cannot be taxed unless the pension is more than a certain amount (20,000 – 30,000 approx if I recall), but half of the gratuity is taxed no matter what the total is. When in fact seeing that it is pension only the excess over the cutoff should be taxed. But anyway those are the things that you and others do not add. Please let me know what people on the S-scales in Government get as pension and gratuity, I’m sure their retirement gratuity is a princely sum.

    Or maybe you would like to talk about the salaries of QEH management. A few years ago in an attempt to embarrass the DMS that they were trying to fire (also unjustly) they leaked out his salary which was $16,000 a month …………………. part time and before perks. How much are they making now?

    (Are you aware that some doctors have to pay over $50,000 in malpractice insurance come Jan 2011. )

    This thread is supposed to be about the actions of the QEH vs Dr. Ishamel and his letter. Several very very serious allegations have been made …………………. some proven, some just waiting for the testimony of the patient involved……………….. yet this post is full of people constantly posting a load of unrelated rubbish in order to derail the thread and as an attempt to make the medical profession at the QEH and Dr. Ishmael look bad. Now seriously why not deal with the issues rather than a person’s salary and any individual’s personal grievance with Doctors unless it is to do directly with one of the principals in this issue and has a bearing on them in this matter.

  99. Commander

    To hear me now

    Telemedicine is an imperfect solution to having people on the ground. I see no problem with it when one has no choice or in cses of emergency similar to some that you have outlined.

    The problems with this situation are:

    1/ Telemedicine should never be foisted as on par with attending a doctor.

    2/ Telemedicine is fraught with legal problems that even bigups cannot answer :

    3/ Telemedicine and any other alternative has never actively been pursued by this QEH administration until now, as a ploy to ease up the licks they are holding. As we speaks plenty of public patients all across Barbados cannot get all manner of things done but there is no telemedicine for them.

    4/ How much does this current telemedicine cost? Especially since the Dr. is still on full pay leave!

    5/ Telemedicine in this case is totally wasteful as there is no sensible reason for Dr. Ishmael to be suspended.

    6/ Telemedicine for most things would not be needed if QEH would hire enough staff.

    But ultimately it is a question that QEH needs to address for all of its services, starting with those that only have one doctor.

  100. Plain Simple and Stupid

    To Commander

    You got that right people like you should be concentrating on the lette r only and not aa matter that has been dealt with already and and has no relavance to the matter at hand. What was the motive of Dr. Ishmael was up to open and old wound that was healed or was it to impact on the doctor’s practice?

    You are forgetting that consultants work 20 or 21 hours a week, hospital administrators and oher civil servants are required to work at least 42 hours a week.

    conultants are allowed private practive and they use ther hospital facilities to undertake procedures on their private patients. And most of the money their charge go into their pocket. Some years ago, I had a procedure done by a consultant at the hospital and all the hospital got was $50 and the consultant got more than 10 times that amount.

    Tell me if consultants would want to work full time at the Hospital for $200 000 year no they would not. They make mor than that in their private practice. Would they want to forgo the priveleges of using the hospital equipment paid for by taxpayers of Barbados with very little contribution towards equipment wear and tear, administrative and other fixed cost. CONSULTANTS often circumvent the rules to ensure that the hospital remain a doctor driven hospital, Consultanst need the QEH and the QEH need them. Even Bayview Hospital at time needs to rush people to the QEH.

    Government employees are protectected as long as it can be poven that they were not negilent in carrying out their duties and therefore would not need to worry about being sued, as long as they do not breach that agency relationship.

    Mark my word, Dr. Ishmael will be the one who is going to be the loser, he has his facts twisted you should never write when you are angry, in the legal field we often say write when you are sober as nothing written can ever be taken back. Lets await the outcome of the investigation.

    You hav a wonderful day.

  101. Commander

    To Plain Simple and Stupid

    1/Again I am telling you that his facts are not twisted and they are correct.

    2/ Yet again you seek to bring the man’s purported salary into the mix but fail to mention the pensions or gratutities of the other individuals I mentioned. You also fail to address the huge QEH admin salaries.

    3/ Barbadian consultants and their privileges are standard practice all over the world anywhere that the British system is allowed.

    4/ I am still waiting to hear what percentage of your net worth a doctor should charge for saving your life.

    5/ Sparman’s past is relevant because it shows his character and poor professional behavior. Ishmael’s statments are all factual regarding Sparman’s poor record. So while Sparman himself has not challenged that yardfowl after yardfowl come in here attacking that part of the letter. Ishmael’s concerns are quite important. How can you as a Government support or promote someone with a record like his? The average Barbadian would not be allowed to be a doctor with his record! Worse yet how can Gov’t support him to the extent that they are while refusing to improve patient care for public patients?

    6/ In countries not following the British system eg the US, the doctors are the most highly paid regular employees ………………… above any hospital administrator …………….. fact! Only high end executives have a higher average base pay.

    7/ Please also do not talk nonsense about QEH equipment which the QEH does not maintain. Most consultants have their own equipment and instruments at the QEH which are used on public and private patients. It is also one of the rreasons that the QEH has so much trouble punishing a certain urologist ………………….. they do not own the equipment and never invested in anything but expected to use his extremely expensive gear for free on all and sundry. So say one thing you have to say the next. Please note that I bring facts to the table.

  102. hear me now

    i agree it is not perfect but again, without stating to reinstate the good doctor or to never have suspended him in the first place what is the other alternative of patient care in the absense of the singular attending paediatric cardiac physician.

  103. Plain Simple and Stupid

    To Commander

    Have u recognized that yard fowls are much a much sought commodity instead of the adulterated fowls.

    You failed to deal with ther priveleeges that consultants do enjoy dont you think that there is a cost to the taxpayers.

    you fail to recognize that some of the consultants speicalised traing asre funded by the taxpaer’s of Barbados. This is also a cost that must be factored in.

    By the way you cleary have not read the letter it was written from second hand information and I can assure that if u knew that a call was made by someone related to the client of whom Dr. Ishmeal mention you would step back on this.

    Dr. Ismael, has he ever benefitted from any wiaver of duties on equipment for his office.

    The GOB supports health tourism and the project Dr. Sparman presented was well evalutaed my the Ministry of Finance. In return he has offered to provide free service to the Hospital, since you speak from a postion of knowledge tell this medium who is preventing him forom fullfilling this part of the deal. People who have vested interest in the hospital i assume.

    Since u want to go off on a tangent i can, since you speak from a privelege position, do you know of consultans who treat patients privately but use government resources including medicinde, drugs etc and when the insurance benfits run out refer them to the hosptal for continued care?
    If you want to engage me in a discourse i am willing to continue to take you on and will not back down. So bring it on.

    Why is it that a lot of the equipment purchased for the hospital end up elewhere, certainly a layman would not know how to use them.

    There is a belief that some of the equipment is sabotagd for ulterior motiver. Who stand to benefit, not a layman.

    Do you want to continue?

  104. jack spratt

    If the suspension is wrongful, why doesn’t Ishmael sue?

  105. Random Thoughts

    Quoting Jack Bowman …December 22, 2010 at 10:41 pm
    “So … what actually happened to the money that European taxpayers gave to Barbados “6 years ago” for a cardiovascular care centre? Where is that money? On what has European taxpayers’ money been spent in Barbados?”

    There is a loud silence from the BLP in this matter.

    If the DLP cannot or will not say what became of the EU’s money, maybe the BLP can tell us, since they were in office 6 years ago.

  106. What an Ambulance Chaser!!

    The mole at Accidents & Emergencies,QEH
    need not be a doctor.

    It could be as lowly a staff member as an Ambulance attendant
    or an A&E orderly or Nurse
    -whoever it is that helps the injured person fill out the necessary paperwork for admission
    which said info just happens to include..
    *ding! $$-detectors go on full alert*
    ..a USA address!! and a USA Insurance Company!! Wheeee!

    Said lowly staff member makes the right call, and stands to collect 20%
    if SparBoy keeps to his word?

    Whatever: even if they collect only a lil something,
    it’s still worth making a 1 min. phone call.
    Nice work if you can get it, when it happens a few times per yr.

  107. Commander

    To Plain Simple and Stupid

    I have read Sparman’s letter and he does not deny most of what people are worrying about.

    Please note that I have not at all touched on the Sparman clinic or how he got the funding or who are the investors or any of that. I do not think it relevant right now. Even though people have been trying to pin the minister and others to it. Similarly I do not see how “Dr. Ismael, has he ever benefitted from any wiaver of duties on equipment for his office.” this got in there.

    If he did ………………. so what. It is in fact factual that every year government asks BAMP what they want for budget and every year BAMP says concessions on medical equipment and every year Gov’t says no. The vast majority of practitioners do not get concessions. I think they should n many cases, if Ishmael did, good for him and his patients, public and private. However again it has nothing to do with the allegation of patient poaching which Sparman has not successfully denied. By his own admission in his response letter he would be guilty in many jurisdictions. This is not even counting the patient testimony!

    You mention Consultant privileges ……………….. what have they to do with the case at hand? I am fully willing to discuss these privileges and then see what you have to say about those of others, however what you can do is ask the site moderator to make a fresh thread and we can have that discussion in there.

    The problem with Government directly or indirectly attaching their name to his clinic is simply that he has no qualifications in cardiology ………. by his own admission in the USA!!! Why put the people of Barbados at such risks. It was bad enough when back room dealings allowed that so called gene therapy clinic in here a few years back. then suddenly we had a whole BBC world expose calling Barbados’ name. That is my main issue.

    As far as consultants misusing their powers ………………. there re bad aples in every field. When caught they should be disciplined, but guess what it is this same QEH administration that has refused to implement recommendations to deal with this ……………. I wonder why ……… and it is not the doctors that blocked it at least not BAMP. Again though this has nothing to do with the allegations of Sparman poaching. (might I add that I have personally seen him try to do it in 2001 ………………. of course again on a fee paying tourist).

    The only cases I know of sabotage at the QEH most certainly did not involve Doctors. Again it is sad that people have such views. The reason being that the doctors at the QEH fight for patients of all walks of life and all of the innovations that have come to the QEH have been driven by them. Many have been held up for years or blocked by administrations and politicians but then the Drs get blamed. Maybe they should stop complaining and let the QEH run to ruin so as to do what they are accused of and allow themselves to make $$$ on the outside seeing people that cannot get anything done at the QEH. If a Dr. teef the QEH’s equipment, call the police, simple as that.

    As far as training very very few doctors get assistance from government for their post grad. The few that do are often bonded and have special deals that hold posts for them when they are away so that QEH can have a Bajan specialist in whatever the field is. I see nothing wrong with that. It is also not out of step with anywhere else in Gov’t. In fact I’d wager that the average Gov’t department sends more staff on bonded and non-bonded training than Doctors who get post grad degrees via Gov’t. But then what is the difference considering the masses of Bajans who have benefited from free education at all levels?? It is also interesting to note that most scholarships and grants available around here do not include medicine and especially not at post-grad. yet another discussion for another thread since I am very very worried about Brain drain.

    There are still questions in my previous posts that you seem reluctant to answer anyway ultimately it is the people of Barbados who will suffer:

    1/ We the tax payers will pay when Ishmael wins in court.

    2/ We the taxpayers are paying for the telemedicine.

    3/ Some Barbadians are already paying for their non-existent stents and sideways stents.

    4/ We the taxpayers will pay if Ishmael gets up and leaves, he can not be easily replaced.

  108. Keep it Real

    @question…since you have taken this blog to the gutter calling people crooks and questioning capabilities, maybe now is the right time to question why Ishmeal’s buddy Dr Massey is not performing anymore angiogram or angioplasty procedures in Guyana…as a matter of fact you as the question man should ask how many people died under his hand there and why the Guyanese authorities had to replace him at the CHC (Caribbean Heart Centre) with a “real” expert from India. I have some evidence on CD that would blow your mind. (Remember each procedure is captured on CD)…it’s interesting to figure out why the goodly Dr. M was so intent on trying to suppress this information by denying the patients families access to it…so much so that for one of the patients who died on the table while having an angiogram done, the family had to have the CD smuggled out of the CHC before he got his hands on it. If we are questioning the expertise and qualifications of these goodly men then the public ought to know all the facts available.

  109. Keep it Real

    I’m shocked to hear that your friend, after paying $30,000 to Dr.Sparman to have a stent placed only to find out, as you claim, that after a second opinion in Miami none was found, that he/she would return to Barbados and keep quiet. Clearly your friend is a person of means, who else could afford $30,000 and then a second opinion in Miami. It baffles me therefore why this person did not take this matter to court or to the Medical Council, it certainly isn’t because of lack of funds. I’ll tell you why; because it’s not true. Its a pity when some people hide behind these blogs and spew forth S@$*

  110. Plain Simple and Stupid

    To commander

    1. Would Dr. Ismael be the first consultnat to leave the QEH and where would he practice his craft if the the QEH dont practice coaching.

    2. If Dr. Sparman practice poaching and you saw it in 2001 what did you

    3.. Did you provide the evicence to the relavant body. Do you or other doctors involve in such activities. BY THE WAY it was since 2001 and that Dr. Ishmeal has been after Dr. SPARMAN AND TO NO AVAIL.

    4. SPECIALISED TRAINING IS VERY EXPENSIVE do you know how much it cost to provide such training and by the wsay, in addition the hospitsl psying for such training, doctors benefit under the National Development Scholarship Scheme.

    4. Since you seem to know that Barbadians have been charged for non-existent stents this is annonymous medium u should name them.

    5. Do you expect to make an analoagy with post gradaute traing for doctors and the general population. A the size of the public service is much bigger than the number of doctors at the qeh and ther cost of specialised ttraining for one doctor is very high and the period is for about four to five years for the pulic service any speialise training is much shorter and for you information most of the persons in the public servce for the the one year or two year training receive scholarship from international bodies. Quite recently a Consultabt from the Hospital said it cost approcimatel a quater million dollars to train a doctor so u would understanf how much it would cost to train a consultant.

    6. If u said he is not qualified to do what he is doing, tell me do u know of patients that he cause their death, put the numbers here.

    7. IS HE trained in Cardiology and your concern is it also about market share?

    8. Do u know of deaths that have been caused as a result of negligence and becaus of the hypcratic oath among doctors they close rank.

    9. Reccomendations must be evaluated to determine if optimun returns will be realized. sometimes a recommendation might appear to have merit and when carfullu analuzrd might not improve the current siutation thus its non implementation. There must be a cost benefit analysis.

    10. By the way I haver not hear that Dr. Sparman has reponded to Dr. Ismael’s letter, his lawter would and do you think for one minute that his lwayer would try to prove Dr. Ishmeal wrong in the court is where that will happen, unless Dr, Ishmel decides to settle out of court. Tthe burden of prrof is on Dr. Ishmael to prove what he has witten in his letter, as i said before the attachment is irrelevant.

    11. Why is Dr. sparman prevented from fulfilling his contractual agreement with the Ministry of Finance. I await your response.

    12. By the way, we await the barbadian punlic await the outcome of the investigation and consequently the court case. Hope it is not drawn out.

    13. Blessed and heartful day to you.

  111. Jinny Jones

    All this crooked politician versus Dr. Ishmael is terrible but I have just learned something that has shocked me more. I have just been told that the Guy from the QEH Hospital Board who is allowing this suspension for CRAP and endangering Children’s lives and Claiming that Telemedicine is better than Doctors (BTW telemedicine is great is you are in the far reaches of Outer Mongolia or Africa and need medical assistance without a doctor around) is a MAN OF GOD, a Preacher. How can a supposed man of God be so blatantly crooked? Does he take everyone for idiots? He is allowing this suspension (for writing facts on QEH letterhead) to happen at the cost of endangering Childrens lives. AND he is a father. Mark my word I will never enter nor allow my children to enter any church that he is preaching in. I expect this behavior from politicians but not men of God! BTW if by any chance the GUY is so unintelligent that he believes what he is doing is right, I suggest he give up preaching spend a lot of time in a confessional and them GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

  112. Guy Depeiza

    To All the AHs out there.
    Telemedicine has failed at QEH> Dr Ishmael’s suspension temporarily lifted this am. I am told that this was under threat of court action to save a dying child.
    Where is the priest now. AH,
    I have never heard of tele- injections,tele-surgery, tele-burr holes.

  113. Keep it Real

    If it is true…it’s good to hear that Dr. Ishmeal’s suspension has been lifted be it temporary or otherwise…. I for one never agreed with any suspension. If Ishmeal became overwhelmed with jealousy and vexation, got carried away and engaged in unreasonable behavior by drafting hear say on QEH stationery then if any of these statements are proven libelous the court will deal with that. Both of these men are capable and qualified cardiologists, it is a pity when a persons bruised ego takes over and turns an otherwise decent man into an envious, jealous, angry character who is bent on destruction. Dr Ishmeal should familarize himself with an old eastern saying which warns men away from being the vessel that holds jealously, envy and greed simply because these three toxic attributes erodes the vessel that bears them. Dr. Sparman has never professed to be an angel but his commitment to the advancement of cardiology in this country speaks for itself. Judge the man on the merits of his profession and leave the angels to judge him otherwise for no man is without sin.

  114. Jinny Jones

    What BS! Dr. Ishmael is quite happy to practice and let the convicted pedophile/wife beater/criminal do his thing in Belleville but DO NOT EVER EXPECT HIM TO BE ALLOWED IN THE HOSPITAL. If he enters again or the ministry calls to steal a paying patient away to his “Friend’s” clinic I would hope that Dr. Ishmael would do the exact same thing again. He is a man with real BALLs. Not scared to stand up to powerful crooks. As for Guy…if he truly believes in God he should now be praying and begging for forgiveness I believe that God would be very disappointed in him. But maybe like a lot of religious figures he’s in it for the money and has no true belief system.

  115. Jinny Jones

    to jack spratt;
    what does he(Dr. Ishmael) have to gain by suing, he has not lost his salary and to waste time in court?

  116. Parson Brown

    Jesus himself was martyred for being right, Dr. Ishmael will be remembered for this, the board of QEH and all the other sinners will get what they deserve. Let’s just pray for the children in the mean time.

  117. Random Thoughts

    Quoting “Guy Depeiza…December 29, 2010 at 6:15 pm …To All the AHs out there…NEWS FLASH…Telemedicine has failed at QEH. Dr Ishmael’s suspension temporarily lifted this am. I am told that this was under threat of court action to save a dying child…Where is the priest now AH?”

    Maybe the priest is praying for some miracles for the sick children, hee!!!, heee!!! heee!!! Praying is what priests do best.

    I hope he is not a fraudulent priest like some of those who had stupid Barbadians believing that David Thompson was miraculously healed.

    David was NOT healed.

    He was dying.

    He is DEAD.

  118. bad boy

    Sparman may appear to work for the people but he is a total empty vessel. He has no qualification for his claim. There are many like him who have fooled the public about their skill and after him there will be many. Do not compare him to Dr Ishmael. Sparman is not a qualified cardiologist, what he is I do not know but that is not it.
    Sparman has made friends in high places on both sides which is why he has been able to get away with his scheme. Time longer than twine.

  119. bad boy

    I know one case for sure where Sparman put in one stent and failed on the second. The patient went for treatment elsewhere and was told that the first stent was put in INCORRECTLY and should not have been attempted in any case. He had bypass surgery and is now fine. If not he would be DEAD! This is not hearsay but fact.
    Thanks Sparman for that experience.

  120. rasta man

    @bad boy.
    You hit the nail on the head.Same thing happened with my friend.
    He was told overseas that the stent should never have been attempted far less being put in incorrectly.sounds familiar.

  121. Keep it Real

    @rasta man…you lost me… I thought your friend was told there was no stent in place

  122. Donville Bullen

    So Dr Ishmeal get call back. Why? A child”s life was at risk!!!!JOKERS.

    At School
    A group of dogs is called??? A Pack.
    A group of fish is called??? A school.

    Now children please do not tell your parents This
    A PACK OF JACKASSES IS CALLED??? The QEH BOARD. Who answer that Donville,Delores and Dexter it was not you!! Sit Down!! No need to tief you are not getting anything for the right answer. ” I doan know wha gine becum of the tree a dem. Ya lible to tink dem is triplets. Sometimes I tink de want lokin up.

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  124. Corruption's OK: move along now: nothing to see here!

    AMAZING how this sort of nonsense transpires on small islands
    who are laws unto themselves!

    An unqualified ‘doctor’ of sorts with a USA criminal record needs to practice in Barbados? Hmmmmm….
    Both sides of the small-island government facilitate him, under the table.

    I wonder where this will place Barbados
    on the next global per-country ranking of perceived corruption index
    as maintained by Transparency International. ?

    How much did Barbados pay?..
    to rank 20th. on TI’s 2009 index as shown at URL..

    -or is our Bajan perception of corruption within the island/country
    so entirely jaded that we look upon it largely as “a fact of local life” ?

    Are we as cute as we fancy ourselves to be?


    To those bloggers who dont understand the importance of telemedicine and the fact that s0me bloggers dont understand that doctors and consultants make subjective decisions u r fooling yourselves.

    If u have a critical decison to make concering you health u should try to have more than one opinion to make an informed decision.

    Telemedicine is a world wide practice and is growing. It allows for in some cases, guidance/advise/consultation on a medical decsion where the expertise is not available at the time. If a passenger in a plane realise that the pi;ot and the co-pilot are ill abd he/she can be guided how to land by having a remote conversation shouldnt that occur. Just like distance education, telemedicine will remain a part of the culture of medicine and will grow in use. Therefore all of those who have become emotive about its use get real and embrace change. All of u who are saying disparing things about the Board of Management of the QEH and the Minister of Health are just shouting from the tree top and are not either evaualting things objectively or because of their wearing myopic blinkers are incapable of doing so.

    It is amazing how some people can try to establish a nexus in the issue and corruption without presenting a reasoned argument. Even though this medium allows for anonyminity, bloggerts should present logical arguments to ensure that their conclusions can withstand any scrutinity.

    I gone and look forward to good logical reasoning here. This online paper has a high standard and we should continue in that vain. If I have made some typing errors, please forgive me.

  126. Jinny Jones

    THE CHILDREN IN QEH ARE NOT IN A PLANE AND NEEDING TELEMEDICINE THEY ARE NOT IN A REMOTE LOCATION. They are in Bim with a fully qualified doctor who get suspended or fired at the whim of a QEH Politically hired puppet board. If my child has a heart problem and they tell me about tele anything, as soon as they are stable I am flying them to a country with a trained HUMAN who can treat them. These comments seem to come from POLITICAL PUPPETS. Use you own brains folks, unless you’re really that simple. Then I apologise.
    Oh Telemedicine is also used by real Doctors like Dr. Ishmael for second opinions or any other reason needed to HELP CHILDREN. You do not suspend Doctors for reporting honest complaints because you do not like the letterhead they used. If the letter from Dr. Ishmael had been type-written in Comic Sans Font on a rose coloured letterhead smelling like Channel No. 5, it should be investigated! That’s what the Board is there for. Or so I thought.

  127. Plain Simple and Sttupid

    To Jinny Jones
    It is unfortunated that you do not have the intellectaul capacity to understand the value of telemedicine or what is involved so hence debating such an activity will be an exercise in futility.

    No one is above the law and there are consequences for breaking your empleyer rules, The rules are for the maids and the doctors.

    Perhaps you need to ascertain if you have the intellectual capacity to function on a board and having establised that you could see if you obtain a politacal apointment on one.

    The mangement made its decsion and you or no one, including the Minister could tell the Board what decision it had to make, its decsion
    was based on the rules of conduct.

    The contents of the letter is subject to the investigation.

    It is people like you who shout off without having the ability to analyse. The Board of Management and the Management team know how to manage the hospital they are trained in that area. You or any one else cannot insult your employeer and dont expect that they will be consequences for your action. The objective of the hospital is to give the best care to patients and I have no doubt that the baord and the management are capable of determining what action needs to be taken under a given situation.

    Get real and start making sense as all of what you have said is nonsense. Have a blessed New Year and make sense in 2011. Peace be onto you.

  128. David G. Brooks

    @Plain Simple and Sttupid … what you say about insulting your employer and not expecting consequences is valid … not that I agree with it once the matter is one form ground or a matter conscience.

    However, Board or no board, a doctor does not have to answer to them in the case of conscience and more so if their professional status puts them in a position to ‘blow the whistle’ and not continue to turn the blind eye.

    So what you’re saying is totally a waste of time especially in this case. Yes, there are rules but some rules are asinine to start with so if the greater good is to break such a rule then so be it.


    We like to hide behind rules and regulations too much, and it is time for that to stop.

    Winston Churhill: “If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.”

  129. Q1: How did “Dr” Sparman get on to the wards of the QEH?

    Q2: Why was he there?

    Two simple questions, which have not been answered above.

  130. Plain Simple and Sttupid

    Dear Mr. Brooks

    I think you have missed the point. Dr. Ismael is entiled to make his complaint, but there is a right way and a round way. If you do it the wrong way you should suffer the consequences. Just like you would punish you child in an appropiate way for breaking rules which you would have established, Dr. Ishmael is not the rules and regulations governing his employment. Tha is plain ad simple.

    Rules and regualtions are required to maintaion equilibium, if you dont understand that it is too bad for you.

    Enjoy your old year’s night I shall spend mine in the house of the Lord.

  131. Plain Simple and Sttupid

    R U sure that he was on the ward of the QEH? Get your facts straight.

    2. You need to do your research to find why and how he was able to communicate with the patient and when you have done that come back to this medium and let us know.

  132. "Telemedicine" ?

    Telemedicine seems to be just another fancy 21st. Century techno-word
    for what has been happening for decades, already!

    i.e. Doctors conversing among themselves, getting ea. other’s professional opinions,
    via TELEphone, via Skype, via whatever means of tele-communication is available today.

    In other words…BIG DEAL!

    I suggest to you all that Charlie Manning and Dr. Cato used “telemedicine” back in the 1950’s and 60s,
    by picking up the freakin phone to discuss this or that case.

    So telemedicine is nothing new, is it…


    I was sitting in a cardiologist’s office a month ago.
    While he was discussing my condition, his cellphone rang.
    He excused himself as he handled the call.
    From what I was hearing at this end, it was fairly clear that there was another cardio-guy on the other end, and the two of them were conferring on appropriate medication,
    just bouncing ideas, suggestions and dosages off ea.other.
    Fairly routine stuff.

    I wasn’t wowed by what I am now discovering was “telemedicine” happening before my very eyes. OMG!! I missed the whole THING!
    LOL at myself for not being impressed.
    What a dummy I was, huh?

    And I thought it was just two Docs on the phone to ea.other….pfffft!

  133. balanced news

    dreaddie you have to check this out. Do you know that none of our cardiologist taking care of our beloved patients in this country are currently Board certified???? in cluding Dr ismael and Dr sparman saga. Punch in their names and you will see. . this is scary .

  134. Plain Simple and Sttupid

    At least Dr, Sparman name is on ABIM list, Drs. Richard. Ishmael and Stephen Moe names are not and Dr. Massey cerification has expired a while now.

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  136. Plain Simple and Stupid

    What a load of rubbish. He was suspended for a month and a month has now gone. lawyers will not advise u not to pursue an action they take instructions from their client. Under what cirucmstancee can he sue the hopital. He has not been deprived of a salary. The DM should also sue him for bringing her name into disrepute. This clearly show the arroance of the man, wrong and strong. If he had not has so much animosity towards Dr. Sparman he would not have found himself in this situation. And if he had not called the Nation to say he was suspended again there would not be so much publicity.

    It was unfortunate that Dr. Sparman did go to defend himself and i assume he was saw no need to since he was allready pratctising here, i can assure that he will go and have the suspension lifted this year.

    BY the way, patients do not always get the outcome they expected and they will complain. Show me a doctor that dont have bad outcomes. In fact nurses at the QEH in some cases have to advise doctors that they managment of patients leave a lot to be desired.

  137. rastaman2

    Plain simple and stupid how come the QEH is hiring a supposed pediatric cardiologist and his name is not listed on the body of the organisation that governs all cardiologist?? .Remember you have to be board certified in internal medicine first to be even eligible for cardiology board certification. De hood was right in saying that none of these cardiologistin this Blessed country are board certified. They all including that guyanese sparman and Dr moe should be plain general practicioners.

  138. rastaman2

    Well as for that wife beater sparman he got his coming. I heard that he still beats women. On another note how could our beloved honorable late Prime Minister David Thompson was being treated by a cardiologist(Pediatric AT that) when he had a gastrointestinal problem.We have three good Gastroenterologist on this Island. Why did he not turn over the care of one of our greatest leaders to a Physician who knows and treats pancreatic cancers? This alone tells you about Dr Richard Ismael’s character… But i am a lowly taxi-driver what do i Know.

  139. Plain Simple and stupid


    I qm doing some reseqarch and will get back to u, but will state start u can be trained in CARDIOLOGY and work in that field here, but i am told there is a new act that will require specilist to reiger in their area of specialisation.

  140. Plain Simple and Stupid

    Dr. sparman is not the only doctor that would have got into a confronatation with his wife. A lot of barbadian men, including doctors, lawyers, preachers and politicains ,to mention a few do hit their wives either in self defense or out of callousness as a means of control.

    Some doctors have been accused of sexal molestation but the case normallydie a natural death. Some doctors are mercenary in their approach. I know of a situation where some one needed a medical intervention for a while could not get it done publicly having been waiting for some time. It cost $90 000 in all for his medical care and the outcome was bad one. Guess what it will be re-done publicly.

    I can go on and on, but the point must be made that doctors will have bad outcomes and because of the lodge like way they operate they cover up for one another, but because of their envy of Dr. Sparman they bad mouth him with patients to deter them from seeing him.

    Look how they try to make the Minister look bad who is doing an excellent job. I wish they had more Ministers like him.

  141. rasta man

    @plain simple & stupid
    You are certainly living up to your name with your comments.

  142. Plain Simple and Sttupid

    To Rasta Man

    1.Even though I am plainly stupid, i do my research unlike you who is incapable of doing research and shoot from the hip, while i use my simple brain.

    2. Dr Sparman is qualified to do what he is doing, despite the impression being given by people like you.

    3. Dr. Sparman did his first degree in Chemistry.

    4, After completing his first degree in the sciences which is a pre-requisite to enter medical school in the usa, he completed a four year medical degree.

    5. followed by 2 years of general surgery.

    6. He successfully completed the American Board of Interna Medicine examination on the first attempt. By passing this emination it qualified him to take the examination of the speciality he pursued, that is the Cardiology Board Examination. Had he taken that examination after completion his Cardiology training he could have registered with that body. Had he remainded in the States to practise in his speciality he would have have to take the board examination.

    7. He subsequently pursued a three year sub=speciality in Cardiology concentrating on intervention cardiology and regular adult cardiology.

    8. Bacause he was returing to the caribbean he chose not to write the Cardiology Board examintion, please note that by passing the AIBM’s examinationn as mentioned earlier, he was ellible to write the cardiology Board’s exmination as I earlier said. Thus he is eminenly qualified in his area of Cardiology. He has been practising in his specialty here for eleven years and never had a death. Therefore he would have to know what he is doing.

    9. before you speak of what you knoweth not, you should get your facts. Later this year he will write the examination and become a member of the American Board of Cardiology.

    Do I seem as stupid as you.

  143. David G. Brooks

    @Plain Simple and Sttupid … have not been around here for a while and only just noticed your reply to me a-ways back before the new year … “Just like you would punish you child in an appropiate way for breaking rules which you would have established” … might this in anyway be like some parents telling their children that are being rude for telling the TRUTH?

    This sort of thing, even as a parent, has never held water with me, even though being human have felt the sting of such truth coming from a child and got angry but in the end I’ve always told my kids to tell the truth no matter what, or abstain, otherwise we run the risks of teaching them that it is ‘okay’ to tell LIES.

  144. David G. Brooks

    Regardless of what everyone says, I am still wary of someone, so qualified, but continually lied, or sorry ommited the truth, on immigration forms and medical board applications in multiple state (in the USA) and countries.

    BTW, the Minister of Health has such a blank, lazy expression everytime I see him on TV or a picture in the press that I feel he would make an excellent poker player.

  145. Plain Simple and Sttupid

    Mr. Brooks
    He is here to stay, we all have failed to tell the truth at some point in our life. iI dont know whether he lied to Immigration or not, a lot of doctors about here have killed paitents and lie, and their countepart have covered up for them. There is no little sin or big sin, what we should do is move on.

    Bt way, Mr, Brooks, he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone. HAVE U EVER STRETCHED THE TRUTH TO THE MAXIMUN AT ANY TIME? I AWAIT YOUR RESPONSE.

    The Minister of Health has the intestianal fortitude to tackles issues that nees to be tackled and is going to go down in HISTORY as a doer and not a talker and if he plays poker will be an excellebt poker player to. Can I say that about you?

    Would you tell your kids to judge people like how they look?

  146. rastaman2

    How come these other heart docs can’t do this new procedure sparman was doing for so many years. We should send one of them to train to do these procedures and then kick the wife beater out. People are having sympathy on this sparman fella because the country has no one else. BTW is this stent surgery rocket science? Maybe ismael should try doing some

  147. Keep it Real

    This discussion is taking a strange slant. I am getting the impression that some contributors are making up rules and regulations as they go along. For instance, this whole debate is leading the uninformed to believe that to practice medicine in Barbados one has to be certified in the USA…this is so much hogwash. There is no such requirement. As far as I know, the only requirement to practice medicine in Barbados is a qualification in that field from a recognized institution. The ABIM does not govern the practice of Medicine here in Barbados. To lead others especially the infirmed, to believe such, is grossly irresponsible and reckless. I wonder what is the agenda of some of you bloggers.
    Regarding Sparman, this guy got into the unfortunate altercation with his wife early in his life before he even decided to study medicine. The offence was such that the learned judge did not see it fit to impose a custodial sentence on him instead placed him on 5 years probation and because of the offence, he was registered as is the custom under the laws of certain states. Now, what is wrong with a man having reached that juncture in his young life deciding to turn his life around and pursue a discipline that would allow him to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of mankind. He chose medicine in general and cardiology in particular. I am sure that had he decided to continue down a wayward path we would not be talking about him today, he would probably be locked away in some penal institution wasting his life . Some troubled young men in Barbados would be wise to take a page from Dr. Sparman’s book.
    Regarding his practice in Florida and Tennesse, the records are plain as day on the internet for any one to see. The only problem these States had with him was his refusal to declare his conviction when he applied to practice medicine there. Nothing else, furthermore they afforded him the opportunity to appear before the respective boards to defend his action. He unwisely declined to appear. His knowledge of medicine was never in question.
    I am putting it to all of you who blog here, if you had a troubled past and had now reversed you life, you too would have second thoughts before admitting to a conviction on any application form.
    We should stop being so spiteful and jealous and give men room to be re-borned and stop holding their past like a dagger to their heart and at the same time thank Almighty God that you have never had cause to make a blunder in your life.

  148. plain simple and stupid

    got it real

    you have made some excellent point, and i hope that people understand what you have said.

    Keep it up.

  149. plain simple and stupid

    Rastaman 12

    Ask the other Guyanese doctor if he went to Guyana and what outcomes he had trying the procedure you mentioned that Sparman can do, and if he canset foot down there to anything with the heart.

  150. David G. Brooks

    ‘he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone’ … I wish more people would adhere to that, it could apply to many here on the blog, BFP included.

    “Would you tell your kids to judge people like how they look?” No, I don’t but you use more than just looks to form an opinion or gut feeling, when in doubt I tell following their gut feeling … it has rarely guided me wrong. I used the ‘look’ issue because the rest of factors, body language and so on, fit the bill.

    “Now, what is wrong with a man having reached that juncture in his young life deciding to turn his life around … ” Nothing at all, but come clean then or else you have not reached the 180 degree mark in the turn around, and its not once he left out his past conviction – two States in the USA, Barbados and I gather Guyana too.

    All I’m saying is that he didn’t learn from his mistake multiple times and that puts red flags up for people.

  151. plain simple and stupid

    Dear Mr. Brooks what has he done wronng in Guyana he can practise in Guyana any time, he has not lost a ptaient in Barbados or Guyana. Do you know of any conviction hee has in Barbadosdo. I will answer it for you. No you dont. Please learn to be objective and agrre that the matter that sparked this controversy will be decide in the courts. I hope u will also tell your kids to ensure that they have the facts before coming to a comclusiom on the matter.

    You seem not to know of what you speaketh.

    On the issue of a poker playe and gut feeling, i have not got your analogy, but perhaps that point is to high for a plain and stupid person like me. What has look and body language got to do with you concluding that Minister looks like a poker player, again that is to high for me. By the way, our senses normally tell us if there will be a positive or negative outcome in ineracting with persons, and this normall happens when you have personal contact with the person at some level. Based on that vive u might chose to INTERACT WITH THAT FEELING AND IT IS NOT PICKED UP FROM DISTANCE.

    Thus to tell me that the minister looks like a poker PLAYER because he has a blank lazy expression on his face according to you is beyond my comprehension. U tried to labour the point to no avail. Please dont tell your children to do like what you do in this situation.

    I rest my case.

  152. plain simple and stupid

    Dear Mr, Brooks

    you have got you facts twisted, Dr Sparman has no concictions in Barbados or Guyana. Please note that complaints must be invesitgated and so far in barbados, none of the allegations against his has stuck. I am sure that complaints are made against doctors and there is a proceudre to be followed, Can you tell me of any concvictions against the goodly dortor wh has been reisteed here since 200.

    If i had a conviction and i was coming to Barbados and i was not directly asked about that, i would not volunteer the information. Donsk ask dont tell.

    I have not followed your reasoning with the analogy in telling your children not to lie, and the lazy blank look on the miniter’s face and and being guidd by gut feelings, nevertheless, i would say to you looking at a face does not guide gut feeling.

    Further, if u had hsai to me that in interacting with persons you pick up negative or positive vibes and initially you might be cautious if the vibes are negative and act otherwise if there are positive. In sociology we have been taught that we have to behaviour; that is front stage and back stage and by viewing such interaction we made a determination.

    At university, over a quater century ago i met somone and for some reason the first meeting was confronataional, that did not prevent us from becoming friends thereafter. The vibes were negative at first, but as we interacted more we recognize even though we were outspoken we had a lot in common.

    I rest my case on your matter mr. Brooks. Have a healthy and heartful 2011 and dont dwell on the past. I know Eric Williams had said we must know the past to understand the future.

    Bye and if i have any typograpical or any other errors forgive me.

    i gone,

  153. Keep it Real

    Barbados…Yes, but Guyana he is still licensed to practice there but has opted not to do so for security reasons….his security guy was shot dead and Dr Balwan Singh who occupied an office very near his was severely beaten and robbed at gun point. This is enough to make a seasoned soldier think twice.

  154. rastaman2

    This Sparman fella seems to be quite interesting. Hoodlum becoming a successful heart doctor. I think he should be applauded rather that scrutinised…i heard he is extremely good at what he does…i wonder what is next on his agenda??


    to keep it real and rastaman 12

    u r correct that is the reason that he does not go to guyana. i am aware of what u have said above , some people just give their mouth liberty without knowing the facts.
    Rastaman 12, if u get to deal with him u will find that he has good bedside manners and treats his patients with dignity and respect and u now know that he is qualified in what he is doing, it is unfortunate that people questions his competency.

  156. Down and out

    I see tha Dr. Ishmael has taken the QEH to court to prevent it from carrying out an investigaation and seeking damages for his suspension.

    Wasnt he on leave on full play, he is so insolent and believes that ge can insult the Director of Medical Services and the Minister and now he got the gall in trying to stop an inquiry. This speaks to the nature of the man and his arrogance of doctors like him. He believes that he can be arrogant and disrespect people.

    What a pity. I bet u he dont get a cent in damages. God help us.

  157. rastaman2

    Well word is out there that the other heart doctors are upset with him. Do you notice how silent they are? The care of our beloved late Prime Minister may have been compromised!!! It was all about his publicity he didn’t care about the patient,family or the nation. Even if Mr thompson was a child,a local gastroenterologist should have been involved. I hope Dr Ismael sleeps well at nite

  158. balanced news

    That fella Sparman got some nerve to write about the poor man Dr ishmael in his new book 1.58 seconds.I think Ismael now has a good reason to sue his …

  159. Keep it Real

    @ balanced news…do not mislead here….did you read the book?

  160. balanced news

    Affirmative my dear gentleman

  161. plain simple and stupid


    I started to read the book but got distracted so i cannot comment on it, but I beleive that if he spoke about the heart man he would have written about any experiences he had with him. Do u realize that the other heart men have always been docile, while this one has been his nemesis for a while.

    Mr. Brooks where have you gone? I am still awaiting a response from you so that we can continue the discourse.

    Rastman2. You got that right, I believe that out beloved prime minister health may have been compromised. Any how what God does we cannot question.

    Enjoy the Errol Barrow Bank Holiday, he was the father of our little nation.

  162. WickedLeaks

    I am willing to give Dr. Sparman an opportunity to prove all ya wrong.
    I will produce a 5 min internet special on the good Dr., inclusive of checks on his qualifications.
    Dr., you and your friends know where to reach me


  163. rastaman2

    Keep it real…I didnt see Dr Ishmael in the book. Is jimmy smith Ishmael????

  164. Keep it Real