The strange case of Doctor Ishmael and Mister Sparman

Meet Doctor Sparman: Cardiologist, Registered Sex Offender

On Saturday, December 11, 2010, Barbados Free Press learned that Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Richard Ishmael had been suspended for writing a letter on hospital letterhead. What exactly the letter said, we don’t know. The Nation reported…

“Reports indicated that lawyers representing Health Minister Inniss and Sparman have issued an ultimatum to Ishmael to apologise by tomorrow and pay damages for his comments about them. Ishmael, who has been practising medicine for over 21 years, had been a high-profile figure during Thompson’s battle with pancreatic cancer.”

… from Nation News Ishmael Suspended

The next we heard was that patients were at risk due to the suspension of Dr. Ishmael. That seems reasonable to us given that Dr. Ishmael is one of a handful of cardiologists on the island. The QEH issued a totally unbelievable statement that since Dr. Ishmael’s suspension, the slack is being taken up via teleconferencing with a replacement in the USA. Now THAT really brings confidence to a parent hearing that!

Dr Clyde Cave, the acting head of the Department of Paediatrics, said that heart care at the QEH had been significantly compromised by Dr. Ishmaiel’s suspension and the lives of at least four critically ill children were at stake.

The apparent subject of Dr. Ishamel’s letter, Dr. Alfred Sparman, came to Barbados under a cloud in 2002, but earned the respect of patients and colleagues over the years. It is not often that a man who is still registered as a sexual offender in the USA, and has been convicted of using false names and “false statements and representations and engaged in fraud and deceit in gaining admission to practice” becomes a cardiologist in Barbados.

No sir. Highly uncommon for a person with Dr. Sparman’s background to practice medicine in Barbados.

Rumours abound about Dr. Sparman’s criminal past, and one story has it that the USA sodomy and abduction conviction in 1995 stemmed from a domestic situation. Another story says of Dr. Sparman:

– There is evidence which shows that at various time the applicant has used the following names Alfred W. Sparman, Alfred Eversley, Fred Eversley and John Freddman
– Sparman was arrested in June 26 1986 in New York for the offense of criminal impersonation. He was convicted upon a guilty plea for disorderly conduct and fined
– On June 14, 1991 Sparman was arrested and charged in New York for attempted sodomy, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment. He was convicted after trial of sexual abuse – forcible compulsion and sentenced to five years probation
– On June 6, 2001 Sparman was registered as a sex offender in the state of Florida
– Following a hearing in the State of Tennessee Department of Health, the Board of Examiners found that Sparman had “engaged in unprofessional dishonourable and unethical conduct”. The same body also found that Sparman made “false statements and representations and engaged in fraud and deceit in gaining admission to practic”.
– There were several social security numbers listed to Sparman, a total of four.

Does Sparman’s past have anything to do with the current situation?

And how is Minister of Health Donville Innis involved?

Without access to the facts, all Bajans can do is to speculate.

And in the meantime, seriously ill children lack the attention they deserve because the bosses at the QEH have chosen to prioritize administrative rules over patient health.

Our opinion?  To Hell with the bosses at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital who suspended Doctor Ishamael. Patient welfare must come first.

Again: To HELL with the bosses at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital!


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  1. Responder

    How many people in this country, right now in prominent positions have dirty linens in their closets, engaging in all manner of illegal and immoral activities. I don’t see any difference between Dr. Sparman and a lot of our so called ‘BIG UPS’ we have in this society. I hope BFP that if you happen to have ‘dirt’ on other prominent people in our country, that you publish it with the same vigor and alacrity that you have displayed here. What goes for the goose must go for the gander.

  2. Laady Anon

    I think the issue here is that Dr Ishmael was suspended pending investigation about the letter, which has resulted in the QEH and the Minister being named parties in a law suit.

    If that is the QEH’s protocol in matters such as these, then regardless of who Dr. Ishmael is, he should be subject to the same rules and regulations of ANY employee of the QEH.

    I think the stance being taken by the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners is fairly slippery as it suggests that because Dr Ishmael is WHO he is, he should not be made to follow the rules as outlined by his employer.

  3. jack spratt

    I agree, Lady Anon.

  4. de hood

    It seems to me that we have a “Mexican Stand-off” (a catch22) in this matter. The doctor is suspended while under investigation and the patients are under threat of ill health or worse without the services of said doctor. My friends this is only possible in our little “paradise” Barbados.
    My solution:- Why not have Dr. Sparman on retainer at the QEH for the benefit of those patients who are now health compromised until the “investigation” is over?

  5. de hood

    BTW, is this the usual result of one supposedly “offending” a big maguffy Minister in Barbados?

  6. Ping Pong

    Should one of these critically sick children suffer some deterioration in their health such that he/she suffers long term or permanent disability or death will the QEH be held liable? Already one doctor (Dr Cave) has gone on record that their health care has been compromised by the suspension of Dr Ishmael. Is a doctor reviewing a case via teleconferencing held to the same level of duty of care and exposure to liability as a doctor who is physically present in attending to the patient?

    I would have thought that suspension would be reserved for those who are accused of behaviour that may harm patients, staff or property of the QEH or somehow impeded the administration in its efforts to provide good and orderly management of the QEH. A doctor (in his sole personal capacity) threatened with a lawsuit for defamation would not seem to qualify as such a situation necessitating suspension.

  7. Steve Madison

    @de hood – please do not suggest that Sparman treat patients at QEH. He has too many questions over his qualifications to allow the lives of children to be at further risk. Dr Ishmael wrote on QEH stationery and for that he is suspended and today the Min says it is nothing to do with him. Well who ever likes can believe his story but not me. Ministers have the say in all actions on this island and moreso at QEH.Teleconferencing is no substitute for a Dr on site.
    @Responder – if you can’t see a difference when it comes to the health of children then you are BLIND!

  8. de hood

    @ Steve Madison

    So by whose say so are these questions on Dr. Sparman’s qualifications being raised? It was alleged that his morals and not his professional qualifications were in question. And by whom may I ask, an aggrieved EX WIFE? Sounds more like vindictiveness on her part to me.

  9. rasta man

    Sparman is a money hungry doctor. Maybe he has helped some people but he has compromised the health of many more

  10. Responder

    You can’t be serious Steve Madison. Has Dr. Sparman ever deliberately, intentionally or maliciously killed anyone, including children in his practice? What madness are you talking about. People die at the QEH on a daily basis, therefore would you carry out an audit into every Doctor’s qualifications and personal background to see whether they were at fault? or whether they were qualified to practice at all?. Bring me a patient that Dr. Sparman has treated poorly and if you dare, compare his record to QEH Doctors. Do you dare?.

  11. Georgie Porgie

    de hood asks and reasonanly so “ By whose say so are these questions on Dr. Sparman’s qualifications being raised?

    ASS ta man asserts that Sparman is a money hungry doctor. Is he more money hungry than any of the rest? ASS ta man asserts that Sparman has helped some people but he has compromised the health of many more.

    Can this medical illiterate tell us in what way has Sparman compromised the health of many in Barbados? And if so, how so? Has Sparman compromised the health of more than any other doctor in Barbados.

    Does he have proof or viable statistics to show hat persons treated by Sparman are more likely to die, or that more of Sparman’s patients have been planted as a result of his “incompetence.”

    Responder asks, and reasonably so “Has Dr. Sparman ever deliberately, intentionally or maliciously killed anyone, including children in his practice?”

    Responder reasons reasonably Bring me a patient that Dr. Sparman has treated poorly and if you dare, compare his record to QEH Doctors.
    Responder points out correctly that people die at the QEH on a daily basis . However, Responder you know that the qualifications of all doctor’s practicing in Barbados have been scrutinized BEFORE they are registered to practice in Barbados. Once your name has not been struck of the register, and it remains on the register, then no one can deny you the right to practice.

    There seems to be some furore about Sparman since he came to Barbados.
    How can Sparman practice medicine in Barbados unless he is registered to do so?
    How can Sparman be registered to practice medicine in Barbados unless his qualifications were scrutinized prior to his registration.
    Since Sparman has been practicing medicine in Barbados for at least 8 years . one assumes that he is registered so to do.
    If patients or physicians have problems with ethical practices of Sparman since he came to live and work in Barbados, there is certainly a facility by which these allegations or grouses can be addressed.

    Responder Says:
    How many people in this country, right now in prominent positions have dirty linens in their closets, engaging in all manner of illegal and immoral activities. I don’t see any difference between Dr. Sparman and a lot of our so called ‘BIG UPS’ we have in this society. I hope BFP that if you happen to have ‘dirt’ on other prominent people in our country, that you publish it with the same vigor and alacrity that you have displayed here. What goes for the goose must go for the gander. THAT WOULD BE GREAT FUN Then we can refer to you as Barbados free leaks LOL

  12. Responder

    Thank you Georgie Porgie for clarifying the scrutiny of Doctor’s qualifications in Barbados. Indeed it would be great fun to read Barbados free leaks. First for subscription.

  13. Guy DePeiza

    Please be informed that Dr Peter Gaskin is apparently looking at and reporting the scans but he is not signing them. Any Dr here would be foolish to base his/her treatment on an unsigned scan. Dr Gaskin is also compromising himself and his employers. An action can now be brought against them both in Barbados and the USA. That’s the problem you start with BS you most certainly cannot end up with gold.
    An example of BS:- The QEH BOARD, ‘CHAIRMAN” and THE MINISTER.

  14. Georgie Porgie

    Ping Pong asks
    Should one of these critically sick children suffer some deterioration in their health such that he/she suffers long term or permanent disability or death will the QEH be held liable?
    Note that Dr Cave is more than competent qualified and knowledgeable to opine that the health care of little children has been compromised by the suspension of Dr Ishmael.

    Is a doctor reviewing a case via teleconferencing held to the same level of duty of care and exposure to liability as a doctor who is physically present in attending to the patient?
    I would have thought that suspension would be reserved for those who are accused of behaviour that may harm patients, staff or property of the QEH or somehow impeded the administration in its efforts to provide good and orderly management of the QEH. A doctor (in his sole personal capacity) threatened with a lawsuit for defamation would not seem to qualify as such a situation necessitating suspension.
    Steve Madison IS RIGHT!. Ministers have the say in all actions on this island and moreso at QEH AND Teleconferencing is no substitute for a Dr on site.


  15. speculation

    While much of what BFP has released appears to be proven facts, the real issue is what was said using QEH letterhead and whether it is fair comment and/or the truth?

    Is this another case of bruised ego’s abusing their power using Barbados libel laws to shut down free speech or did the suspended Doctor really cross the line?

    Patients will suffer but as usual, this will all be good news for the lawyers.

  16. here me now

    were the 4 critically ill children that are at risk at risk when ishmael was on assignment dealing with the health of the pm on the other side of the world? how about when he takes vacation?

    1 month suspension is hardly something to kick up a fuss about

  17. Bonjour

    Let try to gt some facts here. It is alledged that Dr Ishmael wrote a letter on a QEH letter head making several allegations about Drs. Sparman and Lewis (director of Medical Services at QEH) and the Minister of Health. I have seen a copy of the letter.

    If I was a named party in the letter and the contents were untrue, I would have sued Dr Ishmael and QEH. He aso attached 8 pages of documents downloaded from internet and copied from newspapers abot Dr Sparman. These same documents were used years ago by same Dr Ishmael and others to get Sparman out of here. they failed then and they will fail now.

    In my considered opinion the QEH acted appropriately by suspending Ishmael whilst mater is being investigated. The QEH is now facing possibly 3 lawsits including one from their DMS to whom Dr Ishmael is accountable. If it was a general worker who stole ice from the kitchen he would have been suspended and not one doctor or ordinary person would have said a word.

    as for compromised patient care, when Dr Ishmael was abroad receiving surgery and treatment for throat cancer neither Dr Cve or anyone called the Nation newspaper and spoke about risk to children. When Ishmael goes on vacation or conferences, no one cries foul and when he was all over NY with PM Thompson no one in QEH bothered about the children. The QEH has not always had a paediatric cardiologist. And if there are only two in the Caribbean, then what happens to other children. I will tell you, the cardiologist and paediatricians get together and solve the cases.

    What happens when Dr John Gill goes on holiday or is abroad? He is he only qualified neurosurgeon in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean working at QEH. When Dr Shenoy was the only oncologist and travelling to India, no one aid anything.

    There is too much hyprocrisy here. Dr Ishmael should have thought of the accuracy of his comments before he wrote them, and he should have thought of his patients then too. instead he is so busy despising and attempting to destroy Dr Sparman that he does not care whom he destroys in between.

    Where is his professionalism? The Director of Medical Services was made to look incompetent, the Minister was made to look highhly unethical and Dr Sparman was made to look highly incompetent. As a professional myself, I expect that we would be less vindictive. BAMP and the doctors are wrong here.

  18. Micah

    If Dr. Ishmael defamed someone, that is a matter for the law courts to rule on. Since Dr. Ishmael is not(from newspaper reports) under investigation for medical incompetence or poor medical peformance, but because there was illicit use of QEH stationery by him writing to ? who, why should he be prevented from providing medical care to children at QEH for that? Of course, the Medical Council has not suspended him so he is free to do his private practice. Who then suffers- not those with money who can go to his private office, but those persons who need to take their children to the QEH to receive heart care in the public service, because they can’t afford to do otherwise. My guess is that those persons who made the decision to suspend him do not fit into the latter category. And I believe those who are supporting the suspension decision don’t fit into that category either. So who suffers?Dr. Ishmael does not- he is being paid by government while he is suspended, and is still doing, and probably now doing more private practice during this time and making more money. Neither I believe does the QEH management, who I am sure have other choices open to them to get heart care for their own children if they need to. It is usually the poor who suffer most. Now it may be the poor child that will suffer in this situation.

  19. here me now

    but micah, where does it start and where does it end? are you trying to tell me that this man is beyond reproach because of who he is? do you realise the serious trouble that he has the qeh facing by using the stationary unauthorised to carry our his agenda? he has opened up the hospital to a lawsuit that could cost them a great deal. must he be given a slap on the wrist because he is dr. ishmael? if it was anyone else in breach of the rules would you beg for this level of leniency? maybe if he was not suspended he would be in a position to hinder or alter the investigation in his favor, i would assume that in his position he has access to certain paperwork and info that cud suddenly go missing or suddenly change.

  20. Micah

    @here me now

    I thought the purpose of the investigation was to determine why the stationery was used; if this use of the stationery was actually inappropriate as claimed by the QEH management, and presumably if what was written on the stationery was true or not. As far as I know, it is only defamation if allegations or statements made are not true and/or can’t be substantiated or proven. Have I missed where it was publicly stated that there was no foundation or proof to whatever the issues raised by Dr. Ishmael were? Once the investigations concludes that the stationery was impropery used, and what it was used for was improper, inappropriate or malicious, then fine, throw the book at Dr. Ishmael and let him be disciplined or even fired if that is deemed an appropiate punishment. Others have written that there are persons implicated in the writings on said stationery, who have not been suspended from their jobs as far as I know, and who also I would think would have access to various paperwork, and may also try to influence the findings of the investigation in THEIR favour. If it has been concluded that Dr. Ishmael was wrong, then there is no need to investigate: suspend him without pay, and let HIM prove that he has been hard done by. The actions of the QEH management suggest that there is at least the appearance of a transparent process to investigate the matter with the goal of finding out the truth.

  21. de hood

    If the Barbados Medical Board has issued Dr. Sparman a licence, after the required assessment into his qualifications, to practice as a cardiac specialist and has not revoked such, could anyone please tell me what’s the reason for this sudden interest in the goodly doctor. Bear in mind that all that I am reading here so far is a rehash of all that we already know from years ago with the immigration fiasco. Also, as has already been pointed out, Dr. Sparman has proved over and over in the intervening years that he is very competent and knowledgeable in what he is doing. To my knowledge there has never been any suggestion or even a hint from anyone in Barbados about any malpractice on the doc’s track record. As a matter of fact, I know several persons who will swear that they are alive today solely because of the timely intervention of Dr. Sparman (and God, of course) on their cases. This is notwithstanding the fact of having been treated by other doctors here in Barbados and not feeling any improvement in their conditions. So, yes, if you have any proof, as Dr. GP already said, put in on the table otherwise just keep your so and so thoughts to wunna selfs! An iffin yuh en like wuh ah say yuh could lump it. So there, wunna fuhmember dem words?

  22. here me now

    micah how can they do a thorough investigation if the person to be investigated has the ability to foul the investigation ?

    in most organisations, suspension pending a thorough investigation usually means the person being investigated must not be present and acting in any capacity that gives him the potential to be biased and subsequently muddling the investigation. if the procedure is for him to be suspended why shouldnt the rules be followed?

  23. Guy DePeiza

    Bonjour you are a clown,when the the truth be told you will bite your tongue. Unfortunately there is going to be a sacrificial lamb here and it ill not be Dr Ishmael. Let us hope for the preservation of our Health Care System that the Buffoons are thwarted. Barbados is unfortunately filled with them you included ‘BUFFOON” sorry I meant “Bonjour”.

  24. Micah

    @here me now

    The Nation Newspaper of Tuesday December 14th quotes the Chairman of the QEH Reverend Guy Hewitt on page 1 and page 4 as saying ” While Dr. Ishmael is held in high esteem, it is believed that in the best interest of both Dr. Ishmael and the QEH and consistent with the Staff Rules, a full investigation into the matter should [be], and is being conducted. In the meanwhile and in fairness to all parties involved, the QEH has thought it necessary to suspend his services until the investigation is complete”. I did not read that Dr. Ishmael is being investigated but that “the matter” is being investigated. Obviously and expectedly, an investigation into “the matter” would involve an investigation into Dr. Ishmael. However I would expect other issues involved in “the matter” to also be investigated. The QEH Chairman did not say Dr. Ishmael was the only individual or factor being investigated. He was however the only individual suspended as far as I know. And I repeat that if this matter involves other persons who have been identified, then there is still an issue of others involved in this matter also potentially being biased, and also being in a position to muddy this investigation.

    My concerns as originally raised were not whether Dr. Ishmael was guilty of something or not, but whether whatever he is accused of doing justifies his being suspended with full pay, which would deprive the tax-paying public of being able to take their children to the QEH to receive cardiology care from him during this period. Clearly the QEH Board thinks that the suspension is justified. And depending on what is the outcome of the investigation into “the matter” (assuming it is conducted in a fair and reasonable way), it may be very apparent that it was the right thing to do.

  25. browngal

    How is it possible for the medical council to register a doctor who is NOT qualified to practice cardiology in the States and has made “false statements and representations and engaged in fraud and deceit in gaining admission to practic”. Did these people seriously run a background check on these matters or did they check like they do in the civil service….glance over things, stamping things thinking… if its from the United States it good. Now a sex offender u say……things serious.

  26. Johnny Postle

    Barbados is becoming, if it is not already there, a society of law breakers instead of law abiders. Now do not get me wrong, we indeed do abide by the law but we also avail ourselves much towards breaking it on the grounds of our prominence and prestige statuses. If rules and protocols dictates the manner in which a thing should be address then the goodly doctor regardless of his prestige broke those rules and regulations and as such, like any defiant person, should be subjected to the appropriate punishment governing such conduct. The action of board of directors or hospital adminstration, which ever applies, is justify on the grounds that the goodly doctor step out of his boundaries and breach required protocols. I hope his affiliation with the hierachial ranks in our society is not responsible for an over inflated ego that superimposed a foolish stance to break the rules.

  27. Capone

    I hold Dr. Ishmael in high regard. There has to be more to this story. B’dos Underground is now commenting on it also.

    Typical of people, tear someone down without finding out both sides and then the truth.

  28. Question

    Knowing the man Sparman, he hired Al Gilkes as his PR consultant when his dirt initially made it into the punlic domain, I strongly suspect that we have different handles with the same IP addresses posting above. Can BFP correct me if I am wrong?

    Supposed I told you that Sparman gives doctors in Barbados a commission – i.e. a kick back – for referring patients to him. These include at least 2 docs in the A&E department of the QEH. MOST UNETHICAL. This practice has been going on for years and only came to a head recently. More later.

  29. Ecnalubma

    I have sent the documents to you and regional media, they are scanned and sent to Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad and every news entity across the globe, so here is the background below –

    A few weeks ago a story broke but the traditional media hardly seemed interested. Don’t they want the truth? Don’t they care when the innocent is being abused and un-faired? While the traditional media seem totally disinterested, Barbados Underground was running a blog asking: “Is the Barbadian Population being properly served by its news media.” But if the truth of the recent issue between Sparman, the Health Minister and Dr. Ishmael are know, the answer to this question would have been obvious.

    The question is, does the traditional media want the truth? Secondly, exactly how committed to the proposed Freedom of Information legislation are the members of the ruling DLP government, especially since not long ago, we were being told that government ministers are: “squeaky clean,” now this!

    Why would the Director of Medical Services (DMS) of the Barbados QEH be acting on behalf of the Health Minister of that country and seeking to get a heart patient transferred from the QEH, to a private clinic ran by an man, who is not a surgeon?

    Is the pornographic Barbados Health Minister a director of the said Sparman’s clinic? To fund his smutty website? And why the scare tactics to sue when Dr. Ishmael seems to be asking reasonable questions in the interest of patient care.

    Is there a mold in the A&E? How did sodomising Sparman know that a heart patient was at the QEH? Why did the DMS call on behalf of the Health Minister to convince Mr. Cotterell’s wife to have her critically ill husband transferred to Sparman’s clinic, knowing full well that Mr. Cotterell (a UK visitor to Barbados) was seriously ill and that he was on non-invasive ventilation and was in no condition to be transferred out of the QEH to Sparman‘s Clinic in Belleville?

    And to think that the Barbadians health officials would suspend Dr. Ishmael and then try to silence him to hide this ugliness by threatening to sue him. What an enormous abuse of power? Surely this warrants an investigation and the dismissal of the Minister. Having reviewed all to documents and facts associated with this fiasco, you will agree that it is not Dr. Ishmael, against whom criminal proceedings ought to be immediately initiated.

    Corruption comes in various forms. Nude news of television and now being fingered in a serious medical health scandal. And the ruling Democratic Labour Party Government of Barbados says that its ministers are “squeaky clean!”

  30. browngal

    So what I heard about the TRUTH of the matter is now coming out. Why not google Alfred Sparman and get the story. There are still more things to come. NOW this is really SERIOUS.

  31. rasta man

    And @GEORGIE PORGIE,pudding and pie,kissed the girls and made them cry!!!

  32. Responder

    Worst witch hunts i have ever seen. Pathetic.

  33. Guy DePeiza

    While on The QEH all is not well. This story has been suppressed by the Board.It should be brought to the attention of the people of Barbados a “thief” at the QEH. Circulating at the institution is a story surrounding the secretary of the CEO Dexter James. The story states that the secretary was dismissed for stealing $36000.00. Apparently a catering company is involved and it is alledged that the owner of said company brought the discrepancy (impropriety) to the attention of the administration. The scam involved the gross inflation of the invoiced charges for catering. Incidentally Dexter James signed all of the payment requisitions, he allegedly authorized all payments. The fraud squad was called in( a female officer), what transpires hereafter is quite interesting. The Fraud Squad officer is nowhere to be found. The Secretary was dismissed and given the opportunity to REPAY. DEXTER JAMES states that she forged his signature. The Fraud Squad should be able to tell us this! Why are they off the scene? Déjà Vu! Is Dexter James’ sordid past (Tobago and Anguilla) following him to these? Pristine shores. More info on James see Hansard.

  34. Guy DePeiza

    It can be found on the Govt of T and T website. His dismissal was ordered by Parliment. The Board of QEH is fully aware of this man’s past What is he doing here?

    Click to access G%20199.pdf

  35. Guy DePeiza

    The QEH Board!!!!???? In this time of economic hardship, the Hon Minister of Finance has asked this country and it’s people to cut and contrive, BUT ALAS!!, not the QEH BOARD. Expense account at an expensive but great South coast restaurant. Champ–agne anyone???
    Is the Board Chairman using this account for his personal soirees??
    The BOARD gives each other expensive leather Laptop cases for Xmas.
    Meanwhile Living high on the hog, equipment shortages continue and patients suffer. 1 elevator working. DEM WUKKING FUH YOU!!!

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  37. Adrian Hinds

    I do not as yet know the merits of this current controversy, but I found the initial issue (2002) with Mr. Sparman to be of a political and economic nature, and little to do with his ability or the welfare of his patients. I summed it as no more than one set of Doctors being upset that Sparman was cutting into their profits with the type of service he was delivering to Barbadians. I made the link between Sparman (2002) and what the bajan gentry are set to attempt with Marston Gibson. Their playbook is well understood by me.

    When former PM David Thompson was diagnose with pancreatic cancer His Doctor of 20 years gave sufficient information for me to wonder what good was he as the PM’s doctor for 20 some years. I let it pass with the comment that persons should always seek a second opinion rather than rely on the “opinions” of one Doctor. Suffice it to say that I heard enough from this particular Doctor to conclude that he could not be my GP, or pediatrician to my kids.

  38. Responder

    Here Here, Adrian Hinds.

  39. Junior Niles

    When is the much awaited electrical upgrade project at the QEH which is now twice the orginal cost going to be completed?

    When are the elevators going to be working? Was not a company paid alot of taxpayers dollars to fix them and they are still not working?

    Are all of the contracts for work at the QEH follow the government financial rules? this should be really investigated?

    Is the Board aware that there are financial rules to be followed when awarding contracts?

    Barbados needs some good investigative journalism to uncover what is really going on at the QEH, and Barbadians will finally know that the 3S highway scandal is not the only one.

  40. rasta man

    What do you expect when the present CEO was fired from his job in Trinidad.

  41. Guy DePeiza

    And Anguila

  42. weeks

    Re: Sparman

    maybe we need to know who are the financers of his clinic, and that may give us the answers we are looking for.

    An utter disgrace.

  43. Rohan Fredericks

    I don’t know very much about Dr. Sparman, just what is written in the press, and a few people who I had contact with, and was Dr. Sparman’s patients highly recommend him, and he is reasonable in price compared to some other Drs. in Barbados. I have had contact with Dr. Ishmeal and he may be a good Dr. but he is so self – opinionated, and pompous, has no kind of humility in him, sometimes a good bedside manner can give so much more healing, than all the science in history.

  44. Bonjour

    Ishmael is not above the law. for years he has been working of get Sparman out of here because of jealousy over Sparman’s success. Even Beverley Walrond, the wife of the chairman of the Medical council, Professor Micky Walrond, has been cussing Sparman and the presen Minister of Health for this issue, forgetting that Minister Inniss appointed her husband to the post!

    There is a bit of sobbery here. just like with Marston Gibson for \chief Justice. We are a sickening society.

    At least the elevators are being fixed, the Lions Eye Care centre building repairs contracts are issued. Drawings for the cath suite are completed (after 7 years of waiting). New facilities are provided for outpatients. much needed equipment purchased too. Even a cafeeria reopened.

    There are a few consultants who are giving the QEH a bad name. they feel that they livelihood is threatened. They have ran good doctors away. they are killing the youner docors with work. time to shake up the place. Ishmael shold retire. and Emptage too. they are all about money and fame.

  45. Bonjour

    Sparman has never been accused of causing he death of anyone anywhere. he is indeed a Board Certified cardiologist. just like Ishmael, Moe or Massay. This is about his stopping the others from maing a few million more per year. they should shre it around. I am researching this matter everyday and will continue to fight against the snobbery in this society. This is not about any poor children. It is about Ishmael’s hatred for Sparman and Minister Inniss whom he wanted Thompson and now his tenant, PM Stuart to fire. Ishmael wants to control the QEH for his selfish reason.

  46. Not a big Wig

    Let me say it straight whether you are a fan of Dr Ishmael or not concerns me very little, the question of QEH stationery concerns me very little. I know neither Dr Sparman nor Dr Ishmael what I am concerned about is the allegations made in the letters because even if Dr Sparman is legally qualified and engaging in the activities stated I do view it as high unethical, if an accountant or someone outside involved with shares or money was doing this the would be subject to legal action, why are doctors viewed any worse. As for Dr Ishmael making the allegations so what if he disliked him, if they were friends he probably would have said anything this is the only way in Barbados we can ever come any where close to the truth. Barbados society is very politically motivated and we the ordinary people are the one left to suffer. Irregardless of Dr Ishmael’s agenda I would like to see the outcome of a fair investigation (which i fear will never happen like all others hardwood and st Joseph included and the cost of the mockery of an investigation being paid by taxpayers). For one just let the truth come out or can only be ordinary bajans be guilty of wrongdoing not doctors or politicians

  47. fun un de sun

    Is Dr Sparman a Board Certified Cardiologist

  48. fun in de sun

    What is this reference to Minister Inniss and the funding of a pornographic website in one of the comments above

  49. rohan frederick

    How come no one has questioned the diagnosis of our former Prime Minister’s health and subsequent death by a Dr. who has been his physician for twenty years or more. Ca. of the pancreas do not happen overnight, apparently it takes about that many years to progress to the stage it did. This brilliant Dr. did not do any investigation into this gentleman’s health ever? What kind of investigations done over a period of time, that never showed this disease was in his pancreas. It seem to me very strange. It is about time that doctors in Barbados take a critical look at themselves, and realise they are not “God” and not one of them are above the law. Ever heard the saying Q. E. H is a doctors hospital? Try getting a public patient in before a private one. Say no more!

  50. Politically Tired

    rohan frederick

    Its not strange at all, I know of two cases in the UK of Pancreatic cancer where men have died within months of being diagnosed. Its not a simple cancer to diagnose at all. I think you’re ‘sh.t stirring’

  51. browngal

    @rohan rederick.
    Can’t believe u people still with this crap. Pancreatic cancer is the worst diagnosis to have because of its position. Ishmael wait until patients come to him when they have symptoms. Thompson came when HE felt something was not right, which was too late already. Check the stats 10% -2.9%world wide 5 yr survival for blacks.

    All you Sparman wingmen/women, all concerned about the injustice being done to him and cursing the docs at QEH. You have no idea the lack of equipment, staff, etc docs & nurses have to work with. See 70 patients in outpatients in three hours but staying for 5 hours with no staff. I know cause I have to wait from 4 hours to see the consultant and 5 months for surgery. Doubt you will do that.
    Those of you who can pay Sparman 30 -50,000 for a procedure, good for you. But its the same docs you bad talking that have to treat the poor people like me, all night when all of you sleeping. Just a bunch of jealous scums.
    You want people to bad talk, check the lawyers & their fees. Jealous of them too.

  52. Random Thoughts

    Quoting Bonjour “Sparman …is indeed a Board Certified cardiologist.”

    Deasr Bonjour:

    You lie.

    In the U.S. Board certifications are public records readily available on the internet.

    If Sparman is Board certified, why don’t you (or he) show us the record?

  53. Derek

    QEH board should be fired for endangering patients lives , Also Sparman should be kicked out of Barbados , certain people distanced themselves from Alan Stanford and those same people distance themselves from Alfred Sparman

  54. Keep it Real

    I have a scenario….” young man pulled himself up by his bootstraps, turned his life around after hanging out on the block and a few scrapes with the law….he is now a successful lawyer practicing in the halls of Whitepark…but wait this should not be…make him suffer!!!…hang him high!!!…he should have been in jail not amongst us…how could this be?”
    What lessons are we really trying to convey to our young people?…are we a society so stratified that we become like OIL and WATER?

  55. Sexi Bitch AKA Poor People Governor

    First time commenting just a few questions and statements
    Was anyone concerned about the care of the sick children in the QEH when he was with the PM?
    Are you people aware that majority of Sparmans clients speak very highly about him?
    Even some of Ishamels patients whom are middle class find him to be a night mare to deal with
    Why is it that the good DR is so against Sparman, I personally believe it is more of a vendetta than concern for the patients, where was his concern when he was with the PM as Dr and a human being i rather save many than save 1 but MONEY MY MONEY TAX PAYING DOLLARS were involved
    Is he above law coming out making these allegations towards people
    Some of these same Dr u cant even see them in the QEH you have to PAY TO SEE THEM just to get A LITTLE BIT MORE TIME
    i had an friend i used to attend clinic every Tuesday to see DR Seale young and old senior is highly respected but it hurt my heart literally to see the amount of bajans and non nationals that had to waitttt like DOGS for servicve
    well me i good do dixie when i ready i run up n down dat hospital fa DR SEALE AND SON da used to smile when d see me coming and tell the person i was helpign da lucky
    I FEEL ISHY TO BIG FA HE BOOTS i aint k who sex offend who so people cant change
    ishy got dirt to like everyone else

  56. browngal

    @Sexi Bitch AKA Poor People Governor.
    I know what you talking about. I too have waited for 4 hours to see Dr Seale in clinic. Should have run him down too, maybe would have gotten the surgery sooner.

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  58. dawgster

    @ Adrian Hinds & Bonjour: you two should spend some time Googling Sparman and reading ALL of the original USA court documents regarding his case..that is, IF your complete ignorance of the facts and preferred emotional outcomes will let you…people like you rarely use the facts, your preference is tired propaganda. AH, if BFP is a “white” controlled blog, where are your facts to support this? The evidenced fact that you constantly make claims without ANY evidence to back up your “contributions” is sufficient for me to conclude you are just another racist black Bajan and a bozo.

  59. de hood

    @ dawgster
    So just what does Dr. Sparman’s “case” in the USA have to do with his medical acumen? Do you KNOW what his “case” was all about? Let me inform you it was nothing to do with his medical career. His “case” all started when his then wife accused him of allegedly assaulting her sexually. A “crime”, by the way, of which many Bajan husbands could technically be accused (tell me that ah lie, nah man!). Now apparently because he did not declare this “conviction” in Tennessee and Florida he was subsequently suspended in these two states. Now we all know how some of the asinine laws of the USA operate. Of course, needless to say , this all took place some 20+ years ago! So are you telling me because a man had some toss up with his then wife 20 + years ago that resulted in a “conviction” that he should still be penalized career-wise all this time? Doesn’t sound right to me.

  60. David G. Brooks

    That may be so and I agree it should not be something that infringes on ones career/abilities especially if he did his ‘time’.

    However, I have to ask if he had declared it would they have still have allowed him to practice, and either way he did it (not declare it) twice … what does that tell you? What else would he be willing to hide?

    Was there a State in the USA that he DID practice in with that aspect declared and known to all, or least the licensing medical authority?

    If it (the conviction) happened before he became a doctor, as I think I recall being mentioned, wouldn’t that fact have precluded him from qualifying in the first place if it would have been difficult to find somewhere in the USA to practice?

    You see there are missing dots and unfortunately that causes the difficulty here. My advice would be to come clean and divulge ALL, set the record straight and let the chips fall where they may. Covering up does NOT help.

  61. David G. Brooks

    Oh, I just found this on the Barbados-Forum from back in 2003 …

    Time for appeal expires – Friday 24, December-2004
    GOVERNMENT can no longer appeal the decision handed down by High Court Judge Madame Justice Elneth Kentish on October 15 in the case against cardiologist Dr Alfred Sparman.

    That’s because the six-week period to give notice of appeal against the ruling had elapsed, said Shadow Attorney-General, Senator Freundel Stuart.

    He told the WEEKEND NATION Government should not allow the decision to stand unchallenged.

    “We, in the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), are concerned since the decision seems to us to alter fundamentally the status of the Chief Immigration Officer so far as that status relates to the exercise of his powers under the Immigration Act.

    “The law as we understand it is that the Chief Immigration Officer or the Minister of Home Affairs, exercising powers under the Immigration Act,do not have to give reasons for any decision made.”

    He said the rationale for that immunity had to do with protecting national security.

    Stuart added that if the Chief Immigration Officer or the minister had to give reasons to people who had been asked to leave Barbados, intelligence received by either would not beprotected and national security mightbe undermined.

    The attorney pointed out that under the Administrative Justice Act, the Chief Immigration Officer was not required to give reasons for his decisions.

    He argued that the court’s ruling reduced the Chief Immigration Officer to the status of a “statutory ornament” since his decisions might no longer be protected from review.

    So I wonder what does our current PM Freundel Stuart have to say now?

  62. David G. Brooks

    Sorry posted late 2004 … link to full discussion

  63. David G. Brooks

    Let’s see …

    Dr. Alfred Sparman, MD
    Graduated: 1990
    New York Medical College
    Valhalla, NY, USA

    The Physician was convicted of sexual abuse in New York on July 31, 1991, a Class D felony.

    Well, that rules out the idea that it happened before he was a doctor and even if the court proceedings took place long after the incident/arrest then it may be that was still a medical school when it happened.

    So how did he graduate with this hanging over him and if it happened right after what was the New York Medical Board’s take on it? Did he ever (try to) practice in NY?

    I mean, what more do you have to see before all the red flags start going up?

  64. dedawgster

    Sparman is a convicted felon with fraudulent medical credentials and a committed ambulance chaser. He is in Barbados solely due to his political connections and the service he offers Barbadians is a crooked one. His involvement with the QEH is testament that the medical interests of Barbadians are secondary to non-nationals making money off Barbadians and political motives.

  65. balanced news

    The LINK to solve the problems with Ismael and sparman???”
    Place their names in there and you will be surprised. Sorry fellas we have no current board certified cardiologist in barbados..Now interesting enough Dr ishmael is not certified in pediatric cardiology or any other field. He just maybe could not pass the exams. Just food for thought. Sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gander

  66. balanced news

    another tip.. 10 years and you do not take the recertification exam…oops you are striked off until u take the exam again…maybe we should have that right here in our blessed country..just food for thought

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  68. balanced news

    David i did some research on this Mr Sparman. Apparently his board certification is expired. Did you check the web site to find the disappointing news . None of these heart doctors are not currently certified. Some are not even on the list…correspondence course maybe??check their names out

  69. balanced news sorry(abim is Internal Board of Internal Medicine) This board governs all board certified adult or pediatric cardiologist.

  70. rastaman2

    That wife beater sparman should be kicked out of barbados. And Dr Ismael had no right taking care of our beloved late prime minister. The last time i checked our leader had a pancreatic problem and not a cardiac problem. He(a doctor dealing with childrens heart) should have given the care over to one of our three gastroenterologist for appropriate care. This fellow is all about himself. Well lets see how he deals with the pending lawsuit$$$$$

  71. rastaman2

    Bad doctor turns good. I understand he told some lies or withhold info about his past runnings with the law. Now he is helping us poor people here. Leave wells alone. I still have a problem with ishmael not being board certified in no specialty and pointing his finger at his colleagues

  72. balanced news

    I heard sparman wrote a book about ishmael. It is in the sunday sun page 21 ” 1.58 seconds” in the easy magazine. did you check it out david? Maybe we should put both of them in the ring with gloves and have the priest as the referree…
    on another note dave does sparman do surgery by telemedicine too??

  73. rastaman2

    I like sparman mug shot.heh ha ha. anyway his book is extremely interesting. I wonder if Jimmy smith is Dr ishmael???Check it out for me BN

  74. rastaman

    Well,well ,well.The Sparman Clinic has a problem.Sending home staff left and right. Justice takes some time but will always win out in the end.

  75. 107

    concern citizen,i believe we do have a lot of intelegent barbadains in this country, now tell me this if this sparman is so terriable as richard ishmeal make him out to be and the he is such a criminal and he has committed al these fraud here in barbados and in the usa then why haven’t the FBI or our fraud squard take him up yet my brother and sister you claim sparman is a money hungry doctor should a man get pay by the job he do look around he is the lease expensive cardiologist in this country sir errol walrond you have a brain use it and stop letting other cloud your judgement i have been following this closely and i just dont’t get it why do we want to run out this man like this who have done so much here seriously please think for your self.

  76. 107

    i agree with Anonymous1 the thing is we barbadian love gosip and ishmeal know how to feed them and for that leak list that sanka price print in the paper where u think he get that from, ok sparman may have done some wrong in his life but no one is prefect and if ye without sin throw the frist stone those words ofut of Jesus Christ mouth so who are we to judge i check up on all this and the sparman that they are saying is not a specialist is more qualify than the rest here and the said ishmeal is not a board certited doctor so who is he to point finger but it goes to show its not the man qaulificate as a specailist is the problem it a case where a group of doctor here are trying to push him out and he is right they are jealous of his achhievement here in this country and if i were him i will sue the nation news paper and other for trying and make note i said trying to ruine him practice knock on wood that none of you who point fingers will not need him someday because if not him then who do we have here to do these surgery….. think for your sle people….