Bridgeland: Made in Barbados, coming to a theatre near you.


“BRIDGELAND” is a contemporary drama set in Barbados. Two underprivileged teenage brothers
make a desperate attempt to rob a wealthy home, an which ends with the tragic death of the home-owner’s son. Twelve years later, as one brother lives a life of success built on a lie and the other other languishes in prison, the grief-stricken father weaves a Machiavellian web of revenge and betrayal to destroy his son’s killer.

Director: Marc Gibson
Cinematographer: Selwyne ‘Get Bizzy Browne
Sound Design: Brian Marshall @ Shoestring Studios
Props: Kenn Mayers
Assistant Director: Kerri Birch

Give thanks for the point to our friend Amit.


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2 responses to “Bridgeland: Made in Barbados, coming to a theatre near you.

  1. Laady Anon

    This should read “and which ends in the death of the home-owner’s son”, not “an which ends…”

  2. CarlUK

    will look out for this,hopefully get a reminder BFP when it is available? thanks