Wikileaks Barbados: US Embassy Bridgetown sent alert on Sir Allen Stanford three years before arrest.

Private message to President George W. Bush

Barbados PM Owen Arthur asked the Ambassador Kramer to deliver a private message to President Bush

Sometimes snacks are more delicious than a large meal. With hundreds of cables from the US Embassy at Bridgetown, Barbados yet to be exposed, Bajans at home and abroad are anxious to see what the insiders saw years ago. The latest drip, drip, drip concerns SIR Allen Stanford and also then Barbados PM Owen Arthur asking the US Ambassador to speak to President Bush.

Okay, I’ll bite: How much money did Sir Allen Stanford provide to the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party and when? The US Embassy cables make it clear that Stanford didn’t favour any particular political party: he gave his money freely to all sides.

What other revelations will be coming? The Barbados FBI files? Corrupt VECO building our new jail? Offshore bank accounts of BLP politicians? The Canadian Government’s intervention in that nasty mess with the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary? Stay tuned folks, because the hits keep on coming!

May 3, 2006 Cable from Bridgetown Embassy

“Sir Allen Stanford’s companies are rumored to engage in bribery, money laundering, and political manipulation.”

“Embassy officers do not reach out to Stanford because of the allegations of bribery and money laundering. The Ambassador managed to stay out of any one-on-one photos with Stanford during the breakfast. For his part, Stanford said he preferred to conduct his business without contacting the Embassy, resolving any investment disputes directly with local governments. It is whispered in the region that Stanford facilitates resolution with significant cash contributions.”

“Another table topic was PM Arthur’s belief that it is critical the United States provide leadership and make some specific statements about how it will move away from its “addiction” to oil. As the morning was coming to a close, he took the Ambassador’s arm and privately delivered a message for the President. President Bush, in his opinion, must lay out a new, innovative, and ambitious energy strategy for the U.S. In Arthur’s view, this is absolutely necessary for the the region, the hemisphere, and the world.”

February 18, 2009 Cable from Bridgetown Embassy

“The United Progressive Party (UPP), once the clear favorite to return to power, now has a real fight on its hands, which few predicted just two months ago. Rapidly falling numbers for tourism throughout the region coupled with increasing stories of murdered tourists, the indictment of the second largest employer on the island for fraud, and a failed cricket match finds Antigua in perhaps the perfect storm.”

“It is unclear if either party will try hard to use the Stanford indictment as an election issue — Stanford amassed his fortune under an ALP government, and was knighted by a UPP government, so all hands are likely equally dirty.

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8 responses to “Wikileaks Barbados: US Embassy Bridgetown sent alert on Sir Allen Stanford three years before arrest.

  1. Observing....

    Typical BFP story….

    “Well there’s nothing here but what if……”

  2. Undertaker

    I don’t see anything that makes Arthur guilty, in fact it show he was offering advise/suggestions. No story here.

  3. Colin L Beadon

    Amusing. The Times. 23rd Dec. 2010.
    Julian Assanges feels he has a perfect right to WikiLeak all over the worlds about anybody he wants, but he does not want to face the music in Sweden, and have his own Wiki Leaked to the rest of the world for everybody to know what a busy boy he had been with the ladies.

  4. Green Monkey

    U.S. Embassy Turned a Blind Eye as Suspected CIA Banker Allen Stanford Bilked Investors, Secret Cables Reveal


    When asked during a 2009 interview by CNBC’s Scott Cohn whether he had been “helpful” to U.S. authorities in Latin America, Stanford replied, “Are you talking about the CIA?” Cohn: “Well, you tell me?” Stanford: “I’m just not going to talk about that.”

    Stanford’s reticence to discuss possible Agency connections are certainly understandable.

    We do know however, that like many dubious banking ventures before it, Stanford Financial Group had powerful friends in high places, in the White House, Congress, amongst regulatory agencies and, plausibly, the CIA; all of whom tripped over themselves furnishing Stanford’s “family” of companies with a watertight “roof.”

    The More Things “Change”

    According to available evidence, why would the banker have believed his shady empire was on the brink of collapse in 2009, or that well-connected friends wouldn’t come to the rescue? After all, it happened before.

    Last year The New York Times disclosed that Stephen J. Korotash, an associate regional director of enforcement at the Ft. Worth, Texas office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said the regulatory agency “stood down” their investigation “at the request of another federal agency, which he declined to name.”

    A curious admission all the more damning for regulators considering that suspicions, and hastily-closed investigations, have dogged the bank for the better part of two decades.

    Damning perhaps, but not surprising.


    Fast forward to the era of the Bush crime family and we learn that in 2006, BusinessWeek revealed that the president “bestowed on his intelligence czar … broad authority, in the name of national security” to excuse companies from “their normal accounting and securities-disclosure obligations” if they revealed “certain top-secret defense projects.”

    Would such “broad authority” also cover financial institutions accused of laundering drug money for select “War on Terror” allies?

    Interestingly enough, Bush’s “intelligence czar” at the time, John D. Negroponte, was U.S. Ambassador in Honduras during the 1980s at the height of the Reagan administration’s anticommunist jihad in Central America.

    In addition to covering for the CIA as the Agency stood-up death squads in Honduras, Negroponte, as The Baltimore Sun revealed in 1995, turned a blind eye as America’s “freedom fighters,” the Nicaraguan Contras, financed their terrorist insurgency against the leftist Sandinista government by importing billions of dollars of cocaine into the United States with a major assist from their ideological soul-mates, the Medell√≠n and Cali drug cartels.

    More at:

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