First Time! Transport Minister mentions ‘Breathalyser’ will be part of new Road Traffic Act

Is this announcement legitimate or once again blowing off the press?

Transport Minister John Boyce

For the fourteenth time since January 2006, a Barbados government Minister has announced that a new Road Act should be ready “soon”.

Today’s announcement comes from Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce, who tells The Nation that the new Road Traffic Amendment Act “should soon be ready”.

For the very first time we are being told that the act will have a breathalyser section.

But read a little further and you’ll see that the new law will be ready for “public comment” at the end of March. How much longer it will be before it gets through Parliament, or why the law has been sitting around since 2007, we’re not told.

We’re also informed by the Minister that the DLP government has “been talking about recently” a new Road Safety Umbrella organization called “National Council for Road”.

Well, isn’t that nice? The Minister has been “talking” about it. No doubt there will be more meetings about holding more meetings “soon”.

Minister Boyce’s announcement was no doubt in response to a recent series of articles at Barbados Free Press where we chided the government for not caring about road deaths due to drunk drivers, and the fact that British tourists have a 240% greater chance of being killed in a car accident in Barbados than back home.

So Boyce says that Barbados will have breathalyser laws in 2011.

Do we believe Minister Boyce?

Given the record: Not really.


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5 responses to “First Time! Transport Minister mentions ‘Breathalyser’ will be part of new Road Traffic Act

  1. Responder

    You know how many BIG BOYS drink and drive?. Hmmmm.

  2. election coming

    Its really quite amazing how an upcoming election activates our politicians out of hibernation. Like bears who have been sleeping and living off their fat, politicians are capable of eating or saying anything to survive.

    Taxpayers do not want to hear more talk, but rather fully completed positive changes.

    As a sitting member of the elected party, it is better to say NOTHING until you have produced SOMETHING and the police are capable and willing of enforcing it.

  3. what will they think of next

    What’s the big thing about a Breathalyser?
    Trying to put people out of work?

  4. Georgie Porgie

    Breathalysers are useful in providing some indication of the alcohol levels of persons arrested for drunk driving, and are far more useful than the subject tests policemen or physicians do when examining “drunk drivers.”

    Breathalysers coming my foot. I have been hearing that since 1966. David Simmons promised me that we have some to work with. But I was also told that Mr Simmonds is a liar of a very high order. Seems the person that told me so was very accurate.