Barbados employees ask “Where is the manager’s work permit?”

Where is his work permit?

We the employees of an Insurance Company situated (removed by BFP) which has a slogan (removed by BFP), were made to understand that our newly appointed Manager who have been here since June, 2010, does not have a valid work permit and he is writing and signing letters hiring and firing people. 

The (description removed by BFP) man who is known locally as “star boy” because of his arrogant attitude,  and in Trinidad as “the come back kid”, because he caused over one hundred Life Insurance Agents to terminate their services at the Branch which he managed  a few years ago and then he returned to rebuild another Branch. He may not be able to take our challenged Branch forward because of this breach.

He is now back from St. Martin and is here to make our Branch in Barbados the leading insurance company but we may have to give him another name the “going back kid”.

We understand the immigration authorities are looking into this matter and some employees have already expressed their concerns in writing about many critical issues that need addressing.

They are also asking, Where is his work permit?

Stay tuned for more.

Concerned Employees


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  1. Anonymous

    What is this? My Trinidadian colleague was recently promoted by this individual effective December 2010. I trust, this is not true, would the promotion be valid if the letter was singned by this individual? This can be very embarrassing.

    No wonder others were not to bothered about being overlooked for the vacant position. hummmmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. 119

    Why are we seeing an advertisment in todays Friday December 17th, 2010 Nation News paper on page 48, for a Branch Manager? We are confused, please help us!

    Concern and Confuse employees

  3. next year or maybe the year after

    someone at Immigration is doing their checking and filing after the decision has been made or immigration is doing their infamous sitting on files as long as they please. Transparency and accountability are not part of the Barbadian process or vocabulary.

  4. Mr. Consultant

    We thought this individual was a Consultant? This is what is alleged is being declared at a certain point of entry. Mr. Consultant remember; the “truth does not need an alibi” and” Your character follow you” Remember these dates?

    Monday September 20th, 2010 (‘take the road to financial freedom)
    August 2nd, 2010 (New Manager at ……………)
    July 26th, 2010 (………. head bring competition)
    Wednesday August 11th, 2010 ( An admired…………receives……………highest honour)
    Thursday, December 2nd, (Aids awarness)
    Monday December 13th, 2010 ( We went to a pension party)

    Assitant Consultant

  5. Concern

    FAYE WOOD………please stop harrassing the company that you were fired from. This is the company that you say that you claim to love and want to be re-hired???Be a woman get over it, confess at church and move on.

  6. Miss Cohoblopot

    This is getting nice, who is this person metioned at the begining. It would be nice to meet her! Concern, sounds interested, this seem to be a cohoblopot pot!, what is brewing! This person seems to have offended some one out there. Good now, we have a name, quite interetsting. This person is very stupid to be harassing a company………………!

  7. Mock Attorney

    Who fired this individual for the company concern? I hope it was not the Manager, that the employees are asking where is the manager’s work permit? Just a thought. This is not making any sense. No company would allow any one to fire an employee under these circumstances. Please do not post nonsense about the company.

    Mock Attorney

  8. Well if he has not got a work permit he should be deported , he has over stayed his welcome and custom should be on his backside its a bajans job he is doing some one out of , and i see every one is bitching about 100 cases of beer and not worried naming names , man just phone imigration on him backside we born heh not him , get up stand up for your rights ……

  9. Employee wrath

    True that Kyle! You are a true team player! People fail to be reasonable. These things are getting out of hand in Barbados, and our own join with these people to thread on their own. Reverse the scene; you think this could happen in Trinidad? That Barbadian would have been sent packing long time. We have to stand u p and fight back we have nothing to loose.
    People murder each other every day and they still ask for mercy and freedom, so I do not know what is concern’s point.

    Do not care what that employee was fired for, CONCERN should look at it and ponder, if this was me would I move on QUIETLY knowing this individual fire him or her? Get real!
    Fianlly, the fired person may infact like the company and want them to get it right, we have to remember; it is people who make things happen, not companies, and many are destroying the good name of Companies. Have another view CONCERN!

  10. Concern

    To you idiots… this person was fired for lying, being dishonesty and fraud; would you like someone like that working with you? diefinitely not and just because she was fired she is lashing out to the person that she thinks did it but if she only know that it was the people that she call her friends that spill the beans on her……. and at the end of the day if she got fired from an HR Manager in another country whether it is UK, Great Britian or whatever at the end of the day she is still wrong in what she did.

  11. Employee wrath

    Concern how do you know this????????????????????????????

  12. Mock Attorney

    Concern, not sounding right, would you hire some one without a work permit and place your company at such a risk. Your statements seem illogical and untrue about this employe. Any one may be deemed a fraud or dishonest and fraud is a strong word. But question, why are you defending this company. The advertisement in todays Daily Nation speaks volumes for itself. Relax! case adjouned!

    Can we interpret this a fraud also. Some one had to misrepresent the Company in some way when they applied for that work permit, and now the “poor fired employee is coming under fire by you.
    Be loyal to your self not Companies. I have been bitten many times.

  13. Thesaurus and Dictionary

    Concern, LYING WITH WHOM? I hope not you! and that is not a bad thing. Nurses and Doctors seem to be lying at the QEH, You should contact an Attorney! lieing?
    You seem to be catching at straws not facts! Something about you smell extremly personal. Did she lay with your husband if you are a woman or did she lay with your wife if you are a man? No wonder this individual is being described as a “fraud and being dishonesty”. You were horned! You also seem to be dyslexic! and exltremly toxic!

  14. Concern

    I give up! I am not good at lying, and I am an idiot! I apologise.

  15. Undertaker

    Unfortunately when we take these debates to such personal levels it makes the blogs looks like just scandal sheets. Can we not debate on facts and opinions, rather than low talk? This reminds me of political debates as soon as you criticise a party you are a “yard fool” for the other that is why politicans make such fools of us every 4-5 yrs. Oh and by the way, if there is a loop hole in the manager’s status and he/she signed the dismissal letter then the employee has been wrongfully dismissed, and entitled to compensation.

  16. Undertaker

    If all these things are true then it would still be wrongful if the mgr is not legal (performing an authorised manner in an unauthorised manner – not having valid work permit) the question is would she want these dirty deeds to come out in a court case to ruin her future employment possibilities? I would not.! If the things against me were true well I would be thankful I am not lockup up.

  17. Embalmer

    Undertaker good point; people need to use this forum to deal with real issues not fiction. This employee seem to have the facts and some malicious person is trying to asperse the individuals character. People who are in responsible positions should always seek legal advise before they act too hastily. It seem some body here did not do their how work.
    I totally agree with you. It seems as though this employee was dismiss wrongfully.

  18. Undertaker

    Like I said if the things said are true well know when to quit (no pun intended)

  19. BAFBFP

    BIMBRO Merry Christmas yah red Englishman … ya ya ya

  20. Understanding .99

    NOTE FROM BFP EDITOR: The author of this comment left 14 other comments under 14 different names. Not allowed. Banned.


    The bottom line of all this is that they both were wrong in what they did, the man not having a work permit and the woman who is feeling the effects of this. Damages on both sides have been done we need to move on in life. You guys are here arguing about a simple work permit or the woman frauding the company, we need to Thank God that we are alive. have you guys ever thought about how the fireman’s wife is feeling knowing she no longer have a husband? Or the family of the bike is feeling? Or the families who lost their sons or daughter over a tradegy? there are more important things in life that we should give thanks for. A new year is coming and we have to change our ways for the better “Do what percy say” we can’t be asking our children to do right when deep down we are a wicked as the devil. Forgive each other and cherish your love ones, consider this a stumbling block in life and we as adult must grow up and handle it like God would – What Would Jesus Do?

  21. Concerned Outsider

    I half heartedly agree with ‘Understanding 99’ look at it from another perspective, the individual has a house to run and a family to feed and responsibilities and obligations to fulfill. It is the festive season, what festivities are involved in taking bread from another person’s mouth, especially during the Yuletide Season. In Hebrew 13 vs 1 of the Bible speaks about Brotherely Love, ‘Let your brotherely love continue. Don’t forget hospitatlity, for through it some, unknown to themselves, entertained angels. Keep in mind those persons in prison bonds as though you have been bound with them, and those being ill-treated, since you (the management of imitation GEICO), yourselves also are still in a body.
    Speaking on the subject of facts, from personal observation and experiences with the said narrow minded management team, I really think it is time to stop being personal and petty. Get facts that can implicate people and not the company, thoroughly investigate the situation before casting aspirations on innocent employees. Not all of us will be liked but I strongly believe that we should all be treated fairly. From factual knowledge I can speak, from whence I cometh, and the operations there have been shoddy for many years. If indeed the Management Team, who is at the heart of the shoddy practices is working to clean up their act of tardiness then ‘kudos’ it has been long overdue. But according to Luke 6 vs 42, ‘How can you say to your brother, Brother, allow me to extract the straw that is in your eye, while you yourself are not looking at the rafter in that eye of yours.’
    Name calling and revealing identities in this forum is so immature, why didn’t the author reveal the name of the company or the individuals who according to you, he/she believes is responsible for committing the act. It is not so much as retaliating against who you think is the mastermind behind the entire event, but so that the GEICO immitation company would get their act together and finally for management to pull their weight and stop shifting responsibilities and overlooking issues which can cause embarrassment and have serious implications which will eventually leave a bad taste in the public’s mouth.
    Pointing fingers at others is a very childish act and it leaves me to wonder if children run this establishment since that is the norm within the organisation. When you become familiar with a person and their traits it is easy to identify them and (……..) I prefer not to reveal your identity as you have done with the individual coupled with the level of maturity and professionalism I have gained over the years. The mere fact that you mentioned ‘the friends that I told, spilled the beans,’ speaks volume and takes us back to not having factual information. Hear say or gossip and accusing someone maliciously, which when carefully investigated is FRAUD. Why are you yourself still with the company, if it was fair practice to dismiss all frauds then that establishment would have few employees both in the Barbados and at the Trinidad head office. Eventually, your traits will spill your own beans, you don’t need any assistance and as management representatives for a company you’ll need to be more responsible and proactive, unless another company will soon have to be ‘Looking after your Lifes.’
    On the topic of fraud, did anyone check the meaning and the implications that can be derived from deformation of one’s character. For all those interested persons, here is the meaning of fraud, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual. Can you kindly put imitation GEICO in this scenario and explain how you arrived at labelling the individual as a fraud. How was imitation GEICO deceived in order for the individual to gain personally, were there any damages against imitation GEICO from the individual’s actions? I think the incorrect establishment is placing to much emphasis in this issue as accustomed. Are there any other pressing issues that need to be addressed that are being neglected. For one, the work permit of the Branch Manager. It is so ironic that the position is now being advertised after he was here for so long, funny thing is, in reading the ad, all correspondence must be sent to the same person whose position is being advertised for. Am I to assume then that he is doing the recruitment and selection and then he will train the person, by utilising his consultancy skills and then head back to T&T or as accustomed, no one in this land of Flying Fish and Cou-Cou are capable enough of fulfilling what it takes to run the Branch in B’dos. (Shaking my head)
    Deformation of character is a very serious offence and to be deemed as a FRAUD and treated criminally as mentioned or deduced earlier is a very unscrupulous act of man. At times I wonder why we go to BIMAP and further our studies before going to God and asking him for an understanding, forgiving and compasionate heart. In order to be and effective management team, one must have certain qualities and people skills must for the most part top the list, not excluding confidentiality.
    From experience and facts we all can reveal things that we have heard through the grapevine about each other and change the way that we treat each other, but at the end of the day it is not factual. According to my grandparents, ‘the same dog dat bring a bone, does carry one.’ Please becareful and guided accordingly, because a person needs to bring a story in order to gather your feedback unless you are willing to expose yourself to any and everybody. However, a drowning man catches at straws hence the reason why the imitation GEICO team is trying to demoralize others. It seems as though you are threatened in some way. But what is for a man he will indeed receive and when it is received no one can take that away from him, because it is a blessing from God.
    You’ll (imitation GEICO) are encouraged to put God first and then adopt a personality like our Late Prime Minister and put family first and by extension work colleagues and associates and have a forgiving heart and allow for second chances. Remember the story with his gardener who went to prison and rememeber the advice David gave him ‘ be true to yourself.’ He could have turned him away or called the body guard to escort him off the premises like most of us would do. But he gave him another opportunity to prove himself.
    The moral of the story is to treat others how you would like to be treated. Punish all others who need to be punished for committing the same or similar offences instead of bending the rules for some and not others. Isn’t this an unfair practice? Unlike all others before coming out in the fore front, I have carefully investigated the facts of the matter and alike myself, I think that imitation GEICO need to thoroughly investigate matters before running around and scandaling the character of others. No act is deemed to be foolish or committed without reason, we as Barbadians have to learn to exercise our rights as citizens and we would be further and treated fairly and respected more. In the USA thieves sue victims if they are injured on the victims property. In such case, who is right and who is wrong, carefully investigate the matter before making abrupt decisions.
    By the way, can anyone tell me how much money the terminated individual received. It propbably wasn’t enough for the years of service and dedication put into what is known as the Trinidadian ‘Project Fish’ a success.
    Being an imitation GEICO you must have better standards and practices GG, in order to have a good reputation within the financial services industry. You really need to review the way in which you carry out these exercises in the future.

  22. Your so-called Friend

    I was just called a while ago to look at this site and was astonished by the horror that i am seeing here. As a friend of you Ms. Concern Outsider and Concerned Employee (we know you are changing your name), I have been working at the same gieco imitation company for many years (wonderful company to work with) and to my dismay, you who claim to be a child of GOD has done so many evil to your co-workers, no one at work knew what was going on until we started getting calls among ourselves about this site but we accepted the fact that it is you. You claim we the employees are questioning a work permit when like everyother company the other employees has no clue of this so trust me we know who did this. I remember you personnally came to me and told me that you have have questioned this same management about their strategic procedures which you find is too long and insist we go the shorter way to avoid the wait of all the procedures. Again I am shocked, when you ” a so call part of management” who was solely in charge of arranging the ad for same said manager and his work permit because you knew he was coming here way long before the staff did so all the arrangments was left in your hands and you with your dangerous self welcomed the man with open arms and the people of barbados would do and again i am totally ashamed of what you are doing now. I know this is the Chrstmas season but as they say from the same said bible “be sure your sins will find you out” and it just so happened your sins were found out just before Christmas. I was told from all comapanies just like this immitation one, they will only fire some one for dishonesty. When someone was fired immediately you were too happy to advertise his name in the papers.
    You can be the worst employee they will keep you, somone who does nothing they will still keep you but you were dismissed effectively as we all know by now. The same said immitation company should really put you the papers but i guess they are too nice not to do that for the so called damages that you think you are doing, be smart and stop before you hurt yourself more, I begged you as YOUR friend (we were close once) for many years. Everyone at the company is laughing at you.

  23. Action vs. Words

    Personally if the employee that was fired, did wrong, it does not matter who signed the letter of termination. If the employee were hired by the same “unofficial” Manager, would they then want to go home and start the job search process again? If the CEO of bank that set up in Barbados (all our banks are foreign owned anyway), wants to terminate a Bajan, do they have to live here for it to be possible?
    Certainly, this is not the first work permit issue in Barbados? I don’t think the working status of the Manager dismisses the action of the terminated employee.