Nobel Prize Fiasco: What a letdown for a fan of the Chinese

The Nobel Peace Prize 2010 was awarded to Liu Xiaobo “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China”.

… from the Nobel Prize official website

China and her satellites boycott Nobel Prize Ceremony for Tiananmen Square Protest Leader

by Colin L. Beadon

The Chinese. Oh…. what a let down!

The Chinese I knew as friends growing up in Trinidad, I’d always thought of as most venerated. With those I met here and there, the rest of my life, in various places around the world, I’d never found anything to make me change my mind, until that is, recently.

I’ve have now become thunderously fed up with their products, and have begun to find, for all their good deeds, that the Chinese are basically extremely childish, once they don’t get their own way.

So much fuss over a Nobel, given to one of their own citizens whose only fault is to attempt to build a better China.

What really does most of the world, deep down in world hearts, think of China now. Shame on those countries who voted not to attend the Nobel prize giving, because they found themselves jammed with shut mouths, in Chinese pockets.

The gathering darkness spreading across the world, is not only caused by global warming.

Colin L. Beadon

BFP’s comment: Did Barbados attend the Nobel Prize Ceremony? (He asked knowingly.)

Better than the Union Jack?

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“Every time you see your children playing with Chinese-supplied sports equipment, I want you to think about how ironic it is that we, as the descendants of slaves, so easily and warmly accept gifts from the country that still maintains the world’s largest slave camp system.”

… from BFP’s article: Barbados students forge special bond with imprisoned Chinese pastor – through footballs made in slave labour camps


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2 responses to “Nobel Prize Fiasco: What a letdown for a fan of the Chinese

  1. Hi i am a bit puzzle by your comments on the chinese back in china and making a comparison with trinidad , the chinese have always been the same dont forget they have only open they doors to outsiders in the last 10 years , so what you are saying Tiananmen Square did not shock you .

  2. Colin L Beadon

    Kyle Boyce,
    I did indeed forget Tiananmen Square. Thanks for reminding me. How could I have forgotten that ? Old brain cells, I’ll beg, or a drink too many.