Neighbours cleaned up for filthy Almond Casuarina Beach Resort

A legacy lost as Almond Resorts says goodbye to sustainable tourism and hello to piles of garbage.

Back in 2005, the National Geographic Traveler wrote a super-positive article about the Barbados Casuarina Beach Club and the sustainable tourism award they won the previous year…

“The Casuarina Beach Club, profiled below, won the 2004 World Legacy Award for General Purpose Hotels and Resorts. A joint effort of National Geographic Traveler and Conservation International, the World Legacy Awards encourage sustainable tourism.

Experiencing a sun-kissed, palm-fringed Caribbean beach for the first time can be like getting religion. Little wonder, then, that resort hotels are a dime a dozen in the island-dotted Caribbean region. Not so common are resorts that help protect their coastal environment, and even less so resorts that engage the authentic life of the island. Casuarina Beach Club, on Barbados’s south coast, does both…”

…from the 2005 National Geographic article Barbados Resort Treads Lightly, Artfully

That was then. This is now….

A BFP reader’s recent lament about the loss of the old Casuarina Beach Club was underlined today by the publication of a letter in The Nation from Wynslo Phillips.

The letter about the filthy habits of the Almond Casuarina Beach Resort illustrates that while saying the word “green initiatives” on a website is easy, actual environmental performance is more difficult especially if management doesn’t care enough to pick up the garbage.

No further comment necessary from us…

Playing one’s part on the beachfront

by Wynslo Phillips

As a long-time user of Maxwell Beach. I feel obligated to bring to the attention of the public the use of the section of Maxwell Woods by Almond Casuarina Beach Resort as a dumping ground for some of its garden waste.

The management of this hotel might consider this waste to be biodegradable material but, unfortunately, it has become interspaced with old plastic bags, bottles, food containers and other debris, making the entire mass a potent breeding ground for rats.

Casuarina Resort is remarkable in that following the recent passage of Tropical Storm Tomas, for two weeks the hotel never cleaned the beachfront on which is located, apparently on the grounds that it was the responsibility of the National Conservation Commission to do so.

This situation led to the extraordinary sight of the management and staff of Bougainvillea Beach Resort, also located on Maxwell Beach, donning gloves and using rakes and garbage bags to clean the beach – in front of Casuarina. The manager at Bougainvillea said her guests were complaining about the dirty look, and she felt it was her responsibility to respond to these complaints.

Read the original letter at The Nation article: Playing one’s part on the beachfront


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11 responses to “Neighbours cleaned up for filthy Almond Casuarina Beach Resort

  1. Tom Sqiures

    Almond does not have any money. They have sent home staff from ABV are having trouble paying they creditors for items such as toilet paper, soap and Mt. Gay Rum for guests, and some creditors have stopped deliveries until they are paid. Almond has been a disaster since the cheeparse Trinidadians took over.

  2. Let's put billboards on all our beaches

    For some time now the natural ambiance and beauty of the beach at Casuarania / Dover Woods has been marred by a large billboard advertising Ocean 2 condominiums.

    Was an application made to the Town & Country Development Planning Department to erect this billboard?

    Was permission given?

    Is the Town & Country Development Planning Department now allowing the erection of billboards on beaches and highways?

  3. eddie

    let us remember that the environmental approach was developed when the hotel was owned by Ms. Cole who was an environmentalistand guided by her pasion. Almond bought the hotel but at heart were not environmentalists but business men looking at expenses and revenue.

  4. Thank-you, Thank-you Thank-you

    God Bless Ms Cole!

  5. Anonymous

    barbados going downhill slowly? incrementally? inch by inch?

  6. One who knows

    This has nothing to do with the “cheaparse Trinidadians’- Almond was in trouble long before they took over! it is a sick company – has no interest in the environment despite what Ralph Taylor says …and yes they owe everybody!!!!

  7. Undertaker

    Barbados is definately going down, I shutter to this what it will be like from the next 30 yrs onward. All sectors need overhauling and all politicians just playing games with us. Or course anyone who speaks out on either side is seen as just being partisan.

  8. 112

    it’s easy to think that our alleged independence
    is nothing but an illusion
    or maybe a delusion.

    soon time to apply for a Green Card!

  9. Peltdownman

    Almond over-extended themselves with a large dose of “bigdealitis” when they extended Casuarina, purchased Morgan Bay in St Lucia, and the leased the old Club St Lucia, just before the recession. They have a reputation of being the worst payers after Sandals, unless the supplier is “related” to management. Recently guests at the Almond Beach Village had returned from the beach to find that no rum was available, nor beer. It is a disgrace and needs a complete management overhaul. This is a public limited company with shares quoted on the stock exchange, but behaves like a private fiefdom.

  10. Ali Mar

    Almond is broke, is top management is behind and the Almond Resorts group is just about in the grave

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