Spark of the Day! Trying out their English in Japan

Give thanks to an anonymous reader who sent us this wonderful photo of Japanese children trying out their English on a passing tourist. Such enthusiasm!

Spark of the Day! is our little smile and a reminder that we can live together on this planet if we become like children and appreciate each other and the wonders of our home called “The good, good Earth”.


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3 responses to “Spark of the Day! Trying out their English in Japan

  1. 44

    That is a million dollar shot. You couldn’t duplicate that if you tried. Look at the expressions on the girls and the use of depth of field that draws your eye to the main subject. Where did this come from BFP? What camera lens etc? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

    (sigh. Why don’t any of my snaps look like that?)

  2. BFP

    Hello 44

    We don’t know anything other than what we’ve published. If the photographer wants to inform us of the camera/lens etc., we welcome their comment.

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