Camilla Worrell searching for lost relatives from Panama, Barbados and around the world

Is Sir Frank Worrell my relative?

Dear Barbados Free Press

Could you please tell me what were the names of  Sir  Frank Worrell parents. My grandparents were Charles and Elvina Worrell; they migrated to Panama, Central America along with their other brothers and their wives.

I would like to connect with the Worrell’s of Barbados and other parts of the World.

I was told that there were many brothers  and they went all over after they left Panama.

Yours truly, Camilla Worrell

Editor’s note: We’re always happy to assist with this type of request because placing the story on BFP sometimes turns up information that doesn’t come forward on the various geneological research websites.

We haven’t included Camilla’s email address because she didn’t indicate if she wanted that kept private, but if she emails us again we’ll post it if she wants.



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  1. John

    These are some Worrells who went to the US from Barbados thru Ellis Island at the time of Panama.

    1. Cecelia Worrell Barbados 1915 19
    2. G. St. P. Worrell Barbados 1904 20
    3. Helen Worrell Barbados 1904 30
    4. Helen Worrell Barbados 1903 39
    5. Julian Worrell Barbados 1915 20
    6. Leslie Worrell Barbados 1914 18
    7. Leslie S. Worrell Barbados 1905 19
    8. Lilian Justina Worrell Barbados 1907 29
    9. Mabel Worrell Barbados 1915 21
    10. Muriel Worrell Barbados 1915 8
    11. Nelly Worrell Barbados 1903 7

  2. John

    If you go to the Ellis Island site you will find 242 Worrells who entered thru Ellis Island, not all from Barbados, but many are.

    With those names you can use the US census on from 1910, 1920 and 1930 to start to track down any Worrells who ended up in the US at the time.

    Have fun!!!!

  3. John

    If you knew yor Grand Parent’s parent’s names you can go to and see if they are listed in the names for the Caribbean.

    This site goes up to the 1880’s or thereabouts. There is a possibility it will have your grandfather but I doubt.

    These are the 26 Charles Worrells it does have starting in 1838.

    I suspect you will have to go to the archives here to see if your Grandfather’s baptism and or marriage is listed after 1886, the last one on

    1. CHARLES WESTERMAN WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 09 OCT 1838 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    2. CHARLES WESTERMAN WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Marriage: 18 OCT 1838 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    3. CHARLES JAMES WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Marriage: 26 DEC 1840 Saint Peter, Barbados, Caribbean
    4. CHARLES GODDARD WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 12 FEB 1851 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    5. CHARLES WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Adult Christening: 26 JUL 1851 Saint Peter, Barbados, Caribbean
    6. CHARLES THOMAS WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Marriage: 18 DEC 1856 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    7. CHARLES HENRY WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 17 APR 1857 Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean
    8. CHARLES EARNEST FITZJAMES WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 16 DEC 1860 Saint Peter, Barbados, Caribbean
    9. CHARLES KEITHLEY WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 31 OCT 1862 Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean
    10. CHARLES W. WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Marriage: 05 JUN 1862 Saint Peter, Barbados, Caribbean
    11. CHARLES THOMAS WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 12 AUG 1863 Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean
    12. CHARLES ERNEST WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 05 JUL 1865 Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean
    13. CHARLES EDWARD WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 15 APR 1867 Holy Innocents, Barbados, Caribbean
    14. CHARLES HURDLE WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 03 MAY 1868 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    15. CHARLES WILLIAM AUGUSTUS WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 10 DEC 1870 Saint George, Barbados, Caribbean
    16. CHARLES ALFRED WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 06 FEB 1870 Holy Innocents, Barbados, Caribbean
    17. CHARLES BELFORD WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 29 OCT 1871 Saint George, Barbados, Caribbean
    18. CHARLES CUMBERBATCH WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Marriage: 02 SEP 1871 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    19. CHARLES WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Marriage: 15 JUN 1872 Saint Thomas, Barbados, Caribbean
    20. CHARLES JAMES WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 04 OCT 1873 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    21. CHARLES HENRY WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 04 MAR 1874 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    22. CHARLES JATHAN WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 04 JUL 1874 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    23. CHARLES HERBERT WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 22 JAN 1874 Saint Peter, Barbados, Caribbean
    24. CHARLES BRUCE PRESTON WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 22 OCT 1874 Saint Peter, Barbados, Caribbean
    25. CHARLES CUMBERBATCH WORRELL – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Marriage: 06 AUG 1881 Saint Andrew, Barbados, Caribbean
    26. Charles Eversley Worrell – International Genealogical Index
    Gender: Male Christening: 22 AUG 1886 , Barbados, Caribbean

  4. Thank You; for the response. Please give out my E-mail. I will try and find out my grandfather year of birth and to see what is middle initial was if he had one. Could you please tell me the name of Sir Frank Worrell’s parents. Thanks Again

  5. John

    If you look at the biography of Sir Frank on wikipedia you will see that his father worked on ships.

    You will also see that Sir Frank was born on 1st August 1924.

    It should be possible to see the birth certificate which would have the names of the father and mother.

    That is as good as it could get!!

    Here is what I get when use some logic (may be faulty!!) and I assume that some of the ships he worked on went to Ellis Island.

    I looked at the list of 242 Worrells and found there were several entries for a Charles Worrell, a sure sign of crew.

    There were others as well.

    Here is the list of Charles Worrell entries to the US through Ellis Island.

    If you look at the list and the ages you will see that there are probably three Charles Worrells in the list.

    One Charles Worrell was 28 in 1919, another 37 in 1919 and a third 41 in 1910.

    1., Charles Worrell , 1919 ,
    2., Charles Worrell , 1919 , 28
    3., Charles Worrell , 1924 , 33
    4., Charles Worrell , 1918 , 36
    5., Charles Worrell , 1919 , 37
    6., Charles Worrell , 1919 , 37
    7., Charles Worrell , 1919 , 37
    8., Charles Worrell , 1919 , 37
    9., Charles Worrell , 1919 , 37
    10., Charles Worrell , 1919 , 37
    11., Charles Worrell , 1920 , 37
    12., Charles Worrell , 1920 , 37
    13., Charles Worrell , 1921 , 37
    14., Charles Worrell , 1921 , 39
    15., Charles Worrell , 1921 , 39
    16., Charles Worrell , 1921 , 39
    17., Charles Worrell , 1921 , 39
    18., Charles Worrell , 1910 , 41

    It is possible that Sir Frank’s father’s name was also Charles as there are entries as crew for a person of that name.

    It would need to be confirmed on Sir Frank’s birth certificate.

    The Charles who was 37 in 1919 was born in 1882. If this Charles who entered Ellis Island was indeed from Barbados, then it is possible that he might be the Charles Eversley Worrell shown as baptised in 1886 on the Mormon site.

    This is only a guess but go to the Registry/Archives and ask to see his birth certificate.

    You have probably seen this article and comments on BFP from 2006 already but if not here it is the link.

  6. Arjun Tan

    Hello Camilla:

    Sir Frank Worrell’s father’s name was Althelston.
    His mother’s name was Grace.
    His elder brother’s name was Livingston.
    His younger sister’s name was also Grace.
    They all migrated to New York City.
    Only Frank stayed in Barbados, because of his great potential in Cricket.
    The above information can be found in The Sir Frank Worrell Pictorial by Tory Pilgrom.


  7. Arjun Tan

    I am now searching for the the following information:

    (1) Sir Everton Weekes’ father’s name.
    (2) Sir Everton Weekes’ sister’s name.
    (3) Sir Everton Weekes’ wife’s name.

    Can anyone help?

  8. Thank you John and Arjun Tan for your response. Is there any way I can find out who my grandfather brothers were? and maybe their parents.My parents are deceased and I am unable to find out this information. Thanks Again

  9. Corry Alfonso Worrell

    Hey Camilla, I’ve been looking into this myself. I havent done much research on it either, but my dad is from Panama. Pedro Miguel. My Uncle Lionel Worrell passed away bout 8 years or so ago and my grandfathers name is Lionel Worrell as well. I believe my grandfathers family is from Barbados as well. If you have any information, I’d appreciate any help you could give. Thanks!

  10. Lionel Worrell

    Hey. My name is Lionel Worrell, and my grandfather was also called Lionel Worrell. My father, who is also deceased, was called Vere Worrell. As far as my knowledge extends, my grandfather moved from Barbados to Lancaster, England, early on in his life. My mother recalls my grandfather telling her about his brother, a famous Cricket player (Sir Frank Worrell). I really find this interesting, I’m only 20, and I really just want to find out more about my family history. Is there any chance that the Lionel Worrell Corry A. Worrell mentioned is somehow connected to my grandfather and sir Frank Worrell.
    Thank you!

  11. To Cory and Lionel glad to get in touch . I am still trying to connect the dots. Will get back to you.Thank You .C.Y.W.

  12. Kathlyn P. Worrell-George

    Hello my name is Kathlyn Worrell-George. I trying to find my relatives in Barbados. My father’s name is Kortright Kilner Worrell son of Edmound Worrell born in Barbados and relocated to Trinidad. His father was James Worrell. I would appreciate any information you can provide.

  13. Corry Worrell

    My grandpa Lionel’s father, was Joseph Worrell married to Glencora Worrell.

  14. Irene

    My great, great grandmother was Henrietta Worrell married to William Dowden in Grenada, West Indies.

  15. Irene

    Correction, Henrietta Worrell married James Chandler and had Louise Chandler who married William Dowden in Hermitage Estate in Mt. Moritz, Grenada.

  16. Grace

    Does anyone know if Frank Worrell’s father had any connection to Glasgow, Scotland, UK? thanks Grace

  17. Leslie Worrell


  18. sorry Leslie Sir Frank Worrell parents were Atheson Worrell and Grace Burrows. Not Richard

  19. Lionel Worrell

    Hi Camilla, this is Lionel Worrell. I live in Long Island New York but I’m originally from Panama City, Panama.

  20. Grace

    Does anyone know about Archie Worrell who lived in Glasgow and had two children Ethel and Archie.

  21. Michelle Worrell White

    Hi Camilla,

    I am a relative of Sir Frank Worrell and John Roachford.. I live in the Bronx, NY, USA My father’s name is Cecil D. WORRELL. I would like this email passed on to Camilla Worrell.

  22. Valerie Worrell

    Hello Camilla and others,

    My Grandfather’s name is Evelyne Worrell who came to the US probably in the 1920’s and returned back to Barbados. I myself am seeking family members that are still in Barbados/Panama. Any information would help.

  23. Kenneth Worrell

    Hi Camilla do you have any knowledge of your surname Worrell coming from Ireland. Kenneth Worrell

  24. Aricia

    Good Afternoon, Lionel Worrell, Valerie Worrell, Michelle Worrell White and any other Worrell’s on this site that would be willing to share information.
    I am Camilla Worrell’s daughter Aricia. I would truly appreciate if you would all email me at I’ve been helping my mother with this search for a long time. I’ve also met a couple of Worrell’s who do resemble my mother and I but because our knowledge is limited to only our immediate family’s names we have been unable to make the connect to find uncles, aunts, cousins etc. I would love share the information that I have as well as learn the information you have. Be it that some of us are in the New York area it would even be great if we can meet.. I bet that we share a lot of physical traits which I’ve found in several of the Worrell’s that I’ve come across in my life. I thank you and all your responses would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Valerie Worrell

    Hi Aricia, I would be more than happy to contact you. I know there is a person in NY named Noel whose father knows a lot about the Worrell’s and is related to them in Barbados. He actually gave me a lot of information. I will email you.

  26. Valerie Worrell

    One more thing Lionel Worrell if you are reading this my dad’s name was Karl Lionel Worrell…..

  27. Aricia

    Good evening: Valerie and other Worrell family. One thing I’ve also discovered about the Worrell’s they tend to repeat names a lot ( referring to Valerie’s last post) For example, one of my mother’s cousins was/ is named Clarence Worrell and that was also the name of his father or grandfather or both.. I also may know of the Noel Worrell that you are referring to.. Please email me at It’s time we connect all the dots. With all the bits of information that we all know we just might be each other’s missing links..

  28. Marie

    Does anyone have any Worrells named: Thomas Benjamin, Rebecca Ann,
    Martha Linda, John Walter, Emily Frances or Jane Ann Worrell (from about
    1854-1863) in their family?

  29. Valerie Worrell

    wouldn’t know. I am trying to track back as far as I can.

  30. Grace

    does anyone know of Archie Worrell married Ethel Bell – lived in Glasgow had two children Archie and Ethel – Ethel now 95. Archie worked on the ships – left his family and returned to New York but family would send gifts to Archie and Ethel.

  31. Jennifer Worrell

    Hi Im actually a Worrell my grandfather is Lionel Worrell born in Barbados and moved to Panama as well and we have a HUGE family but most of us landed in the states. Not sure if we are related but heyyy we def might be.

  32. Aricia

    Good morning Jennifer. Thank you for responding. This is Aricia, I’m Camilla Worrell’s daughter. I believe your grandfather responded as well.. I would really appreciate if we could speak please email me at

  33. Valerie Worrell

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am sure we are related by some way. My dad’s name was Karl Lionel Worrell. A couple of years before he passed away he asked me to go to Barbados to find his family. Now I am searching. .

  34. anya

    Just a little addition. Not sure if this will help but, Frank Worrell had a large connection to Jamaica as well which was not just political. His mother’s family originated in Jamaica. Frank and my grandfather are first cousins. You will find that my people from the Caribbean traveled throughout the islands. The Worrells can be found in Clarendon, Jamaica as well. Good luck

  35. Valerie

    any and all information is good

  36. Aricia

    Good morning.. This is Camilla Worrell’s daughter. I would like to organize a gathering some how for all of us to meet.. Using all the information that we have to compare notes and connect the dots… Yesterday I actually had the pleasure of meeting with a group of Worrell’s from the Jamaica side.. There is that one or group of people that connect us all. I honestly feel that if we all collaborate well be able to find all/ most of the branches for that tree.. Please email me at so we can further communicate.

  37. Valerie Worrell

    I am very much interested in this gathering. Keep me posted on the outcome from the others

  38. Aricia

    Do you have an email address? Or is there a way we can exchange numbers?

  39. Anonymous

    Leslie Worrell, did your grandfather, richard ,also have a brother called edmund?

  40. Aricia

    Good morning. Jennifer Worrell please contact me at I would really appreciate hearing from you..

  41. Mrs M M E

    Hi I have some great news I know that Sir Frank Worrell and my great grand father were first cousins. My nan and all her family have the names Worrell. I was also told my great grandfather went to panama for a while.

  42. Aricia

    Good night Jennifer.. This is Aricia Camilla Worrell’s daughter.. I’ve been researching the Worrell side of the family. Thank you for the information about your grandfather Lionel Worrell.. I also found his records mother Glencora and father Joseph Worrell.. I wonder if his father (Joseph) and my great grandfather were brothers? From the records and dates of birth it may be possible.. Plus with the story that I know of it was several siblings whom left Barbados and went to Panama. My mother and I would truly like to meet you, your grandfather and family. Please email me at so we could exchange information, possible meet and hopefully make some connections. I look forward to hearing from you.. Thank you.

  43. Aricia

    Good afternoon. I am Aricia, Camilla Worrell’s daughter. May I ask your grabdfather’s name?

  44. Aricia

    Sorry Jennifer one last thing. If it is so my great grandfather would have been Joseph Worrell’s older brother. Be it that my great grandfather Charles Worrell was born in 1881 and Joseph was born in 1890 ( I believe) and they both arrived in Panama during 1907. Please contact me.

  45. Joyann Worrell

    This entire stream of msgs is very interesting to me as I too want to trace our family name. My grandfather was Ashton Worrell and his father was James Worrell. Is this familiar to anyone?

  46. Aricia

    Hello.. This is Aricia Lewis Camilla Worrell’s daughter. My mother’s uncle name was Ashton Worrell. Did he have brothers and sisters that you know of so we can compare names? My grandfather my grand uncle Ashton’s name was George Worrell.. Are you positive of the name James? Were they directly from Panama or Barbados? Also may I ask you your mother’s or Father’s name (your Ashton’s child). Only because I’ve been trying to find my Ashton’s children because they would be the only direct connection that we still know of, long story but Please contact me at so we can put our heads together.

  47. Aricia

    Sorry my grandfather was George Worrell (Ashton Worrell’s brother) they also had other siblings whom I know of. If we are referring to the same Ashton Worrell.

  48. Was in Barbados for for a short holiday in November this year. Visited a relative in Indian Ground St. Peter, where a lot of Worrell’s live.This 87 year old lady, like my grandmother was a Worrell prior to marriage. She told me how Sir Frank Worrells dad used to come to visit his family in Indian Ground on his bicycle when he returned from sea. According to this lady Frank’s dad and my grandmother clemetina were first cousins.

  49. Anonymous

    That’s very interesting. I know there are a lot of us in panama as well. Do you think we should look into that as well.

  50. Anonymous

    Hey! My grandfather is Charles Worrell and my grandcousin is Sir Frank Worrell! We must be related. 🙂

  51. Anonymous

    My grandmother was born in Cuba and moved to Jamaica. My dad’s father is Charles Worrell.

  52. Anonymous

    My father said that Sir Frank Worrell is Charles Worrell’s nephew.

  53. Aricia

    Good morning. My name is Aricia I am Camilla Worrell’s daughter. Is it possible for you to email me at We have been searching a very long time for accurate connections and I would truly appreciate if you would contact me to compare information. I thank you so much for responding to this post and I can’t wait to hear from you again. I’ll share this information with my mother and we’ll await your response.

  54. Anonymous

    Hi anyone heard about an Archie Worrell who lived in Glasgow but returned to New York. He had a sister called Beatrice. thanks Grace

  55. Anonymous

    Ethel Worrell aged 97 from Glasgow looking for relatives. Her father was called Archie who married a Ethel Bell He left Glasgow when she and her brother were very young and he went to New York. Ethel going strong but time is passing and it would be good to know if anyone has any memory of her father who she loved very much. thanks Grace

  56. Aricia

    Good morning. Can you please contact me at I would like to see if we can compare information and connect some dots..