Did Owen Arthur move on Mottley because PM Thompson was about to die?

The Nation covered up their own reporter’s question

“On the evening of October 18th at BLP’s HQ in Roebuck St, a reporter from the Daily Nation posed a very interesting question to newly-blooded Opposition Leader Owen Arthur of the BLP…

If then Prime Minister David Thompson was not in a severe state of illness, would Arthur and the other 4 BLP MP’s have decided that now is a good chance to change who is holding Opposition Leader post? (Prime Minister Thompson died just 5 days after the making of this video…)”

Read the whole story and see the video of Owen Arthur’s reply at The Bajan Reporter story: Nation Newspaper of Barbados ignores crucial query from their own staffer to new Opposition Leader, Owen Arthur – WHY?


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12 responses to “Did Owen Arthur move on Mottley because PM Thompson was about to die?


    Could be some substance to that idea….

  2. jdid

    looka truble! lol

  3. Lord Acton

    “And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that.”

  4. Well he reminds me of a man who has lost his way , he thought he was going to be stowed greatness after he lost the election then he was just plain old Owen Arthur , if his term in office was so great he would be working for the U N but with the reputation he was left in the wilderness ( you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people this man is just a spree boy ) .

  5. Cool dude

    Simply put, Mia thought that DT was soon going to die and that the DLP would have quickly called an election, and hence she made a play to replace George Payne as Chairman of BLP. The response was then to get Owen back in there with Dale as Deputy leader.

    Now that it is clear that there will be no election soon, the BLP fnds itself back to square one. I suspect there will be more internal strife before they become relevant again. Meanwhile the DLP seems prepared to face reality and take tough but necessary actions to rebuild the economy.

  6. Cool dude

    Liz Thompson is one ungrateful woman. The DLP fully supported her bid for Executive Secretary of the UN FCCC based in Germany. She was not successful then but got the nod for assistant secretary of the Rio 20+ group. She would have had to get the endorsement of her island before the post was offered to her. Secondly, by pushing her for the UNFCCC post, folks at the UN became aware of her and felt duly bound to get here a “pick”. Had she not been endorsed by the DLP Government for the first post she would have been known and gotten the second job.

    Her comments last week saying she got the job her own was most uncharitable and untrue. Even in success Liz is most ungracious. She will not last long in the UN system with that obnoxious attitude. She may be back in St James South to get a good beating again.

  7. Jenny M

    Cool Dude
    You know Liz has always been lacking in dignity, grace and graciousness. She better change!!!

  8. 136

    All nastiness. The usual DEMS diversionary tactics, because they simply can’t get the thing handled. They in know what they doing.
    So their strategy built on high speculation?
    Continuously CUSS and disrespect Owen , Liz, and EVERYBODY else who they believe disagrees with DEM.
    How sad.

  9. Slap Happy

    No way! It sure took them a long time to come up with that hypothesis. I guess everybody knew that but nobody wanted to be first to say it.

    Opportunity knocks..

  10. Cool dude

    The Dems don’t have to cuss and vilify Owen Arthur. He already is feeling the heat from within his own party for what he and George Payne did to Mia Mottley. That had nothing to do with the Dems.

    I see no diversionary tactics here. The Dems delivered their budget. Owen and the Bees had ample time to respond effectively. They just did not deliver this time around.

    So stop looking for sympathy. The young DLP goons, as Owen called them, have consistenly shown their ability to be honest and to effectively manage this economy.

  11. Johnny Postle

    Here Here!! Cool dude

  12. Sentinel

    Remember this on Barbados Free Press, March, 06, 2008?
    Posted under “Barbados Nation News: “Owen Arthur Declares War On DLP Government” and “When Owen Declares War… Windmills Tremble!”

    March 5, 2008 at 12:56 am

    Bajans, open up yore ear drums and listen!
    It’s time for dee dumb to speak,
    My face with sweat did glisten,
    When I marched in dee Nation last week.
    “A reign of Terror” has started,
    Dis is no time for Buhbadus to laugh,
    Oh! Bees, no longer must you be downhearted,
    Causing I, Owen, is pon dee warpath!”
    Don’t mind I cancel ev’ry Press Conf’rence,
    And ev’ry photo had to be approved by my staff,
    Never mind I cuss yore writers into silence,
    And approved Liz famous gold bath.
    I objected to yore contrary opinions,
    I cheated pon my Jamaican better-half,
    I spiked news stories by dee thousands,
    But still, I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    It’s true I pay all of dem big consultant,
    As stated on the Nation front page,
    But now, he, David mek all of dem redundant,
    So he got to feel my hot fire-rage!
    Half million to Marshall, Hinkson and Hammie,
    Mackie Holder get a nice, fatted calf,
    He dump Angie Walcott, Kheisha Ward and now Gabby,
    Dats why I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    As P.M. of my Bajan dominion,
    I wanted and paid for dee best,
    Don’t mind dat an ordinary guard or policeman,
    Pon 2000 a month can’t rest.
    “Pork Barrel Political Patronage”,
    Is not in my kinda new Maths,
    Half Million sound sweet in my language,
    So, I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    He, David, come out cleaning and hunting,
    So, I, hereby, lend my voice to dee effort,
    He depriving people from mekkin a living,
    Cost of living gine now mek dem snort!
    Dis despicable and destructive development,
    Is dangerous and must feel my wrath,
    It’s impossible to be like Payne and be silent,
    Dats why I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.
    Mia is now Missing In Action,
    It’s I still pulling dee string,
    My “How Great Thou Art Choir” still in session,
    She nor Marshall can’t clap nor sing.
    It’s dee Consultants and Special Advisors,
    Cost Over-runs and Bank Over-drafts,
    Bogus companies and ghost contractors,
    Dat got me, Owen, pon dee warpath.`
    So, tell every Bajan sit up now and listen,
    Red-herrings I selling again,
    Don’t mind dat man David Thompson,
    With he gone dee Bees will once more reign,
    St. Peter Development Funds in my pocket,
    Of my doings, Bajans don’t know dee half,
    Lil Bow Wow nor Bite Muh can’t meck it,
    So, I, Owen, is pon dee warpath.

    Check out the picture. Then go to Facebook “Bajans Against the Return of Owen Arthur” and check the photos.