Breaking: Murder at Brighton Beach, Barbados

UPDATED: December 9, 2010 4:17am Bridgetown

– Victim is Governor-General’s Brother-in-law

– Died in “frenzied attack” while out for morning beach walk and sea-bath

– Police say robbery is not motive. Victim may have seen something.

Photo courtesy of Barbados Today: Elderly man killed

Nation News: Elderly man succumbs to stab wounds

Original story…

Fred Parris, 90 years old, stabbed to death – body found at popular beach

Was the elderly resident of Stanmore Terrace, Black Rock, St. Michael murdered at the beach or at another place and then dumped on the path? Paros are not unknown at Brighton Beach during the night.

Police are investigating and so far the below article at The Nation is the most complete story we’ve seen or heard.

It looks like the Nation is following the story closely so check with their website for the latest…

Body found near beach

WED, DECEMBER 08, 2010 – 11:00 AM

The body of a 90-year-old man was discovered early this morning in a track leading to Brighton Beach St Michael.

Fred Parris of Stanmore Terrace, Black Rock St Michael, is believed to have died from stab wounds inflicted by an unknown assailant.

Police are investigating.

… from The Nation


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17 responses to “Breaking: Murder at Brighton Beach, Barbados

  1. Sad to read this

    I couldn’t believe another murder of someone enjoying a beach walk in daylight hours. We like to say crime can happen to anyone in any country but there is something going bad when an old man cannot go for a swim at Brighton in the daylight hours. He was the GG’s brother in law and I am sorry for the family that has been recently saddened by the loss of the GG’s wife and then her brother. Is nowheres safe anymore in Bim?

  2. what will they think of next

    Is anywhere safe any part of the world?
    A man got into Buckingham Palace and sat on the Queen’s bed!

  3. Responder

    It is not about whether crime will happen. What do we do when it does. Do we do whatever it takes to protect ourselves, or do we cower behind curtain blinds and hope it bypasses us.

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  5. Cool dude

    There can be no sympathy for the murderer. Let us play our part by sharing info with police.

  6. irony

    I find it ironic that a Muslim businessman was murdered recently while out selling and his murder never made to BFP’s headlines . . . . .

  7. details?

    okay irony

    any innocent death through foul play in Barbados is note worthy and a cause for serious concern.

    Give us the details and circumstances.

    Is there any reason you can’t post like everyone else?

  8. what will they think of next

    I thought I was the only person who noticed that, Irony.

  9. what will they think of next

    I guess that you can kill as many Muslims as possible and BFP will never bat an eye.

  10. BFP

    Hello What will they think of next,

    We write about only a small fraction of the murders in Barbados so it hardly seems fair or accurate for you to say we didn’t report on a certain murder because of the religion of the victim. Bollocks to you on that.

    In 2009, Barbados had 19 murders and we wrote about one. In 2008, we wrote about two. in 2007, we wrote about two.

    In the last five years, BFP reported on the following murders in Barbados:

    Dec 2010: Murder of GG’s brother in law at Brighton Beach
    Sept 2010: 6 fire deaths in city robbery / arson
    March 2010: Murder of retired police officer William Phillips

    March 2009: Tourist Murder at Long Beach (Terry Schwarzfeld)

    November 2008: Murder of young Russian girl in home robbery.
    April 2008: Murder of British teen tourist in home robbery

    December 2007: Assassination of retired Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson
    April 2007: Headless body found in Christ Church

    March 2006: Double murder at Bridgetown nightclub

    That’s nine events we’ve covered in five years so we report on an average of 1.8 murders a year.

    If you would like to see us cover a murder or any event that we haven’t, how about writing up an article for us? We promise we’ll print it exactly as you send it. Don’t forget: we don’t own Barbados Free Press, we just look after it for you and all the other readers.


  11. Crabbie

    And who should write about the countless people that MUSLIMS murder every day . Please get over it.

  12. what will they think of next

    Fair enough, Robert

  13. Responder

    What is this nonsense about how many murders are mentioned by BFP. Fifty, two thousand, a million, who cares. We need solutions. I propose keeping the death penalty for pre-meditated murder, longer sentences for serious crimes, such as having an illegal gun or ammo, rape, aggravated assault, etc. Abolish concurrent sentencing. Don’t even think about a parole system for perpetrators of serious crime.


  14. what will they think of next

    I am against the death penalty.

  15. Responder

    No problem- what will they think of next- if you are against the death penalty. What about life with no parole. Now that is a start. Solutions.

  16. dimwit

    Hellooo IRONY,,,,,,
    Oh how I wish we could have some of your Muslim law here,,,,,,,Just imagine,,,,CHOP!CHOP! hand gone for stealing,,,,,,,The guilty ones who killed that 90 year old man would be dealt with just like Tom Adams dealt with those who were guilty of killing his grandmother Snap Crackle Pop neck gone,,,Yoowza thats justice for ya,,,Ohh Yeah we definitely need some good Muslim Da fuh lick yuh here in Bubadus…

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