Barbados will never be a cheap vacation destination – but it can be a bargain.

Adrian Loveridge’s new column at The Nation makes it clear that Barbados has a reputation for being a higher priced destination and that we must do something about that.

We agree with his analysis, especially in this economic climate, and we also believe that delivering a quality product is far more important than chasing after the bottom-feeders of the “somewhere warm and cheap” market segment. As we’ve pointed out many times, there’s lots of sand, sun and water in the Caribbean and we’ll never compete with Cuba, the Bahamas or Mexico if price is the only factor.

That’s why Adrian is talking about value. He is correct that there is much that we could be doing to maximize arrivals and occupancy rates by focusing on value for the money – and he knows first hand about delivering a quality product for a reasonable price. That’s his Peach and Quiet Hotel shown at the top of the page – an establishment that has one of the highest occupancy rates in the country and a loyal fan base from around the world.

As always, Adrian’s latest newspaper article is well worth reading…

TOURISM MATTERS: Value for money great marketing tool

VALUE FOR MONEY is a frequently used phrase, but I wonder, from a tourism perspective, if we fully exploit it as a marketing tool or mission statement.

With our main market, Britain, still under considerable economic pressure, it is critical, both in terms of average spend and duration of stay, that we explore every possible opportunity to redress falling arrival numbers and occupancy levels.

It’s frankly very difficult to fairly argue that we are not a high-cost destination.

Going through a mass circulation British daily newspaper recently, you could not help to see that the average Briton pays a great deal less for many everyday products than we do.

One leading supermarket chain is offering 40 pounds sterling in vouchers when you spend the same amount.

It does not end with food or beverages; savings are right across the board. Take a small car that is currently being extensively advertised here in Barbados – the basic model can be purchased in England for around $21 000 on-the-road.

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7 responses to “Barbados will never be a cheap vacation destination – but it can be a bargain.

  1. As a bajan who invest in Barbados ,i dont agree with the comment about the savings in england compare to the rock the super market you spoke about is number 4 in the rankings and is owned by the americans ( walmart buy cheap stack them high ),it cost me $180.00 bds to fill my car every two weeks with fuel and as for the lack of brits not coming to bim its a n eight hour flight if you leave home in the midlands to fly from london gatwick on top of that its a 3 hour drive so with the drive time you could be in spain on the beach , as for cuba one half is in the 1990 and the other half is in the fifties , as for the cars that is the mark up made by the sellers after inport duty plus the xchange rate against the YEN , one bottle of rum in England $45.00 bds . one bottle of coke $ 4.65 bds ,one pound of sweet patatoes $4.00 bds . LONG LIVE LIFE ps Suday News Paper $6.00 bds man dont make my blood boil Air fare for one week $ 1600 00 bds .

  2. James

    Times are tough here in the UK, but i think the main reason for the decrese in travellers is down to the flight costs, im 29, and first visited Barbados in 2004, and have visited twice a year ever since.

    I remember my first few visits, the filghts cost around £350 with Virgin and BA, and even got one once for £280 with XL, all of which are very good value, prices have gone up steadily over last couple of years, and now your lucky to get one for £600, so basically a 2 week holiday(flight and accom) back then in mid range hotel/apartment, would cost around £550-£600 now your lucky to get it for £1000.

    The point im making is, in my opinion, its the fact that people are having to pay nearly double now for the same product, in comparison to 3 yrs ago.

    I havent booked my holiday for FEB yet, as have’nt seen a deal im happy with, if it doesn’t come up soon, i’ll be tempted to try somewhere else, if i find better value elsewhere, and that is coming from someone that adores Barbados, and raves about it to all my friends!!!

  3. Adrian Loveridge


    fully appreciate the points you have raised.
    GBP300 now make up the taxes and add-ons of airline ticket price.
    CRC (Caribbean Reunion Club) were recently offering Virgin and BA for GBP479 (all taxes included) for travel next year and other consolidators like Newmont Travel frequently have specials.
    February of course is our peak month but our little hotel (like many others) only charges US$100 plus tax per night or GBP30 per person per night. We have only put our hotel room rates up twice in 22 years.
    And I’m not sure where in England you could stay in 4 acres of ocean front property for GBP30 a night?
    Thank you for staying loyal to Barbados, I only wish we could make it more affordable for you.

  4. observer

    I must admit that I am a bottom feeder and do apoligize for coming to your island. I now know to stay away from Barbados. I probably would have told my friends about your island but thanks for letting it be known that bottom feeders are not welcomed. I will go to Miami next time for sand and sun; the city of Miami doesn’t care where I am on the totem pole. Value might be offering respect and toning down your arrogance.

  5. European

    We visit Caribbean at least yearly. My family and friends would gladly come to and spend money in Barbados but wife not being able to be topless on the beaches we have to take vacations on other Caribbean islands. Well … their loss.

  6. Kelley

    Let me see if I can do the math… I can spend a lot of money to vacation in sand, sun, and sea with arrogant snobs that berate me if I’m cost-conscious, or spend the same amount to vacation twice as long in sand, sun, sea, with gracious, appreciative hosts. I’m pretty sure I won’t need a calculator for this one. Bye bye Barbados. Hello to other, better opportunities.

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