Reader reports from Arch Cot Inquest: Coroner lacked copy of government report!

“And why the france the Coroners Court don’t have they own copy of a government report? And why lawyers for the Codrington family had to give the Chief Town Planner the reference number for documents in his own office?”

BFP reader Gift of Justice on our article More Damning Evidence that Arch Cot Inquest is a last-minute sham

Many witnesses in court, but nothing happening. Lots of talk but no testimony.

Well January 14th (next Inquest date) is Donavere’s birthday. Can we expect a gift of justice on this day or will the inquest continue as usual with very little testimony and most of the time spent planning who to call to testify next?

Representatives from all the firms involved have been in court still no testimony, Lemuel Rollins who purchased and built all the neighbouring houses was in court, still no testimony. Sir Richard Cheltenham added COWilliams to Mahy, Ridley and Hazzard, comes into court with an assistant lawyer and and an assistant for the assistant, but no testimony. Dr. Jerry Emtage called the names of the surveyors and persons who mapped the cave and submitted a report, there were in court, still no testimony. Lemuel Benn who talked to Donavere after the first cave in was in court, no testimony. The soldier and firemen who removed the bodies were in court, still no testimony.

Sir Richard came to court with the official report which was commissioned and paid for by the Government of Barbados, he was the only one who had a copy… but thank God he said he would photocopy at his own expense and make copies available to the court and other lawyers… still no testimony. Sir (Mr. Emtage’s lawyer) said he will pay for the transcripts of the previous sittings to be transcribed and photocopied, why thank.

Here’s a humble suggestion, interview who in court.

And why the france the Coroners Court don’t have they own copy of a government report? And why lawyers for the Codrington family had to give the Chief Town Planner the reference number for documents in his own office?



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3 responses to “Reader reports from Arch Cot Inquest: Coroner lacked copy of government report!

  1. Gift of Justice

    It is a public inquest you know…anyone can attend. Many called, few chosen to actually testify:
    Called on October 18th, 2010
    Chief Town Planning Officer represented by Mark Cummins (still to testify)
    Fingerprint analysis expert Sgt 744 Worrell
    Inspector #1133 Roderick Walcott (testified)
    Police Constable 909 John Goddard (testified)
    Veronica Carter witness (testified)
    Marva Field adjoining home owner, vein visible after digging well 9 1/2 ft, pointed out by contractor Mr. Frank Lewis (testified)
    Attorney Lemuel Rollins, sold and built adjoining homes (still to testify)
    Mr. Frank Lewis contractor on adjoining homes (still to testify)
    David Bend witness to second cave-in (testified)
    Wiiliam Jordan hired as one of the wokers to build adjoining homes (testified)

    During who should we call for next time session
    Persons identified by Dr Jerry Emtage:
    Sidney Robertson, part of government study team (still to appear or testify)
    Hart and Hartley Surveyors, representative Gail Fields ( still to testify)
    C.O. Williams Construction, respresentative Desmond Maynard(still to testify)
    Persons identified by Attorney David Commissiong
    Geologist Professor Hans Machel (still to testify)

    On Friday December 03rd Coroner indicates the inquiry has three (3) parts
    Part One: survivors and witnesses (defined as persons who lived at Arch Cot in the neighbouring unaffected apartments and homes) and persons who can describe the terrain, hence the long list in next days papers
    Part Two: Did something cause the cave in or was it inevitable, or was it precipitated by activitiy on the excavation site? (direct quote)
    Part Three: The rescue, scientific analysis of the terrain, expert reports (direct quote again)

    The who should we call next session (fun o fun)
    Sir Richard Cheltenham (call Sidney Robertson)
    Attorney David Commisiong (call Mark Cummins, with documents re covenants and restrictions on land) Here the learned Sir Clyde points out, “the town and country planning does not deal with covenants, if you go to purchase a piece of land, the town and country planning is not responsible for any covenants about the land, that lies with the title holders..” (direct quote give or take a few words) At this point all bows to his superior knowledge.
    Sister and Auntie Nicole Codrington (call the surveyors and persons who did a 3-D map of the cave and the BDF soldiers who were called in to investigate the cave during the excavation just months BEFORE the cave-in which Dr. Emtage mentioned back on October 18th and again on November 15th) well duh!!

  2. Willy Coyote

    “Barbados” a Disney Company with “MICKEY MOUSE” as CEO and/or BLP/DLP as COO’s. Kinda makes GOOFY look SMART.

    It’s time for Barbados to wake up and smell the roses. If the country’s ambition is to continue be known as THIRD WORLD and UNDERDEVELOPED, then acting in this manner will guarantee their position. In the first world, small to medium size cities operate with more authority, financial stability, dignity and resolve than Barbados who professes to be a country. Come on Barbados it’s time to get your act together.

    Willy Coyote
    Close cousin to Barbados as the Road Runner still eludes me.

  3. Diagenesis

    @Gift of Justice

    Thanks for the outline. The picture is becoming much clearer, as to those who were paid to do a job that resulted in the lost of human lives and suffering in the execution of their efforts and those running after riches and caused death and destruction with malice and disregard for human life and suffering. It is not very often I will venture a statement in the 1st person, however, within the realms of modern science and know-how, and not withstanding what some have stated in the past, I venture to say that this was neither an accident nor an act of God. Hopefully, The Coroner is on the same page. I read the Nation on the 4th and I saw 2 mentions of the visit but I did not see anything in the Advocate.